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Intro to HTML and CSS - Adding Style in Sublime Text

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This video is part of a full course, Intro to HTML and CSS offered on Udacity.com. To view the full course visit https://www.udacity.com/course/ud304.
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Text Comments (18)
Mariam Habib (3 months ago)
nothing happened when i changed the word text iwanna now how she did the last quiz i write the description in sublime text but i cant open it in the browser anyone who under stood the lesson plz answer me
islam eng (5 months ago)
i wanted to know which text editor you are using
SouSou (1 month ago)
@islam eng she is using Sublime Text
Mike (8 months ago)
Its rare i get my question answered right off the bat thank you very much
Evan Daly (1 year ago)
Great instruction, but the Audio needs to be redone. I'm hearing a lot of audio clipping with YT [email protected]% and my computer volume @20% over headphones. This makes for a very unpleasant experience :\
Louay Yehya (1 year ago)
Finally Thank you, i don't know why each person write differently!
TOLANIBD (1 year ago)
nothing happened
Jeffree luve (8 months ago)
Kamie Regis (2 years ago)
for some reason my website is only popping up in html and i typed in the code correctly <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="main.css"/> . But when i open my web browser it only shows the html text and no css. What did i do wrong?
Artest Chen (1 year ago)
you should put the .css & .html files in the same floder
Sergii Zakharchenko (1 year ago)
I have the same problem
Gaurav Goyal (2 years ago)
Nice Videos :) thanks and wish you all the best.. :)
Kevin Desouza (3 years ago)
why doesnt the auto complete feature work for me in sublime? thanks
Shahnur Isgandarli (3 years ago)
+Kevin James As soon as you create a html file, save it, and then begin to edit your code. Hope this fill help you! :)
Brenda (4 years ago)
Hi!  I'm completely new to coding and am attending this course in my free time. Um I have downloaded the code editor sublime text but for some reason I'm unable to access the auto-completion feature. I've searched online for solutions and have tried those I could comprehend but nothing works. Pls help!
Thế Lâm (2 years ago)
+trioduoxx You must save file (.html) before you code.
Shahnur Isgandarli (3 years ago)
+trioduoxx As soon as you create a html file, save it, and then begin to edit your code. Hope this fill help you! :)
Kevin Desouza (3 years ago)
same here for me. response would be appreciated

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