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Secrets of Drawing Cartoons | Drawing Tips

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Watch more How to Draw & Illustrate videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/501655-Secrets-of-Drawing-Cartoons-Drawing-Tips So now we're going to talk about secrets of drawing cartoon characters. And in another video I created this quick cartoon elephant, but I didn't just draw him straight out, I constructed him from simple shapes in three dimensional space. So now I've got this character, who for me, exists in this kind of three dimensional head space. So now I can put him in a bunch of different poses and I can make him do stuff and he'll always come out looking like, kind of, the same character. So let's get him up on his feet and make him do something completely ridiculous and have him dance. It's very important in animation to start with really simple shapes because you're going to have to draw these characters over and over many, many times. And you want to start with simple shapes that are easy to remember and keep consistent. I'm going to start by drawing an oval shape for his head and let's get a lot of. We see in the center line that helps me determine where his face his going to be. And let's get a lot of, energy into this pose. So I'm going to, before I even draw the oval for his body I'm actually going to push him a little out of shape. And I'm going to sort of arch his back and try to get a lot of action into this pose. So even though I constructed his body out of an oval I don't need to keep it a perfectly oval shape. I can, sort of, bend it out of shape and make it into a kind of bean. When I was creating his arms and legs the first thing I figured out was where they would attach to that oval shape that makes his body. The first thing I want to do is I'm going to actually draw the places where his arms and legs attach. I want to raise one leg up so I'm going to make that higher and I'm going to make the other leg lower and I'm going to make the leg he's standing on. He's a big heavy elephant and he's putting all his weight on one leg and I really want to give you a sense that he's pushing down on that leg. So I am actually going to squash that leg down a bit. Let's kick that leg up a little higher, actually. And again while I am drawing this I am keeping my eye on my original model because I want to make sure I get the arms about the right thickness so he still looks like the same character. There's a circle in the front of his head that creates the point where the trunk attaches so I am going to draw that same circle again. To make room for a mouth I want to push those tusks up a little higher. Now I'm going to add the eyes and I'm going to look at where the eyes, where do the eyes in relation to the trunk, how far away they are from that circle where his trunk attaches, and also how much distance there is between his two eyes. Animation artists are constantly doing this sort of thing where we're creating construction lines between the different features of a persons face so that we can make sure that all this stuff stays consistent. I want to really make his ears gone wild because that will help create the feeling that he's moving. And now I'm just going to tighten that up with some black pencil. And there he is, now he's dancing. And that should give you a very quick, crash course in secrets of drawing cartoon characters.
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El ham Ahmed (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjIC09KP9lfB4AkIlI6K3gخدو لفه فقناتي ولو عجبك رسمي متنساش الاشتراك 😄😄
Spider Monkey (9 months ago)
Your mom
Angel Caban (11 months ago)
Amazing channel
Si Jie Fu (11 months ago)
So I still have to learn the basic boring stuff if I wanna draw cartoons :/
This is the best way to learn to draw focusing on structure and volume
UW0T SUN (1 year ago)
mind blowing, so many lines to get that simple and beautiful final output, great to see!
str84ward Action (1 year ago)
The right feet bigger then the other
[name goes here] (1 year ago)
This video just changed the meaning of my life. I always tried drawing on my touchpad laptop. And now I understand why I always drew spodermens instead of actual cartoon characters.
Joyti Vishwakarma (1 year ago)
joyti vishvkrma
Alma Rakovic (1 year ago)
Alma Rakovic (1 year ago)
vidaholmes shelli (1 year ago)
Perfection at its best!
Olav3D Tutorials (2 years ago)
I`ve always been amazed on how cartoon-artists are able to replicate and animate their characters like that, especially before computers.
luis antonio barcelos (2 years ago)
very good!
Mark Comerford Art (2 years ago)
great video, subscribed. if you like feel free to subscribe to my channel.
Liberty Felix (2 years ago)
Is that elephant Morris dancing~?
Forrest Stone (2 years ago)
what song is in the background
Lobie The Cartoonist (2 years ago)
Hey, that's pretty good, dude! I especially liked how you mentioned how animators have to keep things in mind about a character, like the distance between the eyes. Keep up the good work! :D
The Deep Lagoon (2 years ago)
I think i missed the secret
BAwesomeDesign (2 months ago)
The secret is--there is no secret. Try his method. Draw a lot.
The secret is to focus on structure and simple shapes first
Simple shapes
Daniil Koliesnikov (2 years ago)
pssst clickbait
Awesome Sauce (2 years ago)
Basically a tutorial how to draw a dancing elephant.
rafael lewis (2 years ago)
This is actually a really great tutorial, and in 4 min! A+
Narayanan GK (3 years ago)
50% drawing covered in u r subtitle
I AM DEE DEE CRAFTS (3 years ago)
I learned a lot.. Great drawing and video.
I AM DEE DEE CRAFTS this is the best way to draw cartoons .. he drew structure first
bullamarta (4 years ago)
thanks!!! great help. Mindmelt
tdurnford1 (4 years ago)
Great video and Great Tips
Harry Back Eddy (4 years ago)
cool tips
david sha (5 years ago)
were do you find the prismacolor pencils
Qwerty Crafter (2 years ago)
stompydingdong (5 years ago)
This helped me a lot, it also helped that he was left-handed because I'm also a southpaw.
Shelly VonSchtupp (10 months ago)
Me too!
Random Person. (2 years ago)
me too
softenmoth (5 years ago)
woah a howcast drawing video that's is good.
Jay Corbett (5 years ago)
260,063,117,833 comment
Lizzie Moo (5 years ago)
Amiella Venturini (5 years ago)
Cool tips thanks :-)
Amiella Venturini (5 years ago)
Noplay (5 years ago)
hands down to all the animation artists.
AYAYA GANG (5 years ago)
14th nice video
brandon smith (5 years ago)
drawing cartoons can be to hard for me
Friendship (7 months ago)
Unless if you are an expert of being a job as an animator.
Techy Gamer (5 years ago)
11 comment and thanks for the tips i am actually pretty crappy but this video and other videos helped me alot
Katrina Buffham (5 years ago)
10 comment
Carusofilms (5 years ago)
nineth comment
Carusofilms (5 years ago)
eight comment
Carusofilms (5 years ago)
first comment!!!!! :)

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