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Magic the Gathering GP Atlanta 2018 Round 2 Modern

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Joseph Mccorkindale (3 days ago)
Didnt he untap scavenging ooze after he drew his card
Nen Nen (6 days ago)
Dat’s a big gurl shite
Ryan D (10 days ago)
10:37 play mistake, champion should get 2 counters
Mightypi (10 days ago)
The niya deck makes my mouth water.
Mkvenner91 (11 days ago)
This match was not fun to watch. Pretty loose play from both sides. Dude with the foil deck especially had more luck than skill. You think with have a deck worth over 1k you'd be above the average of a pilot.
MalikarVampire (16 days ago)
ancestral is the best card. we use to have this debate in the 90s between ancestral, time walk, or lotus
Qumaden JG (17 days ago)
No amount of play mistakes can distract from the terribly annoying commentator.
Damien Ramos (22 days ago)
y la kesig pa q? paquete
Anthony Bermudez (28 days ago)
Wow thoes mountains from last game 😍😍😍😍
benjamin tang (29 days ago)
Naya player is a noob
Charmanderaznable (17 days ago)
It's round 2 at a GP lol
Matt D (22 days ago)
and you are a loser, doubt you have gotten as far as he has in any major competition
t f (28 days ago)
yes he made so many punts
roberto gomez (29 days ago)
She has... man hands
Nen Nen (6 days ago)
She’s a lawyer lol
Austin Evans (21 days ago)
Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis dude got a damn weabu body pillow ass picture as his profile pic talkin about somebody elses appearances, who the fk gave you permission to come out of the basement?
Drew Peterson (22 days ago)
You have... an anime picture
Patrick Buerke (24 days ago)
Actually, he has woman hair
roberto gomez (27 days ago)
MrEvitcartta ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
LeeSalt (29 days ago)
Reading the comments here and in Twitch chat when this was live was painful. All these scrubs commenting, poking fun at other MTG scrubs for making mistakes... SMH. You're all the fodder that gets chewed up before the good players start playing after their three match byes. Just watch, enjoy, learn.
LeeSalt (8 days ago)
quartersskates (9 days ago)
Damn LeeSalt you're badass. You're the hardest mtg player on this thread.
saphired02 (24 days ago)
LeeSalt yea lets learn to play 2 lands a turn.
Sean Hrecho (1 month ago)
The most painful Horizon Canopies
Bernd B (1 month ago)
I think Tarmogoyf is not good in Zoo Decks. That thing is terrible when played on curve. Why bother when you only play basicly three different types of permanent?
skiie (1 month ago)
He probably got a decent deal on them but needed to justify buying them
Adrián Núñez (1 month ago)
Not to mention the ooze eating away one of those 3 types from your graveyard
alterNME (1 month ago)
All those premium foil cards and you use crap non foil lightning bolts? Shame on you Steven Peets.
Swagkills 555 (22 days ago)
alterNME alpha bolts would be just as fine but uhhhhhhh nothing
JuiceHansen (1 month ago)
The feeling when you make a terrible block and your opponent punts even harder and doesn't activate their Wolf Run to punish you for it. 😂
Igor zuluaga (21 days ago)
Maybe the guy was playing the deck for the first time, but it still hurt to watch.
Sean Hrecho (1 month ago)
Secret mode is secret
christopher lacey (1 month ago)
+skiie Man.. I couldn't do it anymore.. I had to stop watching at min 11 ish.. After round 1 and then now this.. ugh. Them all being drunk still makes so much sense..
skiie (1 month ago)
I'm just assuming so far everyone in ATL is drunk or hung over
RoyDerBoy (1 month ago)
What is this commentator thinking? Obviously lightning Bolt is The best Card in Magic. IT IS 1 Red win The Game.
Lessly007 (1 month ago)
that game 2 fuck-up...

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