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Thievery Corporation - Le Monde (HD version)

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Text Comments (122)
Marija Ivanda (2 months ago)
Tres sexy 😁
Slavko Cosic (3 months ago)
Oh La, La...La France...Bien, Bien B.B.... Light & Love...
sona kerimova (4 months ago)
PETRA M. (4 months ago)
azdgariarada (7 months ago)
malika montano (9 months ago)
French Zomonjic (1 year ago)
I can vibe to this with a blunt an this an that yall.
beatiful irani Loulou!!
iiimadmaniii (1 year ago)
i brought my mom into this stuff when it came out man, and i became the road trip dj.
Ndea Monk (2 years ago)
audio galaxy brought me here. bout 18 years ago
GSM Group (2 years ago)
The Darkness 2
Alex Gacha (2 years ago)
The Darkness 2 brought me here xD
asdasdasdasdasdas497 (2 years ago)
"Aaaaah! with your second shoes!" 0:56
EM KAY (2 years ago)
Ah oui je sais qu'un jour lol
Badgis4 (3 years ago)
Putaaaaiiiin d'meeerde!!!! Et pour un truc de tafiole en plus!Bah moi je suis là parce que j'ai eu une atteinte aux droits d'auteur dans un test de jeu vidéo juste à cause de cette PUTAIN D'MUSIQUE A LA CON qui passe pendant 30 secondes, quoi!! pfff! Vous allez nous emmerder encore combien de temps avec vos droits sur la merde alors qu'on ne se fait absolument pas d'argent en diffusant ces conneries, messieurs de chez youtube ??!!!
Wayne Moss (3 years ago)
Thievery Corporation brought me here.
Eduardo Rivas (3 years ago)
im here from the excellent music of thievery
milorad milorad (3 years ago)
+Lev Switch fredo ?
milorad milorad (3 years ago)
+Lev Switch fredo ?
Lextasy (3 years ago)
This song makes me feel sad and sexy
Alyssa Matlock (4 months ago)
Saleem Frazer (11 months ago)
Those pads and the wah wah guitar is probably doing that I think
Muchacho Makarado (4 years ago)
The Darkness
Pat zam (4 years ago)
Super chanson et en plus en français, yes trop cool avec en plis la vois de loulou !!!
Monique Hamburg (4 years ago)
MaDeLapHnT (4 years ago)
Shes gorgeous and her voice,....and this music
LoveMusic4652 (4 years ago)
Satisfying to my soul<3
Albert Marley (4 years ago)
Free your mind ~~► start by reading "The Present" at TruthContest◙com
weirdchick216 (4 years ago)
Yes I finally found it. This fit the brothel scene so well.
MBC022 (4 years ago)
this sounds too sophisticated for a brothel, i recommend: pyramids - frank ocean
Foy Justice (4 years ago)
Elle a mis du temps à ta douleur!
Robert Power (5 years ago)
Thumbs up if Darkness 2 brought you here. Awesome game! and Awesome song!
Avichal Sharma (2 months ago)
+Cynthia Turner It is inside a brothel in a game.
bgDripi†bg (4 months ago)
+Cynthia Turner and ,,@Ricardo Gonzalez'' yes and i know it from this game and after almost 6 ears i find it , beore 5 min i open shazam and this game only for this song and now i know it 20.01.2019 00.15 o'clock
Cynthia Turner (4 months ago)
This is on a game?
Stacy Mitchell (5 years ago)
From The Darkness 2
MrMitchell12996 (5 years ago)
Oh it's French. My mistake.
MrMitchell12996 (5 years ago)
I wish i knew what they were saying. :( Spanish1 did not teach me much. This IS spanish correct?
john smith (2 years ago)
fuck u dudh
MrMitchell12996 (5 years ago)
+melovelyfication Oh!
melovelyfication (5 years ago)
this is french !
theguy155 (5 years ago)
what an absolutely gorgeous song
kremlinful (5 years ago)
Magic! Love this!!!
Killa Calorie (5 years ago)
most likely it's shadows of ourselves
Jdmsword14 (5 years ago)
Forget in Utero. This song gets people pregnant
edwrrd (5 years ago)
I was washing dishes when this came on my pandora
MrMcUNO (5 years ago)
One of the "Chilliest" tracks :-D I love this "Band."
BlackSeal84 (5 years ago)
this song is so smooth and sexy haha
Hanz0 (5 years ago)
Thank god for the darkness 2 or I would of never heard such an awesome tune
Paola Tovar (5 years ago)
so smoooooth
Don Reed (6 years ago)
I wanna be Hi Def when I grow up.
Luka Justinic (6 years ago)
this is so relaxing, when i headache this really helps!! thx TC for that!!
Xolin11 (6 years ago)
Stop trying you guys, seriously.
R3zidue (6 years ago)
Maybe it's 'shadows of ourselves' you're looking for
3rooklyn (6 years ago)
Estacado...Enough said.
hipposmook (6 years ago)
My god this song, especially at 0:42, sounds almost identical to "pretty lights - cold feeling"
David MH (6 years ago)
Angel / Massive Attack ???
Colton (6 years ago)
La Femme Parallel? Hope that helps.
Sun Cassette (6 years ago)
Check out my channel for the slowed n chopped version. Extra seductive, won't dissapoint :)
revan ski (6 years ago)
the darkness 2 xD hahaha
Matthew Molina (6 years ago)
Under What Genre Would This Fall?
Xolin11 (6 years ago)
lol people are still suggesting the same songs...
ottoequalslove (6 years ago)
I think you might be thinking of either Shadows of Ourselves or Unitl the Morning is kind of similar
anshumankumar01 (6 years ago)
perhaps it's "beautiful drug" by TC
NameOfThisSong (6 years ago)
The Darkness brought me here. The real one.
AstekOst (6 years ago)
Le Monde means The World
Nina Marika Finne (6 years ago)
C*La Vie*
pinkplusfloyd (7 years ago)
Lebanese Blonde is another Thievery Corporation song that's vocalized by Pam Bricker. Another great song. Damn shame she committed suicide.
MrLazybones84 (7 years ago)
What a sexy song.
etienne delzenne (7 years ago)
du lourd the drakness2 bien tres bien etiroule
Endriu (7 years ago)
the darkness 2 brought me here
MsBickle76 (7 years ago)
Are you packing, hot-shot? Who me? And spoil the party! No, I'm here looking for Venus... EMBRACE ME, JACKIE! "Ohh my God el diablo!" "damn you Estacado" "No tell my moma I died a good man!" +30 head wip +20 butchered +10 head shot +30 whish bone +20 daisy pop
justin20877 (7 years ago)
The Darkness 2 Soundtrack
xrockmusicloverx (7 years ago)
@Xolin11 Beautiful drug ?
Perktube1 (7 years ago)
@alchemistsunite i disagree..check out la femme parallel by this group. =o)
DrPeionKattz (7 years ago)
@dassix1 Hey man I'm only pointing out the obvious. Dudes are on here writing novels to each other, and I thought it was pretty gayyyyyyyyy. And trust me man I didn't create that group, its been flourishing for years :)
Halley Moises (7 years ago)
@Xolin11 La femme parallel
anshumankumar01 (7 years ago)
one word for this song: "ethereal"...
Xolin11 (7 years ago)
@Bouchon211 Love you too! <3
Xolin11 (7 years ago)
@Bouchon211 I don't think you deserve thanks anyway. It only takes a second to consider and check that your response hasn't already been made. Of course if you actually read the comments I probably would've had appreciated your assistance more but you did not show that you did. But in good nature, I'll thank your careless comments and look elsewhere for this song. As of now ,I don't even think they made it anymore.
Xolin11 (7 years ago)
@Bouchon211 Takes the bait! If you haven't noticed, I'm not the one insulting here. But if I do, I'll be glad to leave I am insults anytime. You are free to leave.
Xolin11 (7 years ago)
@Bouchon211 Amazing reply. Covered just about everything thing I said. My argument is now invalid because I did say I still cared, right? The USA taught you well. Hope you excel in life down there. Insults will get you anywhere and everywhere. Great talk. Cheers.
Xolin11 (7 years ago)
@Bouchon211 You didn't have to look at every page of comments to see the exact same fucking song you wrote 5 comments under. I really don't care anymore, no one really tried and are obviously just guessing.
Xolin11 (7 years ago)
@Bouchon211 I'm guessing you don't read comments.
@Xolin11 Until the Morning?
Xolin11 (7 years ago)
@elmoblue1 Thanks for trying. The comment is one the third page right now. it's a goo.gl link
Xolin11 (7 years ago)
@mkbf86 Would you mind replying to the comment I posted with the audio sample so people can see it?
Xolin11 (7 years ago)
@il806 I was going to say you were the closest so far but you deleted the comment so, okay.
Xolin11 (7 years ago)
@il806 This is getting really stupid. If it doesn't sound EXACTLY like the sample I posted earlier then it must not be it, right?
Xolin11 (7 years ago)
@PureRockenEuzo Read this please: comment?lc=Dza_bpI0SxN72qKkL1CuSoClP9iLBuH39M_0QRD-9TU
Fugue State (7 years ago)
Xolin11 (8 years ago)
@fixixux No! Listen to the sample I put in the comments!!!
tabou rekju (8 years ago)
@Xolin11 Shadows Of Ourselves
tabou rekju (8 years ago)
it should be this one *Shadows Of Ourselves* enjoi it
Erich Beall (8 years ago)
@Xolin11 I did. If it is not those, you can "check mkbf86 channel" wich have a lot of TC songs. Good luck there.
Xolin11 (8 years ago)
@Kaputznefreble Did you listen to the sample?
Erich Beall (8 years ago)
@Xolin11 Perhaps you are talking about "la femme parallel" (french) or "Sweet tides" (english)
Xolin11 (8 years ago)
@rallycar171 Very close. It has a similar melody to that one and a beat similar to this one. As shown in the link
Felix Baumgartner (8 years ago)
@Xolin11 so com voce?
Xolin11 (8 years ago)
@minimalist34 No, I'm afraid it's not. Here is a sample of the song goo. gl/lsOQ3
minimalist34 (8 years ago)
@Xolin11 its called shadows of ourselves, was thinking the exact same thing!
Xolin11 (8 years ago)
There's another song by them that sounds just like this. But I forgot the name. Help anyone?
DVA5212 (8 years ago)
the W hotel.
Al Charat (8 years ago)
@Dextiny sooo its the awesome post sex cuddling?
Reycount (8 years ago)
@elendiel000 I took French. Rough translation is: sex.
ll l (8 years ago)
this is sex but without the sex part
Jesse Lauffer (8 years ago)
Is the feel the love of this supreme band channel?One awesome band indeed.Cheer everyone.
[email protected] (8 years ago)
Damn I flew and and still didn't come down !!!!!
danelio (8 years ago)
@1989htt yoe can get super high with music bud
1989htt (8 years ago)
Can you get high with music??? 'Cause i think I'm high right now ....lol....
Ginko666999 (8 years ago)
to see clearer You must forget all the lies Ah world changes Relieves your heart, relieves your ame Ah the world changes And you believe that the last taken one She put time to your pain Your pain, your pain Tomorrow another gone out Ca hurt to say but I am afraid, I am afraid, I am afraid Ah the world changes, the world changes Relieves your heart, relieves your soul Ah the world changes, the world
Ginko666999 (8 years ago)
I think although the world is calculated I think although all is framed That our thoughts are traced in the air beforehand And you believe that the last taken one She put time to your pain Opens the eyes the world changes Ah yes I know that a day Ah yes I know that a day

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