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Final Season World Premiere - Glamstone | Game of Thrones | HBO

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Welcome to Glamstone. #GameofThrones returns for its final season on April 14. VIDEO: Mark Leibowitz Pictures
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Text Comments (5312)
Amr Fleifle (1 hour ago)
What's the name of the music ?
Joro Krustev (15 hours ago)
Where is Ned Stark ????
Christian Dam (18 hours ago)
Isaac Hempstead Wright 👊
전대현입니다 (21 hours ago)
Why isnt Richard Madden with them ?
Lea F (1 day ago)
Tywin Lannister is alive?!?!?!
سجاد SAJAD (1 day ago)
They shows all the character,even the dead but they could NOT bring my fav!!!! RICHARD MADDEN
Lu Lu (1 day ago)
All this needed was a signature perfume at the end
Tess d'Urberville (1 day ago)
The Young and the Restless.
Ajith msd (1 day ago)
0.25 music blends with Maisie's cute reaction 😍
Neerupan Ganeshaan (1 day ago)
Anyone recognise the song. 😍😍
TheScent29 (2 days ago)
Gwen is a goddes. Tywin dude scared the shit out off me 😂
Lil Sagna (2 days ago)
i dont get? what is this? 😂
irrational gall (2 days ago)
Gendry and greyworm!
KingSalaman (2 days ago)
Pedro Pascal?
Car-Men (2 days ago)
Setar God (2 days ago)
Yeah all this hype were for nothing!!. Character development was for nothing!! Escalations were for nothing!! Damn! Jon Snow is a Targaryan for nothing! We wanted Cersei dead and she died for nothing!! All that 7 season binge watch ar for NOTHING!!
Krishnaja Basireddy (2 days ago)
No Cersei nor Jamie? That sucks😔
Krishnaja Basireddy (2 days ago)
+TheScent29 yea, you're right. Didn't see xD
TheScent29 (2 days ago)
Jaime is at 0:41 with the joffrey dude
Shahanaj pp (2 days ago)
Where is sersi???
bay chongthu (2 days ago)
Where is lord varys, where is cersei, where is jaime???
Roberto Sabado (2 days ago)
Hodor got SASSSS!
Diory N (2 days ago)
What a relief!
Mishell - (2 days ago)
Omg brienne 😍
Just Jyn (3 days ago)
bruhh goosebumps everywhere
Dakota Rae (3 days ago)
Eva (3 days ago)
Patriot Infinity (3 days ago)
What’s the name of this song? Because apparently the only good thing to come out of season 8 is that song from episode 3, The Night King
D. arya (3 days ago)
love63841259 (3 days ago)
Hodor hold fan
MaxxVII (3 days ago)
Hodor with style
Jean Regala (3 days ago)
hodor there like a boss
Jamextra (3 days ago)
I feel like I just watched the trailer to a game of thrones version of love island
Elyza Lex (3 days ago)
Why is this better than the whole season
abcumm25 (3 days ago)
Even the dead came back yas 🔥🔥🔥
Abel M (3 days ago)
The fuck was that
Shashwat Sharma (3 days ago)
This video is much better than the entire season shit.
MOUZART 91 (3 days ago)
Muuuuy simpáticos 😌, lastima que la Temporada haya sido... 😝
Tausif Raza (3 days ago)
The big woman still hereand looks gorgeous 😍
Syed Ahmed (3 days ago)
We will miss them all.
David Mcloughlin (3 days ago)
Damn lol
Pavel Pilovets (3 days ago)
So sexy
Safa Abdus (3 days ago)
Fuckin dormer, you sexy sexy lady you
Steven Samuel (3 days ago)
Hodor came through with some ice
Osvaldo Lima (3 days ago)
I like more this video than the final episode!
Emanuela Manucci (3 days ago)
Un abbraccio enorme al cast di GOT da una fan italiana..... BACI... CIAOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ali Abz (3 days ago)
You disappointed us HBO final season wasn't like we were waiting ...it was suck
Kyna Dominique (3 days ago)
Kevin Nguyen (3 days ago)
This cast is so attractive
Gunz Drawing (4 days ago)
Tommen is not here!!!!
Gunz Drawing (4 days ago)
Cersei is not here!!!!
Kebaburrito (4 days ago)
Cersei is not here, Tommen is not here, why do you think they're not here?
tdreamgmail (4 days ago)
See Friendzone
Actores vendidos, por la plata baila el mono.
Pochia Daniela Queen (4 days ago)
Final season is a shit !
a noob Gamer (4 days ago)
Where is ned stark
Alex McAmis (4 days ago)
The guy that plays Jorah looks like a British Brian Cranston
Rafaela Rigon (4 days ago)
Lindos para um caralho.
operasinger89 (4 days ago)
Work it Brianne !
Ficklepanda (4 days ago)
Better writing than season 8
NiellaTR98 (4 days ago)
Iain Glen 💗
PatrickG (4 days ago)
I sensed some black panther feelings here
Taty Xerezano (4 days ago)
Estoy llorando😔😔😔 no puede ser que haya terminado... que sigan mas temporadas por favorrrrr, que saquen algooo
Kimberly Zay (4 days ago)
Cersei, nedd, theon?
Kimberly Zay (4 days ago)
Oh hell Gwendoline slayed
Melissa Serrano (4 days ago)
Gwendoline.. Gorgeous
Nikita Samantha (4 days ago)
Tywin Lannister won't need any make up to star as the joker on the next batman movie..
eL RuSso (4 days ago)
WTF did i just see?.....
Herdannu Febrian (4 days ago)
now Sansa looks more alike "Violet Monroe"
Hange Zoe (4 days ago)
Mighty Tywin Lannister!
Anna Graham (4 days ago)
I miss Joffrey😔
Feddegg (4 days ago)
better than the actual season
anoja31 (4 days ago)
Icons ;-;
MONKEY KING (4 days ago)
Oh my god.... Tywin Lannister.
Rads Maneuvers (4 days ago)
Lol seems like this was shot and edited by the same people who do the new Hollyoaks intro
penApple applepen (4 days ago)
did he say hodor?
Ahsan Abbas (4 days ago)
The editor deserves a pay rise 😌
Viviane da Rosa (4 days ago)
Where is my Stannis? Where is my beloved Queen Cersei?
Viviane da Rosa (4 days ago)
Hodor, I still miss, love and wait for you.
Comment Tator (4 days ago)
Is there a longer version?
Comment Tator (4 days ago)
Jorah and Bronn looking charming and hot 🔥
Rodica the one (4 days ago)
Such a lost of time and money.a barbar and very pervers movie only for sick people.in America are very sick people.Trump is one of those👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Fla Carvalho (4 days ago)
Quero muito saber que trilha instrumental é esta? Alguém sabe por gentileza?
Sudipto Chakma (4 days ago)
I don't why all game of thrones actors are Attractive specially main casting in all the seasons
Tea Pot (5 days ago)
Fuck me. Gwendolyn looks amazing!
DarkKrad Rebo (5 days ago)
More please! :)
Megha Oberoi (5 days ago)
wow that was too much sexy in one minute
MultiZajka (5 days ago)
Эх, мои любимки
Andrea Nestore (5 days ago)
victor sampaio (5 days ago)
Master piece. Of shit.
Ravi Chudasama (5 days ago)
Best one😍😍😘😘😘
matteo nourry (5 days ago)
GoT World Premiere > Festival de Cannes > Oscars > Met Gala
123 456 (5 days ago)
Bran es el mejor actor. Es tan soso en la vida real como en la serie.
Dustking (5 days ago)
Hodor is *FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!*
taliah cindra (5 days ago)
This was more epic than the last season itself
Daniela (5 days ago)
Gwendoline Christie and Indira Varma!!! Omg such fierceness, two goddess <3
Kara Dunlap (5 days ago)
Got to see Aidan. I'm good.
Everyday Carry Gear (5 days ago)
I like U all :)
ZanimesDp (5 days ago)
Que sexy Hodor!
Francis Edrich Zuño (5 days ago)
One of the best videos ive ever seen!!
Cynthia Miller (5 days ago)
Brie is so hot! 💜 you go gurl!
Ka'Brieyl Joseph (5 days ago)
Everyone looked very amazing, wonderful and I loved the dresses😊😇💚💙❤👏👏👏👏👏👏

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