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The Aramaic Lord's Prayer - Ashana

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"The Aramaic Lord's Prayer" by Ashana from the CD "Beloved" © 2009 used with permission of the artist. www.AshanaMusic.com To download this track and others from the same album, please visit http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ashana2 and http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/beloved/id295035922 Thank you for watching, listening, and reading!
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Yeshua moves in our hearts when we listen to His word through music. I am still learning so much especially of His true language Jesus and his disciples primarily spoke Aramaic (Jewish Palestinian Aramaic), the common language of Judea in the first century AD, most likely a Galilean dialect distinguishable from that of Jerusalem. This I have found in spirit knowing He moves through our spirits not our religion.
SiberianGravy (17 days ago)
whats 35992216258.
NHLAmil (6 months ago)
Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.
Juergen M (8 months ago)
Baruch Haba B'Schem Adonai God has No Religion
Лена д (11 months ago)
Steven Kyle (11 months ago)
His words. His sublime word play. This is how He spoke . This is how He speaks.
Andreas Helberg (1 year ago)
Andreas Helberg (1 year ago)
Karen Moody (1 year ago)
Karen Moody (1 year ago)
the page above is the translation in both Aramaic and English
So beautiful. Thank you.
Minas Citgez (1 year ago)
Chaldean Assyrian (2 years ago)
that's not the exact aramic, our aramic language is more understandable.
Hadi Wijaya (6 months ago)
u speak aramaic ?
maisei Petrenko. (2 years ago)
Aramean Syriac (2 years ago)
Her pronunciation is bad to be honest.. sounds much better by a native speaker
Cathy Wilson (4 months ago)
Hey why does it matter!.... it is not her normal native language anyway!! She is doing a absolutely beautiful job regardless! Why criticise and be so judgemental. Can you sing it yourself any better ? Just enjoy it without criticising!
sonlightobed (2 years ago)
Thank you ;)
James Proudman (2 years ago)
Beautiful. It amazes me how some people can pick apart this amazing tribute to spirit. i am not Christian, I am not Muslim, I am not Jewish. But I am a child of God. How you get to know God is not for me to judge, as long as your journey doesn't hurt others to get there.
Claudia Aros (2 years ago)
Sandra Musgrove (2 years ago)
i dont believe this is the Aancient hebrew aramaic language & i dont believe in reincarnation as buddhist do we get one chance HIS NAME THE MOST HIGH from my research points to HWH HAWAH
Elle Bleu Martins (2 years ago)
Okay let's het the facts correctly she is not singing the real Lord's Prayer sorry!!!!! The Aramaic languages : The Northern or the (Galilean) or the dialect Abraham,Isaac, Jacob  and jesus spoke to his apostles, then there was the Western Aramaic,,,and then the EasTERN!! LAdy please ur giving me  aheadache!!!!
Stephanie S (2 years ago)
Elle Lua Moon Sorry to break your dream, but she is singing in the real aramaic and this is nor east nor west this is the official book language It may sound funny because she is western
Loudmila A.M (2 years ago)
hollisterpatricia (2 years ago)
It may seem beautiful in Aramaic, but my heart breaks knowing that my son's girlfriend spoke the Lord's Prayer over him as he died. It had been her actions which had led to his death. She was familiar with this version of the prayer, he was not. She was raised in the form of Islamic study known as Sufism. Meditation, dance, and mysticism are characteristic of rhe Sufi religion.and although my son was familar with the spirituality, these particular last moments of my son's life break my heart. By the way, i had been given a copy of ashanna's music, before this had happened, it was helpful during so many nights of sorrow. Nothing really can ever take sorrow away.
hollisterpatricia (2 years ago)
+Carolyn Smith Actually, it was prayed with the misgivings of the young woman for her part in bringing about the death of a man who she knew would be greatly missed. She hadn't thought her drama would cause this. I have to feel some compassion for her, but the tragic situation had been brought about by her. I've heard that she isn't doing well. She's not welcome by many in this town, she's become an outcast. I do have some sympathy for her, though.
hollisterpatricia (2 years ago)
+Carolyn Smith I will take your thoughts into my own heart and it may heal from this sorrow, in a way that will be also for him from a kind stranger. It's what I must do to honor the goodness in him.
hollisterpatricia (2 years ago)
+Carolyn Smith Sadly, the young woman had been the cause of the incident which led up to that day. He was so sad to have realized he didn't matter enough to not cross a creek with the his car ( 1st car he ever owned, paid $11,000 in full one month before, his first drivers license, he'd walked, bicycled, all his life, got glasses to take drivers test, had car insurance for only one month) she had told him to claim the damages of car that she wouldn't pay. Not even the $500 that was needed to the engine after the vehicle was left in the creek submerged. He had the first insurance ever for less than 4 weeks! Much more heartbreaking misery had been from this girl. He'd broken up a year earlier because she used meth and it was something he was against. This she told me herslf. He had never said anything but "she's into some bad things". They got back together a few months before the car incident. The journal entry in the campsite he was at that night was "I'm waiting for my lady love to meet here for a Valentines day. He had gotten a ride a day before and hiked to the campsite. He had let her use the car and she was to meet with him the next day. He was so sad when he hiked down looking for her since she hadnt arrived and there was his car in the creek, in the water, dented, smashed all around from her friends trying to haul it out themselves. He was heartbroken. He waited several weeks and told me he was done with her, she had no sense of what's right, but I could see the rueful way he looked when he said "I can fix the car or get a new one but I could never trust her to do the right thing. I'm going to bring her a payment plan that she can pay me back" he was shot the night he went to give her the paper. He had told his bandmates he'd be back in about an hr and a half. He never came back. Arabic and Sufism was her thing mostly. He liked the Sufi poet Rumi. I doubt if she ever knew the Lords Prayer in English anyway., that would be too ordinary. ( she was known for being exotic, mysterious) it wasn't the loving moment, I think, my heart is broken. He knew the Lords prayer in english. The detective asked her if they should have priest for last rights. She told the det. "No, he doesn't believe in God".. this was told by the detective to me. My son had been baptized, he believed in God, he wrote of God in his poetry and music. It's all too much to think about. I thank you so much for the kind thoughts in the reply. Thank you, dear lady.
Carolyn Smith (2 years ago)
Dear mother in deep grief for your beloved son ... Your son passed with much joy hearing a beautiful prayer .. it did not matter that it was not what you would have wished .. it was prayed with deep love by his girlfriend and certainly assisted your son on his journey thru the veil ... love and blessings to you at this traumatic time ...
Sonu Kumar Das (2 years ago)
Pronunciation of a Vibration tune, like AAAUUUMMMM or OOOOOMMMM , is present......
Andres Gonzalez (2 years ago)
William Comer (2 years ago)
Thank you, Ashana. May you enjoy the Buddha Way in all Ways.
Mike Moreno (2 years ago)
What pronunciation is this - Syriac?
Gewargis Narso (2 years ago)
Kelly Kelleher (3 years ago)
FrenZie (3 years ago)
You Christians love adding Music to things that require no Music.
TheBurg1207 (10 months ago)
Is that a Christian thing?
William Dwyer (2 years ago)
+FrenZie What's your point?
jennifer siagian (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this beauty with us...
Stefan (3 years ago)
Das ist Aramäisch das Vater unser sehr schöne Stimme aber sie spricht es nicht ganz richtig schade
Tana Nata (3 years ago)
Aramaic the most beautiful language
SoshaLillielysGornit (3 years ago)
May we all through the sound of the Aramaic language, which resembles so many Middle-Eastern languages, be brought into our Hearts where Yeshu always dwells, even when we are in a state, where we cannot see it... May we all unite in the one true power, Love, so that all Religion will loose it's boundaries, and our Hearts open with deep respect of ALL our fellow beings, may the true heart-felt direct power of channelled Music bring us to that state, so that we can see, that whomever we turn away from with anger, there Yeshu stands!
Sheas Heayv (4 months ago)
witchycrone (3 years ago)
I have not been able to stop listening to this beautiful prayer....my heart is full of tears of peace and joy...thank you for putting this out there...it is my first time listening today...Namaste
Antonella Pasceri (3 years ago)
Che meraviglia incantevole <3
Jan Petr (3 years ago)
Danilo ughini (3 years ago)
The Aramaic Lord's Prayer - Ashana
CamLenz (3 years ago)
I surrender xox Bliss for the heart
Andrea De Martinez (4 years ago)
c.k Shaju (4 years ago)
good heavenly feeling,malayalam AKASANGALILULLA NJANGALUDE BAVA...............
Benjamin Shokouhi (4 years ago)
Our language <3 love it so much <3 Abwonda ba ishmaya The language of Lord Jesus
Benjamin Shokouhi the Bible said, any spirit that JESUSCHRIST is not the son of God, this spirit is not from God, I was blessed to been anointed by the Holy Ghost and vision of the lord JESUSCHRIST and the cross, becarful who true you fallow.
Elle Bleu Martins (2 years ago)
So true this is Not the TRue Lord's Prayer oh and Jesus is NOT GOD,,,,,,God is (God of Abraham) creator of all on Earth.....True Christ believers are Catholics the rest are all phony!!!!!
witchycrone (3 years ago)
+Benjamin Shokouhi So sweet of you to bring up the Lord Jesus as this was his language. So many Westerners, are not familiar with how when translating, words are changed....these words are so much more beautiful than the translation...as it should be in his own language. Thank you and Namaste
Beautiful voice and beautiful language, which raises us to the contemplation of the universe and has the elevation of the spirit .... Namaste!
Krishnakumar K A (4 years ago)
Whats the meaning?
Lisa-Marie Gray (4 years ago)
+Laura Brusca
Laura Brusca (4 years ago)
Many interpretations this is one of them:  O Birther of the Cosmos from whom the breath of life comes, fill us with your sound, light and vibrations as we then may experience you.  As your heavenly domain approaches let your will come true in the universe (all that vibrates) as on earth ( dense material things).  Give us wisdom and understanding, for each days need.  Detach us from the faults that are binding us. Let us not be lost in superficial things, and free us from that which keeps us from our true purpose.  From you comes all working will, the lively strength to act.  You are the song that beautifies all and renews itself from age to age.  I confirm these words with my entire being, and seal it with faith, trust, and truth.
Kathleen McGlynn (4 years ago)
meditating to this and looking at a burning candle, i can see my purpose, my calm and my creator, thank you for making this wonderful music :)
L. Corinne (4 years ago)
Jolie version de "Notre Père" en araméen, langue de Yeshua..
Narmina Gasimova (4 years ago)
Is she a New Age supporter??????
Roys P (3 years ago)
+Narmina Gasimova Glad to hear that
Narmina Gasimova (3 years ago)
+777HEAD CRUSHER Don't worry,my friend.I am aware of the things happening today.And, thank God, I am not the one who,listening to satanic cult music (or other lies), would give up her faith.
Lawrence Huff (4 years ago)
Good one.
els Read (4 years ago)
The Great Prayer - blessed be. Thank you, this gives me goose bumps as emotion and love rise up within me for all my sisters and brothers, animals, trees, flowers -all created by the Breath of God. 
Лена д (1 year ago)
els Read :-* :-* :-*
hani karam (1 year ago)
someone that knows
Ana-Maria -Stefania (4 years ago)
Amen  !!! Namaste !!!
calvinstulip (4 years ago)
Richly blessed.  Thank you!
Hanna lahood (4 years ago)
هذه اللغة السريانية بلهجة أهل سوريا و جنوب تركيا ,تحياتي 
Yahel schory (4 years ago)
מדוע אתם לוקחים את הארמית בתור שפת קודשכם? ישוע דיבר בארמית בתור שפת חול ובעברית בתור שפת קודש 
Sonia Freitas (5 years ago)
Maravilhoso!!! Música sublime e inspiradora!!!
eyes2seebeyond (5 years ago)
praise Immanuel ! ex 3:10-14 is 7:10-14 mat 1:23 jn8:56-59 prov 30:4
que bello! que sublime!!!... cada coma! un bello suspirar!!!!... cada punto!!!mi atención!!!!!.... cada!!!palabras!!!!un océano!!! de éxtasis!!!!en mi ser!!!.... formando!!!una gran ola!!! de Amor! en este cuerpo! humano!!!!!.shalom om.om.om.Namaskar
luc hebert (5 years ago)
Exceptionnel blessings , thank you thank you thank you
Mary Stremmel (5 years ago)
wow... makes my throat chakra open up
Rich Love (5 years ago)
Many thanks, beautiful, blessed words
Comrade2face (5 years ago)
yeah yo jesus of nazareth spoke this language, so it would be good to learn at as us christian sheep
Reagan R (5 years ago)
Amazing Song praise the lord...
Such a beautiful song! Blessings to you x
Kári Svansson (5 years ago)
Truly angelic. :)
Kári Svansson (5 years ago)
One of the most beautiful voices I´ve ever heard. :)
islam abdullatif (5 years ago)
لهجة ارامية تقريبا سريانية
Zoltán István Vermes (5 years ago)
De jó, de szép. Miért csak hölgyeknek jut eszébe? csévizio
Renee Knight (5 years ago)
This is beautifully done! I would love a direct translation from the Aramaic to the English.
ezzo izoug (6 years ago)
i was listening and flying,,,beautiful.
Amhlair (6 years ago)
ماذا يعني ذلك؟
jon kariterrer (6 years ago)
love u my language proad of u
Tony Samara (7 years ago)
Amazing! "Remember to stay in the heart where the impossible is possible" Tony Samara
PRAYOUB1 (7 years ago)
You are an angel of Christ ~ Singing the song of divine love and light ~ ~ Paul Ayoub
Brandon Munson (7 years ago)
glad you are still singing Ashana. I'm thankful to have been a part of your singing in Bellingham. Always Remember......
ahavat art (7 years ago)
Wow very powerful -beautiful Song of Grace...

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