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FREE $5,983.05 REPRINTS in Ravnica Allegiance : Magic the Gathering

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Text Comments (35)
Samuel Šmíd (26 days ago)
Hello? Has no one heard of ultimate masters?
Samuel Šmíd (26 days ago)
Hello? Has no one heard of ultimate masters?
Yeah agin something only for us people, seriusly fuck wotc
David Reeves (1 month ago)
Nice clickbait title, makes it seem like each card reprinted is worth $6,000, when the combination of all of them are. Flagged for misleading text.
stormboy6677 (1 month ago)
didn't think that at all
pascal raskal (1 month ago)
Why just Player from the other Side from the Ocean can Buy this cards Europa und the Rest from this Planet are Not in this Club Thanks Wizard and fu$€ you to
ZorrosRage (1 month ago)
Man that eternal witness so sweet
razorx540 (1 month ago)
Uma, ultimate masters?
New Coke. Make your product horrible for a few years and then say oops sorry and "fix" it. Sales skyrocket. I just hope they print them into oblivion like Fallen Empires.
Str8edgejon (1 month ago)
If it's player rewards I will be holding my breath outside by my mailbox for mine tommorow. But this is just another big F U to the people who couldn't afford to take time off work, be overdrawn multiple times due to a shit server, Weren't or couldn't spend the money of RtRtR super set!!, Spend up to 4 hrs on hold to speak to someone in chat about the problems, and Then being charged and never receiving a set. Way to go WoTC👏👏👏👏 Ya dun Fuked up good this time
Please. Please be common. I wanted to get into the best format, legacy for a while. If wizards does the good thing this can help fix a big problem with the economy.
Captain Hindsight (1 month ago)
inb4 US only again from hasbro store
Nicholas Koppean (1 month ago)
These looks amazing! I just hope they make them reasonably accessible.
Bjorn Knudson (1 month ago)
Maybe these will be similar to the original masterpieces where they're randomly in packs but I hope they're more common. Maybe not super common but like 1-3 per box would be awesome
Drew the RN (1 month ago)
Is now the time to buy into modern?
NegativeNezzy (1 month ago)
I honestly didn't think WotC could make any fucking worst decisions.. tanking the price of every good card in modern so people lose tens of thousands of dollars?!
NegativeNezzy (1 month ago)
Holy shit, rip the value of my collection jesus. This fucking sucks shit.
Aaryan Wilson (1 month ago)
I would love if like every box had a booster pack with 3 random ones or something for each box
core pop (1 month ago)
After all these years you still can’t pronounce card names properly
Parallelepiped2 (1 month ago)
UMA? What does it stand for??
Captain Hindsight (1 month ago)
unlimited masters if i would guess
The_One_ Who_Changes (1 month ago)
This is WotC’s “I’m sorry” for screwing up the mythic edition orders so bad, so they sent the promo as in IOU. Wedge ordered dozens of those boxes for charity, they mentioned nothing about the promos until now, so if wedge has a lot of canceled orders, that makes him the one who has the most of these. But if these are ALSO buy a box promos, then I’m buying a couple cases.
DJ Sniperwolf (1 month ago)
Surprising that they are offering an apology with a nice foil card for the shitstorm that was the Hasbro exclusive Ravniva Mythic Edition.
Chef 420 (1 month ago)
About time wotc did something right, let's see how they "blank" it up.
Rovi Dela Rosa (1 month ago)
Knowing wotc, I don't think these would be common.
Vanilla I C E (1 month ago)
This isn't even close to the best version of Demonic Tutor.
Dhosti (1 month ago)
It's so nice that it makes it suspicious. I still don't like the borderless style.
Wolfstar (1 month ago)
Are these going to be the new masterpieces?
spidermonkey2289 (1 month ago)
MTG LION (1 month ago)
Prediction. These will be pretty common.
LastFractionZero (1 month ago)
Counter prediction. I'll continue to buy new sealed product every week and that won't ever put one of these in my hands.
Evan Romano (1 month ago)
I'm totally ok with this. I need pretty much all these.
whatever whatever (1 month ago)
What if this is the new buy a box promo?
Lyndon Nicholls (1 month ago)
I hope, that maelstrom art work is just MMPH
Kevin Hoffman (1 month ago)

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