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Magic the Gathering GP Atlanta 2018 Round 7 Modern

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Emily Kuntz (4 days ago)
Why are owens hands whiter than snow?
Yorkazord (6 days ago)
I wish I had “free rest in piece” in my sb
Brian Warner (27 days ago)
It was obvious to me why the Engineered Explosives was in there after side deck. Against "Tron" he wanted as many artifacts for as cheap as possible as soon as possible to sacrifice to the combo. He was fucking desperate and ready to bump my wigger son! L.O.L.
fluffy bunnyz (28 days ago)
Was the o stone in response to the cast of the trawler? How did he get stuff back with it if it was on the stack?
Wilson Lim (21 days ago)
He didn't get stuff back though. He just drew cards
Rorii Platts (28 days ago)
Man, fuck these commentators. They really offer zero meaningful insight aside from what's immediately happening. Game 2 a Grafdigger's Cage and Rest in Peace come out and they spend the entire match just joking about how Mullen is getting shit on. HAHAH HURR DURR IMPOSSIBLE TO FIGHT THROUGH SIDEBOARD CARDS HUHUHU MODERN THE FORMAT LUL!! Fuck off with that. Dredge can win through them just fine. Just shut the fuck up and talk about how he could win through the sideboard silver bullets or what Dredge can do to beat Tron from there rather than compensating with your shitty comedy. Literally an Ancient Grudge off the top would've almost won the game for Mullen but these braindead fucks can't comprehend anything that's not immediately in front of them. That's why you're commentators and not players, guys.
Owen is such a good player, disappointed to see him play such a brainless deck.
saphired02 (23 days ago)
D H (24 days ago)
+Citanulfr You basically just restated my point. My argument is that magic is a complex and difficult game where even easy decks (such as burn and tron) can have hard games to play and decisions to make. If a friend of mine wanted a recommendation for a deck to get into the format, tron and burn would be at the top of the list because of how simple it would be for them to win most games. I wouldn't recommend them to play KCI, Amulet, storm, or any control/fair midrange deck really for the exact opposite reason. My original comment was focused more on burn to begin with, maybe you should reread my posts?
Citanulfr (25 days ago)
I'm not condescending, I'm explaining you're missing some interactions, do you consider yourself that perfect you are sure you won't miss any? If that's the case, you're full of yourself, I prefer to believe it's not like that though.The game plan is easy but the games that don't go according to the game plan are tough. That's about 1/3 of the games that will go bad. If you're always getting turn 3 tron without disruption, I suggest to either do more games or shuffle better because that's not the reality. But I wrote that above so you can reread also my previous posts.
D H (25 days ago)
+Citanulfr I didn't miss anything, stop condescending. Burn is not a hard deck to play, magic is a hard game and even easy decks can have difficult decisions.
Umberto Piovano (26 days ago)
+Citanulfr Definitly Tron too can be in a spot where the correct decision is not so obvious, but this is because you may want to sideboard in some answers to the specific deck you are playing against that have effects on you too. The actual Tron game-plan is pretty straightforward: tron on turn three or four if you are unlucky --> throw in some gigantic things and win. There are no really hard moves to be made...Actually I think that's why so many people complaint about its unfairness
Evan The Living Meme (1 month ago)
Could anyone explain to me what Tron is trying to accomplish. Thanks.
Evan The Living Meme (29 days ago)
++Aidan Durrant Thank you so much for that answer. I now know what I am watching.
Aidan Durrant (1 month ago)
Tron is trying to get the Urza lands (power plant, mine, and tower) together as soon as possible to play huge colourless threats way faster than normal. The uzra lands together make 7 colourless mana, so turn 3 Karn Liberated is easy, and turn 4 Ugin or Ulamog are easy to do.
david miller (1 month ago)
Clayton Shurley (1 month ago)
So glad Collins Mullen got stomped... He's a thief.
Henry Mildenstein (21 days ago)
Horizon Canopy is one of the best cards in the deck. Also magic players don’t have to give credit. Just because some mediocre magic player plays a deck doesn’t mean he owns it.
saphired02 (23 days ago)
Henry Mildenstein he changed some 4 lands. It wasn't loose.
Henry Mildenstein (27 days ago)
All he said is that he found a very loose build on YouTube and tuned it.
Sam Matthias (27 days ago)
+Henry Mildenstein he does give shit when he claims the 5C humans was his idea🤔
Henry Mildenstein (28 days ago)
Lolol. You think a pro player like him gives any crap about “inventing the deck”.
Brad Jones (1 month ago)
Whoever this is with DBM please don't let him do commentary again.
paulmarko (21 days ago)
For real. He's Just doing one joke "that play is weak, lololol" over and over again. Collins is just trying to make the best of a bad situation, an intelligent co-host would've at least acknowledged that he probably knows he's not going to win, but is still attempting to make the best plays in case a miracle happens, which is exactly how another commentator, PVDDR, handled a similar situation later that day.
saphired02 (23 days ago)
Yea i definitely found this guy annoying.
christopher lacey (24 days ago)
+Brian Warner .. wow.. that's a lot of hate for seemingly no reason?? or rather I should say.. more than would be called for?
MrEvitcartta (26 days ago)
+Brian Warner Jesus Christ guy, are you alright?
Brian Warner (27 days ago)
You have to fucking be joking as the funniest person in the god damned world as it stands today right? I know dude is not the best, but it has been a proven fact time and time again over at least a decade that Brian David Marshall is probably the 4th shittiest  and annoying fucking idiot commentating in the world. He ranks behind only Mathias Cunt at the 1st spot with Randy Buehler  in the 2nd spot. Cedric Phillips when he gets on there in the 3rd spot only because he thinks he is way funnier than he really is (not at all) and then he gets the other guys going with all the stupid lame poser references to shitty Star Wars and other movies and shitty internet crap and of course pronouncing card names wrong. Then we have that disgusting thing of a "man" in the 5th spot who is usually commentating with B.D.M. I can't remember his name ever though. He is the one with the face and the insanely disgusting naturally wet slimy dirty animal like blonde jerry curl. I hate you!!!
EL JOTT (1 month ago)
Lets miss the landdrops. New strategy... and don't forget to switch position of your library!!!
Cole Carter (1 month ago)
I thought Collins would be on humans for a while. Dredge is P good I guess. LOL
Cody Lewis (1 month ago)
Fuck dredge
Ben Rehbeck (1 month ago)
Not used to commentary like this lmao
Alex Mohr (1 month ago)
is that commentator on coke or something?
saphired02 (23 days ago)
Adrián Núñez no hese just annoying, take your head out of your ass.
Travis Miranda (27 days ago)
He does say "crippling Chill* which is annoying.
Adrián Núñez (1 month ago)
Aww... What kind of commentary offended the sensitivity of magic community this time? Por creatures... They have to tolerate so much rudeness from commentators...
Alex Mohr (1 month ago)
+EL JOTT he's being pretty rude and over the top for his usual commentary
EL JOTT (1 month ago)
Because he sounds like you when you are on coke or wtf???

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