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Paw Patrol Skye and Chase Find the Missing Baby Surprise Eggs Funny Toy Stories Surprizamals Plush

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The Baby Suprizamals have gone missing! Will super hero Skye and Chase find the baby surprise eggs? In this funny toy story for kids we have LOTS of Paw Patrol toys, surprise plush toys, a Peppa Pig playset and more! The pups use the Magic Pup House to turn themselves into squishy Mashems, Jungle Pups, Weebles and more! The surprise eggs are hiding all over even at the Jungle Rescue Temple with Tracker and at the adventure beach skateboard park! Watch and enjoy the great rescue!
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Leanne Titley (11 months ago)
Michelle Kilbach (1 year ago)
surprizamals are super cute!
beastboy 7410 (1 year ago)
Happy Toys - Fun Surprises e

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