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Drawing Cartoons With Realistic Lighting - Overpaint

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New Over-Pain is here: an awesome character Ari and their snek Hisser. Watch my tutorial on turning a drawing into a painting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luZN1unoyeM
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Freeza Bryaneuh (10 months ago)
Since the effect of that magic light is a bright pinkish color, should we not see it affecting the skin of the guy and the snake ? like the yellow skin of the skane should turn into a bright desaturated pink color or maybe more saturated ? (anyway i think we should see it a pink effect on it lol) but it's a good video, i like to see you doing overpaint, scp first overpaint next !! lol
BORODANTE (10 months ago)
Yeah I thought that through initially, the magic in the original is pink + cyan, which are opposite colors. So, considering the cyan streams I added in the end, it mostly balances out the color of the lighting. Maybe pink would dominate a bit, I thought initially that I'd do more cyan actually. Anyway, I'm super-glad you noticed this! :D
Jake Whiston (1 month ago)
So much sass in one video I can’t take it
RiverTiger Speedpaints (1 month ago)
This character reminds me of Keg from critical role...
KAT (1 month ago)
This is really helpful ! Great teacher you are.
Chromax (1 month ago)
why is your head so goddamn huge
Sugar Touch (3 months ago)
Paintstorm Studio ? Unexpectedly ! First time see this app in action ! Thank you !!!! Subsurface scattering skin tones looks wonderful on your painting!
edgelord 3000 (4 months ago)
Starling (5 months ago)
I love your videos >:'C
eddwarriior (5 months ago)
the character is blegh and the anatomy proportions are way off... his arms are too short, neck too long, head too small and the snake is enormeous in one figure and very tiny in the other one, seems like oc widened the snake because they were bad at drawing necks and shoulders.
Mathilda (1 month ago)
I think it's a female character.The head isn't too small in my opinion you can get away with a lot of stylisation in a comic-like style like this... since this seems to be a magical world it's not that unusual for characters to change shape or the snake just had eaten (snake bodies expand when they ate a big prey). A lot of cartoon shows have characters and monsters growing or changing shape. Short arms or a small head (i person think it's rather big though) doesn't make a bad character. Thr execution could be a little better, but the stylisation is totally ok. I personally, if I introduced my character as Egyptian-Irish, would have tried to push design elements more towards that direction with clothing or details...she's not that bad if a character though.😊
Beans Beans (5 months ago)
I’m obsessed with your videos. 😍😍😍😍
Creative CardiaX (6 months ago)
What bothers me is the snake's size is inconsistent between the two drawings. In the first one, the width of its body is a third (1/3) the thickness of it in the second. "That's one high-calorie magic!"
Crenam (6 months ago)
what program is that? It doesn't look like photoshop
Sal - (6 months ago)
That's one high calorie magic
Felipe Hartz (6 months ago)
You're amazing ♥
King Ding (6 months ago)
Kiwi Brainstorm (7 months ago)
wHaT aN aMaZiNg rEaL nAmE
Sahara Miles (7 months ago)
Aaand soome loove for the SNEK
Wind Waves (8 months ago)
I love cartoons with realistic lighting, they look really interesting and beautiful
PolarTechie (8 months ago)
You're a genius man
i love how you say that a "Snake" as Snek
Savanna T (8 months ago)
I've been getting into digital painting and have been DYING to get some critique! I've got one, but it was about the title on facebook, like a "let a drawing speak for itself" I did take this into mind. My latest digital painting https://shinnygoldenwattle.deviantart.com/art/Blob-and-bloob-cover-727955974 I tried several new things in this drawing, like prospective, a more cartoon-y style, foreground and back ground X3 I mostly asking for help due to my father not liking this drawing, but what can a gal do? I'm fully open to anyone who runs over this comment and wants to give (please do) constructive criticism ^^
Herbal Tea Gecko (8 months ago)
Leana leiner (8 months ago)
achelois (9 months ago)
I’m bad at drawing stickmans
sugarmilk (9 months ago)
I subscribed 15 seconds in omg i love him
Sketchy Feelings (9 months ago)
u sound more sarcastic than anything else
Nuggettzz AJ (9 months ago)
Karma *t h i c c*
alex b (9 months ago)
is will communicating with you through those christmas lights gkgjgkjgkg i’m sorry i had to this juST A JOKE
LowkeyEddyz (9 months ago)
It looks like a good fortnite character
Rob Carreno (9 months ago)
Whats the name of that mount your surface (I think) is on? It looks great!
Sakuma (9 months ago)
Whoah...I never thought idubbbz alternative accent was real. What is it called? Anyways this was a suprisingly good video ,as I was expecting something else, and informative as well.
joker0000000007 (9 months ago)
I bet you look at your head for hours, just to get the best reference on skin lightening.
Claryan (9 months ago)
In the thumbnail, I thought that was the Finn The Human :V
feuchtes Fasanenauge (9 months ago)
Alisa vm (9 months ago)
Это Krita? То кушать туда тоже можно кисти скачать?
Sub Channel (9 months ago)
Wanna ask what program do you use?
goblinoid (9 months ago)
Fucking love your accent
IVY wolf (9 months ago)
your accent is hotter then a british one.
Ali O (9 months ago)
My name is Ari too and I'm Irish too. *what a spicy combination*
Anna De Silva (9 months ago)
you sound like the computer voice that reads the documents... idk what to call it but yeah. awesome art style btw subscribed after watching
Nirim Does Stuff (9 months ago)
The light source will be BASICALLY MAGIC ITSELF
goodateverythingfull (9 months ago)
what software do u use?
Xylology (9 months ago)
He used Paintstorm Studio in this vid. It's a pretty awesome program -- cheap ($19), and available for Win, Mac, Linux, and iPad.
Took me the whole video to realise you look like a young billy corgan
Sorry you probably get that a lot, or people saying you look like a younger Gerard Way, I’m sure there’s at LEAST a few of those comments...
JB Fuller (9 months ago)
So, I stumbled on to this video and was like "Woah... I could have tried to do this on my channel? That's a thing?" But this was super fun to watch, so thanks! Over painting someone else's work is always a fun challenge. I kinda wanna do more of it.
Dude Crafts (9 months ago)
Strange fact is that I'm also part Egyptian and part Irish Woah
Gako (9 months ago)
What tablet do you use?
Xylology (9 months ago)
It's a Wacom Companion 2.
Tacos4lyfe (9 months ago)
its snake not snack
Sina Nag (9 months ago)
the snake has lost a lot of weight! question is, in how many weeks?
Scarlett Van Marie (8 months ago)
how did I not notice the snake weight differences in these two pics... @[email protected] I feel blind as a bat now
remaz art (9 months ago)
thank you so much !! ill totally use every tip in this video !! hope u all the best T^T
sleepyconnr (9 months ago)
I love your art dude! It's amazing :D
tegotealagracia (9 months ago)
Capuchino Sofia (9 months ago)
just discovered you, insta sub :)
Fea Li (9 months ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that the snake didn’t have the same size in the picture?
werh227 (6 months ago)
Feather Limes Nope, it was actually very confusing for me.
wawa (9 months ago)
I was watching the tutorial with so much intensity as I have watched some other tutorials today. Your last comment on the snake just made me burst out laughing. Love your humor. So I subscribed 😁
Soroneir (9 months ago)
Beautiful rendering, but I wish you'd fix the anatomy too, like how you fixed the clothing folds. While cartoony styles often take anatomical liberties, some areas like the mistakenly-placed kneecaps on the left image and wonky form of the snake on the right image really take away from the quality of the image, and the pairing of basic structural mistakes with skilled rendering looks odd. Nice comments on stylistic consistency toward the end too.
A. Kessler (9 months ago)
11:38 "here we can see how the snack - "
bossman dude (9 months ago)
This guy has a damn thesaurus with him or something cuz he says like 80 different words that i dont knkw the meaning of lol.
echo (10 months ago)
You talk so slowly that in 2x speed you're completely understandable
The Crazy Potato :D (10 months ago)
This is the first video I've watched from you but HA! that intro made me subscribe immediately xD
DegenerateProduction (10 months ago)
I could see playing this character in a classic overhead style Legend of Zelda-esque game.
Maxa love YouTube (10 months ago)
Death Maze Challenge (10 months ago)
pretty stiff and lifeless initial drawing : ] doesn't have believable weight, gravity, contact.. the left arm floats above his knee.. the lineart could have been drawn by a computer. : ] and the blood looks like it was randomly, procedurally applied.. all in all - ugh! but your shading looks sweet and totally changed the awfullness : D
David Torres (10 months ago)
U sound like robot
Apu says : (10 months ago)
horrible character design and looks like a slag dyke where something just makes you hate it for some reason. Your colouring are nice as usual. :-DDD
Teri-5 (9 months ago)
This is not an insult, it's a declaration of war--
SebDoesStuff (9 months ago)
Can’t tell if this is a compliment or an insult
Christian Raxo (9 months ago)
Chill dude, no need to atack
PunkBunny (9 months ago)
oof lmao
Wolfy711 (10 months ago)
I'm not a professional artist or anything as I'm a semi beginner artist but the eyes on the sitting one had some weird eye lighting in it
Odair Coelho (10 months ago)
Awesome! As the saying goes "Who knows, knows what he knows!" (Brazilian adage).
Thesmus (10 months ago)
Awesome :) I learned a lot from this
Leonardo Dio (10 months ago)
love the information that you gave, that makes everyone a better artist
James Martin (10 months ago)
Finn and... snake?
Monte Goat (10 months ago)
I learned more from this dude than any middle school art class i've been a part of. Good job dude :)
Mince_Iz Zee_Through (10 months ago)
He sounds like that minecraft yter loolitsalex
jonnyboy0007 (10 months ago)
he is the wise bald man of art
MacKenzie Maldon (10 months ago)
Im speaking spanish cuz im not racist an i want to. SO dont be scared. Im hablando español cuz IM no racista quiero. Así que no tengas miedo. Im говоря испанский CUZ IM не расистских я желаю. Так что не страшитесь.
MacKenzie Maldon (10 months ago)
i need to stap.
Lucas França (10 months ago)
Very, very good! Thank you for share. One question: What is your hardware? It's a cintiq?
Xylology (9 months ago)
It's a Wacom Companion 2
Raphael Lima (9 months ago)
I wanna know it too... Seams a bit weird... At first i thought it was an ipad
Erick Hriczo (10 months ago)
Is it just me or does he sound like a text to speech voice ?? lol
Scarlett Van Marie (8 months ago)
miko mmiks (9 months ago)
Yeah thats what I thought so too lol
Yuri (10 months ago)
He sounds like pewdipie
Yodafunk Yo (10 months ago)
lol, same here
EYECRED (10 months ago)
ruined xD!
Life Abomination (10 months ago)
How am I watching Monster factory yet am rendered as watching one of Boro’s video? Note I’m on iPad so no multiple tabs for me. Oh boy YouTube is truly dying.
Paul R (10 months ago)
such an sjw character
The Joker (4 months ago)
Paul R LOL, what? We have no info about this character other than their ethnicity, a _very_ basic description of their personality, and these drawings. Please tell me what about that screams Social Justice Warrior to you, because typically an SJW is an SJW because of their behavior and opinions.
BlueSkyWolf Fish (9 months ago)
Paul R or a dude
squid_meter (10 months ago)
Not much of a difference
형아시로 (10 months ago)
What happened to your beautiful hair?
Jazzy Penn (10 months ago)
Lieutenant Nakuu (10 months ago)
I honestly love how you explain everything you do, it helps understanding so much!
Simple You (10 months ago)
israel lucas (10 months ago)
What is the name of the program you are using?
Dol _ (10 months ago)
What I like about you that many YouTube artists don’t do is that you create a whole new piece to explain what you want. This delivers the information much better than when someone makes a doodle to explain a complicated concept. If someone wants to tell me something about color theory, show me how to do it and apply it in the painting, not just charts and doodles. I’m that type of person who learns by experience not lecturing :)
lJ Draws (6 months ago)
thanks for the tip
Landis Rumble (9 months ago)
Dol _ Another great YouTube artists who follows a similar format is Sinix Designs. I learn a lot from his channel and I hope you get the chance to check him out!
Ahmet Nergiz (10 months ago)
I really like your channel. NEW SUB!
memation (10 months ago)
I’ve only just realised that the title is called overpaint instead of overpain in which it usually is. I checked back on the other videos and have realised that you have changed all overpain videos to have the overpaint title. The only problem is that all the thumbnail have the title overpain and so does the playlist title. Did you always mean to call it overpaint and misspelled it all this time or is it a decision you changed? Just curious. By the way great video as always!
memation (10 months ago)
BORODANTE Oh right. Makes much more sense now. By the way, great video. I’d love for you to do an overpain of my drawings but I’m too scared to even try drawing. Thanks for replying!
BORODANTE (10 months ago)
The series is called Over-Pain, I changed the text-title on videos so the people who search for overpaints on YT would be able to find my videos
Khoi Vu (10 months ago)
How do I know when you do have the Pain- Over so that I can turn my drawing in?
DeziLand (10 months ago)
тыж с Украины чё ты по русски не говоришь?
Max Keig (10 months ago)
nice vape my dude
Rocío (10 months ago)
What color wheel does he use? Is it free?
Rocío (10 months ago)
Omg all this time I thought it was photoshop, thanks! I think I'll try this program
BORODANTE (10 months ago)
The whole program is Paintstorm Studio, and the color wheel is native
Ach Hadda (10 months ago)
don't you think her line need to be more smoth and with a bit of non constance thickness ?
Exhil_rate (7 months ago)
same thing it was bothering me aswell
King Friday (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for doing this!!! It looks amazing !! Thanks for the tips, they're really helpful.
Mirza Angon (10 months ago)
make the "hi fam!" your actual intro. like "hi fam my name is borrodante" :D
flying potatoes (10 months ago)
Lit at that top level
Kosa (10 months ago)
what do you think about Poland and other countries.
leftiearts (10 months ago)
It is an eastern European country on the Baltic Sea known for its medieval architecture and Jewish heritage.
Gunes Oral (10 months ago)
I love your content man, watched almost every video; learnt a lot, enjoyed a lot. I love the fact that you are trying different type of videos such as vlog, overpain, your painting, tutorials etc. But I have to say this is really the best overpain i’ve watched lately.
graphosxp (10 months ago)
Please review "Affinity Photo"! https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/photo/ free trial available "Natural brushwork Paint and sketch using a huge library of over 120 professionally designed brushes including effects, bristles, dry media, inks, markers and paint. Affinity Photo is compatible with all major graphics tablets and supports pressure sensitivity and brush stabilization for super smooth, natural-looking brushwork. 120+ brushes Brush dynamics Custom brushes Tablet support Brush stabilization .abr brush import"
João Vitor dos Santos (10 months ago)
I'd fix the left character's arms, they're wayy too short
Mr MEow (10 months ago)
Borodante's Beautiful Brilliance Bounding Beyond Bewildering Brush Bewitchment

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