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Magic the Gathering GP Atlanta 2018 Round 1 Modern

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Prosper Waldmann (1 day ago)
El juagdor de tokens es un pelin malo
Matthew Smahaj (13 days ago)
Hey. At least he won’t forget how Mausoleum Wanderer works ever again.
Krisjude Ramir Comia (14 days ago)
Seriously, Luke, what actual fuck is wrong with you?
Ian Astraquillo (19 days ago)
Dude! You path the booter and push the champion!!!
Esteban Zárate (20 days ago)
Both players dumb af
Lewis Winer IV (25 days ago)
Burke not counting the damage from the exalted trigger at any point in the match fun fun
Tyler Reese (27 days ago)
Cheating. Bedsole two lands on turn at 4:40. No life time ban??
Alex Silver (25 days ago)
only memes in social media gets you a ban
mouse2588 (28 days ago)
Bw tokens was my first deck I played in modern and it's not very good even at it's best but this guy is making it look SO much worse. What a scrub.
Nicolas Sproge (28 days ago)
I love Round 1 in the GP, always weird decks.
Bapt Mic (29 days ago)
Is it normal that Luke could counter azcanta with 2 Mana available and thalia on board ?!
reslime (1 month ago)
noble hierarch best mana creature? and what about deathrite shaman
Achilles (24 days ago)
Banned first of all not to mention has conditions to give you the mana so no his comment was correct on Hierarch to be the best mana creature.
SIeepwalker1 (27 days ago)
came to the comments for this
Lion King Matiouz (29 days ago)
...hmm true
Simon Willig (1 month ago)
No judgment but seems like Burke maybe just isn't very experienced playing magic or modern specifically, based on his plays and reading cards and such. For those commenting on his playing
Kwikdraw (21 days ago)
Definitely agree. It's obvious he is nervous about being on camera, but there are also a lot of his mannerisms that suggest to me that he just isn't experienced and doesn't quite know what he is doing.
ITS YA BOI (1 month ago)
smh for casting that CoCo pre-combat in game 3. You are not under any kind of pressure. Just sit there and attack for 2
zizi orens (1 month ago)
Well Luke deserved it for cheating in g2. I might be bias though - was rooting for UW all the way.
christopher lacey (1 month ago)
I somewhat agree.. LoL.. @ that settle the wreckage.. But honestly, I think the game 2 would have gone entirely different if search for Azcanta was still on the board and likely would have ended up with UW winning given how noob this guy is.
JuiceHansen (1 month ago)
Watching that Settle the Wreckage happen was as painful as getting kicked in the nuts.
ITS YA BOI (24 days ago)
Idiot lmao
christopher lacey (1 month ago)
LMAO, you know what happened? I paused the video and was fast forwarding the game since I thought it was over and then somehow there was more footage and I was like wait.. what the fuck? How? I thought they were 1-1.. they're 1-1.. wtf? How did he get out of the board state? Then I rewind the video to watch what happened and I am like ............... >_<. LOL, the commentators... This entire video is #noob central. People like this shouldn't be allowed to play in the future match area. They need to play FNM for a few more years first.
Ashley Wooles (1 month ago)
He didn't even get any basics... Talk about a punt...
Alex (1 month ago)
This match was very painful to watch
Ashley Wooles (1 month ago)
Pretty standard for round 1 coverage at GPs sadly
theultimategod (1 month ago)
Love how Hayden plays 2 lands a turn. 🤣
Kelson Brewer (1 month ago)
Why would you not path the freebooter and then use push on the champion..... I don't understand these plays
Lion King Matiouz (29 days ago)
Yeah, that was a better play. But maybe this man was stressed being on a match cam in a GP or is not a very long time mtg player
Colin Hernandez (1 month ago)
Luke you clooown!!
Johnathon Hiner (1 month ago)
He's back.....Frets (Threats)....Fought-Not (Thought-Knot)....Frooo (Through)....Free/Free's (3/3's)...but on a side note a sweet turn out.
Davide Bellucci (1 month ago)
Stephen Burke played like shit.
mtg holic (1 month ago)
Gosh it was painful watching WB Token played like that, perhaps because I've played it for so long.
benjamin tang (20 days ago)
Totally agree haha. Typical round 1 gp
mtg holic (28 days ago)
+Zion661 yeah, he should stick to lgs first before going to GP lvl events :/
Zion661 (29 days ago)
Yup. I was cringing so hard. Overall this whole matchup was a joke.
mtg holic (1 month ago)
+TD7416 actually human is one of the easier matchup for tokens, same as BGx variants. Yeah he does it pretty bad, i use the deck for 4years now and i see that he does make some bad decisions.
TD7416 (1 month ago)
Although BW tokens is not very a common deck nowadays, the way he pilot the deck was very bad, in my opinion. Things can be done instant speed, he does it at sorcery speed and never anticipate the human deck's strength. Maybe he needs more experience in the deck before using in a GP or something. BW combination usually is one of the harder decks to use.
Brian Robertson (1 month ago)
Play horizon canopy crack it, then play cavern of souls and no one caught that at the table really?
Alex (1 month ago)
Wow that’s crazy
Steven Morris (1 month ago)
Ive played at gps never played a premier match. There is a lot of pressure while on camera i get the chills when i play on cam at my local shop how ever letting your opponent cheat in land like that no thats something you shouldnt miss.
Sébastien Beaudette (1 month ago)
Mtg judge are so useless sorry this is a gp and judge is not a use full body that is realy sad.
Ehamito GReeK (1 month ago)
Just saw that shit 🙃
Alex Mohr (1 month ago)
good god that settle the wreckage was very hard to watch

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