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NBA Legends' CRAZY Reactions to 6'1'' Dunker

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Watch as Gary Payton and Glen Rice react to Jordan Kilganon’s amazing dunks at NBA House Rio! About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada. The league is truly global, with games and programming in 215 countries and territories in 47 languages, as well as NBA rosters at the start of the 2015-16 season featuring 100 international players from 37 countries and territories. For the 2015-16 season, each of the league's 30 teams will play 82 regular-season games, followed by a postseason for those that qualify. The NBA consists of the following teams: Atlanta Hawks; Boston Celtics; Brooklyn Nets; Charlotte Hornets; Chicago Bulls; Cleveland Cavaliers; Dallas Mavericks; Denver Nuggets; Detroit Pistons; Golden State Warriors; Houston Rockets; Indiana Pacers; Los Angeles Clippers; Los Angeles Lakers; Memphis Grizzlies; Miami Heat; Milwaukee Bucks; Minnesota Timberwolves; New Orleans Pelicans; New York Knicks; Oklahoma City Thunder; Orlando Magic; Philadelphia 76ers; Phoenix Suns; Portland Trail Blazers; Sacramento Kings; San Antonio Spurs; Toronto Raptors; Utah Jazz; Washington Wizards. The NBA offers real time access to live regular season NBA games with a subscription to NBA LEAGUE PASS, available globally for TV, broadband, and mobile. Real-time Stats, Scores, Highlights and more are available to fans on web and mobile with the NBA App. For more information, as well as all the latest NBA news and highlights, log onto the league's official website at http://www.NBA.com Subscribe on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/nba Subscribe to NBA LEAGUE PASS http://www.nba.com/leaguepass Download NBA Game Time http://www.nba.com/mobile Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nba Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nba Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/nba Follow us on Tumblr http://nba.tumblr.com Shop for NBA Gear: http://store.nba.com
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Text Comments (3207)
Hollow F3arless (2 days ago)
Mr SMILE (2 days ago)
1:17 THAT FACE !! 😂😂
L Y N X (2 days ago)
I seen every 2k19 park dunk in this vid 😂
defpixel (3 days ago)
Not shocking, considering a white guy invented basketball....
Betelhem H (4 days ago)
Mind you GP played with the Rain Man Shawn Kemp!
Jancee Pogi (5 days ago)
Thats jordan kilganon lol
William Kimmer (5 days ago)
Dang Right.
Kylan Naidoo (6 days ago)
No one talking about that guy at 3:01 that did a prayer? lmao
MrInkH3art (6 days ago)
saevar gudjonsson (7 days ago)
Tiger is the best golfer on earth... and this white kid is the best dunker. I guess we’ve come a long way 😂
Monzter Films (7 days ago)
Looks like white men can jump.
MGBR Beegom (8 days ago)
Tem flamenguista no mundo todo
Nok Z (8 days ago)
0:47 *When your mom walk in your room and you just got done cleaning your room*
Filip sekulovskim (8 days ago)
White man cant jump huh? :)
Lol E Pop (8 days ago)
Just a random man in the crowd. "RANDOM"
Dayumhesgood (10 days ago)
Id dunk on him
Fucking Rocket Camel (10 days ago)
Is he playing tennis?
Harry White (10 days ago)
2:22 when my class mate asks if I've done the homework.
HeWhoHasTheSon (10 days ago)
Woody Harrelson is still hustling 😎
Melbournaut (11 days ago)
I've seen better acting in infomercials
Mary Shoemaker (11 days ago)
Boy can jump 😎😍😯
Mikeycrzed (11 days ago)
Edgar Colon Cruz (11 days ago)
Demonic Beast (11 days ago)
Pre staged video making morons say great video.
SpiritofDaniel (12 days ago)
Annother end of the world sign!
daniel bailey (12 days ago)
White man can dunk!!! Damn..
JORDAN (12 days ago)
Let's fuckin go lol
Duane egan (12 days ago)
All the thumbs down have never dunked in their lives..
Irma Gherd (12 days ago)
GLove! ♡
Van Provost (12 days ago)
I guess some white guys can jump & dunk
E World (12 days ago)
Freaking kangaroo mate !
H TAV (12 days ago)
Black guy smirks when he believes a White guy can't do something - funny. White guy smirks when he believes a Black guy can't do something - racist. Totally not a double standard.
Marcus Lex (13 days ago)
Lovin' Payton's reaction after every dunk.
James Steffans (13 days ago)
When John carter comes to a basketball game
Labiq YoWizLah (13 days ago)
his jump ??? 😱😱😱😱
Monty Wohio (13 days ago)
private pyle (13 days ago)
Gary Payton holding the ball?
Mr GBET (13 days ago)
Yea but can he do that in a game?....HELL NO!!....Now what!!..
Luca's Vidz (13 days ago)
Can someone explain this? Not a basket fan
J Cook (13 days ago)
Where the heck did this guy come from?
Killa Gill (14 days ago)
Did someone once say, white men can't JUMP 😂
Good Bye (14 days ago)
Anyone over 6ft should be able to dunk. Especially dudes.. if you can’t then you are a disgrace to the above average height fam
Nonya Biz (12 days ago)
Post a vid of you dunking "fam"
C Burkens (14 days ago)
Look at that racist look. He was shocked a white person could do this. Such racism!
Randy Johnson (14 days ago)
I'm all the way done 😳
Super (14 days ago)
Who said white man cant jump? Oh he's even 6'1" that's tuff
Lex Luther (14 days ago)
They should see this 5'9 dunker
A H (14 days ago)
Hope he got a contract.
Mason Blackwell (14 days ago)
This guy is amaZing.
Mario Bargonetti (15 days ago)
Who says White men can't jump 😎
Dante Deloden (15 days ago)
When whitey takes your job 😑
Antonio Sarro (15 days ago)
Bandeira do Brasil na tabela, top!
Jacob Summers (15 days ago)
The dislikes are salty ass black dudes 😂😂😂
Q U (15 days ago)
White men can’t dunk.
Leroy Levett (15 days ago)
Coons never stop, I wonder why there's so many athetic Coons, I mean u got Joe Louis, Floyd Patterson , George foreman,chas. Barkley, Shaq, Karl Maloney,Jackie Robinson,Ray Lewis, the rock, tiger peckerwood,etc....they say the slave traders were comprised of Arabs, Africans & Jews , & that 2 out of every 10 slaves were African islamists , I think there may be some truth to this & may help explain the lack of unity we the ADOS nation have . I don't know so I say call a spade a spade, the niiggahs on this list ARE NOT NIGGAHS, they are hamite dogs whose ancestors were natural born betrayers that's how they come too be in America they were betrayed & made to suffer the same fate as we the ADOS nation , betrayal is part of their dna
Alex Kumlin (15 days ago)
Someone should do that last one in the NBA with a short guy or if they can clear a 6'8" guy that so be it but it would be awesome to see
Gregory Kendrick (15 days ago)
He needs a job man
Lil' J Ranch (15 days ago)
Cant say white men cant jump now!
Jessshae Finch (15 days ago)
See , white men can jump ...
Rigoberto Valenzuela (15 days ago)
Wowwww este man duerme en el aire o que ?? Wowwww
John Mortellaro (15 days ago)
These days this kid would rule nba dunk contest without even anywhere close 2nd
Dash niccce😬😀
kasper rieberg (15 days ago)
Payton was in disbelive over this guy😳
TheSacredShadow (16 days ago)
Bruh thats jordan killiganon
Daniel Warfield (16 days ago)
He’s a plant!
jrs89lx zamora (16 days ago)
I've seen this cat before he's canadian if I'm not mistaken
jrs89lx zamora (16 days ago)
Steve Rivinius (16 days ago)
Ya bitches.white men can jump
pan0rama (16 days ago)
Kid got mad skills. Payton's reaction... priceless
El diablo da Costa (16 days ago)
Wait wait wait...over 1k dislikes? HAHAHAH!!! Haters are hilariously sad.
Peter Gosinya (16 days ago)
Gee you think that was set up
Derrick Turner (16 days ago)
Who said white men can't jump......
Brian Bizoso (16 days ago)
Kilganon is a fuCKing beast
amerocker (16 days ago)
I can't even jump like that in my dreams.
cactus jack (16 days ago)
bro when i was in high school one of my Mexican friends who was 5'11" could dunk lol, it was just incredible to watch a person of that size jump so high up into the air but he did play soccer and basketball so his damn legs where shredded. He also only played a couple of official basketball games but he didn't pursue it even though he was probably one the best player's in the state but instead he went to college and to play soccer but i respect him for that.
Que Pasa Pendejos (15 days ago)
He was powered by burrito and Mexican spicy food. This is a Mexican secret.
fiscer247 (16 days ago)
If he were to work on his dribbling, passing and shooting, I think he would make a great NBA PG.
6'1 : *Hits dunk NBA Legend : Wait, that illegal.
Diogo da silva (11 days ago)
There's like 6'3 guy's in the NBA who can bearly dunk and this has his forehead above the rim
Derek Clement (17 days ago)
White man can jump...
shino88 (17 days ago)
So white men can jump!! Evolution bro.
Cannot Say (17 days ago)
White men can do anything.
James Alexander (17 days ago)
How is this guy jumping so high??? He should be a Olympic jumper
Randy Prevette (18 days ago)
So .. white man can jump!!
markus martin (19 days ago)
Who say's white men can't jump?
varinder kataria (19 days ago)
Who the fock is this guyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
WuuF466 (19 days ago)
Great dunker. But probably can't shoot.
Ahmed Abdul-Latif (19 days ago)
Jordon Kilgon dunk king l
Luis Tejeda (19 days ago)
White man can't jump
American Citizen (19 days ago)
White Men Can Jump!
Steven Genktzu (19 days ago)
Maaurito Lobetuf (19 days ago)
Brasil porra
Ryan Pearson (20 days ago)
Gary loves tge smell of ass on his head
Will K (20 days ago)
But...Hollywood told me white guys can't jump.
José Eduardo (20 days ago)
O cara com a camisa do mengão nos eua véi
Attila Camdeviren (21 days ago)
White men can‘t jump ...
olsbeidero Nelle (21 days ago)
Schon gut
Joey Clemenza (22 days ago)
How this video isn’t flagged for being rated R is beyond me.... everyone one of those dunks were just straight up NASTY!!!!!!!!!! My GOD!!!!!
Vikings426 (22 days ago)
Sadly his dunks are better than the ones we've seen at the NBA dunk contest's for the past 5 years...
אודי חמודי (22 days ago)
can't believe it...
Paul (22 days ago)
“That’s nice”
Nelson Nosil (23 days ago)
Jordan Kilganon

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