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I'm Falling For You - Original version

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I wrote this love song because I started falling for a friend of mine and wasn't sure if it was a good time to bring it up. I showed her the song and yup, friend-zoned! I like the song that came out of that experience and happy to share it with you. On iTunes here - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/im-falling-for-you-single/id602799106 My stuff: Subscribe to this: https://www.youtube.com/user/chestersee And this too: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChesterDaily That Twitter Thing: https://twitter.com/chestersee That Facebook Thing: https://www.facebook.com/chesterseefanpage That Instagram Thing: http://instagram.com/chesterseesphotos That iTunes Thing: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/chester-see/id298899305 Merch is Here: http://chestersee.spreadshirt.com Website: http://www.chestersee.com And totally cool with you sending me stuff: 16430 VENTURA BLVD., SUITE 306 ENCINO, CALIFORNIA 91436 Thanks again for the eyes and ears! Andy Lange produced the music. Subscribe to him! http://www.youtube.com/andylangemusic Scott Francisco did the strings. Check out his series Full on Drums! http://www.youtube.com/fullondrums Special thanks to Justin Safaei for helping me film this. If you're new to my channel, nice to meet you via the world wide web. Please be warned that I'm never sure what will end up getting posted. Original music, covers, comedic sketches, dramatic scenes, and occasionally I'll slip in a troll video. Thanks for watching though!
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Text Comments (8088)
Lee Campbell (6 hours ago)
Jase Noah (8 hours ago)
What happened to it being on ITunes
Portia Rix (12 hours ago)
Beautiful 💕
george hazzard (20 hours ago)
I just makes you falling for my friend to makes your wrong thought hidden witches hid in it to takes off her and his wrong thought and run out so fast before you sees your own right thought to sees them and roar back to them. It will be fun and will always laugh and smiling everyday and speak back to your own soul to let him to makes you sees yourselves. The prayer of JESUS CHRIST is the cleaning disk to the dirty virus in your wrong thought. If you pray the witches and son of Satan don't know what you are praying about and they will started to kill each other and you can sees couple or married person argued in front of your eyes to see how they argue when you cannot sees them.
unionironjosh (1 day ago)
This is beautiful
Dan Peshai (1 day ago)
I'm Falling for You Chester See I don't wanna tell you that I long to see your face I'm scared it might scare you away and I don't wanna tell you that sometimes I think of you and smile 'cause time with you is time enough for now But I don't know how long I can stick around and be just another friend time and time again and hold my tongue. I don't know how long before it breaks me down inside and all my strength has gone away, and it's too late before I say I'm falling for you I'm falling for you I'm trying hard to be myself but I always seem to fail I'm afraid I'm not the guy you know so well cause every time I'm near you I just seem to lose my head and spend my time admiring instead. But I don't know how long I can stick around and be just another friend time and time again and hold my tongue. I don't know how long before it breaks me down inside and all my strength has gone away, and it's too late before I say I'm falling for you I'm falling for you I'm torn between the chance for everything and a price that I can't pay losing you is something that I'd never chose so I'll just have to wait but it kills me everyday I'm falling for you I'm falling for you I'm falling for you I'm falling for you I don't wanna tell you sometimes I think of you and smile.
Rajendra Yadav (1 day ago)
Feb 2019 .. anyone??
Daniel Dean (2 days ago)
Loving someone I’ve never met in person, everything about them makes me love them a little bit more
Sabrina Eversole (2 days ago)
Love it!💜
latha varatharajan (2 days ago)
Why? So talented
Clorox Bleach (4 days ago)
Bleach is here ask some to die
LaToya R.J. Davis (4 days ago)
Thanks always to the all of you for nothing really but I'm controlling the song along with just me until I read further into the existing or shown the picture of what's the true matter of cherished hearts happy Valentine's to u all with added love from this time myself included not to ambush ur love ruin it fun make u frown or even smile but yes its honestly I feel that's a difference that exists for me all right better said then not ever asked would u love me or do I can ever love you I answered that like the first time but not on either ones mind be crossed fan crushed heart break not broken he really is a heart break err imagine she is to you deserve all that more
Paula Jarina Rebuzano (4 days ago)
I'm in love <3😍💘
LaToya R.J. Davis (5 days ago)
Love is never dead all the way have patience that I too will find love as this
Rachael Morales (5 days ago)
Thank you so much for letting me see your true feelings ..... Often people let feelings get in the way .... I feel in love with you and I couldn't help it ...I thought only women feel in love fast but God only knows .... When actions speak louder then words ... This song was my heart has fell like a ton of bricks ... Thanks for making me smile.... I will never forget you
Kat Mcquinn (6 days ago)
I miss you so much i still love you
lol ok (7 days ago)
i want my choir to sing this song so bad
Simon Bijker (7 days ago)
Great song!!
Januarius Dolor (12 days ago)
One love.😊😊😊😇😈
Sarah Watson (14 days ago)
I fell for someone who had the same feelings for me we have a beautiful daughter but a family wasn't what he wanted so he left us behind and moved on with his life it has been 12 yrs now but me and my daughter are happy its been just the 2 of us.. I love all your songs
Judith Perez (15 days ago)
Beautiful song. Love it Thank you for sharing God bless.
LeAnn Applegate (16 days ago)
💜 Love you back!
Collection PT GSP (16 days ago)
I like it ...
Kiky luis (16 days ago)
I love U ❤
Kim Scott (16 days ago)
I have loved his voice since the first time I heard him and he is amazing and so handsome
3lia_ Afg (16 days ago)
I love ur felling ur voice is out in ur said
Jolanta Anna (16 days ago)
idb25 (16 days ago)
You have a beautiful voice and a beautiful soul 💜
Simon Que (17 days ago)
Feb 1 anyone ??? ...
Carlos Lopez (17 days ago)
k lee (17 days ago)
You are what makes an ugly world beautiful. Feelings of pain go away. For those who are weighed down in their life they can breath once again if only they could quiet their minds and like I . . . 🙂 just saying. You're a keeper Your voice, songs and the way you do it. . .beautiful
Galactic Boss (17 days ago)
I sent it to the girl I like
Herma Manzano (17 days ago)
Woow?, thats great voice,,falling inlove wd u but u falling in someone rlse,,,im admirer u much
Kalliope Sirius (18 days ago)
i love this song. thank you.
HypeBeast Today (18 days ago)
Marii v. (19 days ago)
Amaziinq voice!!' Niice sonq!'❤
Maha M (19 days ago)
Hi 👋 from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦I love the song 💕thank you so much 🌷
Fahad Hazazi (20 days ago)
Shania Enderle (20 days ago)
Brooke O’Neal (21 days ago)
🥺🥺❤️ this song is very beautiful and it makes me emotional.
Ritik Khatri (22 days ago)
M happy i found you bro on youtube otherwise i would have missed some grt music.
Ray N (22 days ago)
What to do, stay alone or risk being hurt, again, left for a younger or better mate, three times loved, three times left when the person I trusted with my heart and soul moved on up, what say you ?¡¿
Saloobin Natin (23 days ago)
I hope you'll notice me, can I know the piano chords of this song ? I already search it but only guitar chords is the only result @chestersee
Alinaitwe Glorious (22 days ago)
Star Wells (23 days ago)
Please do a cover Meant to be😃😃😀
Noviana Ernawati (23 days ago)
Joshua :(
ignaz dinata (24 days ago)
I love all his songs.. He has so amazing voice..
Jinnah Bristol (24 days ago)
You're so handsome. Love your voice.
Nana Eastmaeil (26 days ago)
Mish S (27 days ago)
2019 anyone?
pipa sudaa (28 days ago)
I have been trying to find you for a loooong time! Ive first heard you sang this song back in 2012 i think.. u were wearing a purple/grey tee with a cap while playing a piano. Its been so long and ive fallen in love with your voice n the song's aura. Its so original to me. Im glad ive found you again though. Thank you for remaking this❤ u made my day.
Ashley marie (28 days ago)
Chester see!!! Come back!!!
Nina Griffith (28 days ago)
This needs to be back on iTunes
Beauty Kusumabeauty (29 days ago)
Love this song😍💕
Chaz Pin. (29 days ago)
It's the most beautiful song I have ever heard ❤
Dodge Oblig (29 days ago)
Goodness Chester, u never fail to hit inner core of heart. B2, i miss u so much. 😭
Wittney Carteno (30 days ago)
I've been In love with my best friend since 2013-? i still talk to him now and I told him he had the same feelings for me and we are hoping to see each other and I wasn't able to tell him I love him b/c he moved to Colorado and this was in 7th grade...I still miss him till today
rita nia (30 days ago)
Ga tidur den? Knp masih insom ya?
Betty Dewanti (1 month ago)
.nice song😍😘💕
Beauty Simply (1 month ago)
Ganda ng boses ang lamig kaka inlove hahahaha
Sun Shine (1 month ago)
These are the words you long to hear and I am falling for this song.Great Vocals Absolutely Beautiful
My Livingroom (1 month ago)
how come.. T_T
Mayo Harris (1 month ago)
Why??? 😭😭 why everytime I'm watching you singing my heart melt??
Beautiful song and well done. Your voice is dreamy!😘😁
Yolamda Kelly (1 month ago)
The Melody and words to that beautiful music is breathtaking. I don't want you to be just my friend , I want you to be my #1 lover 💏. Sweet Dreams.
sarah marsh (1 month ago)
This song has my hurt physically pulling. im fulling for a friend of many years and whats worse im married not happily but for my kids my son was born with cancer i feel i cant break up he desevers mummy and daddy . and i know i cant have him and the worst my husband treats me like im nothing ,i want my friend even more i know he use to want me but years pasted we were both with someone when other wasnt but i loved him every day sincei was 10 years old. And 9 years of a bad marriage has me longing for something i cant have. And would never risk lossing his friendship my hubby and i where over years ago but just together. I kills me every day maybe thou that realy love right there never wanting to lose someone. I know i sound bad judge away you havnt been in my married or seen how hard ive tryed in vine.😭
Ashutosh Ghosh (1 month ago)
I miss her. I hope she's doing fine:)
Nghiem T.Hieu (1 month ago)
14/1/19 Dont know what to said, but this song is what i need right now. Thank you, thank you so much for the song !
Lioness Charm (1 month ago)
You are amazing..turning that one sad experience into something beautiful..❤️❤️❤️🤗 falling for you
Tricia Thompson (1 month ago)
You can be my friend😁💜
Orji Kingsley (1 month ago)
I send this song to a gal I love.hope she will accept my request
Samantha Wells (1 month ago)
I'm sad because I do not know which direction to go in my life is falling apart I can't get a job I'm sad I have meds 28 days of school and I going through a hard time so I need someone to talk with and to be there for me so yeah it kind of is hard sometimes so yeah speyside scotch I do not know my friends rather have feelings for me so yeah if he does but yeah that's okay because you're awesome nobody knows who I ain't talkin about and there is sometimes I feel lonely I just need somebody to talk to so yeah nobody understands me and get me most people go they have no idea what I feel like they're not in my shoes because you might use as heart everybody has different something still with everyday but yeah 28 days of school and yeah it's bad so made school not recommend me get the job so it's one of the Dead tough is time in my life right now so yeah I got joy and yeah and I judge feel lonely any job I mean talking to a guy wants a baby like slots isn't going no more where sympathizer only it hasn't going anywhere so yeah there one is cardizem and Jensen brainy hot schizophrenia and no ladies loves a girl with schizophrenia and not charge you know yeah and yeah my grandma died Jess I miss her it's a struggle each year does year and my life is been hard it's a struggle to go to school everyday it's been really rough in my life because seriously nobody knows how the pain in much I suffer Braum's nobody knows that
Susan (1 month ago)
Absolutely Flawless.. What a voice, lyrically awesome.. Absolutely Thank you very much..
Lei Resma (1 month ago)
Val Nicols (1 month ago)
Nice emotional song
Val Nicols (1 month ago)
Don't ! keep it together
Hannah Nichole (1 month ago)
Brenda Stidham (1 month ago)
2019 Beautiful
Kelly Mickelson (1 month ago)
Have you thought of being on the the voice cause your voice is perfect
Doranda Pechuli (1 month ago)
Thinking of someone, but he says he too busy
Cody Randles (1 month ago)
2019 fsho
Danie Burger (1 month ago)
I like the song - and the singer's voice AND performance. Is Chester See his real name ?
Marcos Cantera (1 month ago)
When I first met her, I had no intention with ever goimg out with her but as time went by and our bond grew stronger, I started to have feelings for her. In my senior of high school, I had completely fallen in love with her. Only 2 other friends saw this and try to get me to confess my feeling to her but i couldnt. I was afraid of losing her. The school year goes by and I found out on the last month of school, she got a boyfriend. I was completely heart broken. I have never felt such pain before in my life. I was depressed which got worse once a family member, which held a special place in my heart, died. Almost 3 years has passed and i still get over her. Everytime I think I got over, memories of why i fell in love with her in the first place randomly pop up in my head and it kills me. Or one of my friends, who knew about my feelings for her, keeps trying to push me for it. I cant handle this aching pain anymore. I want to be with her.
Goutam Yumnam (1 month ago)
Nice song .....this lyrics also suits perfectly 😍
Carlie (1 month ago)
Gosh!! I really love your songs
Pravallika (1 month ago)
Anyone in 2019?
Amir khan (1 month ago)
I had feelings for someone since childhood and she moved to another country after 15 years I found her on face book I was so happy she was not like before whom I use to know everything changed 😑😔
Mellora Indeng (1 month ago)
I have always loved listening to yu singing. What a beautiful song yu have created. Keep it up.
Atlas Seda (1 month ago)
Love it. Love the voice and tone of song.
Chriss amigos (1 month ago)
You are know man I appreciate you man
Nargish kipa (1 month ago)
You no need to tell me.. Cheester I know you love me and I 😍 u too🤗
Jacob Lee (1 month ago)
Pierce The Truth (1 month ago)
Never relate to a song so much
Vichet Chhorn (1 month ago)
January 3 .2019
Samuel Thao (1 month ago)
2019!!! 😍
FRENSIS_ C.hannel (1 month ago)
Omg your voice is ANGELIC
Envocation (1 month ago)
Jan 2019?
nurul kemar (1 month ago)
i wanna grow old with you dear SS® but maybe it's just in my dreams..you always have a special place in my heart..i will always pray for your happiness even it's not with me ❤️
Aayush khatri (1 month ago)
2019 anyone?
Gronkh Handherz (1 month ago)

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