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Magic the Gathering GP Atlanta 2018 Finals Modern

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Uther Pendragon (23 days ago)
Paulo and Eduardo are great commentators.
Mike Asterios (25 days ago)
I think it is extremely unfair to hate on decks like tron and KCI, and be like "O! Spirits are so cool! fair decks are so good!" Screw that, thoughtseize alone is much much more unfair than anything these decks do, and its not fun.. How about spell queller? or Aether Vial? Why is nobody complaining about those? Its extremely hypocritical to hate on combo decks when all you do is disrupt, the most unfair thing you can do
Mike Asterios (13 days ago)
+josh any sort of control deck is a cuck deck by definition
josh (13 days ago)
KCI is a cuck solitare deck
Mike Asterios (17 days ago)
+Jesse110 well, its not quite my fault that artifacts look and feel much cooler than colored cards, why I have to take shit for liking big colorless spells is beyond me.. especially when they just take all the fun stuff from my hand or just counter it
Jesse110 (18 days ago)
Combo decks get flack for being unfair because they don't want to interact with their opponent. They sit there and play solitaire until they get their game winning combo going while their opponent essentially watches. Sure, thoughseize and friends aren't exactly fair cards, but people will be more likely to side with whatever cards at least look like two people are having a back and forth game of magic.
Ryan Roberts (26 days ago)
Wheeeeew KCI getting curb-stomped
Devin (28 days ago)
The spirit deck is so damn op lol. It’s humans, but better in my opinion.
josh (13 days ago)
Devin (21 days ago)
MalikarVampire trash comment lol
MalikarVampire (25 days ago)
its average. where do you get your info
Splash Attack TCG (29 days ago)
Will you be able to upload the rounds for protour?
Nicolas Sproge (29 days ago)
thats it 1.5k people? Man GPs look like there going down a bit.
Nicolas Sproge (23 days ago)
+christopher lacey Ya gp Atlanta is supposed to be one of the biggest besides Las Vegas
christopher lacey (23 days ago)
IKR? lol.. I happened to be in downtown ATL that weekend for a friend's wedding and didn't even know that there was a GP going on as well.. Smaller GPs are only 1500-ish, which is funny why they keep proclaiming that it is such a huge tournament/ turn out.. I would have imagined GP ATL being 2-3k range.. btw I think you meant "they're "
7upac (1 month ago)
My god I'll give my last nut for commentators that aren't cringe and can speak English
Patrick Holm (17 days ago)
You have a wall around your confederate flag collection in your grandmas basement?
TheEthanAndKyleShow (22 days ago)
the fuck you mean "can speak english". if you can't understand PVD you're the one who can't speak english lmao
SIeepwalker1 (28 days ago)
wtf are you talking about Marshall and Pablo Doritos are great
Nicolas Sproge (29 days ago)
His voice is so nasally!
Nai Xo (1 month ago)
Very brutal. KCI didnt stand a chance.
Toomanyhobbiestocount (1 month ago)
josh (13 days ago)
It felt great watching KCI get dumpstered into oblivion
Ale Ale (29 days ago)
Stfu you garbage monkey
Bert Fuller (1 month ago)
0:56 small thing — for an international tournament I think it is respectful for commentators to get closer at pronouncing the names of competitors more correctly — the Ł in głogowski makes a w sound
Dylan Mitchell (2 days ago)
I do agree - the Mandarin is 90% wrong as well. Zheng is more like "Jung" for an American speaker Peiyuan is more like "Pay - yuwen" It's wrong to compare yourself to the average or below-average. If you want to be a respectable international announcer, you gotta learn and practice the pronunciation. That attitude of "eh, whatever" is so iconic of American culture, and so regrettable. I at least appreciate when people are humble enough to admit they'll butcher it, but that doesn't seem acceptable here either.
Jim Raynor (1 month ago)
They did better than what most people would of.
Ph34121307 (1 month ago)
Always good to see KCI loosing hard
abracosa07 (1 month ago)
Damn talk about bad matchup.
Calvin Baube (1 month ago)
I love playing Bant Spirits it’s just so flipping fun
Augusto Fleith Comitti (1 month ago)
Well, it's got the downside that is has to attack as a 2/2 (usually) on the ground. Spirits isn't the best at getting blockers out of the way, but against a deck like KCI, it's just ridiculous good.
Declan Bradley (1 month ago)
+Paige - Geist clock in combination with Noble Hierarch is no joke!
Paige (1 month ago)
giest is just a shitty card though, no hexproof creature should be that cheap or clock so fast but i guess in modern its fair. It was so broken in standard though.
Anderson Santos (1 month ago)
Close final lol
Rudiboy RiP (1 month ago)
Thanks for the content

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