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10 Famous People Who Aren't What You Think They Are

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Often the image of famous people can outrun their true nature. Whether it be due to the modern media, or the game of telephone played by history, the following ten people are not at all who you probably think they are. Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook https://twitter.com/BeAmazedVideos https://instagram.com/BeAmazedVideos◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected] Sources: http://pastebin.com/S0uqU7La Credit: http://pastebin.com/bzJHa4t0 Featuring... John Lennon - One of the most influential singer-songwriters of the past hundred years, John Lennon was a peace icon. He didn’t just sing songs about love and unity, but was involved in various pro-peace political movements and paid for billboards with anti-war slogans on them in London and New York. Dr. Seuss - If you were born in America, there’s a twenty-five percent chance that the first book you ever read was written by Theodor Geisel, known more widely as Dr. Seuss. Michael Jordan - Widely regarded as the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan is a towering figure in the world of sports. The man has his own brand of shoes, and can be seen selling undershirts in commercials now that he’s retired from dominating a whole sport for years. Steve Jobs - This man is seen by many as one of the most important visionaries of the century. A business icon credited with revolutionizing the tech industry, he is a household name on par with the likes of legends such as Henry Ford. Mozart - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is perhaps the most famous musician of all time. His music has been listened to and performed for the past two hundred years. Mother Teresa - If you look at most lists of 'the best people who ever lived', chances are Mother Teresa will make an appearance. Most hail her as the pinnacle of human kindness as she even won the Nobel peace prize. Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll, is an instantly recognizable cultural icon. He had girls fainting in the audience before The Beatles, and became an international sex symbol thanks to his high energy erotic dancing and womanizing image. Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of the Indian independence movement, an independence movement, that, unlike a lot of others, didn’t involve trying to kill lots of people. Leonardo da Vinci is known for basically everything you can be known for. He was an inventor, painter, sculptor, architect, scientist, musician, mathematician, and virtually every other kind of ‘ician’ that existed at the time. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of facebook, inspired the movie, The Social Network, and is quite a rich person, to say the least. In short, He is the penultimate entrepreneurial programmer.
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Text Comments (4311)
Linda Jones-huckaba (3 hours ago)
Elvis doesn't belong in this.
rafael winks (1 day ago)
His Holiness Pope Benedict XIV solemnly and infallibly taught the following: “If anyone dared to assert that the Pontiff had erred in this or that canonization, we shall say that he is, if not a heretic, at least temerarious, a giver of scandal to the whole Church, an insulter of the saints, a favourer of those heretics who deny the Church’s authority in canonizing saints, savouring of heresy by giving unbelievers an occasion to mock the faithful, the assertor of an erroneous opinion and liable to very grave penalties.”
spdzodzo (1 day ago)
it's Mozart, not Mozzart like some cheese you dumb fuck
Coral Layla (4 days ago)
Did you really just say the Beatles have been around for 100 years
Michael Solomon (5 days ago)
The mother Teresa is no surprise, she was of course an EVIL child molester Catholic.
LEO AGUINALDO (7 days ago)
@5:00 - Mozart, not Mozzart. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfgang_Amadeus_Mozart
Steven Freel (10 days ago)
If you ever do another, Winston Churchill should be top of the list!! Made out the hero of WW2.. Although, what hero invents a kind of soldier/policeman hybrid called the Black & Tans, to engineering a Famine in Bengal that takes 4 million lives?! The man was truly a monster who wanted to protect only Empire!! Lest we forget?!
Skeletor # (10 days ago)
Mother Teresa was a soul harvester who exchanged medical treatment for conversion. Shame on her and the Christ she believed in
rob mitch (12 days ago)
Wait you used wikipidia to prove Mozart was into scat? Ah ya because it is not that anyone can edit that.
Sandy (12 days ago)
You should offer an apology for the VERY SEXIST comment about Elvis - hinting at his homosexuality as if it was something to be ashamed of. It's way past time that we accepted everyone for their sexual preferences, without judgement! Shame on you!
Anirban Chatterjee (13 days ago)
I'm glad Gandhi is on this list....I fucking hate that bastard.
aneibu kiewhuo (14 days ago)
Mother Teresa work for poor help children and sick working for better world towards Christ and ofcourse church is the identity is that wrong? Or you didn't research well enough?
Tatiana Searle (15 days ago)
Some people don't deserve to be on this list. So what if Zuckerberg is a bad coder? Mozart wasn't a bad person - just one with a weird fetish. As for Lennon, hitting people in anger is not the same as killing them in a war, so its not necessarily a contradiction.
Kimberley Searching (15 days ago)
The only one I didn’t know was that Elvis was bisexual. Not surprising, as he lived his life to excess. Or, maybe he just wanted to experience everything? When I was 5, I got his autograph at the Lake Sanctuary on Sunset Blvd! Priscilla & Lisa Marie were there too! I’m still angry at my parents for not keeping it safe, as it went missing at some point!! How awesome it would be to have that memorabilia today!!
Jeeta S (16 days ago)
Gandhi was the biggest piece of shit.
ASAD KHAN (17 days ago)
Facebook wasn’t even his idea
Shubham Boora (19 days ago)
Gandhi was pure . it was tested after his death on the order of Nehru to defame him but the results were not on Nehru side . it was found that Gandhi haven't had sex for more then 25 years
Eva Winner (19 days ago)
I am shocked to learn the information about Tereza. Propaganda produces fake.
Besnik Selimi (20 days ago)
S... stupid how dear you loser tallk boolshit abaout Mother Teresa
Theodore Malkowitz (22 days ago)
facebook is still not a feat of computer science or programming but a social media one.
Alveda Allen (23 days ago)
Now I agree with ALL the ones he mentions except Leonardo De Vinci! Even if he was responsible for orchestrating the robbing of graves, he DID do it for the sake of advancing his experiments on knowledge of the human anatomy. Nothing more than a Forensic Scientist would do today. Remove him from your list and you've done well revealing the nature of the others!
Chιmεrα (24 days ago)
I dont think Michael Jordan’s one was not even too bad to be honest.
Tracy Cerigny (29 days ago)
this just proves Society was going to be fucked up anyway
REDEX SUBZERO (1 month ago)
john lennon will be an antifa member if he was alive ,peace lover are actually fascist in disguise
Mamdouh Tawadros (1 month ago)
Mother Teresa’s allegiance wasn’t with the sick but with the church. As if the church and the sick are on opposing sides? Can you hear yourself?
S Doeman (1 month ago)
No, none of this is surprising to me. I've learned a long time ago that people are rarely who they seem to be, which is why I've never joined the ranks of celebrity worshipers. As a former Catholic, I saw through the Vatican a long time ago. On the contrary, the bigger and more famous the reputation, the more atrocious the behavior tends to be.
Sam Fleming (1 month ago)
mr anderson (1 month ago)
Still like Dr suse
Little Byg Matt (1 month ago)
Albaquirkie. Hehe
Donna Manning (1 month ago)
You skirted the issue, but didn't come out and say it... John Lennon was a wife beater, not only Yoko, but Cynthia.
Erika Perley (1 month ago)
someone tell me how they managed to misspell "Mozart"?!
King H (1 month ago)
Opposites sides of the scrimmage? Someone's not into "sportsball". Anyway, as a guy who didn't like Jordan (bc he wasn't on my favorite team and would regularly beat them), I thought his HoF speech was fantastic. He went off on EVERYBODY for no other reason he finally could. So much pent up anger and it was just unleashed.
Hidde Mulders (1 month ago)
gmcjetpilot (1 month ago)
Yeah I thought this was interesting video about interesting people and the inside was surprising and seemed realistic and true... I guess Elvis being bisexual is a little bit of a shocker. Everyone knew Steve Jobs was a gigantic prick.
Nyan Cat Lover!! :D (1 month ago)
Also, Steve Jobs soaked his hands in his company's toilets to calm himself down.
Alanna Mendez (1 month ago)
Hugo Boss was an active member of the Nazi party he remained loyal to the Nazi ideology right up to his death. He worked along side Hitler designing the SS uniform, Hitler youth black and brown shirts, and the Nazi war uniforms. He used salve labor from the camps mostly polish and French to work in his factories. Holocaust survivors started legal action against him, this led to an apology from the company. It is said today that part of the proceeds from his business go to far right wing parties in Germany. I don't and never will own any thing to do with Hugo Boss.
vona markov (1 month ago)
8:29 that is homophobic. stop comparing pedophiles to gay people.
My Frugal Raggy Life (1 month ago)
I could think of a few more ...................
Xu Zu (1 month ago)
There's only one z in Mozart.
Xu Zu (1 month ago)
Not a good guy? John Lennon was a prick. You only skimmed the surface. I know you have limited time so I want to let people know that there's far far more to this àsshats. He told his son, Julian that he was a drunken mistake and Paul was k own to be more of a father to Julian than John. You better run form your life little girl. And Yoko was just as bad or worse, This was a couple made in he'll. They both abandoned their families and when John died, Yoko wouldn't give Julian the letters he'd written to his father. She sold them at auction and Julian had to buy them.
William Schnabel (2 months ago)
Mahatma Gandhi, one of the few leaders in the Civilization games that made me nervous....particularly once you got Nukes.
Pranay Tony (2 months ago)
If you guys can say about Gandhi, then Investigate properly to say about Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister, you don't get shocked!
Pranay Tony (2 months ago)
I know all these about Mother Teresa, I said to so many but nobody believed understood me!
Shawn S (2 months ago)
I think there's a lot of B.S. in this video just to make it sound interesting.
MMMCLXXX ________ (2 months ago)
Finally, years of looking like a naysayer and party spoiler, you present this gift of truth to confirm my knowledge, and some.
MMMCLXXX ________ (2 months ago)
michboyd10 (2 months ago)
The truth is stunning...shaking...fascinating - eye opening! Thanks for these insights.
Jennifer Constance (2 months ago)
I've played and listened to Mozart my whole life. I thought the " shit" about him was kind of petty. He was genius, they are a little wacky.
Ben Hacmon (2 months ago)
Didnt get what got ghandy and elvis into the list Id love to have parties with pijama teens and braid their hair. And so what if he were gay?!
John Anderson (2 months ago)
Mozart is spelled with only one 'z'
KELVIN NJOROGE (2 months ago)
Uncle Vin (2 months ago)
ELVIS step mother fucker lying bitch
Odd Eleven (2 months ago)
Programming language with pen and paper. wow.
I PH (2 months ago)
Well they are only humans.but you can't deny they contribute something to the world.
Ravi Kumar Singh (2 months ago)
Wow... you Sir have gained a lifetime Subscriber today...this video should be shared everywhere...I always kept telling ppl about Teresa n Gandhi,being an Indian...but no one believes...😅
The one about Mozart ah hahahaha he's a proper shit head 💩👨 🤣
EmperorTokugawa (2 months ago)
MJ IS an asshole and that is pretty well known, but your embellishment was a bit obtuse. First of all, the comments made toward other players during games is the norm. Fans arent privy to the conversations held on the court during the thousands of games that have been and are played. "Talking shit" is VERY common amongst pros and non pros alike. Second, I was unaware of his HoF speech, so I went and watched it immediately after viewing this video. The video was far from "bizarre". His speech was based on the idea of or premise of how and where he got his competitive nature and how he kept it going so that he could be the best player he could be. Anyone who watches the video in its entirety, will understand why he made the statements and comments that he made about the people you mentioned in this video. He DID NOT put them on "Blast". He stated how they motivated him to strive to be the best through competitive challenges.
leon Van kessel (2 months ago)
steve jobs was asshole... glad he is dead
J. P. Lynn III (2 months ago)
Michael Jordan's speech was nothing in the way you portray. He was speaking freely and "cutting up" as we say in the American South, not complaining. He's one of the greatest competitors speaking to a room full of his peers, their families, and friends...among others. These negative opinions come from the clueless, who have no guts, moxie, grit, or sack to compete as such. Pro athletes are literally warriors, as with all high-level competitors. Some...most just don't get it, which is what makes the greatest of greats so amazing.
Ruth Elisa Luna (2 months ago)
I am very surprised by all the people you mentioned, specially "Mother Theresa:" Disgusting!
Charles Woodsome (2 months ago)
Mother Theresa? .....John Lennon?........... really dude wtf lol
Natternkopf Sonnenkönig (2 months ago)
Mozart was not a bad person. His type of humor is completely normal here in Germany. "Leck mich am Arsch" or antiquated "Leck mich im Arsche" is still a regularly used phrase in coloquial German and used to express hatred or amusement. You fucking English speakers also pull a bunch of swear words out of your asses all the time, don't you?
turboboostintsi (2 months ago)
MJ was mad Scottie Pippens Penis is bigger too lmao.
Zelda Williams (2 months ago)
Whaaaa...😱😨 The more you know, yikes!!👍
Steven Hunt (2 months ago)
Some surprises.
alex boyd (2 months ago)
This total shit everything is twisted out of context
DLH 79,1223 (2 months ago)
Fuck Gandhi
Emil Galev (2 months ago)
steve jobn't
beth98362 R (2 months ago)
Mother T was a sadistic fucking bitch!
Julianna Solo (2 months ago)
Most people in the comment section are full of idiots for accepting all the false rumors 🤣🤣 and Haters
DavidFMayerPhD (2 months ago)
Ted Geisel was the ONLY public figure who warned about Hitler in the early 1930s. His pro-American cartoons were typical of the times. He was a truly great man, despite the fact that actually being around children made him uncomfortable.
M Catherine W (2 months ago)
Mozzart? haha
Mejan Lamichhane (2 months ago)
What about Bill gates ? Edison?
Adrenalina.do. am (2 months ago)
Mother Theresa helped the poor Population of India, She tried but was not perfect, do you know how BIG fucking India is? I really find this offensive.
Rosie Girl (2 months ago)
You lost me with Mother Teresa....
azraelbatosi (2 months ago)
When it comes to Mother Theresa...I understand why it’s in fashion to examine her time in India. She wasn’t as perfect as propaganda has led us to believe, duh, but she did help people when no one else was willing or able to do so. Surely, despite her mistakes, she should be lauded for trying to help individuals who were being ignored by their own government and people. Was she canonized a bit quickly? Yes. Was she really a saint? Probably not. She was, however, a humanitarian, despite what recent attempts to discredit that fact may have you believe.
azraelbatosi (2 months ago)
Noble peace prize mean nothing....worthless award for being politically favorable to a bunch of partisan Europeans
Doctor W. Richthofen (2 months ago)
Even the purest and brightest of Souls have the darkest of days. When you think there are good moral people on earth you are forgetting the darkness that created them
Malkeet Singh (2 months ago)
Gandhi is a asshole. I dont why you foreigners like Gandhi. He is a puppet of britishers. Bloody asshole. Have you guys Know who is Bhagat Singh? He is the Real Legend Freedom fighter of India.
Bropann (2 months ago)
Yep. Some of this stuff is true. But much of it is distorted, taken out of context or the result of hearsay evidence used for this fanciful distortion. It is another example of a ten list put out without proper research and fact checking. I am unimpressed.
Black Mole (2 months ago)
i don't know much on this people so.... i dont give a [email protected]#%k
EXO Angel (2 months ago)
Times were very different back then
Marcin Ligeza (2 months ago)
Extremely racist. Cause racist is only half the racist as extremely racist. Extremely racist is like full blown racist.
Al Kabashi (2 months ago)
mother teresa loved even people that wanted to hurt her, so please stfu
Adam Jones (2 months ago)
The internet sucks and so do most of you who comment.
Elikem Seake-Kwawu (2 months ago)
its Mozart*
Oisinus Kempus (2 months ago)
If elvis wasn’t heterosexual, so what, I’m bisexual. That doesn’t make me somehow an evil person
La'Shay Rushh (2 months ago)
When you get done watching number 10... Go check out jhene aiko video - bad peace. There are similarities with the number 10 picture of her in the bed by the window with flowers and messages on the window
Alice Mercer (2 months ago)
It's what they leave behind we should care about. What did Mother Teresa and Gandhi leave behind?
Cybil Ilil (2 months ago)
Dejan Dumik (2 months ago)
What a garbage video
Osaria Wolfsberg (2 months ago)
I think Mr. Rogers deserves that place where mother Theresa is.
Harini Sonu (2 months ago)
that Mother Theresa bit successfully destroyed whatever happiness was left of my childhood
Tancredi Lo Cigno (3 months ago)
just because of the fact you misspelled Mozart, this channel is bullshit
electrotherapy (3 months ago)
Da Vinci digging up corpses is really old news. It WAS in the name of furtherment of human knoledge, and i won't hae a bad word said against him. Where would you be without ball bearings?
Antoinette Ferrari (3 months ago)
Anyone can upload anything on here to get likes and views. There is absolutely no proof of any of these.
IN THIS DAY AND AGE (3 months ago)
Elvis was bi sexual and pedophile
Fahad Sarwar (3 months ago)
ghandi was also child molester and a gay
i am not that amazed because they are a humans 😅
Nilesh Kolate (3 months ago)
Teresa is converter machine for church in India.... She converted lakhs of hindus in India... And now there are charges on her NGO missionaries of charity of human trafficking... Her NGO sells children to earn money to convert Hindus in India...

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