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Famous People With Dyslexia

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To help your child to catch up at school with their reading and spelling attend our free webinar here https://dyslexiadaily.com/webinar/ Famous people with dyslexia who found school difficult, but succeeded in the game of life. Learn how your child can catch up at school by attending my free webinar from here https://dyslexiadaily.com/webinar/ Sit back… relax and be inspired by this video, which highlights the struggles and successes of ordinary people with dyslexia who went on to become world famous. The only thing that will hold you back when it comes to reaching your goals in life is you. School can be tough, but do your best, because outside school is where all the action takes place. Play by your own rules and believe in yourself. Dyslexic people have great strengths.
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Bitter Sweet (9 days ago)
Ok ok so now everybody is playing around saying theybhave dyslexia bcuz nobody believes this long list of random celebrities who YouTube channel director handmade picked out of u bcuz we all love these amazing people we would assume it isnt true but imagine if it's totally non fiction ud b shocked how well people their anxiety takin csre of somehow 🦄🐩💐🎀♥️🤗💙
man now stupid as hell for not being born with dyslexia
David Greenman (1 month ago)
Thank you. I am dyslexic. I understand the struggles that others can't.
Rv13 (1 month ago)
I hate it it honestly sucks so much
Walter Keith (2 months ago)
I'm dyslexic with math. But I can play the bass guitar and read music notes. I guess we all have advantages in life music is mine. God bless you of you we are all unique and we all have purpose.
Dead Fool/ someone (2 months ago)
I’m dyslexic to ✊🏽
Mort Gibbon (2 months ago)
I have dyslexea
Light Bounds (3 months ago)
I’m dyslexic and I over came it I went from the slowest reader and writer to the best reader and writer I’m just saying working hard pays off one day
Alex Chrisler (1 month ago)
Light Bounds I’m working on coming over that I’m almost there hopefully and I know that I works because of you.
Mani Kandan (4 months ago)
Great Expectations (4 months ago)
I wonder 😕😑why this video is written? and in a tiny font?and what is the music doing here😬😒😑??
Jay Bans (4 months ago)
I’m dyslexic 😢
Light Bounds (3 months ago)
Jay Bans I am to and I’m proud of it just work hard and it will pay off I promise
Silent DemonKiller (5 months ago)
I am dyslexic and I’m proud of it.✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Alex Chrisler (1 month ago)
Silent DemonKiller hell ya
Light Bounds (3 months ago)
Silent DemonKiller me to
Patatoe Girl 14 (5 months ago)
This help me I dyslexic
MiMi Heikkinen (7 months ago)
I have dyslexia too..
Brooklyn’s World (8 months ago)
I am dyslexic
Adorei todo o material. Vcs foram muito felizes . Parabéns !!! Por favor me inscreva no grupo, q recebe o material de vcs. Obrigada !!!
XRM113 (11 months ago)
I am dyslexic too
Kathrene. L (1 year ago)
Kirby Greathead (1 year ago)
My daughter enjoyed this, but being dyslexic, found the speed of writing too fast to read well.
CartoonBeast (1 year ago)
I want to wrk with Cartoon Network and be a cartoonist and I am dyslexic
Peter Griffin (27 days ago)
(ignore my Peter Griffin account name) but i also have Dyslexia. I keep messing up my words as i'm typing, but i embrace my disability. Wanted to get fit, and 2 months in, i lost 30 pounds, and in the greatest shape ever. Still to this day, i get a ton of compliments on my sucess on staying in shape. One day i want to become a personal trainer. Don't let your disability hinder in what you want to acheive!! you got this, i believe in you. I say this with a full heart!
MrBop (4 months ago)
I'm dyslexic to
Patatoe Girl 14 (5 months ago)
Yes you can do it I have dyslexia and it’s hard but we can get through it
Jareer Doba (6 months ago)
+Oanh Son that doesn't mean he will join he might be ignored
Oanh Son (1 year ago)
Lucky, your dyslexic.

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