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How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You - What Girls Really Want

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How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You - The ultimate keys to attracting a girl and owning her heart forever! The Ultimate Life Purpose Course - Create Your Dream Career: http://www.actualized.org/life-purpose-course Leo's Top 140 Self Help Books http://www.actualized.org/books Full Video Transcript Here: http://www.actualized.org/articles/how-to-make-a-girl-fall-in-love-with-you Video Summary: Hey, this is Leo for Actualized.org and this is another quick self-help segment where, in about 10 minutes, I'm going to tell you how to make a girl fall in love with you. This is actually a personal topic that I've been studying hardcore for the last two years because I'm involved in the pick-up community. I came from a place where I had horrible skills with dating and no experience. I didn't know how to flirt. I didn't know how to attract women. I didn't know how to land or keep a girlfriend. These were all new experiences that I had to go through and learn the hard way -- much harder than most people did. Through my journey, I actually went through two years of brutal training. I studied hundreds of hours of theory about how to attract women, what women want, and female psychology. Then I went out and practiced it in the field in clubs and in bars to test the theories and the techniques and teach myself how to attract women. This is a slightly different than how to get a girl to fall in love with you. We need to clarify it. There's the attraction phase and then there's the love phase. This is the same thing I said in a similar video that I shot for girls. Before someone can fall in love with you, you need to first meet them and get some attraction and chemistry going. Then you'll build up to love. In some ways, the love comes naturally. You don't need to worry about that too much. What you need to focus on is more of the attraction phase. Once you can attract somebody, then the love just kicks in naturally and things just start to happen. All you have to do is take the biggest obstacles out of the path. Then that process will be smooth. If you have obstacles in the way, you'll have some problems and you'll be falling down here even though you're attracting women. I know some guys who are good at attracting women, but then they aren't able to keep them around because of several problems that they have. We'll cover some of those and get into attraction as well. What do women want in guys? This is related to the point of attraction. Even though people separate love from attraction, there's a deep connection there. The fact is that to get love, you need attraction. The attraction carries off into love. What attracts girls to guys? Girls are attracted to personality and not looks. This is a big misconception among guys, especially guys who have trouble attracting women. They think that their looks are a detriment and because they are a little overweight or they have some crooked teeth or pimples or this or that -- they don't have the perfect body or the perfect face -- they can't attract a girl. Nothing can be further from the truth. What women are attracted to are emotions. If you can make her feel the right emotions that she likes to feel, then that's it. She's yours. It's done. It's so easy, as long as you can make her feel the right emotions. It's all about the emotions. Women are sensitive to emotions. Guys are logical and visual. We're going to analyze everything about a woman logically and we're going to be instantly attracted to her within five seconds because of how she looks. That's not the same for girls.
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Text Comments (2772)
Looney Rooster (8 days ago)
CCCCAAAAPTTAAAINNN CCCCAAAAVEEEEEEMAAAAAAN! Find one you like and donk her over the head with a club liol
umesh bansal (26 days ago)
Ur videos helped me boost my confidence among girls
umesh bansal (27 days ago)
Superb video leo
cody k (1 month ago)
Lmao dude, in case you haven’t been with many women then you should know that not all girls cum that easy. 5-10 is way over average. I’ve been with girls that cum fast and girls that take a lot of time and work in bed. So yeah you might get lucky and get a chick that finishes easy. But then you might get a girl who is like disarming a bomb
Isabella Young (1 month ago)
Only a pedophile wants a girl to fall in love with him. Language matters.
Grand Legend Abhi (1 month ago)
Are u lord Voldemort
Grand Legend Abhi (1 month ago)
King S (1 month ago)
#MGTOW....movement is growing
King S (1 month ago)
Im 53 years of age been divorced for over five years. May be you can help me. And yes woman are attracted to men who are very confidence. I smile and just have fun conversations that seem to work. But what I noticed I am getting more play in my 50 then when I was in my 20 and 30. I do not want a relationship. This is no joke out of ten woman and after are second date seven are ready to start a heavy comment. Trying to keep this short. And a lot more to the story. But I end up walking away and will tell them all I do not want to get serous and only want to have fun. My theory is woman in the 50 are lonly and have no time to neat around the bush. They all have the same story as myself devorced kids are older and work hard. But I tell you after the second date my phone is blowing up almost getting high school. So my advice to ,en be single when you hit 45 your sex life goes up. Woman dont vare what you look like. They just want a man to say they have one. They are starving for a relationship. It will get high school you will be jugling a couple girls at a time. But you will never be lonly.
Michelle Cox (1 month ago)
This is so SPOT ON!!! I'm sharing this with a lot of my friends. Thank you for your content. Love it!
MeditationMind (1 month ago)
These are some bs advices and broad generalisations. A guy with your appearance and that bitchy feminine voice must have only read some players book because you sure as hell aint attracting no one.
Commander Pen (1 month ago)
All very true!
Logan Dowell (2 months ago)
im sorry that all sounds too exhausting and expensive. lol
Tarman Crothers (2 months ago)
Just go MGTOW..... Unless you like jumping through hoops constantly & trying to maintain constant "fun" for a girl that's seen more cocks than an antique rifle and can't pair bond long term anyways.
Drettlinking (2 months ago)
Drettlinking (2 months ago)
8:55 bruh. I'm like 16.
Drettlinking (2 months ago)
4:08 not true. We either... horny... or not horny. Dont take this seriously. I'm not this kinda guy.
cizvi (2 months ago)
10 orgasm a day, are u a rabbit?
Russell Gilbreath (2 months ago)
Leo, you are truly full of bs. What a joke. I could pick up 10 to your 0.
Floyd Burkett (3 months ago)
Who do you recommend from the pick up community if I want a true and deep understanding of women?
Dr Johnson Hungwell (3 months ago)
A strong right hook , and no job car or home
thephilo sophocles (3 months ago)
Women are Hypergamous by NATURE (i.e. by instinct) and men are Polygamous by instinct. that's how nature endowed humans. basic biology right here unless of course you do think that nature is SEXIST then no cure to that mental illness (maybe anti-feminist pill will do) but now try to reconciliate the polarity in this modern law of society. there is a discrapency in saying Men and women unite on Love, maybe something else like "private parts". although this might be labelled as misogynistic but women are not very sophisticated when it comes to complexity in Logic and in Science. this is a statement of fact because if it was otherwise, then by now we must have women scientists and philosophers that are equal or at least near equal to that of men. are they not getting equal opportunity? in fact if you look at the best top scientists who put forwards scientific theories and even theories in other domains. you can hardly find any women. and yes " the exception does not make the rule". women's love is conditioned on many things but sacrifice. men's love is superior because it men is biologically endowed to sacrifice and protect his lover beside other things like making sure each time she is happy. men's love is heavy burden he carries whereas women's love can be shut just by a perceived liitle deficiency of man in providing her with what she want. Now, the problem is even if she falls in love with you then you, then it is not because of who you ARE but because of what you HAVE (money, status, looks). women's instinct involves her survival and her offsprings. why would I strive for all pretensious bullshit (looks, money, social status, +emotional and personal development) while she do nothing but wear a mask aka makeup to deceive?
Sophia D (3 months ago)
I love this guy... for real... lmao @12:00 mins
shine #69 12 (3 months ago)
I'm going to try abd it work im going to like this but if dos not work i wel dislikes
juan Carrera (3 months ago)
Where in the Philippines there’s a bunch islands I am the titanic the icebreaker how are you this evening ?
Tea Before Bed (3 months ago)
The wording of the title of this video and therefore its intention seems manipulative.
Suzy Anderson (3 months ago)
My laugh for the month. Fellas, up your game! Llllaadies, saddle up!!!
Suzy Anderson (3 months ago)
Leo. Leo. Please. Don't tell these poor saps that 5-10 orgasms is the standard. You are awesome but you are killing me right now.
Valak the demon (3 months ago)
To me.. This video is one of the best dating videos.. Everything is psychological
synchromorph (4 months ago)
It's an extrovert's world.
Gwen ka (4 months ago)
As a woman, if I just wanna fuck I'm gonna be interested in good looking guys only, but if I wanna have a serious relationship, then I'll look first at the personnality, the connection we have, how he handles is life and if he doesn't look good, I'll still be interested in him but I'm not going to fuck with him very often... But I'll love with all my heart if we have a big connection. Kiss from France !
boitahaki (4 months ago)
What do women really want? They want a really good looking billionaire to make her his submissive pet. 50 Shades of Gray is the highest selling fiction book after all....
sassangorillaz (4 months ago)
I generally like Leo's videos, particularly his newer ones. In general I think he is extremely smart and self aware, and I love the advice he gives, but in this video I feel a bit differently. I think there are some valid points here, but I don't like the way he expresses things in black & white terms such as "you need to be a man and stop being a pussy". That bullshit line is exactly the kind of thing I thought Leo would stray away from. I get that he is making a point as clearly as possible and trying to get across the importance of being confident, but I think it's also very important to not re-inforce backwards societal ideas of what a "man" is and isn't as it's a super limited way of seeing the world and can lead to a lot of problems.
Deli Milko (4 months ago)
Deluxelex (5 months ago)
meh, too much work
Tusher Mushfique (5 months ago)
I used your process and fucked 4 chicks this month and had threesome with 2 of them. Now, a milf said she likes me. Planning fuck her this Sunday which she knows. Thank you leo
Brad Oswald (5 months ago)
Pleeaase stop. No forget it, I will.
alex johnson (5 months ago)
Women want money
Badour Zaza (6 months ago)
You are amazing finally someone understands my feelings
Royal Rumble (6 months ago)
There is this girl I've been hanging out with, and doing romantic things. We just went camping this weekend, she is my high school crush. She told me she had a crush on me in Highschool as well! We reconnected 20 years later and have been hanging out for 3 months now, and have developed feelings for each other very quickly. She always says I'm too good to her, and that she loves me. She is about to go through a nasty divorce, and says she's not ready for a relationship, but it's almost like we're in one. She loves how outgoing and crazy I am (her husband actually pulled a gun on me and I said, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH THAT, BESIDES PISS ME OFF!" She had to hold me back, and he went back in the house like a bitch) she loves all my talents, I cook for her and her children love me as well as my son really likes her. Well, the other day I watched this video. Yesterday she was using my phone to watch YouTube, and all of a sudden she said "you're grounded." I look over and she's just smiling. I said, "for what?" She said, "for your search history on YouTube." (Since it comes up automatically, she seen that I watched this.) I thought for a second, and my jaw just dropped and I said, (nooooooo, you weren't supposed to see that!) She seen how embarrassed I was, and she was just smiling, and said "I actually think it's really sweet." I could see that the gears were turning in her head. I took your advice and used the text for a romantic weekend at the beach, and we always do stuff like that. I don't know what she really thinks about it, did I just screw myself???
Carlos Lagos (6 months ago)
The lapsus linguae at 9:31 is very meaningful, I think, as it reveals very powerfully how much the preoccupation about "making a girl fall in love with me" or "making myself attractive to girls" has to do with the incapacity to connect with women at a real and deep level, not only or primarily as "the opposite sex" but as human beings. If you can´t see in a woman anything but her sex, it means in some way you see her as an object for the accomplishment of your own sexual drive. That is exactly what the lapsus linguae reveals
Clifford Driver (6 months ago)
Women, have a different chromosome count than us males so expect them to be a somewhat different animal than us, that is what make them special.
Clifford Driver (6 months ago)
You have done one hell of a job with your research, thank you.
paulbsmokin (6 months ago)
Women have to be entertained!
Your Highness (6 months ago)
We live in a shallow world. I think I am just going to open up a home for abandoned children and raise them to be good people. Better put my time and energy to better use.
Ryan Wilson (6 months ago)
What about a girl who you have complete chemistry with, go out with to different places and is a respectable woman who doesn't want to go bed early but followed by that after kissing nearly a few times, kinda distances her from you for that reason cus she is scared to get attached? Should I try harder for her or leave her be until she starts missing you?
Sneaky Chicken Gamer (7 months ago)
Does he look attractive for him to pull
Dionne Williams (7 months ago)
If you want real and long lasting love. Work on stimulating her in every area. Real man is able to do this. But pretend man is unable to keep any form of real love. Just unsatisfied relationship.
Jim Mooney (7 months ago)
Get rich. Money is an aphrodisiac.
Albert Spooner (7 months ago)
I can't be arsed any more.
Cristian Rocca (7 months ago)
TLDR: Be interesting. Give head.
Winston Loke (7 months ago)
too much trouble. Pornhub premium here i come.
Rafarylo (7 months ago)
I feel like this isn't something only for girls. I would love to meet a girl who has all that stuff you said.
Lucie (7 months ago)
Does this actually work in practice? For me personally is the key smell and sound of his voice / charisma for attraction, followed by type of personality I like and how we click, but attraction for me is more physical think rather than psychological
s l a d e (7 months ago)
Bruh i just wish i had like a wing man and that we go to women and talk to them and get their number man to timid😅
Andy Lee (7 months ago)
I don't have looks and personality feelsbadman.
The Phoenix (7 months ago)
"In order to attract a women, you need to be a man" How ironic, it is that simple!
Kelly Vincent (8 months ago)
Dude you don't have to do anything to make someone fall in love with you. Guys, you're inherently lovable, the right person will love you. Don't need to make them
chad petty (8 months ago)
5 to 10 orgasms!? Shouldn't take that many times. If she's still awake you ain't doing it right
HK (8 months ago)
I agree with everything Leo. But you cannot dismiss looks, they are important.
Kay L (8 months ago)
This guy really knows what he is talking about. There are other so called relationship guru on youtube that I'm like "wtf", but listen to him if you don't want to be single for the rest of your life.
Elite Gaming (8 months ago)
You're ugly but wise
Am Pa (8 months ago)
Elite Gaming want to get your dream girl. Holla [email protected] and he will teach and work you the step in which you have
5 pro night?!
Am Pa (8 months ago)
Emanuel Magalhães Fróes want to get your dream girl. Holla [email protected] and he will teach and work you the step in which you have
Theo W (8 months ago)
What a load of shite. Honestly just be confident in who you are, the rest will come.
Am Pa (8 months ago)
Theo W want to get your dream girl. Holla [email protected] and he will teach and work you the step in which you have
Skizzo Frenetik (8 months ago)
thanks mate it worked i got laid
Gtupat Okwan (8 months ago)
Am Pa (8 months ago)
Gtupat Okwan want to get your dream girl. Holla [email protected] and he will teach and work you the step in which you have
Lucky Rangnamei (8 months ago)
In next video I want to see you in different shirt
Lyon Brave (9 months ago)
I second the part about five orgasms and guys, this is actually easy. Once you give them one, they are in the sweet spot and you just have to touch them for like five more minutes. Almost anything will make them O in the sweet spot
Lyon Brave (9 months ago)
All he is saying is show your personality and a good personality is more likely to win than just hots, which is true because a woman wants someone she is comfortable with. Look are always flexible even for guys. I have seen hot guys with some ugos..chick must be funny.
Lyon Brave (9 months ago)
Why are guys acting all shocked that you have to have a conversation with a woman to get her to fall in love. That's hard work really...omg
Amie 52 (9 months ago)
I bet u don't have a girlfriend
Katherine Kelly (9 months ago)
If a man contorts himself into something he is not to appeal to a woman's emotions he has made a promise he will never be able to keep. Becoming something you are not leads to resentment.
Beats by Clover (9 months ago)
Woman are a joke. They are practically useless. They are only reproductive sacks.
Hogan Haul (9 months ago)
You are giving a one-size-fits-all set of advice, but I don't think everything you say applies to all girls. It sounds like your advice is geared towards promiscuous, extroverted girls who go to night clubs. That's the kind of girl that pick up artists target. They're also more likely to have STDs! Some girls are introverted and like to stay home instead of going out regularly on adventures. There's an INTP girl on youtube who says all she likes to do after work is go home and surf the web and learn things. I met an ISFP girl who said she has never gone to a night club. Also you seem to like to work super hard to get girls. Maybe you need to do that because you don't look good and you're highly ambitious in general. In your video about how women can get a man to fall in love with them, you mentioned many things that I actually don't need to fall in love with a girl, and some of the "desirable" qualities you listed are actually things I don't want a woman to have. For one thing, I don't like a woman to play hard to get. It pisses me off.
Sahil Kumar (9 months ago)
hope i know this before my breakup , now it's time to watch your breakup video
MGTOW LOGIC (10 months ago)
Maybe 30 years ago this advice would’ve worked There’s no need to invest your time , energy and resources in an attempt to get today’s women to fall in love with you They’re self absorbed and disconnected from reality, and what it takes to make a man feel loved and respected They want varied levels of excitement and a high level of financial security which you alone will never provide because it’s impossible to please a woman with darkness in her heart and a wandering eye Work on improving yourself and leave them to their own drama and disaster and if you must have a woman let her approach you At least that way you’re almost guaranteed some temporary satisfaction
Fear facts (10 months ago)
I have wasted my life time on chasing after women and trying to figure out how to become successful with women. Finally, I didn't live the life I wanted. We are living in a society where men back stab other men to please a women and also women back stab men. A women wants two things in a guy 1. Wealth [money] 2. Good looks, so her children would look good or have social high status and acceptance. If you keep chasing after something then you become a slave for it. It makes me feel so good and proud when someone chase after me for approval and love than vise versa. You will feel like you are a famous celebrity. Every-time a women rejects, it depresses me as well as brings my self respect down. Why would a man be man when there is greater advantage being a women in society ? A healthy connection is when both sides equally chase after each other instead of one has to chase after more than the other. But in real life one always walks over the other.
Hector Rabbit (10 months ago)
10 orgasms every night. STFU. Easier said than done.
Chillman (10 months ago)
Money, my friend, it is all about resources, they just don't want to admit it. After all, we are nothing but evolved animals, survival instincts baby, disguisting games are being played all the time and the worst thing is that you can't escape from them :). We are fucked up species but pretend everything is completely normal. Total denial.
williams brown (10 months ago)
How effective is Troplusfix Dating Secrets? I've noticed numerous amazing things about this popular dating secrets.
CubesFTW (10 months ago)
hi i'm bob and i drive a mercedes
Rory Davies (11 months ago)
Your logo is a peadophile symbol 😓😦😠
Krazzay (11 months ago)
Well said!!
ak1 (11 months ago)
Just fucked my girl while this was playing 😂😁😂🤣🤣
Dominic Emurwon (11 months ago)
Wooow, there's much i have learnt from your video. Thank you
Luis Ruiz (11 months ago)
Thx man for the addvise
Feras Shareefi (11 months ago)
5-10 ORGASMS A NIGHT , goddamn this guy is a gangster 😂
Anshu Kashyap (11 months ago)
Sheila Roc (11 months ago)
I agree with all what is said in this video, except the 'O' part of it. I don't think that number if 5 to 10 every time is realistic and represent the norm. I didn't know that men, unlike women, only have 2 ranges of emotions (happy or sad). If true, I have learned something new today and this explains better why we are so different at so many levels and why men can't understand what we feel or why we feel that way. Thanks for this interesting video 🌸
Anthony B (11 months ago)
some things you said are good, but 5-10 orgasms what the fuck are you talking about?
Maenga Dopeyy (11 months ago)
so how do u introduce yourself ??
This is only for nerds
Anastasios Vassos (11 months ago)
Nice speech....and now the simple obvious truth: Girls want Money and Looks.
Devil Mate666 (1 year ago)
Dude is there any way to connect with you please....
Jason Tombs (1 year ago)
I don't think a gril would want to date him no hate
Psikolog Merve Okhiz (1 year ago)
As a psychologist I am shock to hear that, every guy should give 5-10 orgasms every night to girl. OMG! I see that you did not have any experience when you made this video. If you do not know about it, you should not make a video and give them terrible information. I do respect that you have given many good advice. But this one is one of the most important topic in video. I am so sad seeing this video.
Toby Blevins (1 year ago)
Don't shave your head.
Ozer Guney (1 year ago)
I don't understand why he got 1k dislikes he's freaking awesome
pimp gaming (1 year ago)
Why am i watching this??? Im 12.
abugrejude (1 year ago)
cool guy i can not love a girl......

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