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Girls In Love - S02E13 - True Romance (Full Episode)

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It's the end of term and that means a school dance! And the school dance in its turn can only mean you HAVE to have a date. Ellie knows who she'd love her date to be - Darius - but he's not even part of the gang any more.
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Text Comments (39)
Jmajcn Ncjdidnfjcjc (21 days ago)
Darius’ American accent is so cringe
hannah mary x (3 months ago)
That awkward moment when Darius looks nearly identical to my actual best friend in real life 😂😂
Wow what a not climactic ending I was rooting for Greg and magda in season 1 oh well had fun watching this past 2 or 3 days lol 💛💛🙌🦄
Gillian Newton (3 months ago)
Same!! I loved mag and greg :(
Serah Farron (9 months ago)
This the perfect opportunity for Ellie to be honest about her feelings towards Darius and tell him about it. Her friends will understand, after all Nadine knows how obvious it is that she's into him. And, Magda i'm sure will come around to being okay with it to. I mean, if Ellie could handle her friend being with her crush then Magda can to.
Ewww (10 months ago)
This chic kisses everyone
Joanna Karaś (1 year ago)
polish ;(
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (1 year ago)
How the heck did Darius grow a beard and moustache in like 3 hours? Also, the ending song is from that coffee ad from turin to the ukkkkkkkkkkkkkkk coffeeeeeeeee, coffeeeeeeeeee, coffeeeeeeeee, give it up for coffee
Caris Not Charis (1 year ago)
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg ikr! The magic of makeup artists 😂😂😭
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (1 year ago)
Caris Not Charis lmaooo it looks hella realistic!
Caris Not Charis (1 year ago)
The beard and moustache is fake, you can re-create it w/ makeup 😂😂🤗
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (1 year ago)
I totes ship Nad and Darius. N did Darius just call his mom skatty? Wow, how rude!
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (1 year ago)
Is this the final episode? Ever? Also, I hated t when Ellie messed up Darius' "A" that he had been painting. Stupid bitch
Ais BigBirdBuddy (1 year ago)
I wish that Darius was my boyfriend and let’s just say im10!
jimins forehead (4 months ago)
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg he isnt
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (1 year ago)
Ais, sweety, Darius is a mean guy.
Sister Shook (1 year ago)
12:38 Ellie ring Ellie?
Wormhole Fairy (1 year ago)
i had the best day watching all these haha
Jasmine Lily (1 month ago)
Me too 😂💜
Amelia O’Sullivan (1 year ago)
Noooo I'm so sad this is over
Caris Not Charis (1 year ago)
Julie Hyland sameeee 😭😭
Last ep ???
Caris Not Charis (1 year ago)
Vasanasaspacebear Da moon yh it is 😂😭😭
whitefigxo (1 year ago)
Rhys from Hollyoaks! And Darius' fake american accent is so obvious lol
Ros'yulina G. (21 days ago)
I noticed since the first episode he appeared in (2x09) his accent flips and flops in between English and American.
dreambakes (1 year ago)
whitefigxo I didn't even know he was meant to be American until I saw your comment haha
Nisha L (1 year ago)
Ellie, that is NOT a costume 😒😒😒
dijonay971 (1 year ago)
lol I cringed so hard when she came out.
Vanessa Annang (1 year ago)
Wayne is the lactokinisis guy from misfits
Natasha Kershaw (1 year ago)
Wayne is Adil from Genie in the House!
Caitlin McDonald (1 year ago)
Omg Darius come back to meeeeeeeee
Emmeline Forrest (1 year ago)
Oh thank you! I cannot watch these episodes anywhere else without having to pay for something or log in to weird websites! Thanks ever so!
Tiffani Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I've been looking for these episodes for years! Thank you
Faith Adams (2 years ago)
Is this the final episode or..?
Almendra Solórzano (5 months ago)
Really can't Believe it :(
Caris Not Charis (1 year ago)
Yh unfortunately 😭😭
Sister Shook (1 year ago)
Debra Tarot Reader twinguide Cornwell that doesn’t make sense?
Faith Adams no you can put girls in tears and girls out late
Hannah Gray (2 years ago)
Thank you!!! I can't watch these episodes any other way!

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