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How To Do A Slapbrush Drywall Texture courtesy of drywallschool.com

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Drywall Pro showing how to do a slapbrush ceiling texture. Explains tools and materials needed, also step by step instructions
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Jose Munoz (29 days ago)
Deberias poner una cancion de el buki anque sea
jasmine m (1 month ago)
Can you use this same technique on the walls?
Patt Montez (2 months ago)
Directions are precise, and followable. Beautiful work guys. I'm so inspired. Hopefully I will do a good job at my house. But demonstration is quite clear. Practice makes perfect. Thanks a lot.
Mike Bell (3 months ago)
Yes, a semi gloss really makes it pop
Tracy Smith (3 months ago)
Can this be painted with a ceiling paint without issues?
Mike Bell (3 months ago)
Yes, a semi gloss really makes it pop
MIRNA ARAIZA (4 months ago)
Oo pensé que me había quedado sordo
TheAbear360 (5 months ago)
also recommend adding some kilz 2 in the mud. really makes a good sticky coat that will stick to the ceiling through water leaks.
TheAbear360 (5 months ago)
wasting time sanding. just finish it smoother. STIPPLE texture is very forgiving.
Offgrid Life (5 months ago)
TheAbear360 yes exactly
Can't see the result.
Чтож ты молчишь хотябы слова скажи либо пошумнее работай не то мухлюеш
Bob Collar (9 months ago)
Why is there no sound?
jasmine m (1 month ago)
+Mike Bell it was a great video regardless of the sound.
Mike Bell (9 months ago)
youtube had a problem with the songs playing on the radio in the background. i'm sorry about that

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