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New Threats to Russian Security Emerge In Arctic, Securing Northern Sea Route

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.com MOSCOW, February 25. /TASS/. A wide range of threats and challenges to Russia's security is emerging lately in the country's Arctic zone, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu told the ministry's board meeting on Wednesday. To counter the threats, the Defense Ministry should focus on developing military infrastructure in the area, Shoigu said. Late in 2014, the Joint Strategic Command was formed on the basis of the Northern Fleet, he said, adding that the Defense Ministry would build up troops in the Chukotka peninsula to guarantee the Northern Sea Route safety. http://tass.ru/en/russia/779663
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Harrison Sinex (4 years ago)
Sylvie Goins (4 years ago)
hum....isn't Siberia part of Russia?  hum and what about those holes popping up everywhere.....makes you wonder.  Forget the sea routes it ain't about that.
H B (4 years ago)
H B (4 years ago)
HERE'S ANOTHER ONE: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Iceworm
H B (4 years ago)
THIS IS A MUST READ!!! ANYONE HEARD OF THULE AIRBASE IN GREENLAND? PROJECT ICEWORM? http://www.businessinsider.com/importance-of-us-thule-air-base-2014-11
ATBirdMan (4 years ago)
The North Sea, and the Arctic Sea, is the only seas that do not freeze up for Russia in the winter, so it is very vital for their military!  I was part of a NATO Exercise Titled Coronet Mast, in the early 1980's, in which American Fighter Squadrons participated.  Specifically, the 113th TAC Fighter Squadron from Terre Haute, Indiana, who then flew F-4C Phantom Fighters! We were in Northern Norway, an AF base in Andoya, Andenes.  It was so strategic because north of there was the only sea land that doesn't freeze and keep the Russian fleet freezed in, and unable to operate because of ice in the winter!
ddragnslyr (4 years ago)
Hollow earth
Apollo Sun (4 years ago)
This is for the oil and other resources that are becoming available in the Arctic because of global warming. Canada in the US are also doing this, as is Norway.
sunwarz (4 years ago)
We have to stop voting for politicalparties because our freinds think their popular or because our dad used to, we have to actually read and listen to what they are saying, then we have to research exactlly what it means, instead of how they make it sound! Things can sound good one way but mean somthing totaly differant! Its our reasponsabuility to know why exactly we are voteing for someone or their party, and make sure its going to benefit our community or regeon! Who is best for us, not who is representing a certain party!
sunwarz (4 years ago)
Ya I know but There are alot of Canadians and polititions out there that dont like it and are going to try and change some of that! Just because he did it dosnt mean its going to stay there for ever! Thats the problem with people they give up as soon as they pass a bill or a law,thye think well thats it then we lost, but thats only one battel, that can be fought again! Things get thrown out or changed all the time, when enough people make the polititions running for office aware of what they want, then they run on those campain promises, and if voted in can make the changes! But if Canadians keep voteing in the same family bloodlines all the time things will get worse not better! The days are gone of telling your child you  may be primeminister or presedent some day, unless you are in the royal bloodline or part of the cross and bones club! 
sunwarz (4 years ago)
No they didnt it was discussed but never happened!, Do your research before you post this crap! We are canadians, and freindly to our neighbors, but a single statement like that could make people feel other wise! !I hope your not Canadian , if you are you should be ashamed of yourself! If you are American then your ignorance is representing why your government is falling apart! Or mabe you are just a troll trying to create hate between USA and Canada, same as the race wars being created in the USA!
Kevin Sargent (4 years ago)
wow.. that a lot.. wtf
southern pole is freezing. Northern pole is warming and will be the future trade route
Alan Nolan (4 years ago)
More preparation for the big 1 ..I'm sorry to say the West needs a few statesman/woman a fucking leader and put a stop to this soon!no 1 will win this war its all or nothin and were been driven full speed to armegedon.
june201955 (4 years ago)
Seems logical that they would be doing this to protect the oil rich areas and their transport routes.
Night Hiker (4 years ago)
Please watch,Robert Reich take on the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP)-BREAKING NEWS!
SanDan3rdDan (4 years ago)
The Arctic is the thin red line between Russia and the US.
SanDan3rdDan (4 years ago)
+DaChosenOne81 I'd say Alaska has the best terrain for defence. But the US is weakest in cold environments which just so happens to be one of Russia's strong points.

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