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Game of Thrones Thrifted Costumes & Breakdown!

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The costumes in Game of Thrones add so much to each character to help tell their story today I look into the symbolism and create my own DIY Halloween costumes from the thrift store to give you costume ideas for Daenerys, Jon Snow, Margery Tyrell, Melisandre and more! SUBSCRIBE for more fashion videos - http://bit.ly/1vNpDRe FOLLOW ME ON INSTA - @StealTheSpotlight Game of Thrones is one of my favourite shows ever and Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up as a character from Westeros! I wanted to challenge myself though and put together inspired outfits from things I bought at the thrift store/op shop and dollar store rather than just buying a generic costume on amazon! I love all the symbolism in the costumes Michelle Clapton created so I briefly look into the meaning behind the characters wardrobes as well but if you want more of an explanation check out the youtube channel Costume Co!! FTC:This video is not sponsored! Chat to me on; ♡ http://www.stealthespotlight.com.au ♡ http://instagram.com/stealthespotlight ♡ https://twitter.com/SpotlightKatie ♡ http://nothing-but-a-daydream-away.tumblr.com Any businesses wanting to reach me can email me at [email protected]
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Text Comments (62)
Margatatials (6 months ago)
My all time fav is probably Shireen, so sad I know but after that probably the stark sisters
Aida Flores (7 months ago)
musiciangal02453 (7 months ago)
I want to be Cersei Lannister for Halloween from seasons 6-7! It would be easier for me since all I would have to do is dye my hair blonde because I have her short haircut after season 5 but I can't really find any tutorials on how to make her black dress and the ones sold are really expensive! I'm on a short budget.
TACO TACO (1 year ago)
Jon snow , arya stark and the mother of dragons
MultiBigblob (1 year ago)
Sij pop na cess
elizabeth lane (1 year ago)
bal laurina (1 year ago)
Cannot watch it cause spoilers :(((
Tay Ray (1 year ago)
This is the bomb!!
Kate Mokhovikova (1 year ago)
My favorite characters are Cersei and Jaime <3
I feel like Sansa has had the biggest transformation. More so than Daenerys. You're doing amazing!
Cathryn Dianne (1 year ago)
House Tyrell was made for you ♥️
Daniela De La Torre (1 year ago)
Wow great job! 💕
Emma Shugrue (1 year ago)
I'm always so impressed with the diversity your videos have! Every outfit you put together is so unique and thoughtful. There's really no other fashion YouTuber like you. I love your videos so much!
narcissues (1 year ago)
aaah this is so cool!
daenerys stormborn (1 year ago)
You’re amazing
CD (1 year ago)
Pulled of all the looks! I'm definitely going to try and recreate these!
SterlsTacos (1 year ago)
Amazing as always!!!💕💕
onlylaurita (1 year ago)
My fav is Jaqen !
milkieve (1 year ago)
Could you do dazed & confused? Loving this series
Tiani Wheeler (1 year ago)
I’m not a game of thrones fan, nor have I ever watched an episode but after this video, I might have to binge watch every episode
Astrid Nilsson (1 year ago)
Please do one with clueless!<33
whithehearthro (1 year ago)
I loooove this!!!
Wellness Warrior (1 year ago)
These are awesome, and I love that they are thrifted! My favorite was your Dany look :D
Aryn Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Vanessa B (1 year ago)
Seriously so talented!
Jenny Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Outstanding job on this Game of Thrones video!!! So creativity and resourceful. Favorite character of course is John Snow.
Mary Brandt (1 year ago)
I want to be Ser Jorah Mormont in his Greyscale phase for Halloween
Katrina Tankeh (1 year ago)
Holy shit, I am in awe. This was soooooo beautiful, Katie! I kind of want to cry. Quality content from you, as always. <3
roshimiztu (1 year ago)
You are amazing! Seriously, your creativity is outstanding! I cant wait for the people on your tube to catch up and realise how great you are! xx
Miranda (1 year ago)
Katie this is amazing!! You are so creative, I could not be more impressed. You make a convincing Jon Snow ;)
Lab Adèle (1 year ago)
Sansa is definitely my fav ever ! I really enjoyed margaery's look you're so gifted in finding right items of clothes for the right outfit/vibes !!
Lauren Ryan (1 year ago)
Amazing! you must have spent so much time on this!
maddalen olalde (1 year ago)
Where is Sansa
_ellenfaith (1 year ago)
You are absolutely killing it girl
Sherylé Saikia (1 year ago)
Unbelievable!!! The outfits were on point. You are so talented and beautiful 🙌
Ayesha Mutiara (1 year ago)
best youtuber in the game
Ava Bava (1 year ago)
I honestly prefer ur personal videos like these. It was cool to see u get the help and production value you deserve, but it wasn't ur feel. Always amazing!
Melanie Lau (1 year ago)
You are so creative! I'm loving this series!
Sarah Tubman (1 year ago)
I love these outfits so much, and I think it's amazing how well you're able to thrift but sometimes I do wish you picked more pieces that are readily available (no hate, just my opinion)
StealTheSpotlight (1 year ago)
+Sarah Tubman I totally understand! I just like to encourage people to try and repurpose and reuse where possible but I know it can be frustrating that it isn't readily available! I have a normal try on haul coming on Sunday though 😊
Allie Stephens (1 year ago)
Girl you never cease to amaze me 😍🙌🏻🙌🏻
StealTheSpotlight (1 year ago)
+Allie Stephens Ahhh thanks Allie!!! 😘
Lior Lim Jie Xin (1 year ago)
Was the second part when u said taken from indian & smth else, u meant like indian male traditional clothing? Because women usually wear sari's if i am not wrong? Love it all even though I don't watch game of thrones! Going shopping tmr, hoping to find some gems.
Lior Lim Jie Xin (1 year ago)
StealTheSpotlight oh my thank you for the reply!!! 😝❤️ You are like the one person I always watch and go back to for fashion ideas or even just to watch!!
StealTheSpotlight (1 year ago)
+Lior Lim Yes the male character's look is inspired by Indian and Persian traditional Men's wear! Sorry if there was any confusion!! And good luck with the shopping trip tomorrow 😊
Katja Vestergaard (1 year ago)
You are so talented girl 🐘
Katja Vestergaard (1 year ago)
StealTheSpotlight 😘
StealTheSpotlight (1 year ago)
+Katja Vestergaard Too kind girl, thank you!! ☺️
Nora Al-Eisa (1 year ago)
The Oberyn Martell outfit is my favorite! Great video, you really pulled off all the looks. x
StealTheSpotlight (1 year ago)
+Nora Al-Eisa Thank you!! I was surprised with how the Oberyn one turned out in the end 😁
Dani Dowler (1 year ago)
amazing!! keep it up girl xx
StealTheSpotlight (1 year ago)
+Danielle Dowler Thanks so much Danielle!! 💕
Hannah Johnson (1 year ago)
these are so sick! the effort you put in shows! keep up the good work💛💛
StealTheSpotlight (1 year ago)
+Hannah Johnson Thank so much Hannah!! ❤️
TheStyleCircle (1 year ago)
You recreated all of these outfits so well! Your creativity never fails to amaze us - who else would make a skirt out of a bedspread?! 💗
StealTheSpotlight (1 year ago)
+TheStyleCircle hahaha omg thank you!! Honestly it was the only way 😅 xxx
Ash Cole (1 year ago)
OH MY GOD!! This is incredible, Katie you are killing the game. Each video tops the previous one! I don’t know how you keep coming up with these incredible video ideas! But please keep them coming! 🙈 you deserve so many subscribers! ❤️ love your videos xx
StealTheSpotlight (1 year ago)
+Ash Cole Honestly thank you so so much Ash!!! It means a lot ❤️❤️
Andrea Garrett (1 year ago)
This is awesome Katie, your best work yet!!!
StealTheSpotlight (1 year ago)
+Andrea Garrett Hehe thanks!! ❤️
Tara B (1 year ago)
yes!! i was hoping you'd do something like this!
StealTheSpotlight (1 year ago)
+Tara B Yay thanks Tara!! Wasn't sure how many people would be into this sort of thing but it was a fun one to make 😊

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