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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 7 Reaction/Review

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Text Comments (380)
Jaylin Thompson (1 month ago)
30:00 I'm deceased...
insrtcowjoke (2 months ago)
He's right when he says "it's love." That chemistry you see is real, and those two got married in real life. So yeah, it isn't acting or pretend. That shit really is love. You really are watching two people fall for each other.
remliqa (2 months ago)
Damn, these guys still don't know what a White Walker is.
Def Con (2 months ago)
Theon said “My precious” ( In the voice that sounded like Sméagol from “Lord of the Rings”)
Love Lee (3 months ago)
lol 'if I'm gonna get tortured, torture me like this" didn't think that opinion would last.
Ahmed Safdar (3 months ago)
Yo, PLEASE show this to Jerry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mpiltTJYMo
Captain Levi's Page (3 months ago)
Danny is Fire but real talk her opponents so far have been STRAIGHT UP TRASH compared to the monsters over at Westeros. That is like Lebron leveling up in the Eastern Conference and getting his team rested and gelled and then facing the Western Conference Champ that has been through hell and highwater and may have injured players and tired players in the finals (baring the Warriors or Spurs who are monsters). Plus Danny has the OP item of all OP items, Dragons. In fact she has 3 of those Items LOL. My favorite characters have been Arya, Jon, Danny and Bron in that order.
Captain Levi's Page (3 months ago)
Its that GOLDEN HAIR. Jamie L fucks with them blonde females. Dont matter if they family or not. He a sucka for them golden locks my dudes.
Hingle_McCringleberry (3 months ago)
29:39, 30:09, and 33:29 😂😂💀💀
Valkyrie 0801 (3 months ago)
Stephanie Wise (3 months ago)
One of my favorite scenes is Tywin Schooling Joffrey. “Will carry you up the stairs, Your Grace”
Stephanie Wise (3 months ago)
Episode 9 please
Ali Bakhshi (3 months ago)
13:56 Exactly. if you speak bad about Jamie now, you got some serious childhood trauma you haven't taken care of (or you lack empathy and are a psycho)
elvisglasses 5 (3 months ago)
Jerry and DC win my MVP for this episode: Jerry for his on point reaction to Jaime + Brienne vs. the bear 🔥🔥🔥 --- and DC for calling a spade a spade and saying you don't jump unarmed into a freaking BEAR PIT (with one hand!) unless there's some seeds of L-O-V-E there. ❤️ And @ Rob, saying that Jaime "better do some good now"?!?!?! Way to ignore that Jaime's now saved Brienne twice: once from gang rape (and lost his hand as a result) and once from death by bear. Not to mention that Jaime says straight out this episode that he saved *half a million* people from the Mad King's wildfire. If that doesn't budge Rob's villain label, I don't think anything will.
Rosa Perea (3 months ago)
Jon snow and the Redhead are couple in real life
dj lu (3 months ago)
In two more episodes, shits about to get real.
Jose Flores (3 months ago)
😂 Rob believes in love but not forgiveness. I’m hooked, these reactions are my new addictions. Y’all hilarious AF, y’all see different perspectives from one another.
Oswald Thatendswald (3 months ago)
You see how Tywin basically shifted the power dynamics of the whole situation tho? Joffery felt big and powerful looking down on his grandfather from the top of the throne but once Tywin walked up the steps to his level and stood over him he backed down right quick. Tywin the real OG.
Anna Svensson (3 months ago)
PLEASE do a TWO PART reaction for SPISODE 9 of SEASON 3. Thanks. :D
good reactions but noone understands anything when all 5 of you yell at the same time, cmon boyz
+Gita Colon can you not be a virgin
MavenCree (3 months ago)
Jaime is a good guy except when he's around Cersi. She's like crack cocaine. Just brings out the worst in people. Get him away from the crack and he's back to himself. Just stay the fuck way from your sister.
LadyiSh09 (3 months ago)
uhm idk he wasn't around cersie when he beat his innocent kind cousin to death with chains
MavenCree (3 months ago)
"Shae ain't been a ho for a minute." ...Fast forward 9 episodes...
Sya (3 months ago)
that death stare for the water bottle was so funny , i heard nothing during that moment
Qarymee Presents (3 months ago)
10:32 "Tell Rob Stark I couldn't make it to his Uncle's Wedding ...The Lannisters send their regards". How did I ever miss that? #1MoreEpisode
Qarymee Presents (3 months ago)
4:26 "Blinded by love ...they both stupid ... they're all unco-ordinated".
Younghotyellowgirl (3 months ago)
Awww rob! You really got attached to Momma Stark. Can’t wait to see your reaction to the red wedding. Did you cry? Cuz I cried hella lot watching that! 😭
IMA HECKIN BLACK BELT (3 months ago)
Rob's going to take massive L on season 4, lmao.
SuperZiggy (3 months ago)
Can I just say that Patrik seems to get the story itself and how the tv-story-tellers write this all. Besides he's a very handsome/sexy guy! Im loving this reaction/review
Carl Wheezer (3 months ago)
The guy on the left realy needs a fedora
Govin Manickam (3 months ago)
Jamie's choice shows that this show is masterfully written, everyone is a 'GREY' character. Different shades of grey. Not completely good, not completely bad. Everyone has a reason to do evil things, everyone is a hero of their own story really.
MicMak (3 months ago)
I enjoy your reactions but I hate that those of you who have watched the show are hinting at spoilers by asking questions like: _What do you think is going to happen in the season finale._ This is episode 7. Come on! Please don't do that. Hinting at spoilers is spoiling. You're implying that shit is going to happen and readying them for it instead of letting them be suprised. Hyping is spoiling. You're raising their expectations. Downplaying future episodes unnessarily when you know shit will go down is also spoiling . Just say nothing. Please.
DannyDarko27 (3 months ago)
"Keep the same energy to all the characters" my boi Pat spitting out life lessons in form of comebacks.
Syd Lane (3 months ago)
Patric is really cute <3
Courtney Ramsamy (3 months ago)
Don't take it badly. I love you guys and I love all of your reactions but Rob... He's getting on nerves. I feel like he thinks that he has the ultimate monopoly on what is right or wrong or even who is good or bad! I really appreciate the fact that he tries to understand the sides of the female characters here but its too much. We get it! Jaimie pushed Bran and it was terrible but damn it Rob, THIS WAS IN SEASON ONE. You guys are soon going to reach Season 4 and you're still using the same damn reason to hate Jaimie when it is evident that he is trying to be a better person. Bran is doing fine for now and trust me when I say that Jaimie pushing him was somehow a good thing happening to him, based on his character arc. Everyone needs a second chance. Katelyn Stark has never been an angel. She said it herself. She wanted Jon dead. Daenerys will do stuffs too. Apart from Ned Stark, NO ONE IN THIS DAMN SHOW IS A SAINT. Thats a fact. For real, I love you boys but I really think Rob should take others' opinions into account too. He can't pretend to be understanding but then does it with only the characters he loves.
Christopher Khanteechit (3 months ago)
It’s Warg not Wog. Love the reactions though👌🏽
Jermaine Maxey (3 months ago)
40:53 bro this nigga Pat face had me rolling i went back like 12 times no bull😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jermaine Maxey (3 months ago)
Aye i rock with Rob sometimes even way back to attack on titan but sometimes this dude be tripping 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Veo T. (3 months ago)
*Very frustrated with the editing at Theon's scene. If it is to save time just don't show the scene, but keep the video rolling.* 👁🐺🤔
Hailey (3 months ago)
I ♥️ Rob
King Malc (3 months ago)
Lol Pat changed his mind about being tortured quick!
gringopablo (3 months ago)
In the editing, you missed to play and react to the one and only good idea/plan that Joffrey have ever had and told Tywin to do, but...
SilchasR (3 months ago)
Coach is looking crowded by 1. That's the homie....
Katherine Lott (3 months ago)
Shae: So, I heard your brother is back in King's Landing. Tyrion: Yes. Yes, back and... Well, considering that we killed Ned Stark, for him to only lose an arm to a Northerner is a miracle. Shae: His arm was cut off. He starved half to death. And he travelled for days and nights with little sleep. Tyrion: A terrible ordeal all around. Why are we talking about my brother's grim trials? Shae: And yet he jumped into a bear trap for a woman who didn't even fuck him. Tyrion: Oh, gods, no, Shae. Shae: So this is the honor of knights I have heard so much about. Tyrion: Shae, please stop. Shae: If you were bloodied and starved, would you jump into a bear pit for me? OR AM I JUST YOUR WHORE?!
Colossus Titan (3 months ago)
Summer children...winter approaches...
Gamble Beardsley (3 months ago)
The guy on the left, Rob I think, owes ALL you other guys an apology for stepping over everyone's time to talk
Gamble Beardsley (3 months ago)
+Gita Colon Ya I know, it really takes down the quality of this show a bit. Pretty tired of it.
Parker Dolan (3 months ago)
Pat be watching ahead with the episodes though.... Lol he knows too much
Johnny Skinwalker (3 months ago)
I always end up disagreeing on everything Rob says. Sorry dude. lol
Ronetta Wilson (3 months ago)
Great reaction again! Guys are killing it!
nathdogson (3 months ago)
I’ve never laughed so hard bruh y’all are funny asf 😂
blackkatt777 (3 months ago)
Sansa is a weak link in the Stark chain. Even if the others make mistakes, they are doing something to fight for their survival, and to uphold the Stark name. She's not proactive, she's reactive. Yeah....I said it.🤨
blackkatt777 (3 months ago)
😂 #Facts. Meera and Jojen Reed were kids too, but they left their home to find Bran and guide him through his journey. There is a whole lot I can say about Sansa, but it will be spoilers for them. But you probably already know what I want to say. 😂
Ever Changing (3 months ago)
33:18 Them faces tho.
David Pemberton (3 months ago)
The Lannisters send their regards
Sending the two girls in to tease Theon wasn't just meant to be cruel, there was a practical reason for it. An erect dick is easier to cut off than a flaccid one...
Teal'c (3 months ago)
Good reactions.
LaDonna Louise (3 months ago)
you guys need to listen to Rob. and not distract. he's speaking truth and you aren't paying attention,
Kanade (3 months ago)
I swearrr I'm falling for Rob more and more.
Shinya Kogami (3 months ago)
The nigga tryin too hard
Rochelle Smith (3 months ago)
Jerry - it can't be karma in regards to Sansa because her own father said Sansa had to take Joffrey's side because she was engaged to him.
Levi O'Hara (3 months ago)
a BEAR?!
Rochelle Smith (3 months ago)
Rob don't let these people pressure you into liking Jaime. Hate him as much as u want FOH LOL... #TeamRob xx
allisonotto (3 months ago)
My favorite thing about group reactions to this episode is always the discussions of who would and would not jump in front of a bear for their friends :) PS you guys should check out this clip of Gwendoline Christie talking about working with the bear (no spoilers for anything other than that scene): https://youtu.be/XePoXaLFCsk
Dammoh (3 months ago)
Cool reaction as always bros!! Just know the dead men are called “Whigts”, they’re created by the White Walkers
Jamal Wilson (3 months ago)
Rob is a sensitive ass nigga lol
Ever Changing (3 months ago)
6:22 Someone send Patric a picture of what the throne is really supposed to look like. 39:54 Lmfao Patric is the best, if he loves this show now...
AccioTurtle (3 months ago)
Came for the reaction, stayed for the discussion! 🙌🏽
Jimmy Dean Bowl (3 months ago)
Robb's really starting to get on my nerves with his 1 dimensions, static perspective
I get what Rob is saying and all but I can’t feel for Shae, it’s not because I know what happens, I just never felt for her. She’s a whore, she has no titles, no family, no fortune, nothing! If Tywin finds out about her she’s DEAD. It’s that easy cause he has NOTHING to loose with her death, she’s useless. Tyrion is trying to protect her, there’s not much he can do. It annoys me that he tries to explain that to her a bunch of times and she doesn’t even listen. I get that she’s angry, it’s just that she’s angry at the wrong person.
Sofia Peeters (3 months ago)
You guys are hilarious with your jaime discussions. Keep em coming 😂
Lyn Rochford (3 months ago)
"The Lannisters send their regards"....
maspleben (3 months ago)
After that heated discussion on Shae... I cannot wait for the next season...
ChinkyEyedThuggin (3 months ago)
Also, Jaime pushing Bran out the window had nothing to do with Ned going to King's Landing and getting killed. Ned went to King's Landing for 2 reasons. 1. because King Robert asked him to be his hand BEFORE bran got pushed. 2. when they got word the previous hand of the king was killed by the Lannisters. He wanted to go to find out WHY he was killed and he also wanted to go protect Robert. He knew he'd be the only one in King's Landing who would have his back. Everyone else in King's Landing were under the Lannisters. The Lannisters had been making chess moves while the king just been eating, getting drunk, and making bastards with whores. He wasn't fit to be a king. He was just a good warrior. That's why he wanted Ned to come to King's Landing and run the kingdom for him. Ned died because he was poking around too much and found out about Joffrey not being the King's son. It put the power that the Lannisters had in jeopardy so he got bodied. Same reason the previous hand of the king was killed. It nothing to do with Jaime pushing Bran. Bran got pushed because he saw the same thing Ned found out, but it's not connected because Ned was gonna go to King's Landing regardless of him getting pushed. Ned wasn't even thinking about that. Cat really the only one who was tryna handle that beef.
Jaime Abellar (3 months ago)
Team love vs team whore lmao
Brittany Garrison (3 months ago)
There he go that Ho Moooooooooooooo
ChinkyEyedThuggin (3 months ago)
In regards to the Shay/Tyrion/Sansa situation, what Rob needs to understand is in those days people didn't marry for romantic reasons. They married for political gain. It wasn't about love back then, which is why having "bastards" was so normal. More often than not, it was arranged marriages. Just like how the King and Queen came together. That wasn't built on love. Robert needed the help of Tywin and the Lannister army to win the war against the mad king. So in return, he married Tywin's daughter when he won the crown. With Cersei now being the Queen, the Lannisters gain power and influence. It's chess moves. People used marriage as chess moves to better their families. Which is why people lookin at Robb Stark crazy for being with that random girl who has no value to her name when he's in a war against the current king. And he had already agreed to marrying the daughter of a man who can pretty much seal up his victory of the war, but he goes and marries some other girl. Sure, it's romantic and all that, but it's dumb. Thinking with your heart instead of your brain in those times wasn't the correct move. Even the Starks didn't marry out of love. That was arranged as well. Cat was originally supposed to marry Ned's older brother, but when he was killed he married her instead. Not because he loved her, but because it made both their families more powerful. Their father's agreed to marry their children and him and Cat carried it out like a contract even though his brother wasn't alive anymore. Back then you didn't love the person you married. You married for political reasons and y'all learned to love each other after y'all got married if y'all were lucky. The Starks were lucky in that sense because they clearly had love. Robert and Cersei was on the other end of that spectrum.
Lalisa T (3 months ago)
Couldn't agree more with everything you said!
ChinkyEyedThuggin (3 months ago)
Lalisa T exactly. Hypothetically, if he WERE to go against his father he'd still need to play along and do what his father says until he's able to strategically go about it. He can't just move on a whim of emotion and hope for the best. That's what Ned Stark did when he found out the truth about Joffrey and he lost his head because he didn't use his head. No doubt Tywin would have Tyrion killed if given the slight reason. Just like Cersei tried to have him killed during the battle with Stannis. They both blame Tyrion for the death of his mother. The only reason he's even still living is because Tywin wouldn't want to be known for killing his own son. So if Tyrion gave him a reason to he'd have him bodied in a heartbeat. The only Lannister that has any love for Tyrion is Jaime. Which adds to another point that no one on the show is completely evil or completely good. Everyone has their reasons for every move they make. Everyone has a decent side and a fucked up side to them on the show. That's what makes the show so good. Sometimes you have to do an evil thing for a reason that you may find noble. The people that you violate in the process won't see it that way. They'll just see that you're doing something evil and that's it. The only completely evil person on the show is Joffrey. Fuckin evil incest baby lol
Lalisa T (3 months ago)
Which is why although I get what Rob is saying, when you really think about the whole situation objectively as well as consider Tyrion's situation and how he is viewed in the eyes of his father, wanting him to be strong and fight back against his father is just foolish and impractical.
Ever Changing (3 months ago)
Not only that but wishing Tyrion would go against his father is literally wishing death upon him. He has no army, no allies in the capital nor gold (every riches he has belong to his father) sure he could run away with Shae, but his father would *never* allow anyone to tarnish his legacy (much less the lowest of the Lannisters the" ill made creature" Tyrion) and would find them wherever they ran off to and make sure to punish them both thoroughly and then some before killing them.
beast06261 (3 months ago)
yo yall should react to parasyte. I want to see yalls reactions like if you agree :)
onetruenightking (3 months ago)
jaime is so complex that it's crazy. i love him. brienne brings the good out of him.
Patinho (3 months ago)
Jamie’s done two ‘bad’ things the whole series: 1) pushing bran.. but that’s actually self defence, cause if bran speaks he and his wife and his kids die 2) attacking ned stark.. and commanding the killing of ned’s guards: was a hot headed dick move. But was written that way to make a fight.
michael perussina (3 months ago)
tyrions girls a cunt
Dawn Says (3 months ago)
Can't wait to see their reaction to the remaining episodes of this season! High grin :-D
Bebo G (3 months ago)
Just one more episode 😉
Last Baratheon (3 months ago)
Jaime's path to redemption is one of the most compelling storyline in the show. He's been a douche most of his life but the only thing he's done to deserve his hand being cut off is when he tried to kill Bran. I think Tyrion would see hs marriage to Sansa as an L because: She's a kid, They don't love each other and the marriage only serves the purpose to gain Lannister control in the North. Tyrion is the only Lannister who is considerate to Sansa's hardships so marrying her is the last thing he wants to do.The name of the Wildling jealous of Jon is Orell and I guess he was just tryna shoot his shot.😆 In Theon's case it was too good to be true. @34:28 I disagree with the guy on the far left. Sansa should've backed her Arya because her story was true. When Sansa claimed she didn't see what happened she was lying. Seeing her father be arrested was deserved but witnessing his execution was uncalled for.I agree with guy on the LHS about Dany though. Shae's attitude is abit annoying, Tyrion's just trying to protect her and her jealousy makes her forget that.😤
T D (3 months ago)
Aljosa Petkovic (3 months ago)
But Shaye is a whore LOL. And she’s not the shit AT ALL. Jealous af
PhoenixCat (3 months ago)
Once Rob start talking, he does not stop. 😄
Qwency Valentino (3 months ago)
1 more episodes togo before episode nine 🔥🔥🔥
John Wu (3 months ago)
your arguments about shae at the end are making me lmao in the middle of LAX. thanks for keeping me entertained while i wait for my flight
PhoenixCat (3 months ago)
Y'all need to hurry up and get to the end of the season so y'all can get some answers to these questions. 😒
Seven Hightower (3 months ago)
I love how y'all so passionate about GOT lol. Makes the show even better
Mothified (3 months ago)
I have a question for RTTV! have you guys played final fantasy 7? if yes, would you consider reacting to Final Fantasy Machinabridged? it's pretty funny
Adi T (3 months ago)
From The Knights of The Drunk Watch (we are also a reaction channel) I suggest getting a Talking Item. We have a Talking Dragon, we pass it around during the after-show so we’re not screaming over each other. Whoever has the Talking Dragon has the floor to speak. Great Job! Can’t wait to see the rest of these!! Subbed/notification
ZADDY ZAIN (3 months ago)
AGH I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO SEE THE FUTURE EPISODES. A lot will change in your mind about some people ;))))
RheyaRu!z (3 months ago)
Robcity is one of them Sansa fans who are just like their fave character.... annoying
RheyaRu!z (3 months ago)
Robb & Talisas love is way better and realer than Jon & Ygrittes overrated manipulative “i’m a kill you if you don’t fuck me” love
Emma Leigh (3 months ago)
Next episode already, pleaseeeee! 🙌🏼🙋🏻
RheyaRu!z (3 months ago)
“Juwell ... Juwell.... Juwell.... Juewell” “WHAT ROBBIE?” 😂
ParisianEbony (3 months ago)
Heated reaction boys :D . Well, it is normal with GoT. How many arguments through the whole show I got with friends over the years! Get ready for the next one!!!!
splinter360 (3 months ago)
Your boy Rob turning into some real life waffle monster eh?
splinter360 (3 months ago)
+i SkyWalKing looool get your pretentious pre-teen ass out of here. I doubt you know what waffle or iron means you gimp😂 🤦‍♂️
i SkyWalKing (3 months ago)
Did my comment hurt your feelings? You sound extremely emotional. Your jokes are hilarious, hahahaha... Waffle, Iron... man, that's good stuff. I got served.
splinter360 (3 months ago)
+i SkyWalKing Joke? I said it on a comment where someone said Rob is drunk, clearly seeing what I was. lol piss off you iron.
i SkyWalKing (3 months ago)
You've used this "joke" on more than one occasion in this thread and it has fallen on deaf ears. Maybe...give it a rest?
PhoenixCat (3 months ago)
Don't tease. It may be a shorter wait, but y'all still gotta wait just like us for the final season. 😛
H 19 (3 months ago)
i disagree rob about jaime but he's my fav
Justice Three TV (3 months ago)
Yo, She ate a shot from a fucking BEAR!
Ronnie Harwell (3 months ago)
Love isn't fighting a bear. Love is the squad listening to Rob's rants. Lol Thumbs up for you all having patience.

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