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Which Magic: The Gathering Product Should I Buy? A Consumer's Shopping Guide

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Three products were not included in this guide because I reviewed them VERY recently. You can watch those reviews here: MTG Game Night box: https://youtu.be/s6ECLZIU_yU Magic: The Gathering Gift Pack: https://youtu.be/MP0mqm47JX8 Ravnica Guild Kit Deck: https://youtu.be/cCX_k-d180Y This video will guide you through all official Magic: The Gathering products, with an an short summary of each's strengths and weaknesses. Links to full, in-depth reviews can be found below: Bundles: https://youtu.be/AOdf82gIla8 Planeswalker Decks: https://youtu.be/ilboQtPOHgU Spellslinger Starter Kit: https://youtu.be/SATGouNxraw Commander Deck: https://youtu.be/emeyNhGCLGs Signature Spellbook: https://youtu.be/E2Lzk0XR97Y Challenger Deck: https://youtu.be/IPrhU3kWliQ Deck Builder's Toolkit: https://youtu.be/XEaAFGRHfRE Prerelease: https://youtu.be/Od8X5JQbc3o Global Series: https://youtu.be/Y7SEISjFeK8 Theme Booster: https://youtu.be/sUTpE4cZEM4 Want to be a better Magic: The Gathering player? Watch my level up lesson on Role Assessment here: https://youtu.be/2bMHoVaSBQA and improve your gameplay by learning about Card Advantage here: https://youtu.be/yUnytR_VDng Pick up a Battle Deck of your choice for only $9.99 by going to http://www.cardkingdom.com/TCC and see my review on them here: Check out BATTLE Decks and my review here: https://youtu.be/8vYRylzo5gM Tolarian Community College is brought to you by Card Kingdom! You can support The Professor just by checking out their store through this link: http://www.cardkingdom.com/TCC TCC Shirts! Playmats! - http://www.tolariancommunitycollege.com/ Or you can support me directly over at Patreon -https://www.patreon.com/tolariancommunitycollege Twitter: https://twitter.com/TolarianCollege FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/TolarianCommunityCollege Music Courtesy Of: "Vintage Education" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ "Cool Blast" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ "Gonna Start" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Three products were not included in this guide because I reviewed them VERY recently. You can watch those reviews here: MTG Game Night box: https://youtu.be/s6ECLZIU_yU Magic: The Gathering Gift Pack: https://youtu.be/MP0mqm47JX8 Ravnica Guild Kit Deck: https://youtu.be/cCX_k-d180Y
Goolammoinuddin trimm (5 months ago)
Do yu-gi-ooooooooooooooooh please
Shezamura (5 months ago)
Good stuff
Lachlan Ellwood (5 months ago)
What about planeschase and archenemy
Gabriel del Valle (5 months ago)
Amazing! Do a next one with Pokémon, please
Quinn Jones (10 days ago)
How do you join this college
Cody Criss (11 days ago)
First deck was deaths encroach. It was an awesome starting deck
Darth Nihilus (12 days ago)
Which should I buy a Booster box or a Deck Builders Tool box?
Darth Nihilus (12 days ago)
Guys How Much does it cost for a booster boxes
Quinn Jones (10 days ago)
christian bernardino $100 dollars usually plus tax
Richard Scyonva (12 days ago)
I buy bundles for the spin down 😂😂😂
MarkLawrn's Yanson (14 days ago)
Here in the Philippines the Planeswalker doesn't have a code for MTG Arena.
Eleanor Rigby (19 days ago)
prebuilt planeswalker decks can be fun for more experienced players if you like trying to upgrade them
sjors91 (25 days ago)
Call me crazy but i buy mtg cards & accessoires for the art any type of box from starter packs till booster boxes & display them . I live in a small villiage far from the closest mtg store or a gaming room where people play. I dont like playing it online so... i grew up with mtg as a kidd in the 90s always loved it but i moved for my wife & kidds.
valflyinf (26 days ago)
Grade C is too harsh for Spellslinger Starter Kit. It is only $11 and it was a successful way to teach my girlfriend how to play as well as relearning myself because I hadn't played in 20 years. Also she won! Now to try and get her to play game 2...with shuffled cards...
Daniel Clark (1 month ago)
I miss the randomized decks of the 90's.
Magic (1 month ago)
I have the bundle from trading I traded an Angrath Minotaur Pirate for a full bundle pack
Magic (1 month ago)
I agree with you on the planeswalker deck box 100%
Magic (1 month ago)
I recommend buying one ☝️ only one deck builders toolkit
Anthony Collier (1 month ago)
I'm a new player looking to buy my first deck and after wathing the video i'm more confuse than before haha
Tallen Smith (1 month ago)
I actually really value the spellslinger kit. I've never heard of it. But today a lady at Walmart asked me what to buy her child as a gift as he might like the game. But I didn't know what to tell her. Planeswalkers decks don't really come with good rules. And I didn't want to tell her "buy this and look up the rules". So unlike every other card game ive played, I wouldn't know where someone new should start. As I wasn't about to tell her "Oh take your kid to FNM and he'll be taught the game"
KyoFoxfire (1 month ago)
The answer is none. Purchase no product. Don't play Magic. It's a trap. D O N O T L E T I T C O N S U M E Y O U
Danny BRITZMAN (16 days ago)
Magic has allowed me to meet lots of people and my life is genuinely more fulfilling because of it. If you call fulfilling "being consumed" then sure, I'm getting consumed :)
Simon Willis (1 month ago)
Total newbie to magic have had a few games using the game night box of my mate Now this has helped what to go for thanks 👍
Cesar Adolfo (1 month ago)
I just go into this game because of my children, as I wanted something cool and easy to do with them on the days weather does not allow us to go out. I must say, that yours as well as the Quatering have been nothing but wealths of knowledge that have saved me from randomly wasting money. Truly appreciate the info and I will now go back to watching the rest of your stuff lol.
Average Meme (1 month ago)
Wait there were dominaria themed boosters? I thought that started with the new ravnica block
Average Meme (1 month ago)
Everything. Buy everything.
Game Force (1 month ago)
So if booster packs and boxes are no good for upgrading standard constructive play than how do I upgrade my cards? What packs or boxes should I be buying for upgrading? Please let me know.
Danny BRITZMAN (16 days ago)
Its best to buy singles. For example I had 20 or so cards for a boros deck so I only needed 40 more cards. I traded/bought the rest and now I have a great deck! when you are making a proper deck there really isn't any other way other than buying singles.
Mat-O-Matik Gaming (1 month ago)
Where would I find the arena code on my Planeswalker deck? I'm a noob to magic and just bought a Core set 2019 planeswalker deck. Would this come with the code you mention or does it specifically have to be a ravnica planeswalker deck?
Danny BRITZMAN (16 days ago)
Has to be a ravnica planeswalker deck. :(. Sucks you had to find out the hard way.
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
Dont be a cry baby douche like tournament decks, rules and judges. Make friends that arent total nerds and just play to have fun.
Alex Hooved (1 month ago)
buy whole set 500 on ebay... look up winning net deck... win local tournament... make your money back... rinse repeat.
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
Alex Hooved yea. I like kommander too. I dont really care about all the fakes. I still have fun and know the people I play with are legit and dont take it that serious. I think the expensive and fske cards arent much better and nothing against a real player. I am going to start playing online too, that solves that problem. Thanks for tellin me about sets even tho I cant afford them, I might later.
Alex Hooved (1 month ago)
+Lost Martyr im actually trying to start a card shop but just like me having access to that so does everyone else and magic online and the overprinting of cards is killing magic.. but hey if you wanna play standard that the most effective way to keep up to date.. just shell out 500 every 3 to 4 months and bang full playset... but old stuff is for the collectors.. commander is pretty awesome now i only need to keep 1 of every card so if i wanna play that strict and no more standard only 125 a month and start collecting old cards and ill be able to play anything... anyways that my shpeel. good luck with everything
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
Alex Hooved ohh ya I didnt read it right sorry. Thats actually good to know. I never see them or get on ebay so thanks.
Alex Hooved (1 month ago)
+Lost Martyr maybe you misunderstood... i pay about 500 and buy a whole playset of standard boxed in mint... i then have access to make any deck i want
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
Alex Hooved you got good cards from it? Was it unopened?
SharkNadoBoy Gaming (2 months ago)
Could I get a booster pack regularly or every now and then
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
SharkNadoBoy Gaming a prebuilt pack is not as good. It might have a single rare. But you can start playing right away. If you only buy boosters, it will take longer to be able to really play, but when you do, you will be up there with everybody else. Starter decks can have at least a rare while a booster pack has a rare. But each booster pack only has one land. So to have say 10 islands ready you might have to buy 50 packs. Also remember friends usually play any packs while games at game shops might only allow certain sets from the last year.
SharkNadoBoy Gaming (1 month ago)
+Lost Martyr are prebuilt decks pretty good, or is it good for beginners like me Could you build an entire deck using booster packs and boxes
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
Booster packs are the only thing I ever bought. Big packs are all land and crap cards. Boosters come with a mythical or rare.
SharkNadoBoy Gaming (2 months ago)
What does limited play mean?
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
Theres two types of players. There is people who have fun. And theres nerds with no friends that need organized games with judges so they dont fight. Limited play is a set of games with tons of pointless rules like few allowed decks or you have to play with unopened packs. I have fun playing all types of game modes. Some of the limited games can be fun. But I dont need to spend $100 just to play a game just cause of a cry baby. We just allow any card. If you paid $160,000 for a lotus then take your fucking 2 mana, its not that great anyway.
Jackie89000 (2 months ago)
I introduced my gf to MTG by getting us both toolkits. We spent the night building our decks from them and playing eachother with them. I made a white/blue control and she made a green/black graveyard deck. It was quite fun.
asdf asdfasdf (2 months ago)
Archenemy is #1
IntroMakerFTW (2 months ago)
So basically there isn't any product you recommend to buy, if you want to play standard, and get cards for standard? Someone help pls xd
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
Packs On Packs yes but in booster packs you always get a rare or mythical so you know if one is missing. And you can see the glue if they try to reseal it. In the kits they can be all smashed up and broke looking already and if you get pre then you never know if you are missing something cause they arent guaranteed.
Packs On Packs (1 month ago)
+Lost Martyr well, most stores don't let you have your pack till you pay, so it could be preopened to see any good cards or if not, Reglue it down and sell it "new"
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
Packs On Packs wanted to add alot of shops are run by scumbags that will steal and reseal. Thats another good reason for boosters, you know you should always get a land, two uncommons, and one rare or mythical. So you cant be scammed either.
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
All the packs are shit. Only buy booster packs because they have a mythical or rare. Boxes are a bunch of booster packs. Bundles and everything else is bs but you might need one at first just to get a bunch of land cards.
Packs On Packs (2 months ago)
IntroMakerFTW depends on the cards you want, or make something out of your collection.
DeviateSpade7 (2 months ago)
I love this channel. It has helped get much better at MTG and it has helped me decide what products to buy for my card collection. Thank you SO much. 🙏🏻
Morgl the Oracle (2 months ago)
I really love deckbuilder's toolkits...instead of buying boosters, you pay 4 more dollars and get some usable cards. Some are really bad but you can use them sometimes
Morgl the Oracle (2 months ago)
Also free lands are great for some players
wyatt hatch (2 months ago)
I just started playing with my friend's enormous box of random cards lol
Nathan Holm (2 months ago)
My mistake was always buying packs... I thought I'd get a good deck together but I definetly did not.
Danny BRITZMAN (16 days ago)
+IntroMakerFTW Personally I'd say draft for a while until you are ready to pay under $100 for a FNM playable, but not super competitive deck. You will have lots of fun while your at it. DO NOT pay over $100 for your first standard deck, you won't be good at deck building and you won't know if you like the archetype.
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
Packs are guaranteed to have one rare or mythical. Kits have very few if any at all. I just got 10 packs at $3 each and got indestructible god cards. You would be lucky to get a mythical. Thats why they are called ‘booster packs’ and not ‘building kits’. Its self explanatory. Kits are only good if youre brand new and even then no good.
Nathan Holm (2 months ago)
+IntroMakerFTW planeswalker decks, bundles (fat pack), or deck builders toolkits. Personally I'd go for the planeswalker deck.
IntroMakerFTW (2 months ago)
So what to buy instead? I'm sorry i just started playing MTG
Oscar Russell (2 months ago)
I'd just like to say, I bought the Aminatou commander deck, and didn't think much of her, but another look at the card reveals something great. You can use her most varied ability, the -1 ability to reuse creatures enter the battlefield triggers, or use it to dodge instant spells targeting your creatures (assuming it's your turn and you haven't activated her yet. The deck also comes with a legendary ninja (2/3) with 'whenever a ninja you control deals damage to a player, reveal the top card of your library and put it into your hand. Each opponent loses life equal to that cards converted mana cost.', which pared with the draw a card and cast a card from an opponents hand triggers, is great. I would really recommend getting this deck if you don't have a commander deck, and to use the manifest and ninjutsu effects greatly.
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
Oscar Russell yea its still good to get sets for alot of reasons, commander being one.
Oscar Russell (1 month ago)
Oh yeah I checked and that's true. I bought the deck a while ago, so I forgot. Thanks for checking for me, and I am surprised someone actually read the whole thing :)
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
Oscar Russell but the ninja didnt come with the deck, you just got lucky and got it. You will likely get a mythical in ten packs.
the crab empire (3 months ago)
this is a translation of what his letter grades mean in newer not as dedicated player language f: it is actually bad like dont ever buy it d: this isnt good not recommended c: okay not the best though b: good this is really good a: best godd*** item ever made + is just slightly better - is slightly worse but not an entire letter grade
D&G Ride (3 months ago)
My store sells just the toolkit box sometimes
Wired AirPods (3 months ago)
Lol wizards of the coast made pokemon and yugi-oh
Swam (3 months ago)
•Deckbuilder's Toolkit •Planeswalker Deck •Commander precon •sleeves Fit all that stuff in the Deckbuilder's Toolkit. Perfect amount of space.
Erick Beltre (3 months ago)
Natsu dragneal (3 months ago)
Thank you
Booshie Clementine (3 months ago)
One thing that should be mentioned......Theme boosters are amazing for Commander players.
A Homlesspuppy (3 months ago)
Why did I not know this video existed? I watch each of your videos and yet somehow missed this one.
Steven Simpson II (3 months ago)
I like watching your contact on YouTube it helps me a lot I am putting my first team together and I showed my videos with them I hope you respond of this your great person to watch and I like the ideas and thoughts you have
Filip Velitchkov (3 months ago)
But what should you buy for your decks?
PrestonianOne (3 months ago)
1:27 then there is me who gets a Core 2019 bundle, as my very first set of cards, and pulls Nicol Bolas, the Ravager in the first pack. 😎
Sam Welling (4 months ago)
Those exclusive cards in the planeswalker decks are also found in deck builder's toolkit
Blader Z (4 months ago)
WOTC has confirmed that there will be 2019 Challenger Decks.
At the Source (4 months ago)
After watching this, along with many of the in depth reviews, I am still having trouble deciding what to buy. I am a new mtg player with very few cards, a plainswalker deck and a welcome deck from my local game store. I really want to start participating in Friday night magic as well as some casual games with friends but I don’t know which product will provide good enough cards to make a decent deck that can be used during Friday night magic. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t have a whole lot to spend or else I’d probably buy a booster box so any suggestions are appreciated 👏
Danny BRITZMAN (16 days ago)
Draft! Drafting is great. Start drafting.
Slick Purp (3 months ago)
I just started well and recommend doing research and building ur own deck from scratch. Was fun and let me connect with my deck plus budget decks are surprisingly easy to make, lots of good cheap cards lol.
Søren Jensen (3 months ago)
Participate in Limited events at your local store, that way you will have a fun night and get more cards at the same time to take home. If You want a good entry to standard, go grab one of the challenger decks when they come out in April.
Christian Leber (4 months ago)
I recently bought a bundle and two extra booster packs and then sat down with three friends and we made a little draft tournament. We were playing the whole day and I let the winner keep his deck. Totally worth it imho.
Travis Davis (4 months ago)
Just buy singles :)
Marova (4 months ago)
What a good video my friend, a big hug from Chile from a returning player, this was sensational info...
DIPTANSHU RAJ (4 months ago)
The 2 planeswalkers you show at the begining of the video and at the end are the first 2 decks I ever got! LOL
Kegami (5 months ago)
Hello, i am a new player, i played a little bit MTG Arena and now i want play IRL and start my collection. What a combination of products i should buy for starting casual play when new set out? I don't want buy singles now, before i understand IRL game :) Thank you, have a nice day. Sorry for my bad english :)
Jbay2608 (5 months ago)
I wonder if Wizards are going to do new Challenger decks? I'll definitely buy them again if they do, they were a lot of fun to play at FNM, I even managed to win and come second a few times with them and I only started playing seriously when they came out.
Rostislav Hašek (4 months ago)
Confirmed for April 12. https://youtu.be/SDCjjg_ZSFg?t=3146
Jbay2608 (5 months ago)
+A C They were really good products. The two things I'd like to see wizards do is release new challenger decks, and include a code to redeem your deck in Arena. If they do what the Pokemon TCG does and let you redeem the sealed stuff in Arena, the two games will feed each other with players.
A C (5 months ago)
Steven E (5 months ago)
buy nothing
Old Tone (5 months ago)
Do the challenger decks have codes for arena? and would you say it's worth purchasing one now, or just waiting until the next release? I played a couple of years ago, but arena has tempted me to start playing again.
Zone Gamma (5 months ago)
tanks a lot for this reviews !
Black Lanner (5 months ago)
Anyone know an LGS with a liquor license in California?
Joey Ostrander (5 months ago)
I would like to see a video where you review different apps for Magic. I'd like to know which ones you think are the best.
Bert Zandbergen (5 months ago)
mtg for sale huge collection @t
Max Pelosi (5 months ago)
2:43 hmm he's changed
andrew benson (5 months ago)
The answer is singles
Mike Justice (5 months ago)
Answer: buy singles
Łukasz Piątkowski (5 months ago)
Prof! It would be beneficial to mention the Ravnica Prerelease boxes also contain Arena codes!
Faethon888 (5 months ago)
I still like fat packs. They are just.....fun :)
Danny BRITZMAN (16 days ago)
ikr. Great to open some packs and maybe get a winston draft going with a friend
John C (5 months ago)
So i just started playing arena and i really want to get into the irl game and after watching this vid i'm still not sure what i should buy. Can anyone tell me what's the best thing to buy for someone who has nothing yet?
John C (5 months ago)
I decided not to buy a pack and instead i researched a deck i'd like to play and constructed it from singles i bought from my local game store
Tim Richards (5 months ago)
13:42 in the video. :)
Tim Richards (5 months ago)
Pre-release tickets for January. As many as you can afford to attend.
Zebadiah Walters (5 months ago)
I like Izareth the Awakener - useful as a backup for graveyard retrieval of creatures. Also a backup way to cast creatures I don't have land colors for! :D
Traugott Bauling (5 months ago)
Thanks prof, your channel truly is the quintessential magic player’s guide. Appreciate all your reviews man
Mar tin (5 months ago)
Did I miss the guild kits?
benjamin gibbs (5 months ago)
background music too loud
kazdaillest (5 months ago)
I hear players talk about what cool stuff came in boxes. which boxes are these id rly like to search for one for these things
kazdaillest (5 months ago)
thanks, just got back into mtg and literally havent bought anything because I dont want to buy the wrong thing
Raydel Martinez (5 months ago)
Great video as always. I think the Challenger decks and Guild Kits are the best products this year which are still available for sale.
Brian Bieza (5 months ago)
The only product new magic players should be considering is mtg arena. Unless you have friends and want the table top experience, mtga is far more affordable and convenient than any conventional magic hands down.
Retnuh1974 (5 months ago)
Card Kingdom is an online store right? Is it really a brick and mortar store?
Danny BRITZMAN (16 days ago)
Figure of speech
Melissa Hancock (4 months ago)
Retnuh1974 there’s 2 real stores
I love your videos! Can you do one about the Pokémon TCG?
James Stevens (5 months ago)
Thanks for this video, I just discovered a young cousin of mine started playing Magic while visiting family on Thanksgiving and was curious what to buy him. I'm thinking a couple of Planeswalker decks. :)
Amadeus TD (5 months ago)
I got a selesnya theme booster, one of the uncommons was a golgari card (how I know is that the golgari have insects and undergrowth, which this card had, it was the Kraul Harpooner).
Danny BRITZMAN (16 days ago)
+Amadeus TD it just goes by colour, not mechanics. Since selesnya and golgari both share green you are bound to get some overlap.
Amadeus TD (5 months ago)
I'm not mad at wizard's, just shocked and surprised
roguegunner15 (5 months ago)
My question is, if I want to build a competitive deck and buying boosters is not the way to do it, then what do i buy exactly?
Michael King (5 months ago)
Singles. Start by looking up competitive decks online and either buy singles for that particular deck or trading for cards at your LGS. Don’t be put off by a particularly expensive card; typically you can ask around and someone will either be willing to trade, or opening up packs isn’t necessarily a bad idea. It really just depends on what card and what rarity/how expensive. Commons and uncommons should be fairly easy to find if they are not sold out, but some can be quite pricy due to the demand.
JJS (5 months ago)
You should buy proxies and have fun.
Helios Retro (5 months ago)
Just a heads up to everyone: some LGS's still sell the prerelease kits from Ravnica and M19 for $19.99 USD. So you can still buy them, depending on your lgs at least.
El Pretender (5 months ago)
You guys know what whould be interesting? Booster boxes BUT, designed for deck construcion instead of draft. Whould that be an upgrade or a downgrade?
Danny BRITZMAN (16 days ago)
maybe? But then you are paying $100 for a deck that might be playable, might not be, in colours you don't know.
Goolammoinuddin trimm (5 months ago)
Do yu-gi-ooooooooooooooooh please!
Danny BRITZMAN (16 days ago)
why? He doesn't play it. I doubt it would be very fulfilling a job to make reviews for a game you don't play.
Lucas Buitrago (5 months ago)
Good job sir
E T (5 months ago)
You should buy... a pr*nter :D
Nonexistanthuman (5 months ago)
As im barely getting into magic I could not thank you enough for making this video
ExBrosion (5 months ago)
PLS MAKE A POKEMON VERSION. Such a nice concept, great video. Greetings from Germany 😅
Kelvin Corp (5 months ago)
Many magic the gathering players ask themself the question when will to reserve list end ? Many magic the gathering finance people will tell them never!!!!
kazuma drewsin (5 months ago)
Warning, I'm bad with words. I like prerelease kits and bundles/fat packs, I hope you talk more about old kits in the secondary market. thank you first, for helping me feel better about how I spend money. $8 to $10 is just about all I can spend on a monthly and after watching your playlist I feel I can make that go farther now. Waiting for taxes. I wanted to ask, with all the stuff on the secondary market when is it too much for a prerelease kit or box of boosters from an old set? I know some items are less then they were and this may be just a 10 to 40 dollar difference. having kids and other life-changing things makes it hard to spend any money on magic.
killafrog124 (5 months ago)
My suggestion look at single prices is the only way to tell if the current kit price worth it. For you can sometimes get the cards and/or boxes for half the sealed kits are worth. Then u didn't buy bulk you may not wanted in the first place. Also if you save up a bit and see a seller with 3+ items you want might get a discount if you ask ;) Some of the fat packs cards sucked, but the box looked cool on my shelf holding my other cards :)
Bleistik (5 months ago)
So how do I start playing Modern?
itsCode (5 months ago)
TIMESTAMPS: Planeswalker deck: 1:14 Booster packs & boxes: 2:47 Theme boosters: 4:12 Deck builder’s toolkits: 5:29 Spellsplinger starter kits: 7:03 Bundles: 8:09 Challenger decks: 9:22 Commander decks: 10:53 Signature spellbooks: 12:18 Prerelease kits: 13:42
DJLostLatino (5 months ago)
Appreciate this video very much. Succinct but detailed enough to make good decisions about how to spend your MTG dollars. As a returning player and one getting his kids into it, the advice here is directly affecting my holiday shopping.
Joshua Riser (5 months ago)
I know how to play; how about Wizards makes a product that allows me to play at a high level AND share my love of Magic with friends without having to take out a mortgage on my house? Oh? Not gonna happen? That’s why Magic is dying in the hearts of millions.
KLUNE (5 months ago)
No Game Night Box on this list? : (
Daniel Bemis (5 months ago)
None they are all warped pieces of cardboard.
datastorm17 (5 months ago)
Izzet worth it?
Slice 777 (5 months ago)
PROFF!! Did you know this video is lost in the Magic.Wizards.com Articles page?
jesse lee (5 months ago)
why am I watching this? I don't even play magic
BuriedAndForgotten (5 months ago)
What about from the Vault
It was discontinued last year.

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