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My Transformation Story - How Picking Up Girls Changed My Life - Motivation

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A bit of Justins birthday week! In this video you'll get a taste of how picking up girls changes lives. If you like this video, do yourself a favour and subscribe (turn notifications on)! ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­-- For coaching or business inquiries, email: [email protected] Message me directly and receive a response within hours: http://Facebook.com/swaguiar ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­-- ►Subscribe to LetsGetGirls. Click here: http://bit.ly/1TuYzHm ►For coaching inquires: http://www.letsgetgirls.club/bootcamps/ ►Connect with us! Join our Facebook Community: https://facebook.com/groups/LetsGetGirls Follow/Contact me: ►http://Facebook.com/swaguiar ►http://Instagram.com/drunkjustin ►Snapchat: SexxyJustin ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­-- Get Justins NATURAL TRANSFORMATIONS At Home Study Course NOW! - sign up with code 'LETSGETGIRLS' and save an additional $50: http://bit.ly/2w8F1kj -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Infield Pickup | Do Looks Matter? Picking Up Girls Looking Like SH*T (Gone Wrong)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIzSCEUii2Q -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (29)
LetsGetGirls (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching! If this video inspires you at all, give it a like and share it with a friend! Also make sure you subscribe! -Justin
Sara Mahen (1 year ago)
Justin..u look like rajinikanth
julian Rypalla (1 year ago)
Glad I stumbled onto this channel by browsing facebook and seeing you college video. Keep up the great first impression hahah ;)
LetsGetGirls (1 year ago)
Yama K (1 year ago)
Justin is fucking hilarious
LetsGetGirls (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching Andrew !
initiatorhater0688 (1 year ago)
sounds like when you become good with women, it's like a gateway drug to your success in life
initiatorhater0688 (1 year ago)
how does it benefit women as well?
initiatorhater0688 (1 year ago)
and you said it benefits women as well when women improve their dating life but in different ways, how do women benefit?
LetsGetGirls (1 year ago)
The skills you need to attain in order to be an attractive man who can have an abundance of women, are the same skills that help you in all other aspects of life: -happy -action taker -confident Etc. Plus you’re more attractive of a person in general so things are easier but yes it comes down to knowing what you want. And having a purpose in life!
initiatorhater0688 (1 year ago)
I see, makes sense, but specifically, why does becoming good with women, help and benefit guys in business, career, etc.? such as getting promoted at work for example?
LetsGetGirls (1 year ago)
It does work the other way too but in different ways for women. Check out the book The Way of a Superior Man, it touches on this!
Adrian Gee (1 year ago)
Sick kunt
Danish Rajan (9 months ago)
LetsGetGirls Adrian Love your videos so much . But Justin is Legend dude Cos He know to pickup chicks and transformation #Asian #Indian :P
LetsGetGirls (1 year ago)
Haha legend ❤️
Ashley (1 year ago)
Awesome! Actually really liking your vid production skills btw !
LetsGetGirls (1 year ago)
Thanks bro !
Zoazaaa (1 year ago)
And you got to fly a fucking plane. You are my inspiration, Justin.
LetsGetGirls (1 year ago)
I have the best friends a guy could ask for haha, it’s still up on my Snapchat story, watch it by adding me: SexxyJustin
Abhishek Tariyal (1 year ago)
Plz change the intro song
LetsGetGirls (1 year ago)
We’re actually in the middle of creating a new intro ! -Justin
Crazilajimpers (1 year ago)
My man!!
LetsGetGirls (1 year ago)
Logan Seduction (1 year ago)
Congrats on your succes ;) and it s not over
LetsGetGirls (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching!
Bradicus (1 year ago)
my man justin
LetsGetGirls (1 year ago)
Hahaha good old bradicus!

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