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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 Reaction/Review

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Text Comments (264)
nEthing4Her (1 day ago)
Lol lovin' that E.N.E.M.I.E.S shirt, hahahaha.
Ahmed Safdar (1 month ago)
Have you guys been skipping the theme song? It's different every time in that it only shows the places/castles that are relevant to that episode, so it really helps with geography. Plus it's badass so I don't know why you would skip it lol.
J Compton (1 month ago)
Everything started falling apart for Robb before Jaime Lannister. Things started going to shit when he didn't heed his mother's advice, and he sent Theon home to make a deal with his family. Once he lost Winterfell, whatever semblance of power he had began to destabilize, and his troops started dividing into factions. His marriage to Talisa and his mother releasing Jaime were just the final KO blows.
Kagarin? (1 month ago)
Illyn payne still on her list but he just vanishes >:(
Jose Flores (1 month ago)
Chaos isn’t a pit, chaos is a latter. That’s the perfect thing that can describe Little Fingers motto. Y’all keep impressing me with you analysis of this show. Keep this great content going! RT Squad!
hyourin lee (1 month ago)
Please react to YG treasure box teaser for group A, B and C. And Show me the money s777 And Sunmi: Gushina, Heroine and Siren
kckev00 (1 month ago)
The god of Death!! love Aria
Lyn Rochford (1 month ago)
Rob such a sweetie,how he not have a girl?
Winx (1 month ago)
You like Ygritte? good
American Mum (1 month ago)
I like to refer to him as Little Shitfinger! 😏
fizzychizzy (1 month ago)
Actually....thinking back to the show, Littlefinger really is doing the most dirt towards women. These guys opinions aren't wrong. And I don't think it is a coincidence that he runs a whore house.
Lex (1 month ago)
Kit and Rose (Jon and Ygritte) are a real couple, they got married last year so Patric was right.
MsJoi711 (1 month ago)
That damn fly!!
Justice Three TV (1 month ago)
Great reaction today. Character arcs are serious this season. 🙃
Zuzia Gorzkowska (1 month ago)
They are a real live couple, and they recently got married. Things like that make me belive in true love. Btw I love your reactions
MicMak (1 month ago)
Please stop priming the summer children by asking them what they think is going to happen with Robb & Walder Frey. You're hinting at spoilers, you're pre-spoiling. Not cool. Don't hype. Don't prime. Just let them enjoy the ride.
H 19 (1 month ago)
the actress who played Ros didn't want to do nude scenes anymore that's why david and dan (the show producers) killed her off even though she had so much potential
Elz Robinson (1 month ago)
"He's a good Torturer tho" LMAO
DNYCE Bushton (1 month ago)
Littlefinger is a pimp FIRST & FOREMOST!
DNYCE Bushton (1 month ago)
Littlefinger IS THE GOAT...& sexy as hell...js
This is easily one of the best seasons ever, trust me you are going to love the rest of it.
Luke Isyourfasha (1 month ago)
I wish I could take my girl there. If I had a girl.
RheyaRu!z (1 month ago)
i’m the only person in the world who doesn’t care for jon and ygrittes relationship. it’s so romeo and juliet, BLECH! and nobody ever brings up the stockholm syndrome and forced sex (lowkey rape but i won’t take it that far) that their relationship is built upon. also because the actors got married IRL fans tend to overrate their chemistry. even when i see their interviews together their chemistry is basic to me. plus”you know nothing jon snow” is the most overrated and annoying quote in literature history
Aase Lange (1 month ago)
I think the fanfic term "Dubious Consent" covers it. Especially on screen with no access to Jon's internal POV. Switch genders and most people will agree: A female spy, pressured to have sex with her captor in order to prove her loyalty? Who promises to kill her in painful ways if she betrays him? (Or imagine both characters as males; again the power dynamic pops out. ) Even if there's also genuine attraction there, the initial circumstances are... problematic. Sadly we're still slow to "see" consent issues against males, especially by women. BTW all of this doesn't necessarily preclude later romance, to me. Relationships are hella messy and power issues are basically always present. Given the setting and general tone of GoTs world, even more so.
Skull Kidz BFM (1 month ago)
"Jon" and "Ygrette" got married in real life this year
Funnysterste (1 month ago)
They are married in real life.
ParisianEbony (1 month ago)
Rob! Such a romantic! I was moved :D
Bunny (1 month ago)
I'm telling you, you'll LOVE Ramsay. He's such a wonderful person, despite the appearances.
Eddie Wong (1 month ago)
react to kris wu november rain plz😁
tekaharau hack (1 month ago)
"3 times 3 is 9, 9 minus 3 is 6" 😂😂he said that like it was mind blowing
Gary 11 (1 month ago)
You guys should react to K/DA Kpop League of Legend, its a song made by a gaming company. I feel like you guys would like it
hoodsap4 (1 month ago)
Pat fine af
David Pemberton (1 month ago)
2 more episodes until "that episode"...
Terri U (1 month ago)
OK...I've enjoyed all of your reactions, but until this moment, I had NO IDEA that you are all TRUE ROMANTICS...Thank you, all of you...Gentlemen!
Brandon Marvel (1 month ago)
We almost in there my sweet summer children
ياسمين (1 month ago)
do yall take music reaction requests?if you do then swing from merkury gold or some black fortune?
SoloHatreDragon (1 month ago)
How come rob paused what he was saying around 16:00, medical issue?
Brendan Beckett (1 month ago)
Robb did say to Edmure "You're paying for my sins Uncle. It's not fair or right, I'll remember it." After he agreed to do it. So he did acknowledge his faults.
Dignity Putnam (1 month ago)
Anybody here just badly waiting till they get to episode 9?
Qarymee Presents (1 month ago)
Rob just finished me with all the love talk. #ChaosIsALadder #TheClimbIsAllThereIs
Chad Arnold (1 month ago)
You guys are fun
Joseph G (1 month ago)
And, true story, John snow's actor and ygritte's actor are engaged. They actually fell in love on set.
zen (1 month ago)
Remember that "Chaos is a ladder" line guys. Remember that.
Daniela _Neul (1 month ago)
Please react- Miss A (Bad girl, Good girl)💕
OverdosedonOnew (1 month ago)
Little Finger is indeed a bitch lmao
Ben Adek (1 month ago)
Remember that quote by little finger “Chaos is a Ladder”.
Gina Garza (1 month ago)
I'm literally (re)watching at the same pace as you guys and I watch the reaction videos after I've seen the same one. I feel like we are all watching together. You guys are great
Matt Artim (1 month ago)
'Appreciate what you got' Rob is a wise man.
Matt Artim (1 month ago)
Love you guys reactions to GOT. Love how you are even more into the story than I am! Can you guys tell people to go vote tomorrow? You have alot of viewers.
Johnny Skinwalker (1 month ago)
Baelish FTW. Seriously Varys didn't mind his own business, you reap what you sow.
Mason Worker (1 month ago)
Btw in the climb they weren’t told that they were gonna fall like that,so that was a genuine reaction.
sydyoassdown (1 month ago)
Whew these episodes this week about to break them.
ياسمين (1 month ago)
i didn't even realize it's this week!wow wellz pokerface wild
Adrian Mendoza (1 month ago)
Robcity is such a romantic. I love Robcity's predictions. RC is right Olena is a beast. Mellisadre (the red bitch) is from the mystical, mysterious city of Ashai in the far east of the continent of Essos. Thoros of Myr (the priest who brings his best friend back from death) is from Myr. Myr is one of the free cities in the east.
Pontsho Mampane (1 month ago)
Pls pls react to the H. E. R and Bryson Tiller could've been official video
Krishna Nayak (1 month ago)
React to YES or YES from TWICE
Krishna Nayak (1 month ago)
React to YES or YES from TWICE
Krishna Nayak (1 month ago)
React to YES or YES from TWICE
Dannyomejia27 (1 month ago)
On real shit I started off disliking Robcity cause of that Deku hate, now I feel like he's my Spirit animal ❤️😂😂 "I wish I could take my girl to see something like that. IF I had a girl" #same
Hubel Trujillo (1 month ago)
I cant wait to see you all react to the best things in this show xddd
Liz D (1 month ago)
Rob didn't force the Tully family into the war, his mother did when she kidnapped Tyrion.
J Compton (1 month ago)
Yes! The Lannisters were already attacking Tully troops and pillaging villages when Ned was still alive. It's why he sends out the Brotherhood without Banners.
Monir Zaman (1 month ago)
Cool reactions. Just a remember of Robert's promise to Ned in very first episode of Game of Thrones - "I have a son, you have a daughter, let's join our houses", when you talk about Arya and Gendry ;). Anyway, Arya was 12 and Gendry 16 at the time of this season 3 episode. Arya is just two years younger than Sansa, she 'just doesn't grow' as she explained to Tywin.
mono drama (1 month ago)
23:23 i swatted the air almost took my headphones off lol
blackkatt777 (1 month ago)
Robb pleaded with his uncle. He added that " You are paying for my sins" and he thanked him. I think maybe you guys should turn on the subtitles because maybe you're missing some of the conversations when some comments are said during a scene. Say Robb took the advice and kept Lord Karstark as a prisoner instead of taking his head. What would prevent Karstark men from rebelling against Robb, and then rescue Karstark and leave anyway? Karstark forced Robb into a bad situation with killing those children. Period. There should have been better guards watching Jaime. Sansa has had several chances to escape but stayed. She doesn't bother to know what's going on, for herself. She relies on others to tell her what she is going to do. Melisandra was seeing a vision of Arya's future when she looked into her eyes. That part, she wasn't bullshitting about. Melisandra speaks high Valyrian, but she isn't from there. That place burned down a long time ago. That's the ancestral home of Dany's people. Maybe you guys can watch the animated lore on that. Will there be extra video reactions, after certain seasons are watched, on special made videos for this show? Maybe your moderator can put together a list of which to watch at which point in time to the series, so as not to give spoilers. The Brotherhood without Banners didn't give Gentry away thinking that harm would come to him. Melisandra is a priestess of the Lord of Light, like Thoros is a priest. He is a good person, so he must have figured so is she. However, did you see the shock on her face when she realized that Baeric was brought back 6 times? She thought that was impossible. So, now the question is, do you think Melisandra is all she claims to be regarding being a servant to the Lord of Light, or is she a fake? What do you guys think? I think littlefinger's speech playing over Jon climbing the wall, also means he has risen to bigger heights because of the natural chaos happening around him. He went to Castle Black to be a ranger, like his uncle Benjen. Commander Thorne didn't like Jon because he is the bastard son of Ned, who sent Thorne to the wall after he lost in Robert's Rebellion. Ned didn't kill him, just sent him there. He took it out on Jon, making sure he became a steward instead of a ranger. Jeor Mormont made Jon his personal steward to groom him. Upgrade. Jon saved Jeor after a wight tried to kill him. Jeor gave him his house Valyrian sword because Jon won favor with him. Upgrade. Jon was supposed to cut Ygritte's head off, but couldn't, and got caught, which led her giving information about the others and may have been the reason the other crows got caught. Jon's leader(forgot his name) told Jon to kill him so Jon could get in with the wildlings and win them over. More chaos created and Jon killed him. The wildlings took him to Mance Rader and Jon got his favor. Upgrade. Jon got chosen to go back to the other side of the wall. He got over the wall after almost being killed and gained a loyal girlfriend...upgrade. Little finger tries to create the chaos and thinks he can control it. So far, he's playing a good game of chess. Varys lost a valuable chess piece, but he isn't done playing the game, though. There is so much more yet to be played.
blackkatt777 (1 month ago)
Are you their comment moderator? Is there a rule as to how long or little of a comment I'm allowed to leave? No? Then mind your business and keep scrolling if it's too much for you to comprehend.
RheyaRu!z (1 month ago)
blackkatt777 girl who is reading all that? you GOT fans be writing books in the comments to explain shit, they’re fine, they don’t need subtitles
blackkatt777 (1 month ago)
Thank you. It's appreciated. 😊
Di Di Bee (1 month ago)
Qhorin Halfhand was the one who told Jon to kill him to win the trust of the Wildlings. Everything you mentioned is well said. It's too bad it's "TL/dr:" for many to take. I run into this astounding "I'd rather be ignorant than take the time to read and learn if it's not succinct enough to satisfy my level of interest in this subject" attitude that seems so prevalent among those who are against long posts. In my world people know to listen when I say something because they will learn, plus it costs them money since I do it for a living, so the "I didn't read your essay" remarks come as a mild shock every now and then. It seems people would rather wave off any truth or information that conflicts with their world view, regardless of how important it is. Anyway, the point is, these are great points and I appreciate them.
mono drama (1 month ago)
IT'S SO CLOSE I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT (looking forward to it ohfsdfhj)
JP1348 (1 month ago)
17:04 that interruption...
krilizek (1 month ago)
Do you guys think you could do certain episodes in 2 parts? Some episodes need more than 10 minutes reaction.
Yakira Wilson (1 month ago)
React to marissa heart skin choreography
krilizek (1 month ago)
Chaos is a LADDER!!!!! Key words.
Hypest Deano (1 month ago)
We can say all the good things we want about Ned Stark and his family, but we gotta admit, his wife and kids (and adopted kids) tend to do some real dumb, naive stuff sometimes
Courtney (1 month ago)
React to Backin it up Aliya Janell choreography
Mr.Singh 00923 (1 month ago)
7:34 "He's a Dick" bad choice of words 😂
GLC Nornes (1 month ago)
"This was the season when Ygritte and Jon Snow became romantically involved. Years later, Harington would admit that he fell in love with Leslie during the months they spent filming in Iceland." "When asked by Vogue Italia what his favorite memory of filming "Game of Thrones" was, Harington recalled the time spent in Iceland for season three. "Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love," he said. "If you're already attracted to someone, and then they play your love interest in the show, it's becomes very easy to fall in love.""
GLC Nornes (1 month ago)
Lol at Patric 14:20 looking at 'us' to give him validation that he is right about Rose & Kit (Ygritte & Jon Snow) being a couple in real life... and not only that, but husband and wife now (Kit talks about falling in love with her there in Iceland where they filmed a lot of this bit). So in short... Yes Patric, you right ;)
Charlene Raymond (1 month ago)
I love the comparison of Little Finger and The Joker! "Chaos is a Ladder" -LF/ "I'm an agent of Chaos"- TJ
t n (1 month ago)
Buddys laugh sounds like a windex bottle lmao love it
Kushendra Ramrup (1 month ago)
Yeah, Kit and Rose are a married couple now. In fact they filmed that episode in Iceland and Kit says he loves that country because that was where he fell in love with Rose.
Culture zeitgeist (1 month ago)
You guys are high again.
mickys333 (1 month ago)
“Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail, and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse. They cling to the realm, or the gods, or love – illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is” – Lord Baelish Rarely have i seen a quote that so correctly defines a character and what that character is about. That is hands down my favorite quote from the show.
W R A S S L I N (1 month ago)
Patinho (1 month ago)
The climb is all there is Only the ladder is real I liked this speech
Bingo Bob (1 month ago)
SPOILER . . . . . What ever happened to that archer dude from the brotherhood? He just disappeared?
Christina Finley (1 month ago)
Great reactions! Always look forward to them. :)
Stephanie A (1 month ago)
MARCHING THROUGH WITH MY MILITARY...best thing I've heard all day
Parker Dolan (1 month ago)
Dude on the left looks sooo bored
victorsixtythree (1 month ago)
PhoenixCat (1 month ago)
Jon Snow (Kit) and Ygritte (Rose) are together in real life. They just married a couple of weeks ago. Now that's real ❤️.
Olivera (1 month ago)
8:36 and here we go again
rafflesia123 (1 month ago)
Tbf Rob Stark did say something along the lines of "you're paying for my sins and it's not fair" with the arranged marriage situation. A little harsh to say he showed no empathy, although it's still pretty fucked up.
Manayz (1 month ago)
waiting for the twice reaction 😴😴😴
Aljosa Petkovic (1 month ago)
“If we only understood the significance of the 3, 6 and 9 we would understand the universe” ~ Nikola Tesla 😃 you on to something. Rob didn’t force the Tully’s they are obliged by marriage and blood, not helping would have been big dishonour for the Tully’s.
Sawa (1 month ago)
Lord Petyr Baelish is my favourite character❤️
Sawa (1 month ago)
I love Littlefinger.He keeps getting better and better,trust me...."Chaos is a Ladder" CHILLS.EVERY.TIME.
Shawn Taylor (1 month ago)
4:19 that nigga seeing some wild shit bruh💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂
Timbot2002 (1 month ago)
Mellissandre is from Asshai
(1 month ago)
Pls react to Twice Yes or Yes / IZONE La vie en rose
Elina (1 month ago)
Damn i wish i could binge the rest of the episodes on patreon but after the BTS tour i'm broke af. xD
subway (1 month ago)
The moment that you realize Game of Thrones is not between Starks,Lannisters or Tyrells, that it is actually between Varys and Littlefinger...
McDugals (1 month ago)
There he go that JOHN SNOW!!!
Ten out of Ten (1 month ago)
Please react to ATEEZ. They are a new group who debuted recently. - Treasure -Pirate King (Performance Ver.)
Nichelle C. (1 month ago)
Littlefinger is the G.O.A.T.
Marshall King (1 month ago)
Robb didn't get the Riverlands into the war, Kat did. When she kidnapped Tyrions the Lannisters went savage on the Riverlands in retaliation.

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