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Are There Cards You Shouldn’t Play? l The Command Zone #241 l Magic: the Gathering EDH

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Support the show and become a Patron! Be a part of our community, receive awesome rewards, and more! http://www.patreon.com/commandzone ---------- Show Notes: Many cards and effects are contentious in EDH. Armageddon, Stasis, Iona, Scrambleverse…the list is long and varies depending on your playgroup. On this episode we’re discussing a recent article by Commander Rules Committee member Sheldon Menery and asking the question: Are there cards you shouldn’t play? ---------- The Command Zone podcast is brought to you by Card Kingdom! Make sure to use our affiliate link the next time you purchase Magic cards or products: http://www.cardkingdom.com/commandzone Huge thanks to UltraPro (http://www.ultrapro.com - @UltraProIntl) for sponsoring this episode and providing awesome prizes for our giveaways! Find UltraPro on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UltraProInternational/ Purchase a Game Knights t-shirt (available for a limited time): http://bit.ly/GKShirt ---------- Sheldon’s Article: http://www.starcitygames.com/articles/37865_Commander-Cards-You-Shouldnt-Play.html Elder Dragon Statesman (Sheldon’s Podcast): https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/elder-dragon-statesmen Follow Sheldon on Twitter: @SheldonMenery ---------- What we talked about on THE END STEP: PAI GOW MAGIC! ---------- Follow us on Twitter! @CommandCast @JoshLeeKwai @jfwong @jumbocommander Email us: [email protected] ---------- Enjoying DJ's as a guest host on our show? Be sure to check out his YouTube channel: youtube.com/jumbocommander ---------- Huge thanks to Geoffrey Palmer for providing some of his amazing Living Cards animations for our videos. Follow him here: https://twitter.com/livingcardsmtg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIuqWt79_d0hUK-dRhzFtAQ Check out our sister podcast - The Masters of Modern: http://collected.company/category/the-masters-of-modern/ Commander/EDH Official Rules, Banlist, Forums, and more: http://mtgcommander.net/rules.php
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The Command Zone (1 month ago)
Yo! Where all my alternate Pai Gow Magic name ideas at? Reply here so I can find em easily. -JLK
Andrew Samonte (9 days ago)
I don’t know, I really like saying pai how magic
Wim De Cock (16 days ago)
I'd probably call it eithet "skirmish packs" or "booster blitz" as others have suggested. Just one question, what do you do when one of the games between decks ends up in a draw? Do you just go on to the next game? And if so who starts?
Kristain Hamilton (16 days ago)
How about booster brawlers
Mr J (18 days ago)
Crack a pack combat
Eric Heidgerd (21 days ago)
Pack skirmish? Since it’s pretty similar to pack war
Heicke De Allzamor (25 minutes ago)
I have a Narset and i complain when the other players don't target me. "Hello guys, i'm going to won if you don't stop me!"
insan inater (2 hours ago)
I think the untappers are only an issue because they enable the staxy decks. Seedbourne muse gets around static orb/winter orb. I'm not the biggest fan of those kinds of decks myself.
popky101 (10 hours ago)
derevi annoys me because it gets around the commander tax I would have won a game but I was playing voltron and derevii just says have unblockable or trample
Kayden Cox (10 hours ago)
Cyclonic rift. It makes too many enemies and it’s too repetitive.
Nathan Hultstrom (1 day ago)
I run an Iona in my Kaalia, but I play it conditionally. I don't play it against a mono player unless we're the last 2 in the game. Last time I used her it was against a 5 color, a Mardu, and an Azorius, and I chose white. Slowed everyone down, but everyone got to play. Also she was exiled a couple turns later. It's all about context.
Nathan Hultstrom (1 day ago)
The comment about "meanness level". I remember recently in a game I was running Kaalia, and on turn 6 I was cursed. I told the curses owner on my turn that I had two options to remove it, one that was really mean and would take him out (Master of Cruelties) and one that wasn't (Angel of Dispair). He told me to play my best card, and I headshotted him on turn 6. Each play group and player is different, even though I agree with a lot of this list.
FrenchyMcToast (1 day ago)
The thing about ban lists in general (not just commander) is that you don't have to do what they say unless you're in a competitive scenario or your group wants competitive rule sets. When I played yugioh in high school no one complained when pot of greed was played. House rules always trump ban lists.
Drew Edwards (1 day ago)
Loads to unpack here and there's a great conversation going back and forth. I'm just idly going back through a lot of old videos and this one struck me as pretty interesting so my takeaway is.... Roughly 90% of the cards that were brought up in the article, to me, encourage "solitaire" magic in what's intended to be a multiplayer format and the entire article comes from a guy who's basic "job" is to make sure the format stays interactive. When I hear "when I see lands untap I feel like going infinite is not far behind" coming from this cat, what he's really talking about is something that Josh himself talks a lot about hating - a long, likely uninterruptible processes that ends with "and then I win". There are exceptions in the article to this, but palinchron, armageddon, and mindslaver all come rapidly to mind. You guys are absolutely correct that a "good" deck needs some answers to these problems and that on their own, these cards aren't *super* format warping. The issue that's being brought up (to me, anyway) is the idea that "my deck does this and I'm going to do it when you guys can't stop me and so I then win". I would ten times rather see someone counter or remove my big thing that's going to make me win than spend 6 minutes sitting at a table while someone explains to me why I lose... which I think is a pretty common thought process throughout commander. I could be very wrong, and a lot of what you guys do leads me to think that I might be a *little* wrong given your playgroup and the focus on "super explodey turns" rather than incremental advantages based on "if I do this, will I be considered too much of a threat". Basically I agree with what you guys say individually with each card, but I think the article itself basically boils down to "don't be a dick; here's what I think a dick looks like in commander, but your dick may be much different than mine."
TheBiggyJMan (1 day ago)
But I run the nothing but chaos deck. People not getting to play how they want is fun. Imagine having chaos warp under eye of the storm! I 100% agree with the vorniclex, screw that card.
Dario Chung (1 day ago)
I think the way Sheldon is trying to protect a certain mentality rather than really see the real problem. The problem is the playgroup. There is no amount of ban that will fix it. Looking at the banlist and some of the cards that are allowed, some are just too arbitrary in the sense compared to the pool that is allowed. I mean, lot of cards on that list deserve it, so lot of cards that are allowed as well. Personally I'm annoyed by people who hog their turn/the stack and do not win the game. I'm OK with stax. I can just concede if the lock is achieved and I can't deal with it (alone or in conjunction with others) and I consider it as a valid win con. I'm even OK with people who don't play to win (like group huggers), just wanna screw the board. I'm not OK with people doing nothing in their turn like Sensei a gazillion times and playing with triggers that do nothing much. I rather have a game that last 2 minutes than play 5 turns in 2 hours. I'm annoyed by cards that make a lot checks to every single action. Still I'm OK with that in the end. If we try to protect everyone's fun, in the end it may muddle the game. Sheldon is allowed an opinion like everyone else, but maybe he should keep some of it not in public. Even if he is being as careful as he can, I don't think he needs to share the "negative" ones. It's good to know how the thought process goes, but maybe he shouldn't be that specific about his (playgroup) likes and dislikes.
LunarWingCloud (1 day ago)
I'm not gonna lie Josh totally nailed this whole conversation about agreeing or disagreeing with the rules committee. I'll say I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh! and I left because of the changes they made to the game: Master Rule 4, patching the first player drawing rule out, and stuff like that drastically changed a game that a lot of people were already very comfortable in going through the motions for. I switched to Magic and specifically commander because not only is it a lot of fun, it's so reliably consistent that I never need to worry about something so drastic happening that I can't enjoy the game further. Do I want a few cards off the banlist? Sure, but when your card pool is literally thousands of cards as an eternal format and only a few dozen are banned; I'm not gonna complain much.
Tyler Thinnes (1 day ago)
Played a game once where all lands were blown up and then he blew up all non land permanents and 2 players conceded but me and I wanted to play it out and I came back and won the game
Chris Green (4 days ago)
Our play group actually allows banned card that just boost the power level of decks and don't just make people lose
For the format name I suggest: Triple Total Transcendence or T.T.T.
Arghore (4 days ago)
Just wanted to mention that i think there was a misconception in this discussion that wasn't at some point corrected, and the opposite was actually used as an argument 'against'; and seeing you can't both have your pie and eat it … *I think it's GREAT to know what this guy thinks about cards* … because, if he doesn't share how he thinks, i know EVEN LESS about what goes on in that committee. NOW at least i know the position he takes on these cards, and what types of cards HE thinks are maybe not entirely good for the format overall. (So, you can not say 'i do not know whats going on there and that is bad' AND SAY 'this guy shares his opinion and i think it's bad cuz i fear he will do something with it'; those two arguments are entirely opposite of each other. Either you want to know what and how these guys think about the game, and thus sort of the topics of their discussions, OR, you think it's bad they do not share their thoughts…) Do like the gist of the discussion though ! … but i will play my pre-release promo paradox engine in my probably jack artifacts deck regardless. But i am still doubting about Nath as one of the 99 in my B/G elves deck.
Zakana (4 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with infinite combos. Having an ‘Oops I win’ button in a deck means you can just start playing a new game sooner. If you have a pod of 4 players, all without combos, you’ll get the long play game times of like 3+ hours. Having access to combos in your deck means you can fit more games in. Like in my Tiana Ships Caretaker deck I have Godo and Aurelia with Helm of the Host as an oops I win combo to just end the game and start up a new one.
Nr4747 (5 days ago)
The main problem with "lock"-decks like Derevi (+ Stasis/Winter Orb/Kismet etc.) or "Stax"-decks like Augustin is that the game doesn't actually *end*. You will always have at least one player who has a disenchant in hand and "only" needs to hit runner-runner lands to cast it, so he/she doesn't concede - and now you're sitting here for the next 45 minutes while the Derevi player keeps tapping newly played lands and trying to bungle his way past your other opponent's deadly recluse to eventually win.
SkillsDND (5 days ago)
Looks like Sheldon just doesn't like playing agasint derevi cause I run all those card in my version. The black and red cards are just red herrings
Meriadoc (5 days ago)
There are no cards I would play, but I do limit which cards I play in which decks. when I built a deck I aim for a certain powerlevel as well as flavour.
John Kravich (6 days ago)
I try to keep it as fair as possible. Really hate stack/taxes and infinite combo decks. Granted I play reanimator, but not to the stupid extent that I could. I really love unique types, and to see what people can come up with. Really agree with this list, these can be some seriously irritating effects. These and similar cards are just the worst to play against.
salamandertommy666 (6 days ago)
“I don’t build my decks to combo off”
Corbin Smith (6 days ago)
i do not play with counter spells
poppaDehorn (6 days ago)
i whip out the chaos deck sometimes. i get targeted immediately or everyone quits. some people think its "not fun" resolving 4 thieves auctions a turn...
Mandolorian1001 (7 days ago)
I love how everything they say just flies out the window in cedh
guess that explains the banning of Prophet of Kruphix
Kait Hosmer (7 days ago)
I do play a jank infinite counterspell combo in a hanna deck. I do make sure everyone knows how it works and what it is before playing and if they're cool with it, just so it doesn't come out of left field. It's also purposefully super janky and disruptable.
Reflected wound? wtf? a bazillion mana to do nothing on its own, not playing it? wtf is wrong with that guy
Jeff Kuykendall (9 days ago)
It’s edh / commander for a reason... it’s a free for all type of format! Get better or get wrecked! I like to play against other players to make me better.. I find ways to overcome other cards. I don’t sit and complain about what people play..
Ely Molloy (10 days ago)
commander is a joke format full of whiny kids for people who cant hack real magic. Put artificial limits on a game because you gave me unlimited access to a legendary and expect it not to go broken.... Play multiplayer STANDARD with decks built for multiplayer experience, no broken shit to worry about and most of all its fair and balanced.
Forrest Blah (10 days ago)
DJ do you think they should bring back Leovold and Prophet? My thoughts are that they are broken af - from a player who ran prophet in every single commander deck from the time it was released until ban
Sheriff K (11 days ago)
Imo infinite combos ARE the HEART of Commander.. it’s not Commander, if you can’t go infinite [in the most convoluted and interesting way possible]. That’s what I love about Commander, absurd board states and combos..
Mark Cooper (11 days ago)
I hate combo decks. I’m the kind of person that never runs counter-spells, because I would much prefer to let people play their deck and see how crazy it gets. My favorite deck is my Omnath deck that just ramps like crazy. I don’t think playing a tutor for an infinite mana combo is fun. I took out Umbral Mantle from my Omnath deck, even though it is great when equipped to a Karemetra’s Acolyte, Elvish Archdruid or Priest of Titania and gives Omnath Infinite power. Does anyone else agree that this is the most fun way to play?
wise elizabeth (11 days ago)
My group constantly hates on me for playing og avacyn...and know they hate it even more since I put helm of the host on it
Ben Geary (11 days ago)
I refuse to play with Cyclonic Rift on principle because I think it is too powerful and should probably be banned
Ryan Mc (11 days ago)
On Palinchron you can certainly cheat it in well before you have 12 mana.
Draven1895 (12 days ago)
The thing I read with Sorin is that their total is now 10. So like both cases that they're above or below it becomes 10. No real loss. I've seen cards like this in yugioh that makes it so the total changes but it was neither paid for cost or dealt in damage. I'd have to see the ruilings in mtg
Matthew Beattie (12 days ago)
Armageddon?!? That’s my win con!
Michael Foster (12 days ago)
Fuck Iona. Please ban it
sam .t (12 days ago)
strip mine
E D (13 days ago)
Just don't play Tibalt and you will be fine
Andrew Case (13 days ago)
I play seedborn in my commander deck because it combos nicely with planar gate.
FirewalllDivision (13 days ago)
sheldon has no clue what commander is. and if he bans cards because of personal opinion it will cause an uproar and it will be ignored and replaced by someone else's commander banlist like duel, french , leviathan and so on...
Kevin Stanton (13 days ago)
Skip to 9:52
Dudist Priest (14 days ago)
I understand the value of having banlists and specific rules for 1v1 edh, but otherwise I like edh games to get dirty and ridiculous.
notyuu (14 days ago)
That format should be called scuffle or clash
Lewie Fassett (14 days ago)
Number 1 card that should not be played is sol ring. Commander is NOT the same as vintage.
Jon the don98 (14 days ago)
I think playing archfiend if despair with wound reflection in a Kaalia deck would be a little more powerful than the Sorin markov combo
Yu donotneedtoknow (14 days ago)
We play whatever, just no going infinate..... until turn 10...if no one wins by then...all bets are off.
DOUG Fisher (15 days ago)
Bleeeeeeh, too much rambling. Had to skip so much of the video lol.
John Kidby (15 days ago)
I'm comfortable saying that Iona is a jerk card for jerks. My playgroup has an informal but well-known rule stating that, if you play Iona, the other people at the table get to punch you in the dick. Other than that though, you can pretty much play what you want.
Querty Beighteen (15 days ago)
Cast Lim Dul's Vault and Sensei's Top on someone else's turn.
Chaos Legacy (15 days ago)
But Vorinclex isn't?
peter hardiman (15 days ago)
Palinchron is a lot easier to combo with than these guys say, in an animar list or just with deadeye navigator, but other than that I agree with these guys as a derevi player 😂
Noah Golden (15 days ago)
If we unban biorhythm than unban Balance. Im tired of people talking shit about white being a weak color in commander than bitch about serra ascendant, Iona, Armageddon. Excuse my language its just absolutely infuriating!!!
Jason Allen (15 days ago)
Sheldon's list is missing Iona & Cyclonic Rift
Carlos Erausquin Hoyos (15 days ago)
My unsolicited 2 cents: I feel like some of the resentment aimed at some of these cards and combos is a matter of expectations. If you're a Johnny or a Spike, every format in the game is open to you. If you're a Timmy, EDH is really the only format where you can make timmy plays, and having someone go infinite just feels terrible. Having said that, even though I don't like combo I don't ban it or get angry, I simply target that player first. With everything. I have even put some infinite combos into my decks specifically to get rid of players who do things like tunnel vision and cheat lab maniac into play. The meanest one was the animate dead, worldgorger, comet storm; I'd generate infinite mana and deal infinite damage to the one combo player. Cards like Serra ascendant and forbid, don't feel nearly as oppressive to me, but I can see why people don't like them. I've been on both sides of a turn 1 Serra ascendant (and worse: turn 1 sol ring into lightning greaves, turn 2 ascendant and a fleshbag marauder to clear the way) and while getting hit is worse, swinging with it doesn't feel particularly good. It's like I'm not playing especially well, I just won the opening hand lottery, and that card can do some serious work before someone draws an answer to it. Forbid only feels like a jerk card if you're playing 15 counters and one of them is forbid (the deck that I have that runs forbid uses it instead of 10 counterspells; the other 2 counter cards I have are primarily for another purpose, perplex for transmute, disciple of the ring for tap/untap shenanigans). Otherwise the person with forbid is losing the card advantage war to deny me a powerful card.
Roboblade604 (16 days ago)
Sorry for my third comment, haha. Biorhythm is not fun for any deck who's primary wincon is not combat damage. If I'm playing against you with my Melek spellslinger deck and I just so happen not to have any creatures on board when you okay this card, I automatically lose, simply because I wasn't playing enough creatures. I want to play magic, and this card prevents me from doing that.
Roboblade604 (16 days ago)
Also here's my take on the "what's the point of a ban last": Sure. If ignoring the ban last will help you enjoy the game, do it. But only other people who also disregard it will enjoy playing that game. The rules are in place to promote a healthy experience for the largest number of players. But that's just my take on it
Roboblade604 (16 days ago)
I feel like the thing these cards all have in common are "people don't get to play the game that they set out to play". People sit down to play a game of commander, with clear and established rules and guidelines in place, and then someone decides that you don't get to do that anymore, and that isn't fun. Therefore, you shouldn't play these cards if you want a sustainable pay group.
robbie025 (16 days ago)
It's magic people, grow up. I play regular commander deck, with minimal infinite combo. It's usually not the way i win. I call it, back up solution.
robbie025 (16 days ago)
Mindslaver, depends. If you abuse it, yes, that's cheesy. Use one time? Whatever. Make sure you win after.
robbie025 (16 days ago)
Palinchron? Seriously? It's fine. Why not ban everything and only play creatures with no effects??
54m0h7 (16 days ago)
I'm quite surprised Deadeye Navigator was not mentioned. Many cards, such as Palinchron, are good, but are only "broken" when teamed with Deadeye. In fact Deadeye is the second half to sooo many combos, many of which are instant game wins. Also, fuck Vorinclex..
Zone Gamma (16 days ago)
I would call it "Booster Fight Magic"...very cool way to play with a friend while opening boosters
Zone Gamma (16 days ago)
your knowledge is precious. thanks !
Zone Gamma (16 days ago)
very nice video
Dusty Rhodes (16 days ago)
I don't like combo I feel like edh ur job is to win with commander damage not combos
ToToLax75 _ (16 days ago)
I don't understand some of the cards that you all not like to play? Death Cloud is a great card! It doesn't hit non-creature, nonland stuff. You still have a board. The this carding can be great! Pair it with Waste Not and you have a massive plus by refilling your hand, getting 2/2 zombies, and black mana. Knowledge Pool is hell of fun and can be a great way to spice things up! Now you have to pay more attention and actually think about what you doing and weigh what your getting to what you could be giving up. Also i think that was a messed up move you did to that player and all the rest of players in that story were you got Iona locked. Why not play it out and see it the rest of the players could/would help you? What about using your political skills (that you love so much) and engage with the rest of the players.
Manoli P. Tramountanas (17 days ago)
Palinchron isn't good because of mana doublers; it's good because of phantasmal image (7 lands makes infinite mana, which isn't hard to get if you play farseek effects instead of Mana rocks)
Kogarashi (17 days ago)
You don't even need to get mana doublers or ridiculous quantities of land to get Palinchron to start giving you extra mana. All you need is a Deadeye Navigator. Tap seven lands, spend two of that mana to flicker Palinchron via the soulbond ability Navigator grants, and get those seven lands untapped. Repeat, for five mana (or more) net each time.
cody brown (17 days ago)
You talk to much about stuff that have nothing to do with the title SHUT UP AND GET TO THE POINT
ThaChedda (17 days ago)
thieves auction is amazing in Zedruu
Robert Moon (19 days ago)
I play commander on mtgo and I know I play at least one card that people don't seem to like fairly often and that card is Eye of the Storm. I've had people concede when I play it before and it honestly takes me a few turns for it to be worth it because mostly my instants are just forks. I mostly play Eye of the Storm for better access to my opponent's deck as part of my copy magic theme, and it's really easy to have an answer to because of how it works. I've also been known to play possibility storm along side it however and that's a little more mean. As far as cards I refuse to play in edh, I don't play land destruction, it's not fun to be mana screwed. I don't play warp world, even as a chaos player (Ok maybe it's in one deck, but I think that one is mono red) I rarely play counter spells (mostly because they hurt me with Eye of the Storm in play since it would turn every instant into a counter). I don't play cards that give extra turns (messes with Eye of the Storm, and I've seen people concede to extra turns only for the extra turn player to waste their extra turn). I also don't play Eldrazi, mostly because they end up being land destruction. I do play infinite combos, and chaos and I've had people instant speed concede to both when I wasn't going to win that turn, yes I had a clear advantage but my win wasn't assured.
Joe Vance (19 days ago)
I think biorythm is banned because of the consistency of destroy all creatures in commander you could find yourself with no creatures and then the next guy cast bio rythm killing everybody
Foxokon (19 days ago)
I have one deck where Paradox engine isn't just a boring insta win, my mono blue wizard tribal deck. There is a bunch of wizards that want to tap or tap other wizards, it is super powerful but at least I don't just combo... I probably win but I don' just go inifi!
Zack Druer (19 days ago)
our group plays with no land destruction, Single trarged land is ok, but once you get into land destroying loops or AOE, we cut that shit off. Its not fun playing a game and sitting htere doing nothing beacause your behind on hte curve or have wno mana
willie beekmans (20 days ago)
i would say Omniscience with doubling season and Tamiyo, the Moon Sage because then you could better scupe
David Curtindale (20 days ago)
Derevi is probably from Derevi lockout/stasis decks.. Which seems to fall in line with his distaste for stax.
David Curtindale (20 days ago)
top is fine because its not time consuming? Have you played it in new Jhoira?
Tom Bodmer (20 days ago)
Got'ta say, Deadeye Navigator is the most abusive card I have ever had to deal with. Either in my own decks or in others. 1U and you can untap 7 lands with palinchron, kill a creature with noxious gearhulk, destroy a non-creatue with woodfall primus. Any creature with an ETB Trigger can be abused with this one card, I am all for powerful cards but this one is just too abusive/oppressive, especially when you can make it blink itself and protect it from any targeted effect. It just isn't fun to play or find a solution to it hitting the field.
carsonist frere (21 days ago)
I would 100% ban Top. The potential for time wasting is insane.
Bryan Edds (21 days ago)
Stax and Markov and go fuck themselves, that's for sure.
Jake Schultz (21 days ago)
You should go over and maybe even show the examples of the current edh rules that might be different than from casual play from shops and stuff
Jean Marais (21 days ago)
Jacob Kinnan (22 days ago)
So whenever I go to a game shop I haven't been before I always let the people there know that I run a competitive deck before playing with them and there always fine with it. So just let people know what you run before you sit with them
Reaper 0712 (22 days ago)
It should be called rushing roulette
royce weinberger (22 days ago)
I dont hate a lot of cards in mtg but I do not like to play niv mizzet all it does is draw cards
Flynn Ryan (22 days ago)
Lol I have 6 commander decks and 2 of them have infinite combos, another is athreos so it basically goes infinite. It’s fine because my playgroup knows that I have that possibility so they often beat me up right off the bat
Akrium S (22 days ago)
I used to play Iona, until it was used against me
FluffyTurbo (23 days ago)
All Is Dust needs to be banned pay 7 Each player sacrifices all colored permanents they control.
mike long (23 days ago)
Land tax/armageddon 93 94 for lifer, and I don't own any power or original duals....yet lol. I think I'll get some eventually
Sue Jacobs (23 days ago)
Seedborne Muse isn't banned but Profit of Kruphix is i know it gives your stuff Flash but they pretty much do the same damn thing I run Armageddon in my Brago deck i only use it if i know i can get my lands back easily like with Sun titan or Pilgrims Eye is on the field
CautionCU (23 days ago)
Here to LOL at the spikes who are mad that noone casual wants to play against your tuned spike deck in a casual format.
CautionCU (23 days ago)
Still think that the point is missed. These cards almost all involve one person playing magic and someone else watching someone else comboing off or totally locking the game down.
bboy1469 (23 days ago)
Change Paigow to 'On Sight' Magic
patrick baillargeon (23 days ago)
I think what Sheldon is talking about is the morality of playing the game for the attrition based core of the game where you reduce your opponents life total to 0 rather than establish an "I win" scenario or lock a player out of the game.
ShifuDaxiongmao (24 days ago)
I keep to one main rule. If I would find it unfunny to play with/against myself, I will remove it from my deck/not put it in in the first place. (I don't play mass land destruction, don't play infinte combos, don't play stax type stuff (I used to have Opposition + Seedborn Muse in my Riku Squirrel deck, but after managing to lock out the whole table, both cards got pulled))
Random Fan (24 days ago)
Axis of Immortality- super dumb and drags every game out. Warps the format into “damage everyone equally if you cant all one-shot the person who played it”
kronosmorpheus1234 (24 days ago)
I love the murmuring mystic bird illusions in the windows.
Ancel Coburn (24 days ago)
1. Rhystic Study 2. Rhystic Study 3. Rhystic Study 4. Rhystic Study 5. Rhystic Study 6. Rhystic Study 7. Rhystic Study 8. Rhystic Study 9. Rhystic Study 10. Rhystic Study

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