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Victoria secret & Bath and Body works Haul Ft. New scents

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( I do not own copyrights to this music) Thanks for watching, Be sure to give this video a thumbs up, also turn on your post notification bell, I will start doing post notification shoutouts, also @ 500 subscribers I’ll be doing a giveaway, be sure to check the links below for my other videos! If you are a returning subscriber , Thank you for subscribing 🥰 More hauls coming soon! Stay tuned:) Check out my other videos : Victoria’s Secret Flower shop collection (haul + Review) https://youtu.be/091vBQgEAxM Affordable beauty haul https://youtu.be/SjK7zbidv2A Walmart Haul https://youtu.be/cIyPpw-jN2I January favorites https://youtu.be/uBZ3HpvT4O4 Bath and body works haul + Vs haul https://youtu.be/GyBAlNWnTik Top 14 Bath and body works scents ft. Valentine’s Day https://youtu.be/WlU7eb9Ew6o Victoria’s Secret 2019 Spring Body care review https://youtu.be/2t_hCiCARTI Bath and body work collection updated (2019) https://youtu.be/G7ebxhkZc8E Semi annual sale + Victoria secret haul https://youtu.be/_Y9NSKF3Pdo Bath and body works collection video 2018 https://youtu.be/QhLn9EUpmRI (part 1) https://youtu.be/duFZWlEFGjg (part 2) Follow me on Instagram : @lipglossaddictsz_beauty @SimplyKcosmetics
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Text Comments (14)
Tina Marie (3 days ago)
The hauls have been on point
Simply K (3 days ago)
Tina Marie Thank you so much ❤️💋
babyblue (7 days ago)
Very nice!! I'm going to have to get the new line!! Tfs xoxo 😀💙
Simply K (7 days ago)
You’re welcome ❤️
L Monae (9 days ago)
Great haul! I love the Good Vibes or Goodbye mist, it's perfect for this Florida weather! This BBWs & VS haul gone have a sista broke! LOL I definitely want the new VS tropical line, I guess that'll be my next stop! UGH Thank you for sharing!
Simply K (9 days ago)
L Monae lol exactly, I just left using my rewards card 🤦🏾‍♀️
L Monae (9 days ago)
+Simply K I'm trying to stay away but the way these coupons burning my wallet I might have to stop by soon! LMAO
Simply K (9 days ago)
You’re welcome and they have me broke all the time lol everything smells so good 😩
Jane Staton (9 days ago)
Great haul!💖 I really like the scents from BBW new collection. The Pink Lilly and Bamboo that come this year is same as the Pink Lilly the come out last year.
Simply K (9 days ago)
Jane Staton Thank you ❤️ & I kind of figured it was the same that’s why I didn’t get it.
Mulah Fab (9 days ago)
You got some good ones that I still need to pick up tfs.
Venture Fields (9 days ago)
Great haul!!
Simply K (9 days ago)
Venture Fields Thank you ❤️
Ashley Thomas (9 days ago)
Miss you message me sometime love you 😘 Sissy

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