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Installing Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition on Oracle VM

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In this lesson I'll show you in simple, short way how to install windows server 2012 standard edition on Oracle Virtual Box Windows Server 2012, codenamed “Windows Server 8″, is the sixth release of Windows Server. It is the server version of Windows 8 and succeeds Windows Server 2008 R2. Two pre-release versions, a developer preview and a beta version, were released during development. The software was generally available to customers starting on September 4, 2012. Review system requirements: Processor: Minimum: 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor Ram: Minimum: 512 MB Disk Space: Minimum: 32 GB Other requirements: DVD drive Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution monitor Keyboard and Microsoft® mouse (or other compatible pointing device) Internet access Please, Notice only 64 Bit processors supported
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Asim Rout (3 years ago)
So much!!
Asim Rout (3 years ago)
Thank you

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