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Yours Clothing TV Advert 2013

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metallicleoraa (5 years ago)
Can't wait to get my order! It shipped out super fast!
Paul Boyarin (1 year ago)
metallicleoraa u
Saintrotter (5 years ago)
Since when has the definition of curvy, changed to fat? Kelly Brook is curvy, the women in this advert are fat.
The DoPe Brothers (5 years ago)
You sure do look cute!
C. Lincoln (5 years ago)
You bitches look cute.
ria valentine (5 years ago)
yours has lots of great clothes for curvy girls im so glad that they have finally made a tv advert for it :)
Linda Slee (5 years ago)
great ad and great idea, curvy girls are good at looking good when they can get grfat clothing.
claire (5 years ago)
So glad this brand is being brought to the attention of other curvy girls out their
Kelly Ann (5 years ago)
Wow fantastic to see an advert for Yours. I LOVE Yours clothing.

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