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Kara With HIgh Caliber Ammo and Heavy Ordiance Stacked Full Bloodlust

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Here is a new design for Kara for testing. Let us know what you think. Level 6 Press the attack Level 6 MG4X Grenade Launcher (R) Level 6 High caliber ammo Level 6 Heavy Ordinance Kara provides herself with a personal Hero Buff known as Bloodlust ( Type 1 ). The Bloodlust buff increases with every enemy Unit killed by Kara or a member of her Fireteam. The Blood lust buff provides the following beneficial Buffs : 10% Increase in Damage ( Maximum of 200% Increase after 20 Kills ) 5% Increase in Reload Speed ( Maximum of 50% Increase after 10 Kills ) The Bloodlust buff applies only to the following Special Forces : Kara herself The Blood lust buff does NOT apply to the following Special Forces : Any other Special Forces Infantry, Special Forces Aircraft or Special Forces Vehicles The Bloodlust buff is Reset when an attack is ended. The Blood lust buff is inherent to Kara therefore no special icon is displayed. PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO HELP GET TO OUR GOAL OF 1000 SUBSCRIBERS!
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