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Top 5 War of the Spark Cards You Will Die To - MTG

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War of the Spark has been out a few weeks now, and it has been making waves across all formats, from Modern to Legacy and through to Vintage. Let me talk you through my picks for "cards you will die to" in Eternal formats, with a sprinkling of Standard. You can sign up, support me, and get involved through here: https://www.patreon.com/PleasantKenobi This video is brought to you by the support of ChannelFireball.com, your best source for MTG news, strategy articles and Magic singles. If you liked the video, take a moment to show your love and adoration by clicking on that like button, and ensuring that you are subscribed to the channel! Share the video with your friends if they have yet to experience the splendor of PleasantKenobi! The more people that see it, the less likely I am to cease to exist! Check out my channel for more MTG, video games and humour: https://www.youtube.com/user/PleasantKenobi Tweet me, follow me and love me over on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PleasantKenobi Come and join the FB community by following the FB page at: https://www.facebook.com/PleasantKenobi/ Channel Logo was created by the wonderful and talented Liz, follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sanktastic11
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Text Comments (112)
Punchy Bug (4 days ago)
Who wouldn't agree with this list, also yes Karn is #1 in mostly all of my decks hahaha
Tyler Hayes (5 days ago)
At Pre-release I killed people in 5 turns...
Kaitlyn Davia (7 days ago)
Jessica Raven (8 days ago)
woah just found out my prerelease copy of narset is worth over 20$ not selling it though shes to pretty in foil. though i don't know if ill use her not much of a blue player and shes double blue.
Trevor Stephens (8 days ago)
Parhellion 2 goes in to Bears in cars commander hate bears deck
Greg Gilbraith (9 days ago)
"Geist of St Aircraft" absolutely killed me
Daniel Havens (9 days ago)
Forget Mycosynth Lattice. Liquid metal coating to start strip mining early without worrying about urza lands. Add some good old Ancient grudge for value.
Mister Turk Turkle (9 days ago)
"Pleasant" kenobi. Insults viewers in first sentence. Mfw 🦀
PleasantKenobi (9 days ago)
I love crabs.
Schecter 7 (9 days ago)
Not really true, counter...
Bóas Kristjánsson (9 days ago)
Geist of St. Aircraft deserves some kind of internet award imo
Cyrush (9 days ago)
My lgs shutdown :(
Kurt Horsting (9 days ago)
Has anyone tried to make a taking turns deck with kefnet? Cuz you can have Jace the mind sculptor out and then keep brainstorming a Time Warp on top of your deck and lock your opponent out of the game. P.s. you forgot about blast zone. It's ratchet bomb on a land.
MarsCleric (9 days ago)
I've been playing karn in bomberman, it's sooooooo good even without lattice
Adrian Camilleri (9 days ago)
One day you're going to have kids. And those kids will be able to see their dad have a faux wank on YouTube.
Ollie Grant (10 days ago)
i won a game at a prerelease with parhelion 2
Blaze482Gaming (10 days ago)
are you seriously only 21?
Kefnet and Rhonas are boiz, Hazoret, Oketra and Bontu are DISHWASHERS
Enchanted Celebi (10 days ago)
This moring narset commanded a 30 foil price tag
Tragic The Garnering (10 days ago)
parhelion plus new karn is gold
FullMetalSpartan _ (10 days ago)
Glad to see love for Vivien, I am playing her in my modern bant midrange list and using her to flash in Deputy of Detention and Knight of Autumn is pure value
Logan Ortega (10 days ago)
Nice panda pjs?/blanket.
Neil Ryan (10 days ago)
Karn + Liquimetal Coating can turn your opponent's land into an artifact and then turn it into a 0/0 creature. Sadness.
Octavious Enterprise (10 days ago)
micosynth lattice needs to be banned in modern immediately
Bull Bill (10 days ago)
Octavious Enterprise that’s utterly ridiculous
AuraXars (10 days ago)
Spot 5 for me is Oketra, that card WINS games
Ze Filthiest Of Franks (10 days ago)
AuraXars she is really lackluster, as she is only good in midrange shells that are very creature based
Peter Klein (10 days ago)
You're gona cry playing aginst Narset's Reversal in eternal formats.
Salt Efan (10 days ago)
I kinda want it just to go say "Screw you" to a turns or miracles player
Clubbing Seal Cub (10 days ago)
I bought 4 nu-karns last saturday for 5€ each... feels good man
Juicy_Corgi (10 days ago)
What happened to the first Panhelion?
Juicy_Corgi (10 days ago)
Dean Sawyer-Terry In the first Ravnica story?
Dean Sawyer-Terry (10 days ago)
Juicy_Corgi it crashed
Steven Nelson (10 days ago)
The quality content I subscribed for
Simon Lauridsen (10 days ago)
I love lists tbh
Filip Velitchkov (10 days ago)
And Nicol Bolas?
Name Name (10 days ago)
I did 2 prereleases and won 9 packs between them. I opened 3 Teferi. I will never be using the card. So I certainly hope he goes up in price. I'd like to trade them off for cards I actually like. I like the new Vivian, but I just don't think she does quite enough for me to use her in any EDH deck and I don't play standard. Also got a prerelease promo Ugin, but he got stolen along with 2 of my other promos. :(
Integer Devourer (10 days ago)
Don't worry, I don't think your wife is on the Top 5 Disappointed Wives of Youtubers... yet?
Permeating Mess (10 days ago)
Already picked up my 4 anime Karns. Gotta love that LAMP
Ashra (10 days ago)
0:19 Oh I know a channel like that... what's it called again?? Oh mtggoldfish there like you but with better beards :p And you know, they get preview cards.... Mwhahha
Ryan McLain (10 days ago)
oh, excellent example of being a dick. I approve.
PleasantKenobi (10 days ago)
KelloPudgerro (10 days ago)
FINALLY somebody mentioning flashing vivian
Octavious Enterprise (10 days ago)
you should have said Vivian's flashing *wink*
pudgimelon (10 days ago)
The biggest problem with new-Karn is that he is just 4 generic mana. He can literally go into any deck. So that gives any deck access to the Lattice-Lock, which of course means he is going to be this set's Smuggler's Copter. At the very least, they should have made him cost 2◇◇ so he'd be harder to play in every single deck ever.
pudgimelon (10 days ago)
+Salt Efan Yes. Lots of decks will be able to use Karn to further their own strategy on the turn he comes in and then Lattice-Lock when they untap with him. So he is going to be VERY ubiquitous.
Salt Efan (10 days ago)
Just realized. It gives Devoted Druid another route to win with their infinite mana.
PalPlays (10 days ago)
Bolas's Citadel seems crazy in mono-black Storm in Legacy. It's an Ad Nauseam and a ritual combined!
Bruce Praska (10 days ago)
Kina but you would much rather play ad nauseam then this cause you have to pay life ad nauseam can be cast from the grave with past in flames and you still get to draw as many as you want if you hit a land with this your done combo fizzles and you more then likely lose the game
PalPlays (10 days ago)
Wait...Vince. Am I older than you? September '97 was when I was born.
Rares Calinel (10 days ago)
"wait what where we talking about?.....MAGIC?" is the best way i define ur metaphors.
PalPlays (10 days ago)
It bugs me that Teferi, Time Raveler's third ability doesn't put a linebreak so that "Draw a Card" shows up on its own line. "Draw a card." is a bit messy.
Ryan McLain (10 days ago)
picky there aren't we, princess?
PalPlays (10 days ago)
In prerelease I attacked for over seventy damage with Parhelion and five walkers (Sarkhan).
Logan Rose (10 days ago)
Karn is so good in Tron...mmmm
Salt Efan (10 days ago)
It allows tron a very good game against phoenix and other creature-based aggro decks. Play Karn off of a full tron Tutor for ensnaring bridge Play Bridge
Edward Feldman (10 days ago)
You have conVINCEd me
Juicy_Corgi (10 days ago)
Edward Feldman Post this in every future vid
Kellen Morse (10 days ago)
Kefnet is a boi
Zachd 2465 (10 days ago)
I got to tutor the parhelion 2 with Karn from my said board at the prereleases and then animate with Karn
GRIM (10 days ago)
There’s a mono white control deck that safron olive played that’s specifically built to do just that lol
Christopher Lundgren (10 days ago)
That's actually pretty epic.
David McBrien (10 days ago)
Just getting ready to head down to the Local Shop for some Canadian Highlander. Next time you pop over to Ireland you should come down and Jam some games. I think you would enjoy the challenge.
Armandnathan (10 days ago)
That intro nearly gave me a heart attack 10/10
Lily Beaver (10 days ago)
Really surprised not to see neoform here.
aqing0601 (10 days ago)
Really? No Blast Zone a.k.a. Ratchet Bomb that's a land?
Bruce Praska (9 days ago)
+punkhippe and not to mention all the cards on this list are bonkers good when has there ever been a 3 mana teferi, or a 4 mana karn that hoses other artifact decks I'll tell you...NEVER and just to add insult to injury teferi draws you a card from the minus and shuts off control decks entirely and you still can play serum visions on there turn like wtf that's a level of craziness that's never been seen ever the fact that karn will probably seen play in vintage should be good enough reason for anyone and under the worst of circumstances you play both to teferi's cause this sets up an ideal board for turn 5 when you just start bouncing there board
Bruce Praska (9 days ago)
+punkhippe no that's not what I said at all especially since you die to it simply cause for one it needs to have an open board almost always and how many decks in legacy keep that much of an open board. The only one that comes to mind is quite literally lands and even then it's a terrible card considering that e.e. does a million times better job considering for one it doesn't need to tap itself to add more counters and 2 you can pay 0 for x so it's a terrible card the simplest way to put this is that it's the worst parts of engineered explosives and Ratchet bomb
punkhippe (10 days ago)
I mean you dont die to blast zone. You lose because the value it provides but this list is more timmy than a card like that.
Bruce Praska (10 days ago)
+GRIM oh god ya undeniably but blast zone is the worst parts of ratchet bomb and engineered explosives
GRIM (10 days ago)
Also, it can snipe planes walkers if you get the counters high enough
Claude Rains (10 days ago)
People like lists on youtube because it provides structure to the video. Rather than have a loose stream of consciousness that might meander a bit, lists ensure that the video will be punching quickly moving between topics in a manner that we have come to expect. Furthermore, the list creates engagement with the audience seeking to predict what will appear next. Will your guess turn out to be on the mark or will your expectations be subverted? Watch the full video to find out. No, your audience it not necessarily conscious of their desire for this structure; in the same way that we don't realise that we have come to expect that Star Wars movies will have a light sabre fight, a laser gun fight and a spaceship battle. But it is a nice to have.
Andrew Sparkes (10 days ago)
If they just topdecked Parhelion II, that is indeed serendipitous!
Noah Murtha (10 days ago)
I’ve been playing Karn in modern whir prison and let me tell you, making your main deck into 70-75 cards with your sideboard is crazy in matches against fringe decks that you aren’t prepped for. Or grabbing the pithing needle out of your sideboard to name karn liberated after tron slams it down lol
Noah Murtha (10 days ago)
Andrew Sparkes lol I have it in the board my man. I play main deck graffdiggers cage instead cuz it’s a permanent lock on graves. Shuts out more than just graveyard decks too, shuts off snapcasters and flashback in control so I maindeck one and sideboard one along with tormods crypt and 2 copies of Extirpate.
Andrew Sparkes (10 days ago)
+Noah Murtha Fair point! I tend to play Modern at my LGS against other people who love jankier combos too rather than meta decks, so probably see more stuff worth shutting down in my 'unofficial meta'; it's an all-star in my Paradoxical Outcome deck! Since you're concerned about graveyard and also care about the number of artifacts on the field, I can't help but endorse Tormod's Crypt too! Basically a mox for your Whir, while disrupting graveyard shenanigans!
Noah Murtha (10 days ago)
I’m playing it in the board because most of the meta doesn’t have anything worth pithing/spyglassing main deck. Most decks are graveyard based or tempo/aggro
Andrew Sparkes (10 days ago)
If you're playing Whir, you may as well just play at least one Needle in the main deck for improvisation. But yeah, being able to tutor the second copy is still a fair point!
Harrison (10 days ago)
WotC spent ten years building up Bolas as the big villain of Magic. But all it took was two cards to make everyone hate Teferi more.
Bruce Praska (9 days ago)
I agree I personally think new teferi is a bit of a liliana of the Veil level of power I wouldn't quite say 100 dollar price tag but it will be more then hero of dominaria and it won't replace it either but both will see play together
neoepochx (10 days ago)
Kefnet and Rhonas are guys. Oketra, Bontu, and Hazoret are gals.
Shadow Gamer (10 days ago)
+spyguy4558 obviously not. Almost all characters depicted in cards have specific gender Except for cards who show multiple people and Karn himself who doesn't have a gender but doesn't mind when people call him 'him"
PalPlays (10 days ago)
+spyguy4558 Funny.
spyguy4558 (10 days ago)
I thought Planeswalkers were the only cards that had genders?
PalPlays (10 days ago)
And then Scorps is a BRO...even if Wizards did him dirty.
Will Houldy (10 days ago)
Do Karn upticks with Mycosynth Lattice in play destroy lands?
xRapidDashxx (10 days ago)
Destroy no but kill yes. They become 0/0s and die. This is different from destroying, a 0/0 with indestructible is still a dead creature.
Grog (10 days ago)
Depends, Arixmethes doesn't die I believe but all other lands do (due having a CMC 0, and thus becoming 0/0).
Lucas Lopes (10 days ago)
Yes, it destroys artifact lands
Pluit1 (10 days ago)
Uhhh, I believe Kefnet is a guy. Not a girl.
Nug Humper (10 days ago)
+Homeless slowbro Nothing in our lives actually matter. Why discuss anything at all?
Homeless slowbro (10 days ago)
one honest folk explain why that matters
one honest folk (10 days ago)
Kefnet is a ''he''
Homeless slowbro (10 days ago)
Daniel Rye it doesn’t matter. It’s a fictional character. Worry about stuff that matters
Daniel Rye (10 days ago)
+Homeless slowbro it's a God it probably doesn't reproduce
ThyrixSyx (10 days ago)
Kefnet and Rhonas= Brois | Oketra, Bontu, and Hazoret= Gurls | Karn= Stronk
Schecter 7 (9 days ago)
Karn is meh
ThyrixSyx (10 days ago)
+PalPlays possibly, i legit didnt know the right word so i used gurls
PalPlays (10 days ago)
Wait isn't it "Grils"?
Maica Tereza (10 days ago)
Vince you are very handsome but you are copying saffron olive. Wait wrong video?
Maica Tereza (9 days ago)
Raphael Lim (9 days ago)
___oOoBODYBAGoOo ___ It's a joke about PleasantKenobi's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride video.
___oOoBODYBAGoOo ___ (10 days ago)
Wtf are u talking about.
Alex Yearwood (10 days ago)
Wow you’re right people will probably die to hollow one a lot
Julian Dale (10 days ago)
I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed
ErroneousClique (10 days ago)
I hate list videos...unless there is a bugle in it. Fortunately Vince barely passes - half a bugle far left. I am watching you Vince...

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