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Crimped Magic The Gathering Cards

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This is the Largest UNAPPROVED / UNSPONSORED / UNCONTROLLED Magic The Gathering Channel in the world filled with Greed Monsters, Evil Investors, and ....3.696969% Women Selling a Magic Collection? [email protected] PATREON : https://www.patreon.com/AlphaInvestments Twitter @MTG_AlphaInvest SHIRTS: https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_ssn=alpha_investments&item=162268260486&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.Xalpha+investments.TRS0&_nkw=alpha+investments&_sacat=0 ~FAN MAIL~ Rudy's Magic Store 10950-60 San Jose Blvd. Box # 139 Jacksonville, FL 32223 ~ May 2019 Patron List ~ Force of Will - Preorders - 69.99 Force of Will LARGE OUT OF PRINT Variety Box - 299.99 MTG - Journey into Nyx - SOLD OUT MTG - Core 2019 MTG - Guilds of Ravnica MTG - Ravnica Allegiance
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Text Comments (352)
Jared Oles (5 hours ago)
Love video game stuff
William Stewart (20 hours ago)
FF VI is the best FF
NotAPolarBear (2 days ago)
I am from the Seychelles
Diamatsu (4 days ago)
Now my favorite streamer! FFVIII is my favorite!
Michael Popa (5 days ago)
def want more video game stuff
mollycrime (6 days ago)
rudy i LOVED seeing you talk about the squaresoft games. there's nothing wrong with diversifying your content a little bit; when it's a subject you really like talking about it clearly shows in your videos and it really makes for really fun to watch content as well
Rain74 (6 days ago)
Definitely love the video game stuff! I played FF1 in high school (a friend let me borrow it). I now have 1-11 and some of the side stuff (chronos and what-not). Much of my collection is the 'dreaded green label' though.. :P Fun stuff though. Enjoyed it.
Jack _ (7 days ago)
Super sensitive black backing or super resistant? I never encountered a black PS1 disc that was unable to read while all the pirated regular discs didnt read after few scratches.
Lucius Malfoy (7 days ago)
Chrono Cross was an amazing game!!
lonkplay (7 days ago)
Rudy I am into retro game collecting. I'd love some content about the Classic NES dragon quest games. As they 2-4th games are really rare in america.
David Vaughn (8 days ago)
Final Fantasy 7. The best I've ever played.
James Love (8 days ago)
Sylvan Library was the shiz. In extended 9 land green with library, winter orb, and fat beats going straight to the dome. Good times. Got second in a PTQ against a Turbo deck which had 4 submerge and 3 hibernation in the sideboard, I was literally the only one who played 9L green in a hundred + player tournament and this guy brings in half his sideboard on me. How he got to the final match is beyond me. Not as bad as the time I got second to The Rock when I was playing suicide black in a final, guy top decked me for his 3 wins, oh well I didn't get paired against sligh / dead guy red or whatever you want to call it in the semi final so I guess I can't complain about that one.
Jrodsly (9 days ago)
I absolutely would love to see more video game videos. Love me some video games.
FiftyFour Tellu (10 days ago)
Video game reviews would be awesome.
B D (10 days ago)
Please do more video game collections
Sean Ryan Toys & Games (10 days ago)
That first print run ff7, OMG!!!!!
RailgunRDS (10 days ago)
more ps1 games
Dj Ballard (11 days ago)
Love the full sets!
Chris Stuedle (11 days ago)
timmy here requesting a retro game video
Felixxx9 (11 days ago)
Jesus, aren't we paying for these videos?
Blyze Guy (11 days ago)
Nice video, I love final fantasy. Good addition to your content :)
Dylan Covers (11 days ago)
I love old games, if you wanted to do more video game focused videos I'd definitely watch
The Hitomiboy (11 days ago)
FF9 best Fantasy, which is final.
Andrew Balaz (11 days ago)
I now like you more since you enjoy FF8. So many people bash it, but you are obviously a man of culture and vision.
SmashAdam (11 days ago)
I'd love to see more classic video game stuff
Eric Schaeffer (11 days ago)
Just had a thought. To get around the reserve list, can you reprint a card on the list and just give it another name/art?
mike c (11 days ago)
Would not mind some video game videos Rudy. I love games.
Jared Goldy (11 days ago)
I always love seeing other games that are old and worth money. I still have my original ff7 disks but sadly no case for them anymore
Nicholas Lanze (11 days ago)
I absolutely loved VIII.
Jesse Welch (11 days ago)
At 9:05, no Rudy, we did not leave the video. We take this walk of nostalgia with you, enjoying our own memories and happiness. Keep walking Rudy, we are with you.
Yurikan (11 days ago)
holy crap he has Chrono Cross! That's the most played RPG I had and even played it when the PS2 came out.
adolphus28 (12 days ago)
A couple of duals?! He had five!
adolphus28 (12 days ago)
Wow. Didnt realise you were such a Final Fantasy guy. FFVII is the ultimate iconic eternal masters :))
Zigon (12 days ago)
Of course you stopped showing games at the best ff made of all time. ff9 is a true masterpiece.
Luis Cortes (12 days ago)
Penis the gathering is what started it all, Remember seeing them in gamestores back in the early 90’s
Ew Booksamillion. Used to work at one.
Futureguitarist15 (12 days ago)
I would love to see more video game content! Especially any old school sealed SNES GBC or PS1 stuff!
Keough Darklance (12 days ago)
Chrono Cross was an epic game =D
Krystle Barnes (12 days ago)
I would love to see more videogame content. Still have my original copy of FF7 though the case is cracked.I accidentally sat on it as a teenager. Part of me wants to replace it but part of me wants to leave it as is.
xVyersx (12 days ago)
I'm kinda jealous that you have Xenogears. I need to find mine but I probably got it lost.
blackhats4charity (12 days ago)
game make me :)
Steven Stensgaard (12 days ago)
Yup. Loved FFVIII too. Good content.
JTNugget (12 days ago)
FF9 is the best game out of those 3 FF's. Whatchu talkin bout Willis?
joe schmoe (11 days ago)
You're obviously trolling
Oni (12 days ago)
"Tiny Rudy"
Chris (12 days ago)
Would love to hear more about games! I've got the special edition of PS2 ICO, as well as Shadow of the Colossus. Not M/NM, but the ICO does still contain the original 3 postcards you got with them. Valuewise perhaps not very interesting, but they are very nice and have a special place in my memory :)
Donald Xavier (12 days ago)
Firecrest (12 days ago)
I own a hand full of boxed retro games. I'd love some videos on it.
LordsOfSkulls (12 days ago)
Rudy, we should talk about console video game collecting. =) hit me up some time. I been collecting mostly PS2 Forward, but got couple good gems from PS1 era =)
chase ahlfinger (12 days ago)
Love the video juego stuff Rudy
Michael Wonser (12 days ago)
RUDY - Show more Video Games! Review some of your favorites! Give it your Rudy spin!
grizzlygreenbear (12 days ago)
I actually lol’d at penis the gathering haha.
Jo Da (12 days ago)
2:20 internet gold with that sick ass custom card. id pay the postage if you wanted to send me PENIS THE GATHERING (im actually being serious)
secret name (12 days ago)
Vanyo Spasov (12 days ago)
You didn't point, which fish are you on the shoal :(((((((((
Brandon Vaughn (12 days ago)
I would dig a video game collection video or something.
William Sleight (12 days ago)
My heart skipped a beat when I saw og ff7 ps1 . Omg 😅
William Sleight (12 days ago)
I have never seen that happen.
Noah (12 days ago)
jeremy debraccio (12 days ago)
Crimpity cimpity now now
TheTARANISh (12 days ago)
Final Fantasy VII is the best game ever.
MPSecare (12 days ago)
Penis The Gathering
Adam Carhart (12 days ago)
Love Chrono Cross. One of my favorite games back in the day. The over world music so good.
Timmy the Sorcerer (12 days ago)
14:33 Love the unl Doppelganger! Such a beautiful card.
paul panzor (12 days ago)
"Penis the Gathering" i thought i never saw a SO GOOD painting since the elementary school .... lol
DatAzz (12 days ago)
I like how you mention how easily the black backed PS1 discs show scratches every time. You know you can remove those and bring them back to a like new finish with the right equipment right?
Crimson Envec (12 days ago)
Those black labels are sexy as hell
tetrisgoat (12 days ago)
"Final Fantasy IX was not well-liked back when, people ft it had drifted too far from Final Fantasy VII". Are you being serious? Final Fantasy IX was celebrating for heralding the return of classic Final Fantasy games. I still think that seven and eight are completely inferior games to the true masterpieces, like VI and IX. I also hold IV there, but am very open to the possibility that this may be nostalgia speaking. Seven and eight are not "proper" final fantasy games the way they should be.
tetrisgoat (12 days ago)
I know that people like VII a lot, especially in the US, but ugh. They also need to be open to the possibility that this is because they played seven first and this is why they like it. Tell you what, my friend played eight first, and guess which he thinks is the best one? Yep. Eight. And seven is "the poor attempt they did before perfecting it". (Fwiw, I played eight of the first nine in order. I still have yet to play III)
Daemon Redwyne (12 days ago)
I’ve got an unopened original and greatest hits version of The Legend of Dragoon. Love these type of videos!
gmw827 (12 days ago)
Wizards quality control issues have created a secondary market within the secondary market that deals in miscuts, misprints, and oddities. Crimped cards are free value in boosters. People complain about "damaged product" and "poor quality control" but the oddities community eats that stuff. $1 cards can become $50 cards because of quality issues. Food for thought.
corronica91 (12 days ago)
Anyone else notice penis on the back of the bowser card
dsagent (12 days ago)
Please more videogame stuff I have a bunch of NES games and Valkyrie Profile for the PS1 that are worth a few hundred.
Jaime Segura (12 days ago)
Make a new channel about video games. I'll dive in right away
Crixus The Gaul (12 days ago)
Never cared about Final Fantasy. XenoGears was cool though.
Xenogears is the best RPG ever !!!
Kyle (12 days ago)
pls dont use that for mac n cheese
hawke syn (12 days ago)
Hold up. People give you games?
RetroMTG (12 days ago)
Heard that on the Greatest Hits labels, they just don't look right
Einheits Brey (12 days ago)
8:23 i feel you bruh
Ice Snake (12 days ago)
14:09 you pervert.... ;)
Ice Snake (12 days ago)
hey Rudy, Just use the JFJ Easy Pro and clean your games, it really works!!
Michael Lawton (12 days ago)
I would love to see more video game stuff. It's super neat!
ahriik (12 days ago)
I love retro video game stuff - would love to see videos dedicated to just that!
KPX01 (12 days ago)
FF9 is my fav, if we have achievement back then i probably almost got platinum since the only thing i didnt do is the speed run to get one of the weapon i think.
The BloodSwiper (12 days ago)
I got a question: Did he receive those items or is he only reviewing?
steet2 (12 days ago)
Rudy, disk 1 and 2 of VII were about the same amount of content, 1 was still bigger but 2 still had a good amount. 3 was the one that had almost nothing.
Mathew Carabott (12 days ago)
Would be interested in some retro game collection videos/reviews or anything related :D
Open Gambling (12 days ago)
WOW Nice Crimpage!!
R E (12 days ago)
Didn't send the best one... Final Fantasy Tactics!! And Chrono Cross is one of the best PlayStation games ever for sure!
Daniel Tesch (11 days ago)
Wasn't giving up Tactics. Too nostalgic for me.
pccleric (12 days ago)
I love the older video games.I am currently working on a lets play series for freedom force. Anyone heard of that game?
brian b (12 days ago)
Rudy I love seeing the old/vintage video games, would love to see more
Tim Dornaus (12 days ago)
couldnt give less of a fuck about gaming
championchap (12 days ago)
FF IX is the only one I liked 😎
red wolf92 (12 days ago)
how much is the price for an alpha vintage copy PSA 10 of that foil mythic *Penis the Gathering* Rudy?
Frank Gee (12 days ago)
HarmsArms (12 days ago)
Love seeing the old games! But I never figured out how to play Penis the Gathering :(
goomba man (12 days ago)
Yes do a video on older video games!
TheBitFox (12 days ago)
Seeing all those PSX makes me sad. Back then, you could buy a random game from the shelf and it would be a great game to play. Now you have to skim trough millions of reviews, check the background of the dev to see if they're micrograbers and get an std test before buying one.
Dalton Mekis (12 days ago)
Rudy I remember how big of a deal deathmist raptor was...Pepperidge farm remembers
Epic Anime (12 days ago)
i play penis the gathering when im sad or mad.
se7enfoot (12 days ago)
Crono Cross is a great game also. I spent my 8th grade year playing/replaying FF7. I used Storm Elemental (ice age) to collar Serra Angel back in those days also
Alex Mendoza (12 days ago)
The way he hit the landing at the end 10 out of 10 madlads.

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