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NEW | Insectibles Full Episodes | GOOD Vs BAD | Funny Insect Cartoons For Kids by Oddbods & Friends

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It's time to have an epic battle Good vs Bad, Fake vs Real!! Watch this Funny Cartoon Compilation of Insectibles For Kids by Vidavoo! ►Subscribe Now: https://bit.ly/2MYr7Mk ►Watch Insectibles Cartoon: https://bit.ly/2LwrWYc ►Watch Rob The Robot Show: https://bit.ly/2BRKuCI ►Watch Funny Oddbods Episodes: https://bit.ly/2wk3Fj1 Subscribe to More Amazing Channels: ►Insectibles: https://bit.ly/2NmopNF ►Rob The Robot: https://bit.ly/2MVAH2J ►Oddbods: https://bit.ly/2Parm4x About The Show: INSECTIBLES ——————————————— Insectibles explores a world of micro proportions with macro adventures when Grandpa’s invention accidentally shrinks both Zak and Grandpa down to the size of insects. With the aid of one bionic arm and three ‘enhanced’ insect friends – Syd, Chowser, and Willow, they are the Insectibles and find themselves facing challenges beyond their wildest dreams. They bravely trek through grass blade forests and fight the evil mecha-mosquito Adilla with her daughter, Lidia, her faithful servant Gnat and a whole platoon of bodybuilding cockroaches. Can Zak and Grandpa find a way to un-shrink themselves before Adilla gets to them? The Main INSECTIBLES: ZAK Zak is a perfect fusion of ‘Ferris Bueller’ and ‘Captain Kirk’, his guts, and charisma are hard to resist! He’s a fast -talker and quick to devise schemes that allow him to skateboard through life! WILLOW She is scrappy, feisty and comes off as utterly fearless. yet with all this confidence at her disposal, Willow is terrified of one thing: heights! CHOWSER Something of a ‘late bloomer’ as caterpillars go, Chowser is delighted with the mechanical enhancement: A retractable set of helicopter-like rotor blades which allow him to fly and hover. SYD Syd is hesitant about everything in every way. Any loud noises, bright lights or fast motions nearly wrinkle the shell right off of him: he just wants to take things slow. GRAMPS As a young lad, Gramps was kooky about insects, bugs, and all things that most folks find repugnant. the Shrinkinator was meant to allow him access to his insect friends’ home turf.
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