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The Lord's Prayer - ICEL Chant - New English Translation of the Roman Missal, Third Edition

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The Lord's Prayer, Embolism, and Doxology - ICEL Chant - New English Translation of the Roman Missal, Third Edition Office of Divine Worship Saint Cecilia Schola Richard J. Clark, Director Allesandra Cionco, Richard J. Clark, Mark Donohoe, Rev. Jonathan Gaspar, Liz Kerigan, Emily Lau, Clare McNamara, Michael Olbash, Elisabeth Pifer, Tanya Skypeck Jason Villarreal Frias Recorded at St. Cecilia Church, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Jon R (6 months ago)
This is similar to the way it was sung back in the 80s and early 90s when I was a child back in Los Angeles. Then it started to change, such a pity.
Joshua cedillo (1 year ago)
BootsWithFur (2 years ago)
Martin Johnson (5 years ago)
When a child sings to us we do not judge the quality of the singing, rather we are warmed by the outpouring of what is in the heart of the child. I don't know what you mean by "babbling," but I have no doubt the Father only cares about what is in our heart. That we are trying to please God with our voices is what pleases God.
Katia Gyetvai (5 years ago)
You liar. I am part of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, the only church which has existed since the time of Christ. I know for a fact that Catholicism is not a church of lies, but of faith. "Faith without works is dead." St. Paul.
AAIIGI92 (5 years ago)
And also, do not fall victim to catholic churches. That is a dark church full of blaspheme and lies. It was born in the Dark Ages of man. (the medieval era for knights and that) To christians of faith only be careful of what you see and listen to, people without faith can do what they want.
TroyluvsGabi (6 months ago)
I know you commented this 4 years ago, but as a Catholic Christian, I can tell you that we were not formed in the Dark Ages as you claim, but rather we were founded by Christ himself (I can point it out in Scripture if you'd like to discuss it). The Catholic Church is the true Church, following and teaching what Jesus taught his Apostles, the first Bishops.
AAIIGI92 (5 years ago)
It took me awhile to find a Christian chant that is clean and not babbling. I listen with caution because not all chants are for our Lord. Most chants are of this world and not for Him. I as a Christian learned from scripture about chanting. It says people that chant don't understand entirely of what they're saying. They chant so they can be heard in their prayers, but it is nothing more than babbling, that of the sinful city of Babylon. With that in mind, if you are a Christian, be warned.
frjimt9455 (10 months ago)
AAIIGI92 u just 'babbled' :lol!
Oisín Clancy (6 years ago)
What a pity one cannot hear this in our Roman Catholic Churches of today! WHY? What a beautiful English rendition of Pater Noster.
daphluvsrickman (6 years ago)
Not a fan of the new translation
aarespo (7 years ago)
i never knew this tune can express the pater noster in english
Henrik Hagnell (7 years ago)
good chanting, but we should still have mass said in latin!
Knights Templar (4 months ago)
Nah. Go to a FSSP Mass if you wanna. We aint gonna stop ya. The Traditional Latin Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei? Sure, I'd agree with that. A lot of music in the Mass of Paul VI is not the best... but not as a liturgical language for the whole Mass.
Dcn. Jedidiah Tritle (7 years ago)

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