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IMAX | Fighter Pilots | Operation Red Flag [1080P]

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Fantastic little documentary about operation red flag. Where the best pilots of the worlds airforces get together to simulate a 2 week long gruelling air campaign.
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Mazhar Imam (16 days ago)
Awesome 👆
S Piderman (2 months ago)
This is fucking awesome
Kris Woodhull (2 months ago)
Assigned to Red Flag Alaska for 4 years kinda the same only more beautiful scenery
Insaneduude (3 months ago)
I was an AWACS crew member (Airborne Radar Technician). Our technology is not as advanced as seen in the film. The AWACS looks completely different from what is seen in this movie, even with the recent 40/45 upgrade. I mean we are running like windows 2000 in that P.O.S. lol
Faisal العنزي (4 months ago)
the one in the blue camouflag f16 is badass!!
Hello everyone! I am the first person to comment on this video of the IMAX movie Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag! I really love this movie so much! It's like the Paramount movie Top Gun mixed with the Disney/Pixar movie Planes and the Dreamworks movie Bee Movie! From 4:08 to 4:43 I did a roll call count of all the planes on the flight line and here's what they had: British RAF Boeing AV-8 Harriers, German GAF Panavia Tornadoes, Canadian RCAF Boeing CF-18 Hornets, Italian IAF Lockheed Martin F-16 Falcons, Singaporean RSAF Boeing F-15 Strike Eagles, and American USAF Boeing F-15 Eagles, with USN/USMC Northrop Grumman EA-6 Prowlers. And if you think about that, I compare that to the Dreamworks Bee Movie where at 5:40 to 9:10 all the fighter planes were moving out to takeoff on their air combat training missions. Similar to what the Bees did in Bee Movie! And similar connections link with Paramount's Top Gun with the air combat training missions, and Disney/Pixar's Planes with the United States and it's allied country partners around the planet working together! Enjoy!
Arkforge Entertainment (2 months ago)
Cristian Valenzuela Wait, wasn’t the OPFOR flying F-16s? The Blue Force is flying the Eagles.
Cristian Valenzuela (4 months ago)
This is full on real except some inaccuracies like the red leader flying an F-15 rather than F-16 or the protagonist being selected to pilot rescue, which was meant to show first hand the exercise and in a closer look. Enjoy the vid

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