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Red Flag - All Saints

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Track n. 10 from their latest album RED FLAG, out now.
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dudewheresmycar47 (1 year ago)
cant find the track - Ratchet Behaviour audio ?can u send me a link to it ?
arebrec (1 year ago)
I can't find it either. There is no (non live shit recording) original listing for that track on YT.
gruv210 (2 years ago)
Love how this merges with Ratchet Behavior. I also love the vocal layers. More of that! Though it's hard to tell who does what. Is the "nah, nah, nah, nah" part Nicole? I didn't think so until recently. I know they are all singing together, but before the first chorus, it sounds like parts are split up more. Just wondering!
Jack Collier (3 months ago)
The "na na" parts are Shaz I think, and I think the chorus is a blend of Shaz and Nicole. Only Shaznay could hit those super low notes, I think (the na's, the "flame," etc.) So good.
Kyle Roberts (2 years ago)
my favorite on the album!!

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