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RISE (ft. The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive) | Worlds 2018 - League of Legends

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Reaching the peak takes more than skill. Only those with the ambition to RISE above all others will know its height. For more information on the 2018 League of Legends World Championship visit http://www.lolesports.com. Listen Now: (http://smarturl.it/ewxshd) Spotify: http://smarturl.it/ewxshd/spotify Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/ewxshd/applemusic iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ewxshd/itunes GooglePlay: http://smarturl.it/ewxshd/googleplay Deezer: http://smarturl.it/ewxshd/deezer ************************************************ “RISE” Featured artists: The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive Written by: Riot Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako Additional writing by: Justin Tranter Produced by: Riot Music Team, Alex Seaver of Mako, and The Glitch Mob Additional production by: HEALTH Mixed by: Miles Walker at Silent Sound Studios Assisted by: Ryan Jumper Mastered by: Riot Music Team Vocals performed by: Mako and The Word Alive Vocal production by: Riot Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako The Word Alive appears courtesy of Fearless Records https://theglitchmob.com/ https://www.wearemako.com/ https://wearethewordalive.com/ ************************************************ Welcome to the wild, no heroes and villains Welcome to the war we've only begun, so Pick up your weapon and face it There's blood on the crown go and take it You get one shot to make it out alive, so Higher and higher you chase it It’s deep in your bones, go and take it This is your moment, now is your time, so Prove yourself and RISE, RISE Make 'em remember you RISE Push through hell and RISE, RISE They will remember you RISE Welcome to the climb up, reach for the summit Visions pray that one false step lead the end, so Higher and higher you chase it It's deep in your blood, go and take it This is your moment, take to the skies, go Prove yourself and RISE, RISE Make 'em remember you RISE Push through hell and RISE, RISE They will remember you RISE So get along, so get along, go Get along 'long get a move on up So get along, so get along, go Get along 'long get a move on up And as you fight among the death beneath the dirt Do you know yet? Do you want it? And when the giants call to ask you what you're worth Do you know if, Win or die, you'll Prove yourself and RISE, RISE Make 'em remember you RISE Push through hell and RISE, RISE They will remember you RISE Prove yourself and RISE, RISE (Pick up your weapon and face it) RISE (It’s deep in your blood, go and take it) RISE, RISE (Higher and higher you chase it) RISE, RISE
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Text Comments (69711)
정재우 (33 seconds ago)
강찬밥! 강찬밥!
Yuroza (2 hours ago)
*Make 'em Remember You* *_After 3 Phrases_* *They Will Remember You*
Mr. memes (3 hours ago)
iys my favorit song !
Deloso 785 (4 hours ago)
Faker just flash :D
Diego Arreola Zamudio (4 hours ago)
Nadie mexicano 🇲🇽🇲🇽
IEatSand22890 (4 hours ago)
For real though can we get a freaking LoL animated show or something? There's too much amazing lore and skilled people going to waste.
-으앙- (5 hours ago)
toni araujo (5 hours ago)
n gosto do jogo! mas as musicas de tema de campeonato são mt foda
Hoàng Nguyễn (6 hours ago)
có ai việt nam ko ?
Mr. Sheppard (7 hours ago)
welcome to the rise fields
Allen Soriano (7 hours ago)
Riot can make a song listened more then 100 mil times globally but can't fix the absurd sound of the client on every patch they release lol
M. Arif (9 hours ago)
The first video fight with defult skin in fornite
ALi. (9 hours ago)
Riceeeeeee Riceeeeeeeee
Kessli Nacer (9 hours ago)
Cool 😎 ......rise 🙆
nuller87 (14 hours ago)
In all honesty. They should make such an awesome animated music video for Faker in honor of the times he won worlds.
USS Minneapolis (15 hours ago)
who is this guy?
Rishi Deorah (15 hours ago)
The first few seconds of this makes me wanna yell “ARE YOU READY KIDS?!?”
Yami Yesi (15 hours ago)
el video que da referencia la victoria de un equipo mediocre con suerte de ganar a stk y que ni pudo clasificar para participar el año pasado que buen chiste
Taino (15 hours ago)
when people wonder what Faker is going to pick in a match
정호 김 (16 hours ago)
프레이 ㅈㄴ웃기네
Villain (16 hours ago)
I'm going to say only one thing , SSG shouldn't win the world cup SKT should've win it
без паники (17 hours ago)
вовек не задаваться
고흐진 (17 hours ago)
Luc Imbert (18 hours ago)
2:27 *DIO* *!*
Krios008 (19 hours ago)
Faker's hair, when he casts runic prison :333
Spoodermain (21 hours ago)
tang ena di ako nag LOL para makita kong matalo si faker.
i am writeing a book and certan music helps me come up with cool stuff this song and outers like them are a gold mine
Kerem ERMAN (23 hours ago)
My study please RİSE! RİSE!
Temchi (1 day ago)
2:12 all that matters
aesthetic memes (1 day ago)
Was that double lift?
Justin Tena (1 day ago)
the big sword from 0:18 in the right looks like from that guy in legends never die
민동희 (1 day ago)
시발 멋지지만 슬픈장면
ajadkiller (1 day ago)
This video should have 0 dislikes
Dolores Alderete (1 day ago)
Mi amiga me dijo asi encontre en Facebook uno de pelo rojo pelo verde y pelo morado y pelotudo😂
liyu mpd (1 day ago)
Good music
ismail özer (1 day ago)
Roblox_ Forbreking (1 day ago)
Rice Rice Rice!!😑 That was a bad pun😑😑😑
Ramsey Ali (1 day ago)
2:47 YeEt
Hope Yukizmizu (1 day ago)
can really feel Faker's Godlike pressure there
XxxZyncXxxTM (1 day ago)
Ad anyone?
salma galeano (1 day ago)
Love love love love love ahhhhhh!!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
niamniak gameplayer (1 day ago)
sidney Sad (1 day ago)
faker is king in the world
Why Not (1 day ago)
Andzela Szczesna (1 day ago)
Ktoś z Polski??
jose tovar (1 day ago)
Dolores Alderete (1 day ago)
Hermosa la cancion la amo con mi corazon hasta legens never Di
Cauã Luiz (1 day ago)
Tristan Dauguet (1 day ago)
LORD CHICKEN (1 day ago)
Speed Runners (1 day ago)
2.19 skt t 1 faker
Swagemmett (1 day ago)
Make-your-self-some.... RICE!
1:40 report vayne he can't even hit an auto
lover animales (1 day ago)
Listens to this music play Rank loses Lol
GoDucko (1 day ago)
69k? Comments?
Mark Arandjus (1 day ago)
I wonder if this video holds the record for most nerds yelling really intensely. It happens a lot :D
구본기 (2 days ago)
영상 주인공 정글캐에 안경쓴거보니 찬밥이형이네
Hudsom Hudsom (2 days ago)
I watched this on Monday It immediately turned to friday
Xavier B (2 days ago)
Uzi as vayne made me LOL ngl i think it is the glasses
전재욱 (2 days ago)
너무 멋있다
Friendly Foe (2 days ago)
That made my pp tingle a bit
noel organo (2 days ago)
*Rise* and shine to play league of legends
Sasuke Uchiha (2 days ago)
Aj Medina (2 days ago)
I have finally found it yes
alexander perez (2 days ago)
새벽5시. (2 days ago)
아아 엠비션이 카직스->세주->자르반 이렇게쓰는거구나
Nate Simasek (2 days ago)
This song makes me wanna climb out of iron
Mich FairytailBTS (2 days ago)
My all time favorite song from league of legends
I love how the final fight occurs at the top of everything. The final "ladder" being a World champion.
I play lol and listening to this song is even more interesting
王奕仁 (2 days ago)
Faker is gone😭
loulou mii (2 days ago)
je parle francais
ChaosCharge (2 days ago)
Where's doublelift smh 😬
임정은 (2 days ago)
프레임봐 진짜 다 그린걸까? 스파이더맨 영화보는 느낌 이 영상처럼 표현하는방법 아시는분?
Darf King (2 days ago)
Motivating video!)))))
ZGenes Gaming (2 days ago)
Goodbye SKT T1😥
연봉팔천 (2 days ago)
아니 ㅅㅂ 베인
Dark Miauder (2 days ago)
Who feed Vayne? ._.
The Apex Predator (3 days ago)
rice instead rise :3
Camila Serrot (3 days ago)
Storm-Renzo (3 days ago)
ye give me dem rice boi
Miguel Duarte (3 days ago)
Perdon soy español nose ablaar igles
Sáng Nguyễn Duy (3 days ago)
24/5/2019 Rise!!!
Hannah Meanor (3 days ago)
This is one of the best songs you guys made! ❤️
Charles Figueroa (3 days ago)
Asian Version~ *RICE!* *RICE!* *RICE!*
william godoy (3 days ago)
faker like faker coment
matyviola (3 days ago)
Whose swords are those
Nick43 (3 days ago)
KD os BR pra mostra quem manda aki
Santiago Garcia (3 days ago)
I think this is a mix of twerking music and rock
지훈 (3 days ago)
강찬밥 (나이: 28세) 강찬밥!강찬밥!
MegaPhidias (3 days ago)
2019 ?
angeltukachero120 (3 days ago)
Bhanuka Weerakoon (3 days ago)
Yılmaz Fidan (3 days ago)
Legends Of Legends <3
Aditya Raj (3 days ago)
i am here for my today's dose of adrenaline...RISE!!!!!
Fyre Shot (3 days ago)
2:26 the reflec on Faker glasses is wrong XD (or 2:21)
He looks like the president from monsters vs aliens
Theandermany 03 (3 days ago)
I've heard this song on so many different videos I don't know if this song belongs here
Gri8o (3 days ago)
This is where the song originates
신현재 (3 days ago)

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