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Text Comments (2665)
Dave M (6 hours ago)
HOW to WASTE your life...FUCK with a NITSKI CUNT !! DUDE you are ON CRACK !! WASTE your life chasing STINKY RUSKI PUSSY !! FUCK RUSSIA ! YOU might think that because they have atomic weapons that they are dangerous...well they ARE ! The chances of them BLOWING themselves OFF the face of the earth are FAR better then Anything that they could win ! FUCK RUSSIA and FUCK those smelly nitski HO's !!
Да 🤗😏
Levon Matossian (8 hours ago)
pure spoiled ,ignorent american red neck mother fucker!!!
Rajhan AG (1 day ago)
You look like joe gatto goes to the gym
Flyinbard72 (1 day ago)
Hi, thanks for such a nice video! Would it be hard to Visit and enjoy in Moscow, if I don`t speak Russian, please?
Jethro Stevens (1 day ago)
I am black, I would like to visit Russia, but am wary about how I would be treated, I would definitely say that Russian women are really beautiful, stylish and very attractive. I am too shy to try a pick up line hope that a girl would be impressed. I don’t think I would take this guys tips on board, I think he’s a bit Ignorant. And cocky. But I don’t prejudge.
My name Is nobody (2 days ago)
You might have a better chance with the men....HOMO!!!!
anji yarra (2 days ago)
Nice man
zakaullah toor (2 days ago)
u guy done bad in Russian club because utube video can not be seen with family especially in Muslim countries. so OK if u understand
Praveen Sharma (3 days ago)
You Americans go pick up Russian guys and suck their dicks
Praveen Sharma (3 days ago)
Americans get your ego asses out of Russia.. go learn to respect first ..fucking heartless people
Sharif M (3 days ago)
I will be more done happy that Russian should beat you up like a f***ken dog
J B (4 days ago)
You people's Like funking 🐜
J B (4 days ago)
Fucking American Alot Of Love To Russia from India
Jjchrisric Kallusch (4 days ago)
U can marry a disco girll.its your type,brew,birds of feather flock together..shalom..love u all..no offencee.but most people know your type..u think u r alpha male,but you have low qualifications,sometimes low iq,thus mostly low paying jobs,mostly dont marry girls you impregnate,mostly running away..forcing real men to raize your child,while u go for rest of your life on hate myself excurrion,cause u did not have the guts to stay,to love the woman u impregnated..so good luck buddy..your types is a dime a dozen..shalom..real men,.billions feeling same..
Jjchrisric Kallusch (4 days ago)
Iu r not a gentlemean,u r a streetthug..so if I had a daughter..I will warn her to stay away of big mouth,know nothing,future cravan homes people,if a man haa moral,manners,desency,treat the woman with respect,then maybe love will follow your pumpkin..if your mother was a lady..the son will be a gentle man..but if mother was un educated..men will be brutal,un disciplined,no manners,no commandments..therefore a looset..be nice guys..u just want to getin everyones pants..not marry them..we see smell your types a mile awy..get education..then u will quit working on the railway..son..
Al Bundy (4 days ago)
Lets Put Facts Together , Vitaliyzd is Ukranian , , that why trying to trash talk with Russian Girls , His Previous Videos he was Visiting Grand parents at Ukraina there was Little Vitaliyzd Picture at Grand parents wall he was In Ukranian Boy Scout with Ukranian Flag in his Hat .
loro trimi (4 days ago)
This guy is obnoxious
Tutano Jr. (5 days ago)
u are an idiot in any language
Aj R (5 days ago)
I’m glad he got rejected. Disrespectful SOB
Colin Taylor (5 days ago)
Dudes....less talking, more girls !
Mel Jack (5 days ago)
So glad this Dumb asshole got rejected for being crass & uncouth like a negro from a ghetto.
These idiot guys deserve to get headshot of the russian AK-47.
amogh mithbavkar (5 days ago)
You r not a loser they don't deserve u
Ivan Drago (6 days ago)
Your to aggressive with them . And it show your desperate, the girls get scard getting their number is EASY. Try calling them see if they answer the phone.
qwerty uiop (6 days ago)
BTW you're a fucking idiot
qwerty uiop (6 days ago)
If he were in america he most likely would've been successful coz many american girls are soulless brainless whores who will do anything for $
belal fayyad (7 days ago)
Russian ppl in general are respectful. Girls are value themselves
ɱཞ. κムཞκҳ (8 days ago)
Learn something from Adriangee
Michael Tytul (8 days ago)
Grow up. Wish someone would break your face.
Zipperneck (8 days ago)
Not much luck cuz you're corny as FCUK!
tomasz kolodziej (8 days ago)
agresiv very shalow american menthality didt work with east european girls - you looks like stupid clown
leo simons (9 days ago)
a classy russian girl would not touch the american guy with a ten foot pole
Ajay Kotecha (10 days ago)
I have been through this
Lechi Arsanukaev (10 days ago)
What a fuck up SCHILAMEZ
T Saint (12 days ago)
Dude your a complete failure. To think if you speak vulgarly is a good way of meeting women is a joke.
arben sllamniku (12 days ago)
Albanian girls would do the same like russians girls Not speak with this pussy boy
4merCIA (12 days ago)
Man! You guys are the worst losers/dorks about picking up girls that I have ever seen in my whole life! You must have done this as a joke. you guys couldn't pick up a girl in a whorehouse!
guillermone1 (13 days ago)
I don't get this video. I'm really confused is this suppose to be what "not to do" to pick up Russian girls?
Obe One (14 days ago)
Maybe try treating them with respect & not insult their intelligence or social integrity by performing like a immature Western clown......
alexander usyk (14 days ago)
best womans is in ukraine and they is good to be howsewife but russian womans is only prostitude and you buy them for 3 roubles and coca cola
Ernest Chan (14 days ago)
Is this not sexual harassment?
José Antonio (15 days ago)
I like how Russian women have respect for themselves.
Charanjit Singh Sandha (15 days ago)
gambart2002 (15 days ago)
what the fuck is wrong with these morons?
Peter Phan (15 days ago)
This is the type of individual that give others bad image. That is so disrespectful, what an arrogant prick
unboxing with aditya (15 days ago)
Wow russian girl 🙆🙆you awesome.।। And British girl so bad
Johir versatile (16 days ago)
first controls your freakynes you fucking freaky minded. they are not kids et.....al......
yashawini services (16 days ago)
Dear friends please donot insult woomen
jesia right (19 days ago)
fucking idiot bitch u are.
Kim Golmei (20 days ago)
You think all girls are after your American d**k lolz good to see some russian girls taught him a lot ...
мать Россия (22 days ago)
All you said is just available on AMERICUNT THOTS
Charles Smith (23 days ago)
So.... what happened to the subtitles?
Strahil Minchev (23 days ago)
SUMIT FUMIT (24 days ago)
2.40 girls LOOKS like giraffe
Master Maverick (24 days ago)
what happened to your videos man !!!!!!!
Da Bome (25 days ago)
This guy is Russian but he grew up on Florida...do you see what Merica does to people? He is fucking imbecile, totally Americanised... No class, ignorant, repulsive, disrespectful...
ViPeR (27 days ago)
it should be named ......how u shouldnt pick up a gir in russa
Jeffrey Vs (28 days ago)
Russian girls= be a gentleman
inderjit lochan (28 days ago)
nice 😂
aandgdesigngroup (28 days ago)
Wow! Horribly done video. Manic, poorly edited like Vitaly. What DOUCHE! Could have been funny and good. Too bad.
Syed Nazim (28 days ago)
Don’t worry Some will pick your mothers/sisters also
Syed Nazim (28 days ago)
Respect ladies whoever they are.
Rob lu (29 days ago)
Terrible terrible approach .totally off.
new speed (30 days ago)
You can't go to other countries and disregard their laws , and act like an idiot,
new speed (30 days ago)
Cause you are acting like an idiot, they like men with manners
Tank Dickersly (30 days ago)
Unicorn Bunny (1 month ago)
Hes lucky they didn't beat his arrogant sorry ass. Do that kinna shit in India YOU'LL get public beating. Period. You want to ask a woman out on a date... do it respectfully. I'M HOPING THIS CREEP GET BEAT UP TO THE PULP... SOMEWHERE. ASSHOLE.
Danny Clark Roberts (1 month ago)
What a bunch of dickheads
Usman Khan (1 month ago)
I like the Russian girls
aditya rai (1 month ago)
Adrian gee does this in seconds.. he is better than you
Clint Loran Rand (1 month ago)
Try this APPROACH in any other county in the west with your DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH and you'll be shit all over. Ej, GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER...WHAT IS YOUR NAME....FUCK YOU
Julius Pihema (1 month ago)
The reason for migtow this clown go to another nation and act like an idiot
Sam Rajapaksa (1 month ago)
Any body can see this guy like an idiot.
Mustafa Haciyakupoglu (1 month ago)
This jerk is just lucky not to be beaten up by somebody, so stupid and,doesn't have the slightest idea of Russian culture,even the basics,although somehow just happens to be speaking some kind of Russian..
Aurorna Bornealis (1 month ago)
This guy is a human crap.😷💩
Women Should be Respected even In the Form of Mother, Sister, Wife and Daughter
Jorge Martinez (1 month ago)
Pidoras blyat!!!
Jorge Martinez (1 month ago)
Russian girls are not used to that. They think u r an idiot or crazy
Jorge Martinez (1 month ago)
You r stupid. You have not idea how russian girls are. You can play like that in America only
Rex Vunderhorse (1 month ago)
And....this is the way you treat your mother, your sister....grow up dummy.
Allan Cerf (1 month ago)
to all the idiots - this dude is notorious for 'jackass' videos of all kinds. 2. he IS russian. 3. there is no "soviet russia," for uh, about 30 years.
Anonymous (1 month ago)
Tell me, my US friends, does he have an accent?
Go away from my country! You don't have right do be here with such disgusting and disrespectful behavior!
CPT WIL (1 month ago)
What's so hard about approaching women in a normal way? It's not hard
Moé Ramirez (1 month ago)
Zhukov and his horse get all the Russian women in Red Square. 😂😊
Gary Grimm (1 month ago)
what a jerk.
Rissal (1 month ago)
you bring a big fat wallet full of 100's$
Bueno Bruno (1 month ago)
Buen video saludos Mi amigo desde México
Claude Fabrice UMUHOZA (1 month ago)
hhhhh u guy,u are good...i wish i am with you i would nt be bored...hhhh.
brandinzz zz (1 month ago)
N9 Nadaf (1 month ago)
Russian girls r hard & strong not like US boiler burger Chickens
Adam Rose (1 month ago)
When Moscow was still Moscow... ..😢
Rey Inocencio (1 month ago)
this is absurd,downgrading women's dignity
Jerome Jax (1 month ago)
This guy would get you beat up in Russia. This should be what not to do. Lol 😅
Ken Parker (1 month ago)
This guy has no respect for women I hope the KGB kicks his door in.
Randall White (1 month ago)
Email me the Good places to go to meet ladys in Russia [email protected]
Dejan Komazec (1 month ago)
What are you talking about American debuts, what are you starting out, get shot when you come to Moscow or Kiev ... it's for you retarded unthinkable beauty, that's not the case with you!
Dejan Komazec (1 month ago)
You are a freak American, you are freaks, women are freaking you ... the world is ruining that you, as freaks, decide on something ... they have smashed the planet with their uglyness !!!
Efraim Monsale (1 month ago)
Dude where did you get your education?? Your attitude is for dumb and assholes

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