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Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise (feat. L.V.) [Music Video]

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Download/Stream - http://smarturl.it/Gangstas_Paradise Tommy Boy Entertainment is a legendary Hip Hop & Electronic record label founded in New York City in 1981. The label is credited with launching the careers of notable legends Afrika Bambaataa, Coolio, Queen Latifah, House of Pain, De La Soul, and Naughty By Nature. ************************************************************ Subscribe to the channel: https://tommyboy.lnk.to/subscribe Connect with Tommy Boy: https://www.tommyboy.com/ https://tommyboy.lnk.to/facebook https://tommyboy.lnk.to/instagram https://twitter.com/tommyboyrecords ************************************************************ Lyrics: [Verse 1: Coolio] As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take a look at my life and realize there's nothin' left ‘Cause I've been blastin' and laughin' so long That even my momma thinks that my mind is gone But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it Me be treated like a punk, you know that's unheard of You better watch how you talkin' and where you walkin' Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk I really hate to trip, but I gotta loc As they croak, I see myself in the pistol smoke Fool, I'm the kinda G that little homies wanna be like On my knees in the night, sayin' prayers in the street light [Hook 1: LV] Been spending most our lives Livin' in a gangsta's paradise Been spending most their lives Livin' in a gangsta's paradise We keep spending most our lives Livin' in a gangsta's paradise We keep spending most our lives Livin' in a gangsta's paradise [Verse 2: Coolio] Look at the situation they got me facin' I can't live a normal life, I was raised by the street So I gotta be down with the hood team Too much television watching, got me chasing dreams I'm a educated fool with money on my mind Got my ten in my hand and a gleam in my eye I'm a loc'd out gangsta, set trippin' banger And my homies are down, so don't arouse my anger Fool, death ain't nothin' but a heart beat away I'm livin' life do or die, what can I say? I'm 23 now, will I live to see 24? The way things is going I don't know [Hook 2: LV] Tell me why are we so blind to see That the ones we hurt are you and me? [Hook 1] Been spending most our lives Livin' in a gangsta's paradise Been spending most their lives Livin' in a gangsta's paradise We keep spending most our lives Livin' in a gangsta's paradise We keep spending most our lives Livin' in a gangsta's paradise [Verse 3: Coolio] Power and the money, money and the power Minute after minute, hour after hour Everybody's running, but half of them ain't lookin' It's going on in the kitchen, but I don't know what's cookin' They say I gotta learn, but nobody's here to teach me If they can't understand it, how can they reach me? I guess they can't, I guess they won't I guess they front; that's why I know my life is out of luck, fool! [Hook 1] Been spending most our lives Livin' in a gangsta's paradise Been spending most their lives Livin' in a gangsta's paradise We keep spending most our lives Livin' in a gangsta's paradise We keep spending most our lives Livin' in a gangsta's paradise [Hook 2] Tell me why are we so blind to see That the ones we hurt are you and me? Tell me why are we so blind to see That the ones we hurt are you and me? #TommyBoyRecords #GoldenEra #HipHop
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Text Comments (26691)
iam approved (30 minutes ago)
probably it is in my recommendation
Neanderthals: *OMG CEEDAY FORTNITE* Intellectuals: *JoJo Part 5*
Eddie Watters (1 hour ago)
I love33333333 this jam baybahhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😍😍
fortnite BG (1 hour ago)
who else came from ceeday?
Lalo Baeza (1 hour ago)
If you are here because of ceeday... then no vales verrrgggaaaaaa with a capital V. Okay. 👌
Masterd darksonic 592 (1 hour ago)
Daniel Rios (1 hour ago)
This is still legit 2018 and beyond. Yeah I'll be listening to it in 2019.
Exotic Panda (1 hour ago)
sideswipe123103 (1 hour ago)
listening to this is a Golden Experience
Christiane Silva (2 hours ago)
Música foda demais
Zeebru (2 hours ago)
anyone here from... a random YTP you were watching that reminded you of the song?
x Tyrönstic (2 hours ago)
Let’s be real here. Ceeday ruined this song...
Trickster Leiva (2 hours ago)
Sadly wasnt in jojo part 5
Romilda Andrade (3 hours ago)
Bons tempo
Sara Lunceford (3 hours ago)
Sin Cere (3 hours ago)
This is so like my high school...lol. back in days shit was real & so was the music😉
xd LunarLOL (3 hours ago)
Who is here because ceeday used this
Big Dad Hector (3 hours ago)
Steven Merrick (3 hours ago)
Open your eyes and pull your Dick out of dat manz ass hole. Women have 1 -2 if u want 2 get 2 paradise.
iHeng (3 hours ago)
fortnite fanboy ruining the comment section
SakoYT得 (4 hours ago)
rap colombia 2018 (4 hours ago)
laura c (4 hours ago)
Who the fuck is ceeday
Who the fuck is Ceeday?
frizzy (4 hours ago)
Who the fuck is ceeday
chris smith (4 hours ago)
Wtf is ceeday?
Dominator (4 hours ago)
I love this song. Have loved it for last 17 years when I first learned bout it.
Dominator (4 hours ago)
True Hip Hop
Who will win ceeday or tofu
whymy tyedye (4 hours ago)
(Default dance)
Bigfouron (4 hours ago)
Message to tefue
Matthew Alpina (4 hours ago)
How many white people listening to this song? Me
Blue Fusion (5 hours ago)
Thanks ceeday, nostalgia hit me like a truck full of dildos!! Jeez
Nada Pumo Lanz (5 hours ago)
I Was raised by the SHIT
NANHU JUSTIN (5 hours ago)
I came here because of my friend and then I realized ceeday uses this in his videos
Twisted Captain (5 hours ago)
ThatTransGuyNoah (5 hours ago)
Amish paradise: Parody of "Gangsta's Paradise. Amish Paradise by Weird Al.
Detective Dog (5 hours ago)
Epic even in December 2018 ❤
Jen Ruiz (5 hours ago)
When rap was rap
Mohammed Almutarreb (5 hours ago)
Who else is here because of Ceeday
Dark_ Outz (5 hours ago)
why is everybody talking about ceeday and who is that
Cristian Naula (6 hours ago)
Fornite is too gay for this
Cristian Naula (6 hours ago)
nebula_dweller (6 hours ago)
I've churned butter once or twice livin' in an Amish paradise.
Jawon Stubblefield (6 hours ago)
What is ceeday
IfyouReadThisYourGay (6 hours ago)
This deserves 1.b Views Why and more then 1mil Subs.
xenex trapxi (7 hours ago)
Who came here from ceeday?
Sloth Armstrong (6 hours ago)
Shut up pls
Latin Flow (7 hours ago)
D (7 hours ago)
who is ceeday?
lava launchers (7 hours ago)
Livin in a Gangstas Paradise
lil hot sauce (7 hours ago)
I come back for the big nibba every time
ImFlaven (7 hours ago)
what is the Film called, shown in this Video
ImFlaven (7 hours ago)
+Jan Luca Adam Damn, why are you comic up with that new joke
Jan Luca Adam (7 hours ago)
Darude Sandstorm
Trenton Cooper (7 hours ago)
Weird al
OREOzcookieman z (8 hours ago)
Who’s we’re bc of ceeday
Trenton Cooper (7 hours ago)
Here cuz of weird al
Robotboi WOKETH (8 hours ago)
Everyone keeps talking about whoever ceeday is, but I just came back for the nostalgia.I remember how I MISSed how my family would ride in our car and I remember how much I LOVEd this song. Its almost crazy how it still holds up today.
the m3m3ys (8 hours ago)
Who ever came here from ceeday fuck off
Howard The Alien (6 hours ago)
He just reminded me of it
CAMPEONES (8 hours ago)
Ktoś z polski? xD
Rijad Durakovic (8 hours ago)
Can sombady explain wtf is ceeday
Verga Lechera (8 hours ago)
Does that answers YOUR question? William (Born: May 16, 1998 [age 20]), better known online as Ceeday, formerly Ceedaygaming, is an American Comedic Gamer who has gained success playing Fortnite. ... Ceeday is often #1 on Trending for Gaming whenever he uploads a new video. +Rijad Durakovic
Rijad Durakovic (8 hours ago)
+Verga Lechera i was rly asking im seeing that ewerybidy is typing that. Also this song is playing in my gym all the time thats how i hearD it...
Verga Lechera (8 hours ago)
C day is dedicated to the letter C
Esdeath Artcore 546 (8 hours ago)
The moment when you play this song at the same time of the release of the new JoJo episode
Lil Ounce (8 hours ago)
Anyone else know about this song before fortnite?
Rubzzy Btw (9 hours ago)
Keep spending all our time living in a Jewish paradise
Oh btw it starts 1:00 I’k your from ceeday
People came here from ceeday
hellraser70 (9 hours ago)
Sorry who is CEEDAY? This is the only version I know
hellraser70 (8 hours ago)
Thanks+Young Goats
Young Goats (9 hours ago)
a fortnite youtuber
Josep Eli (9 hours ago)
Muy buena estoy enpresonado
Trust x Chicago (9 hours ago)
This litttt
curlyheadedmari 17 (9 hours ago)
5 minutes of real rap. Nun of that mumbling shit.
BurgerKing (9 hours ago)
My new ringtone
non smettero mai di ascoltarlo ,sono cresciuto con coolio e tu pac e big smile !!!!!!!!!!
Jake (10 hours ago)
I forgot how fine Michelle Pfiefer was, damn!
Ulccxx de la o (10 hours ago)
os dejo este single de la banda Heroés del silencio ''entre dos tierras'' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzimletXB7M
Enma Ai (10 hours ago)
this song is for all ages!
Spooder Man (10 hours ago)
I assume Ceeday is some shit fortnite youtuber
Danny The Dane (10 hours ago)
reminds me of youth, summer and innocent
Googie (10 hours ago)
Memes promote good stuff like this song
Keisukek Bakahashi (10 hours ago)
where the jojo references at
roblox.try.hard. m8 (11 hours ago)
PUBG With olly (11 hours ago)
I know this from w2s when he opens packs
Ducky McDuckface (11 hours ago)
Can i get a *VICTORY ROYALE*
You find Gangstas , where you can find Much Money !
Ryan Fox (11 hours ago)
This song is immortal
Josiah Jon Bungay (11 hours ago)
Anyone from Need for Speed 2015 game?
John (11 hours ago)
this is the kind of rap you can actually understand what they say, and it has a point, it makes sence. Also if you notice there is not even ONE swear word, this is what rap today should be but welp.
Pink Fox i (11 hours ago)
Is so beautifull this movie......very true
qHat (12 hours ago)
who the fuck is ceeday lmao
Brianna AlQaisi (12 hours ago)
Bro I was rewatching the movie "Pain and Gain" and then I remeberd that this song was in the movie. Only Real ones know what I'm talking about.
DoesMyNameMatter (12 hours ago)
i Am hErE fRoM cEEdAy Just stop Everyone knows
raven reborn 2.0 (12 hours ago)
It's hard to believe this came out one year ago this looks like it came out a couple of years ago
Eric Wilkens (12 hours ago)
I'm Here Because of TommyBoyRecords
jonatan arreola (13 hours ago)
Esto es una pelicula???
jr.awesome special (13 hours ago)
I got here by looking at Ceedays message to tfue and pressed the link.
Juli Jaén (13 hours ago)
i came here cus my teacher told me i should use this for a proyect not because of ceeday
Emanuel Gabriel (13 hours ago)
Beat = Fire Lyrics = True Voice = Gold
Ryan Lucena (13 hours ago)
Sabotagem ♥️
Ryan Lucena (13 hours ago)
Zoeira Kjk sei q n é ele
christian anderson (13 hours ago)
Cute white girl
Sandra Robinson (13 hours ago)
Gangster paradise
LeanyX (13 hours ago)
I love IT <3

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