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Girls In Love - S01E03 - How To Look Eighteen (Full Episode)

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It's tough being a teenager, and the embarrassment of discovering that Dan is only 12 makes Ellie determined to improve her image. After a night out with her friends, Ellie realises that pretending to be older isn't much fun.
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Text Comments (47)
Sam Bee (5 days ago)
Surely those doormen at the club would've asked them girls for ID?
Isla Colbot (18 days ago)
Who else thinks her hair for the club looks worse
Natasha Kershaw (3 months ago)
Talk about males constantly harassing females.
Javiera Urrutia (4 months ago)
17:11 does anybody know the name of that song?
Joely Xx (7 months ago)
Is there no black boys?
Sabrina Jaine (7 months ago)
The irony of an 18 year old actress pretending to be a 13 year pretending to be an 18 year old...
Amber Ervin (8 months ago)
People, People, People Ellie is the main Actor and I love 💖 her to bits. Anna has the right to be mad 😡 at Ellie but....Her mum has died and she’s hurt 😞🤕 😔 okay 👌🏼 guys give her some slack and please don’t be so mean to Ellie I love 💖 this show because of her and her friends as well. Poor Ellie I feel for her she just wants to be older like everyone else so I don’t blame her for going into Anna’s things and trying on her shoes 👟 👠 👞 she probably wants to be like her and that she wants to have another mother figure to be there for her and dad. Good-luck with getting into the night-club cause I’ve never been to one ☝🏼 and it looks really nerve wracking and very crowded too. But Liam dose look 👀 cute I wish I had a boyfriend which is not fair why me😣☹️😩😠😱😥 I got sad watching the end of this episode cause the girls are so young and they got caught up in a very nasty 🤢 😷 situation and finally sweet Anna who kindly got off her bum and rescued the gorgeous girls from a horrible night they had it’s so upsetting to watch. But I did love 💖 seeing Ellie’s dad get a ring out of a box 📦 for Anna to propose in a marriage forever and ever! Plus I LOVE 💖 THIS SHOW VERY MUCH XX 💋 XX 💋 XX 💋 💋 XX 💋 XX 💋 XX 💋 XX 💋 XX 💋
raindrop grande (9 months ago)
i found it so cringe how she reacted to anna giving her the oil pastels :)
Mølly Røse (11 months ago)
What is it with Ellie always taking peoples shoes 😩😂
Lizzie Yaneli (1 year ago)
I remember watching this at 8 or 9 and I was like “what are they talking about? They already look 18” 😂
Sunafro (10 months ago)
Lizzie Yaneli me too!
Diana Gorczyca (1 year ago)
18:33 does anybody know this song???
michelle b (11 months ago)
Diana Gorczyca coldplay yellow
Samadhi Chandrasena (1 year ago)
Ellie is so pretty! :3
Caris Not Charis (1 year ago)
That toilet scene was absolute cringe omg 😂😂😭
Mia Demii-Raye (1 year ago)
Really,Ellie either 18 or 19. Nadine was 17 or 18 and then mags was 16 or 17. Sorry if I got it wrong☺
verkaforever (1 year ago)
If Magda was born on 25th September that would mean her sign was Virgo.
vijaya kandi (3 months ago)
Nope she'd be a libra
michelle b (11 months ago)
Virgo is 21nd august-22 September
Mia Demii-Raye (1 year ago)
verkaforever ik I'm glad someone else thinks it too.
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (1 year ago)
Why is Anna so mean? No wonder why Ellie doesn't like her. In the book Anna was nicer. And where the fuck is Eggs? Btw, Dan is cute so what is Ellie's problem? The dreamboat guy is not cool and handsome. Liam is not handsome. :-(
Mia Demii-Raye (1 year ago)
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg I think Anna Is nice. Eggs wasn't even born yet she werent even pregnant yet was she?
Amelia O’Sullivan (1 year ago)
Did Anna just walk into the bathroom when Ellie was naked😂😂
Unicorns Life (1 year ago)
What's wrong with the sound
valerie guzman (1 year ago)
they have to cut out the music do to copyright!
Amelia O’Sullivan (1 year ago)
"I love chocolate more than life itself" I never related to anything more
Natasha Kershaw (1 year ago)
I've seen this episode so many times, but never had a chance to see the pop star bit until now. The beginning is more refreshing.
Eevee Amv (1 year ago)
16:45 How did those girls not see Ellie and Magda in the mirror?
Caris Not Charis (1 year ago)
Ikr! Such a mystery....😂😂👀
Lizzie M (1 year ago)
Is anyone else infuriated because the actress clearly looks 18 🤔
Mia Demii-Raye (1 year ago)
Lizzie Morgan yh she was 18
Katie Harrod (1 year ago)
Those heels 😷
Makeeda Roberts (1 year ago)
When I use to watch this I wasn't really keen on Anna either but watching bk Ellie's being a unreasonable cow who needs to grow up Sidenote* Can we talk about Anna's eyebrows please
Kellie Griffin (2 months ago)
She lost her mum at such a young age. She sees it as Anna is replacing her mother
KatesCornishBeauty (1 year ago)
Haha sperm brows were all the rage in the early 2000's
suzanne condon (1 year ago)
Anna's so nice. ... Ellie's so horrible. ...
I am just re-reading the books because I loved them so much as a teen and I hate how much of a twat they made Ellie in this. Yeah in the books she wasn't the biggest fan of Anna but she didn't act like a bitch all the freaking time to Anna. She comes off as a mega bitch in this adaptation. I just hope as it goes on the character gets more like the book version and less like a bratty cow XD
Fattie101 (1 year ago)
CharlotteElizabeth1188 yeah and they changed the plot so much! Annoys me.
Sylvia (2 years ago)
Magdas gorgeous 😭😍
Jenni Heath (2 years ago)
14:23 Ellie's hair? Nope sorry
Mia Demii-Raye (1 year ago)
Jenni Heath ikr hers and Nad's hair looks wired
Rend Al Sabba (2 years ago)
Liam looks nothing like johnny depp... 😂
Faith Adams (2 years ago)
Why didn't ellie take the fucking crayons Anna was being so nice.
Mia Demii-Raye (1 year ago)
Ellie can be very mean.Ik it would be hard for Ellie but Anna is really nice
Lauren Fewster (2 years ago)
Rend Al Sabba (2 years ago)
Faith Adams she's a biatch that's why she didn't take them.
Eloise Jingco (2 years ago)
Thanks for uploading 😊✊

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