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3 Exercises to Get RIPPED V-Cut Abs FAST

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In this video I show you 3 exercises to get ripped v-cut abs fast. I also show you the diet and cardio necessary as well. Get my jump rope here: http://amzn.to/2FYfIph *TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS!* My name is Brett Maverick Lange and I make video’s about reactions, challenges, fitness, nutrition, fashion, lifestyle and anything fun through a combination of informative videos and vlogs. I preach a lifestyle whereas you can combine fitness with every aspect of your life, such as social activities, drinking alcohol, partying and still eating your favorite foods on a daily basis. Don’t forget to subs cribe if you want to stay up to date :) My Instagram: BRETTMVRK My snapchat: THEBRETTLANGE My Twitter: BrettLangeTV Song: Category Howto & Style Mens fashion Mens Style
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Brett Maverick (25 days ago)
Let’s get shredded together! Get on the VIP list so can get notified when my Fitness program is done! http://www.brettmvrk.com/malemodel
Alex Ramirez (10 days ago)
Brett Maverick hey Brett I have a question love your videos btw but instead of eating sugars cause like I always crave some can I eat protein bars instead
Jordyz21 (5 hours ago)
I think I’m gay now
Diet video
VtochkaGtochka (7 hours ago)
It's not "jump roping", it's "jumping rope" or "rope jumping". And I strongly disagree on your claim of such a miraculous effectiveness of jumping rope. You will screw up your knees if you are doing the rope on hard surface. I stopped the rope routine after two months just because my knees felt like weighing a ton. You'll have to spend time learning it so the effects are delayed. Running can be done anywhere, no need to learn and practice till cows come home. Further, great abs are a total effort: working up many other groups of muscles help abs show up: upper back muscles play a roll, quads play a role, it's not just one group. It is shocking to see you didn't mention planks: on myself, I never saw as good results with crunches as I did with planks.
TheOrca _2nd (10 hours ago)
Abdul Aziz (10 hours ago)
my favourite abs routine is doing abs-olutely nothing, eat crap and play video games all day 😂
Suicidal Jedi (16 hours ago)
Stop being a fuckboy
mr. shah (17 hours ago)
Yes i want video on low fat diet
Old Man Hopes (1 day ago)
This guy looks like he fucks like jet fighter.
RampagePV (2 days ago)
yo that intro is fire :)
Papi Detroit (2 days ago)
Can you do a full body workout routine?
l0pzl (2 days ago)
Lmao I'm watching this as I'm eating takis
Matthew Hannum (2 days ago)
Matthew Hannum (2 days ago)
V-Ups, crunches, scissor cuts, ab stretch
Matthew Hannum (2 days ago)
Please do a diet for 13 year olds/teens diet for not having a lot of fat so u can do this process
Rashid Imtiaz (2 days ago)
Workout for jumping high Make a video on it
- - (2 days ago)
Yes !
Lil Ched (3 days ago)
I got it just I'm not trying to lose weight to get the V cuz I'm a football player
samgaming (3 days ago)
Omg jump ropeing my god I can barely stand 😢😁🎈
aj SERVANT (3 days ago)
I’m already skinny I just need to get the a muscle I weight like 110
Good great excellence
Rahul Rahul (4 days ago)
Cristiano dupe
Arun Kumar (4 days ago)
Wow just now I found a great channel
Mike murp (4 days ago)
Let me see your diet foods.
Kendall Wood (4 days ago)
rusbel cue (5 days ago)
Hey buddy I love all your videos I really like this video. I really want to know about foods diet does help you lose weight like the rest of the year if you make that video please
Redcarl Padilla (5 days ago)
i clicked this videos cuz i checked myself and i turned out to be fat :(
Rikardus Consultant (5 days ago)
any video for diet for build muscle?
Ravi Athreya (6 days ago)
Make a video on diet plan for abs
LIL UZI VERT (6 days ago)
Just be in a caloric deficit and train your abs
Daniyal joya (6 days ago)
brother plz tell how to belly fat burn diet
Dante 1058 (7 days ago)
All the dislikes are people who are too lazy to workout
Benjamin Merryfield (7 days ago)
3:20 for exercises
Best Ali A (8 days ago)
How do you run faster
Best Ali A (8 days ago)
How do you
Brooke Bilker (8 days ago)
"ALRIGHT AND MY LAST VIDEO FOR YOU GUYS IS TI DRINK PLENTY OF WATER" 4:55 XD but srsly love the tips. Gonna tell my bf to start training core!!! He's a core slacker. Gotta kick his butt into shape
Raja Mansuri (8 days ago)
Very nice body
Reně Gerard (9 days ago)
Can you ad weight to the exercises?
I am vegetarian. Can I be fit like you
RedMaster007 (9 days ago)
You can eat any thing as long as you portion it
bossgirlll (9 days ago)
Wtf r u crazy why did u put that loud sound😂😂😂 my dad found out that I was FUCKING watching utube 🤦
Pranav Thalekkara (9 days ago)
Crunches is best
Gacha Julie (10 days ago)
I don’t need to lose weight I just need to build muscle.. you may be asking “how much do you weigh??” Well close to 65.4 pounds...... I’m 12
Arindam Das (11 days ago)
Bicycle crunches
Tejvir Aulakh (11 days ago)
Go to 3:03 for the actual video
Saqeeb Sakib (12 days ago)
where's the duration /numbers!
Future_Idiot (12 days ago)
what about healthy fruits
Zafrulla Khan (12 days ago)
Don't talk more
Jamal Shouger (12 days ago)
All the dislikes are from people who did this and had a strain neck after
buğra keçeli (12 days ago)
Beyler türk varsa dinlesin eğer cılızsanız iki günde bir yapın direk çıkar sakın çekinmeyin basın adamsınız
Grayson Cabe (12 days ago)
To get abs all you do is lose weight. Simple asf really it doesn’t take videos to explain that. If you’re lazy you’re lazy if not then I’m happy for you and keep it up
Alex Wallace (13 days ago)
Shredded like a greek god?
Dangreenarrow (13 days ago)
Every like = a day without pizza. Go easy on me. Don't actually go easy. Be brutal.
Pizzacow246 (13 days ago)
slvdr. xvii (13 days ago)
I lost about 20 pounds in 5 months by just walk 15 minutes every 4 hours so yeah
TheLaggyContent (14 days ago)
was it weird how I got a 6 pack when I was young and eating pizza.
TECH Nikl (14 days ago)
A video on how to decrease belly fat only
guil tiness (13 days ago)
You cannot focus on where to burn fat
samir singh (14 days ago)
He can you make video on exercise to reduce lower stomach fat and deit also plzplz
YoyoCuber (15 days ago)
It’s all diet
oxforddictonary (15 days ago)
This guy sounds like a douche bag. Backward hat certified. also, "butter on a hot car in summer..." What. The. Actual. Fuck?!
Juan Spence (15 days ago)
Make a video on the diet
james g (15 days ago)
to get in shape requires you to work hard something that people aren't accustomed to now days
Kamal Jajoriya (16 days ago)
Heyy Brett,nice to see your videos and will request you to make a video on abs diet plan coz I am working on my for 3 months and still these are not visible and i am following gud diet plan and doing abs workout for 3days in a week but not getting results still,kindly help me. Thank
Krishnakumar KR (16 days ago)
You hve similar looks like ronaldo
Saiyans Hyp3r (17 days ago)
Yeah man I would gladly want abs but unfortunately I’m a skinny noddle :(
ZKillaShawn (17 days ago)
*Im done playing around my brother and cousin now got fire abs and one even got an 8 pack while I’m at a 4 pack I’m going serious I will reply back in a week every week until I get my six pack ✌🏻*
ZKillaShawn (9 days ago)
Nah I give up
agent6j (17 days ago)
Challenge accepted.. 11/23/2018
First Class (17 days ago)
What if you have high metabolism should you still stick to a diet to lose weight or what
First Class (17 days ago)
Brett Maverick no i mean if we have high metabolism we dont really have to lose wright to get a sox pack correct? We could just do the work but eat healthy if we choose too? curious is all
Brett Maverick (17 days ago)
If you have weight that you want to lose, then you probably don’t have a high metabolism?
john roed bacting (18 days ago)
Duhh to much talking.
Benny The Otaku (18 days ago)
OK what if ur going to first exercise and two bones by ur tail bone starts making noises like there shifting
Jacob Kennedy (18 days ago)
Thanks! I’ll try this!
François Nze (18 days ago)
I suscribed because he's hot...
mailer r (18 days ago)
Bro if u do every day abs u will not get faster if u do 1day in week its same :P
Kishor Kadam (18 days ago)
Please suggest diet plan for building abdominal muscles
Raj Singh (18 days ago)
I am 17 my weight is 70 kg i have fats on my waist what should I do
info_ Canon (18 days ago)
Sub to my gaming channel
Rungatera hoki (19 days ago)
My gut and body is like concrete covered in silly putty, it's squishy till you get like 2 inches in then its just like touching the pavement. It's hella strange.
Kingdom kingdom (19 days ago)
Seriously u hav nothing
Twitch Honischer (19 days ago)
How can I know, how many boday fat I have?
Corgi Boi (20 days ago)
What if I have a damn life
יאיר לין (20 days ago)
Just from being in MMA and punching the punching bag I lost 33 pounds!
Max nam's (20 days ago)
OK Thx
JD Jesus (21 days ago)
Hey bro! If you don't know how to dance salsa....you should. You have that natural swing when you move your head as you speak. And girls love to dance salsa.
mt olive (21 days ago)
“Like butter on a hot car” . Seconds after he realized he should have said pan . “God I’m a fucking dumbass”
unicorn is life (21 days ago)
Bro my v looks like o
Klosee 2783 (21 days ago)
Aniket Jawalkar (21 days ago)
Thank you sir for this video. It was useful. Can you please make video on how my diet should be as I am in college and cannot eat myc meat everyday, which food should I avoide and all.
Fuck u man
ForeignYetDomestic (22 days ago)
You want an honest comment? O.K.  WATER BLOATS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but thanks for your tips_
Badneni Rambabu (22 days ago)
Sayto Goly (22 days ago)
Thank bru... Im do exercises 3 times aweek its very effectively and fit body mind.
Robert Wood (23 days ago)
Could you do a video on diet?
Mighty Cute (23 days ago)
How to accurately measure body fat sir?
Uncle Chris (24 days ago)
You see, I’m more into a skinny, smooth body instead of a skinny muscular body. Idk why but I’m more into that
kill me (24 days ago)
I dont need a six pack, I just want to loose some wait and get some muscle, I'm 14 and I'm short and fat, only 5, 1
Slick Rick (24 days ago)
You are too cool bro. Thanks. Please give a diet plan.🤝👍👍👍
Alex Stoykov (24 days ago)
You are absolutely fuckin right
Hassan Dre (24 days ago)
I got one pack
MASTERVEL 007 (25 days ago)
nabin gurung (25 days ago)
Wbt rice should i quit eating rice?

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