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Global ship traffic seen from space - FleetMon Satellite AIS and FleetMon Explorer

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NEW VERSION AVAILABLE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP-TcDtSFDI&hd=1 A week of ship traffic on the seven seas, seen from space. Get a glimpse of the vibrant lanes of goods transport that link the continents. The vessel movements were captured using newest terrestrial and space-borne AIS technology from FleetMon and its partner Luxspace. The records cover the world's merchant fleet with some 100.000s of cargo ships, tankers, ferries, cruise ships, yachts and tugs. FleetMon provides advanced fleet monitoring services, software APIs, reports and analyses of maritime traffic data. The inset shows live monitoring with the FleetMon Explorer software. More information: https://www.fleetmon.com/services/satellite-ais/
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Text Comments (27)
white hawk (3 months ago)
next time focus on south america also
Mahipal Singh (6 months ago)
MH370 disappeared after this advanced​ technology ???
Ruzaini Roosfa (25 days ago)
advanced tech was also being missused to hide the flight.
Saadi Sabyasachi (11 months ago)
lol where is US to China shipping route via pacific ocean ?? you omitted two largest economies !
Thunder Snake (1 year ago)
I remember flying from kl to sin and seeing the boats coming in and going out. It looks like a highway on water. Really incredible
Literal Alchemy (1 year ago)
Very cool, I can tell you put a lot of work into this
Johnas Presbyter (1 year ago)
All About Vessel Traffic and Tracking: http://americanadmiraltybooks.blogspot.com/p/vessel-traffic.html
Jeremy Lowe (1 year ago)
Why is this mostly the southern hemisplane?
Mr Robinson (2 years ago)
How do you sail to a destination at the bottom of a globe? Upside down?
Nicademus c (3 years ago)
when i rode army troops ships to and from Germany in early 60's, I never saw another ship out there in No. Atlantic.
Johannes de jong (3 years ago)
many traffic on the water
Snoo Lee (3 years ago)
16 people get seasick.
Gurveer G (3 years ago)
16 now
mjkp1979 (4 years ago)
1:05, there was a collision.
BlindBeagle56 (4 years ago)
I'd like to personally meet and interview all 14 morons who did not like this video.
Knight Castle Media (4 years ago)
Awesome Visuals...but traffIc in London tops it!!
Fabzil (4 years ago)
All of this will end once we used all the easy energy ^^
Awesome. Still cant beat the traffic in Los Angeles
PLAKATONG (4 years ago)
The fast moving ones :-)
D k (4 years ago)
I was thinking the same thing. There is one fast one moving around Latin America at 1:28. It appears suddenly and moves down to Columbia
JGxTech90 (4 years ago)
Awesome! So which ones are the drug boats? :P
Rafael IGM Praciano (4 years ago)
Kostya Esarev (5 years ago)
This amazing video ! Cool
Jean-Pierre Godet (5 years ago)
Fantastic! I still remember the time not so long ago when we sailed on VLCC tankers about three thousand tons around Africa with only the sextant to position ourselves (and the DECCA near Europe, Capetown and the Persian Gulf), decoding encrypted code groups in Morse to draw by hand the weather maps. Thank you a lot Ghislain for this nice video, I wish you success for your project and your company ! J-P, known also as F5YG ;-)
Galithar (5 years ago)
what happened with purple arrow at 1.05?
wes abell (5 years ago)

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