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Priest \\ Dota 2 vs LoL : LoL Player Plays Dota 2 For the First Time

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Priest, League of Legends(LoL) player plays Dota 2 for the first time, see how it goes. I had so much fun doing this video, hope you like it :) ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------- ✔AlphaDraft - DRAFT TOP TEAMS AND WIN CASH - OVER $300,000 PAID OUT EACH WEEK - http://bit.ly/1MO73ET ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------- You can help me out by liking this video and/or subscribing to my channel. Thanks ! ❤ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------- ▽Connect with me : • Subscribe to my channel : http://goo.gl/adKjBL • Watch more of my videos : http://goo.gl/LPkA7R • Twitch : http://www.twitch.tv/thesaka24 • Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/ytpriest/ • Twitter - https://twitter.com/ytpriest ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------- ★ Wallpaper used in thumbnail : http://olinth.deviantart.com/art/Dota-2-Wallpaper-372622630 ♫ Music : Intro : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DArzZ3RvejU ★ Intro by : Shyro https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwCovYaBCVkiojBVt3ga3GQ
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Text Comments (7580)
Ariq M T (3 days ago)
omg look at that amount of dislikes..
qp dota2 (6 days ago)
Suggest me a good mmo game i currently play skyforge
Dara A (11 days ago)
at least you could read the skills of Io (blue sphere) before talking and see that this is the most useful hero in the game
James Nongkhlaw (11 days ago)
Dota players who currently play the 7.21 patch watching this ? Other than me
Gemina Ruelan (11 days ago)
Who Me (12 days ago)
mizo lyrics (16 days ago)
Thanks 4 playing dota
Maki Tuazon (17 days ago)
Try to play meepo and invoker. It ruin your mind.
Daniel Bathen (18 days ago)
Ive played lol and dota. Although i like dota, i prefer LOL. For some reason i feel like it's simpler. But I'll try dota2 again.
Yuni (29 days ago)
try pudge dc hook look how cheap it is
Philip Ceperes (1 month ago)
Whats great? . You can play LOL on Mac. And Dota2 Will Freeze on Mac. Because LOL Graphics Is more cartoon like than Dota2 3D realistic Graphics
once sujiii (1 month ago)
League doesn't have in-game voice chat? Tf?
AD 3000 (1 month ago)
I am very angry when I hear a LoL player say "it is a little cartoony" to Dota 2
Valerie Ratilla (1 month ago)
I play HotS, LoL and DOTA 2 But I suck at DOTA cuz I dont really play that much........ but LOL is much more easier and HotS is kinda in the middle, I think??
Ryorrr The Great (1 month ago)
it's actually nice that he legit tried it out instead of just playing a game and proceeding to saying it's shit respect to you bro
muhammad rafiq (1 month ago)
The guy who got stuck at 1k mmr
Vignesh Sharma (1 month ago)
dude WTF.. you are fucking hilarious.. i feel ya :D
Clyde Luigi Batistin (1 month ago)
Lol is fir kids
Try playing meepo when you get the hang of him you're a talented man (heheh...)
Pingvincho Cho (1 month ago)
I tried to play dota but in the first game everyone flame more than ranket In bronze in league of legends
Minh Ho (1 month ago)
Ye bc you didn't play tutorial before going for real players. Do you want a noob in your team that is not even on lane because he camps shop?
Maersk Pinero (1 month ago)
God the cringeee :(
Viper DF (1 month ago)
Dota2 players play LoL Lol payers warmly welcome them like Pilav and others... Lol players play Dota2 Dota2 players only say trashtalk on comment box... Yeah LoL have the most toxic community bullshit in all games but outside of the game we have lifem. We have damn respect to other games... How about dota2 players?
Anh Hoang (2 days ago)
In vietnam, lol player is almost under 12 years old ::))) can you guess how toxic it is? So in VN, we call lol is for kids only :)) These kids even dont know the existance of dota 2 :)) that's ưhy dota 2 vn community hate lol
Vouzpeira Club (1 month ago)
I litterally just forgot to grab runes and they said report riki -.-
Vouzpeira Club (1 month ago)
Tru i play both and i see the toxicity of dota players are just crazy
Edgy Mister (1 month ago)
Every LoL players I know keeps on saying that DOTA2 is just a copy of LoL. 😂 do some research retards! LoL got released on 2009 and Dota 1 which is the first version of Dota 2 came out 2001 and some of LoL Champions are similar to Dota 2 heroes. And Dota is indeed the mother of MOBA games.
Clock Works (1 month ago)
Yes..that was delay ive also noticed it when i rried playing dota. Even skills have delay.
"I'm confident I've already got the hang of this game" Playing against easy bots
NoOnes Home87 (1 month ago)
yes IO is a hero! hahahaha
asd asdas (2 months ago)
Never forgetti, DotA is still what that gave birth to LoL
super ainsley (2 months ago)
Ur just noob
dsadas dsadsa (2 months ago)
good content actually
Oscar Zapata (2 months ago)
First time I switched from dota to lol I played against bots and finished 22/2 XD
arb dmn (2 months ago)
why people keep saying that dotA is better than lol?
aBanabis (2 months ago)
knew he was gonna gripe about the mana. fucking mana in LoL is laughable. just spam abilities all day at lvl 1 no problem. stupid. why even have it?
Gianmarco Alfonso (2 months ago)
if you do more dota ill subscribe , i would find interesting to see how does a lol player like dota and play dota
MARIOS777cy Games (2 months ago)
SO MANY SKINS but is the same skin everytime xD
JenkemJohannes69 (2 months ago)
disliked for loud intro
Lee Sin (2 months ago)
I like both games but I think I'm the only one
Lee Sin (2 months ago)
I play LoL and it's true dota is harder
DarkScytheDOTA2 (2 months ago)
Lol chaos knight
RICHMOND (2 months ago)
The reason why dota 2 player learn LOL easily because lol is like the easier version of dota 2. Just saying please don't hate me.
IAm Remarc Saceda (2 months ago)
Rupture hahahahahahhahah i cannot!!! Hahahha this guy is funny!
Oren Filth (2 months ago)
Miss that poorman shield
Dario Berns (2 months ago)
its funny that you compare the heros to lol heros :D dota came way before lol and lol copied from dota
jhay guerrero (2 months ago)
Play meepo Or Invoker so Dota2 community will Welcome you
white newgates (2 months ago)
Roots of all MOBA and players are willing to pay at any cost unlike LoL its just an Carbon copy of the blue print ..
No One (2 months ago)
I cant resist with this guys having fun playing dota It is just 👌😙 What's with the dislikes?😲
ESKETIT (3 months ago)
Never ever EVER compare dota to lol dota is way better and it hurts to hear u say that it even relates to lol
Deojeff Lai (3 months ago)
"You're taking a lot of damage from creeps" "Fuck you" Ahahahahahahahahah Subbed
No One Cares (3 months ago)
What happened to ho Im after 2 years of finding out what is inside dota 2
Champ i (3 months ago)
Go back playing LoL, you dont belong here 🔥
shadow (3 months ago)
Lol logic use skill get kill use skill on useless things hide in a bush so u are invisble high ground dousnt exsist (joke)
dodoy mak (3 months ago)
Cartoony?? Lol is more cartoony and boring as shit
dodoy mak (3 months ago)
This guy thinks skins or sets arent expensive until you see immortals cost like fucking 200 dollars
Emannuel Ajan (3 months ago)
it’s Turn Rate
Selcuk Kocabiyik (3 months ago)
Good days MoM does not silence you...
Arkady lol (3 months ago)
Dota2 and lol communities are the most salty communities ever created. Really
Марко Ђурић (3 months ago)
13:25 Kled
Марко Ђурић (3 months ago)
As a ex LoL player i can say that DotA 2 is much better game
Alpha Gamer (3 months ago)
Make More Video
Kc Casica (3 months ago)
Toxic Salt Everywhere .... Hahaha
LowerSpider4725 PR (3 months ago)
"Everything looks cartoony." Says a LoL player.
Macky GT (3 months ago)
This kid has autism
Edimar Kun (3 months ago)
Pubg= where all battleground started Dota 2/dota 1= where all moba started. Omg dota 2 is a cartoony? Really? Omg check your eyes dude.
Rectangle101 (3 months ago)
whats the title from the intro music?
Jeremy Zhang (3 months ago)
I want to watch him play against actual players
Jeremy Zhang (3 months ago)
Every single hero he looks at he makes wild exclamations about how cool they looks *Gets to IO* "Is this a hero? What the fuck is this supposed to be"
Lit z (3 months ago)
Funny how he like compare heroes that have model copies from LOL. When lol is a dota ripoof
Alex Veryasov (3 months ago)
Fuckin retard delete chanel
Andi F Izdiharuddien (3 months ago)
"i'm confident i've already get the hang of this" - playing with bots at easy level, lol.
Kasu kasu (3 months ago)
Hey man. I hope you had a good first time, and I hope you come back sometime. Dota2 is really fun once you start getting into it and we always want new people in the community. Hope you play some more as I really enjoyed this one.
ian ian (3 months ago)
lol, his reactions are so funny
Purrel The helper (3 months ago)
Lol is for Chinese
ichlal aditya (4 months ago)
legend say he still pressing C to use drum of endurance
perry ohagan (4 months ago)
the turning delay is there for a reason!!!! it can be slowed by abilities to put you at a disadvantage
Ralph Cabrera (4 months ago)
i hope league client is like that
J0llyl0lly (4 months ago)
Before i started my first game of Lol i had played dota(2) since a long long long time (since Warcraft3 when it actually came out <3 those times...). I had Garen on the Top against somebody who had more experience in it than i did at that time .... the game ended us winning, me dying not even once with 1 item in Inventory and more then 7000 gold in my pocket and of course 0 last hits on my own creeps (still had that reflex of dota) ^^ so all i could think of after this game was: This is made for noobs or player that actually dont like dota because its to pro for them....can they actually steal it from Icefrog and make Millions with it ?!? ... End.
ryan williams101 (4 months ago)
Weak player
Bobhigs (4 months ago)
Even after 2 years, I can still come back to this video and respect the way he gave dota a fair review
Kim Sanchez (4 months ago)
mjolnir = mi-yol-nir
Miss Lady (4 months ago)
You're welcome in dota2 bro
Ye Mhann (4 months ago)
This guy might be really noob come on seriously the graphic is cartoony, don't u think lol is more cartoony than this then u don't have fucking idea how the items are worked cuz lol doesn't have item to buy right. does it?? then your little brain cant work on the bind keys and short keys so don't play if you don't even have basic knowledge.
amir Khoob (4 months ago)
lol champs very nice good gamplay and... dota just have graphic XD
I don't have a name (4 months ago)
I played both dota 2 and lol and lol is the one with cartoonish animation and you're not even using 100% of dota 2's graphics which is more realistic than lol's cartoonish 100% graphics
ShorolBalokRaju (4 months ago)
dislikes says it all how fucking stupid u are !
Reynaneth Ortal Calacal (4 months ago)
It's bot
KE Guide (5 months ago)
Lol is for shit player
musa syafiq (5 months ago)
Rupture "aeeeahhh" that cracked me up xD
Erzul Rulez (5 months ago)
HAHAHA looking at techies "There's two of these guys!" (someone can't count up to three either :P)
martinez laughter (5 months ago)
play dota 2
Brylle Marmalade (5 months ago)
Priest (on the chatwheel): "We have coming... We have missing...." Me: We have LAKAAAAAD MATATAG!!!
theREAL. O (5 months ago)
bunch of mechanics in dota that is missing in lol. first of all is creep blocking, denies, high and low grounds, courier and the warding system. also the creep agro is really different.
Paulo Azuela (5 months ago)
Im a Dota player but I also play Lol. Well honestly LoL is much more harder in its early stages
Paulo Azuela (5 months ago)
For those who play Dota before not Dota 2 this is not so much of big deal about the changes
Quadra-B (5 months ago)
14:02 when meets io "alright hold the fuck up this is a hero?!" well gabe newel and icefrog (owners of dota2) would like to have a word or 2 with u
Pika Gameplay (5 months ago)
DOTA 2 is not for you kiddo
Maciej Okoń (5 months ago)
i love when he said "How am i supposed to kill this guys when i dont have abilities?" ~ Sven lvl 5 :D. In late game
J Stumpf (5 months ago)
People fighting about what game is harder makes me kek. Play what’s fun for you, that’s what video games are for turns out.
Si_Anu Itu (5 months ago)
It just tutorial, low level bot, and he said easy. In tutorial, of course so much pop-up. Try it online and see if you can say easy. That's why I rarely played Dota now. Still, Dota is fun.
Mei Misaki (5 months ago)
cartoony? WTF is ur eyes? plastic?
tchoong89 (5 months ago)
When dota players like SingSing plays LOL for first time they own in pub games. When LOL players play dota for the first time they can't even shop in demo mode.
Ailin Zhou (5 months ago)
Why are all the D2 players so insecure about their game? At least League players come to terms that we have a shitty community versus D2 players who think everyone else is retarded. Being a League player myself, I was looking up videos like this because I wanted to try out D2. Seeing just the comments below makes me not want to try it. At least in League you're flamed for being bad and not for the games you play/used to play. :/
Clark Aguilar (5 months ago)
I play both games DOTA and LOL, got no problem which game is better

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