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Draw 3D Style Bubble Letters - Notepad Art

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How to draw 3D style bubble letters using pencil on paper. This is a quick and easy way to draw letters that appear raised off the paper.
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Text Comments (32)
Wow. You make awesome art look easy
Evanik Spence (1 year ago)
I hate this guy how does he expect someone to catch Thatcher
Muhammad Faizan Butt (5 months ago)
Hi hi hi😠
Chy Sokna (1 year ago)
How this brilliant possible on earth?
Chienna Dela Cruz (1 year ago)
Thumbs down this is way to fast
Chittayil House (2 years ago)
do you write name 'gopika' on a paper please...please...please...Shaun ryan
aijah young (2 years ago)
is this only on notebook paper.????
Shaun Ryan (2 years ago)
aijah young it's on standard printer paper. I drew the lines myself because some of them needed to be bent.
Shahnaz Parween (2 years ago)
Oooo amazing I try it
Shahnaz Parween (2 years ago)
Oooo amazing I try it
DESIGN (2 years ago)
Adam SB (2 years ago)
Very nice 3d drawing
Simran DWARKA (2 years ago)
Fatma Abdulla (2 years ago)
If we colour instead of shading will it look 3D ???
Nasir Raj (3 years ago)
DanyDZN (3 years ago)
is easy ! Awesome ! Like and Sub
Eduardo Paiva Nunes (3 years ago)
muito bom vou fazer!!
colorpaper princess (3 years ago)
Shaun Ryan its a great drawing! thanks for you videos your colorpaper princess
Sidelane HAHA (3 years ago)
nice drawing <3
Jimmy Yeow (3 years ago)
I love your videos! Is it possible for you to show how to paint night sky with stars?
If you have time can you please show how to paint mountains and your paintings are really awesome! :) (ignore if it sounds cringey)
+Shaun Ryan thanx
Shaun Ryan (3 years ago)
+Paranormal HYPER Activity Hi, I have just done a painting of mountains with snow on them. I will try to upload the video soon. Thanks for your comment.
Kathy Brenneman (4 years ago)
Shaun don't worry about what anyone else says. You are awesome. If you feel like it look at other videos and see what you can correct, but I think it's great. As artists we are constantly trying to improve and evolve. Create your own style and stick with it so when people see your art they say "Shaun did that." You will always have critics, even if you were perfect, so take what they say in stride. Ignore the negativity or grow from it. I love your work and your enthusiasm. Just roll with it and keep on. Best of luck.
Shaun Ryan (4 years ago)
Thanks for your comment Kathy. Fortunately I get so many positive comments for every criticism so it is easy to keep it in perspective. It is a great feeling when someone says they learned something from one of my videos, or to get a thoughtful comment such as this one from you. You are right, we are all working hard and trying to improve our work. I look forward to sharing the progress with everyone here and learning from others who do the same.
Michel Jaumotte (4 years ago)
Beau travail
Shedz Channel (4 years ago)
as a hand painted signwriter for over 30 years, i cringed at this....but i know its not meant to be technically correct so ill just say well done shaun! lol. i really liked the concept for raising it off the paper though. nice job. so wheres all these beautiful paintings of yours mate? havnt seen one for a long time....i really love those! cheers! 
Shedz Channel (4 years ago)
+Shaun Ryan its hard to say exactly about all the technical rules that apply, because this font is so far from technical that it absolutely doesnt apply!...but if it was a ''true type'' font then i could suggest many things were wrong. (eg- thickness of all down strokes need to be the same as do all cross strokes, angles, arks and curves, etc). even though this a made up font (unique to whoever is drawing it) there still needs to be this uniformity throughout, to show any credible difference from something done by a designer/artist to something a 6 year old girl would do. if you look at the other vids on this font, you can see that the best looking ones have all these elements im talking about.  cheers mate!
Shaun Ryan (4 years ago)
Is there something technically incorrect? Let me know what you would change. I'm spending too much time keeping up with orders so don't get much time to share work here but I will try to do some more soon. Thanks for watching.
Connor MacDonald (4 years ago)
Looks really good. You may not know this but you help a lot with my GCSEs if I need help in my art I come here. Thanks for that your the reason I've hit my target of a b
Shaun Ryan (4 years ago)
Thanks for watching and thanks for your comment!
ricky gonzaga (4 years ago)
awesome sauce man

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