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Illustration & Drawing Tips : How to Draw Comic Strips

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When drawing comic strips, start by getting a ruler and creating panels for the comic strip to play out in. Sketch comic strips with tips from a professional cartoonist and illustrator in this free video on drawing. Expert: Danny Page Bio: Danny Page is a professional cartoonist and illustrator. His work has been featured in many art galleries, exhibitions and conventions across the West Coast. Filmmaker: Nathan Boehme
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Text Comments (59)
matt Marshall (3 months ago)
Am I the only one that thought about Mario Golf with this comic strip
mystic gam3r (5 months ago)
It helps me to drawing and help to solve out my problem in the comics stip
Random GamerBroz (8 months ago)
I didn’t know Mario had a third brother that played golf
Danielle Dennett (2 years ago)
you spell the golf version of four fore
vita gamer 239 (2 years ago)
he does look like mario
Brandon C (2 years ago)
I'm left handed too
APPLE GAMER (4 months ago)
Brandon C (2 years ago)
+Muhammad Docrat yay :D
communist kyle (2 years ago)
Rainycchi (3 years ago)
Is it just me or the guy in the comic looks like Mario?
don't watch my video (4 years ago)
OMG you have the same sketch pad as me!
Endezeichen Grimm (5 years ago)
Shouldn't it be 'Fore" ?
john george (5 years ago)
What did the comment say??!
Jake Stoffel (5 years ago)
Haha. Nicely done.
noziroH (5 years ago)
thanks. it helped me learn.
nthomesolutions (5 years ago)
It gave me lots of help
Joey Akina (5 years ago)
Sakura Micron. I'ts an unreliable ink system, I use Copic and Artline pens.
Ayni Gebray (5 years ago)
Cool I Have The Same Notebook :)
MARLEY WILL (6 years ago)
I'm just starting to draw again i was really good in the third grade but the i stopped and now im in the sixth grade and i need to get back on track and this helped a lot cause my friends at school always say that my drawings suck but this helped alot THANKS! ¥ø¨ å®´ å ∫øßß I will also post more comics or something like that on Youtube™ but i kinda need more subscribers and likes and all that stuff so please like !
bmeanjustbcauz (6 years ago)
this looks like sooo much fun! I'd love to try it!
Pixilate (6 years ago)
He's teaching how to do a comic strip, not a person or character or whatever :)
Pixilate (6 years ago)
I'm gonna satrt my comic soon, I hope. It's called Mayday this is awseome thanks.
Vandan Pokal (6 years ago)
sarah rachel (6 years ago)
hey what type of pen is that
Drake Parker (6 years ago)
Whenever i try to draw comics like these is get stuck and confused that where to start from.. the story and afterall the main problem how to think about faces and body of my characters.... help me out Plz..
NeverStock (6 years ago)
u suck
Jiana Marita (6 years ago)
Fore as in foreskin. Four as in four skins
RachelxRoulette (6 years ago)
You're left handed! :o
MyNameIsRandomMan (6 years ago)
Isn't it fore, not four?
Jared Killough (6 years ago)
UuuiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuixuiduududududududdudxxxmYywn "
Elian Max (6 years ago)
:p i like this ved
renny Johnson (6 years ago)
i really dont get it you dont even show us how to draw the person
Braco HopHip (6 years ago)
It's a me Mario.
sawdustdiary (6 years ago)
@GTrainer123 did you know that know is spelled know not now well NOW you do LOL
Ronja Karvinen (6 years ago)
Are all comic drawer left handed? O.o
Mohamed Jaffar (6 years ago)
@connormac1234567 did you now that grat is spelt like great
GTrainer123 (6 years ago)
lol did you now that grat is spelled like great?
Mohamed Jaffar (6 years ago)
mario is a golfer?
thekevinologist (7 years ago)
Left hands for the win!
luvnrevelry39 (7 years ago)
@connormac1234567 nice comment but just one thing, when people use the word "spell" in the past tense, it's written "spelled" other than that, great comment.
FifthOfNovember (7 years ago)
Hello. What kind of inks/pens would you recommend for comic strip drawing?
Jbob1390 (7 years ago)
YEAH! left handed dude FTW!!
Nathanael Bennett (8 years ago)
hello is there a way we can contact you
RomanKT100 (8 years ago)
dwcjee2445 (8 years ago)
@punkka5886 SUPER GOLFIO! :D
BenderPictures (8 years ago)
Mario Golf! Toadstool Tour! Ya-hoo!
HulaTroopa (8 years ago)
i love 3:09 = ) best part of the movie = )
Seach94 (8 years ago)
@xheartbeat100 me too xD
Luke Davis (8 years ago)
me too!
JeremySatan (9 years ago)
That is truly fascinating...
louis wilson (9 years ago)
im left handed and i can draw farely well i dont see wt kind of gesture ur coming 2wrds being left handed
looneytoon76 (9 years ago)
most cartoonists do the lettering first then the drawing
ExtraJordanairy (9 years ago)
oh my mistake . ..
punkka5886 (9 years ago)
Nice... That golfer looks like Mario. :D
ExtraJordanairy (9 years ago)
when people instruct someone as to how to spell something its spelled "spelled", spelt is wheat . .. other than that, "great" comment
Mrdell666 (9 years ago)
nice vid man thanks for the tips. the way i have been doing comic strips is i draw a rough version in pencil then use a light box to go over the pencil drawing on another piece of paper with a designers pen similar to the one ur using there and add the ink using a fine pointy brush or dip pen
Torres Diego (9 years ago)
lol im lefty too
Mitchell Earp - Welch (9 years ago)
nice comic 10/10 but the main thing what catched my eye is when you say you use a ruler a beleive getting an effect is used by free hand
TheSabessa (10 years ago)
I guess that explains why Mario doesn't play golf anymore.

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