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Inside View of Russian Dating from Australian Perspective

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Carla venero (14 days ago)
Meat market.Ryan is only 32 and here? Ouch. BTW , the Ukraine is not Russia, Russia has more money.
JungleFeversome (6 months ago)
9:18 no these old farts are not like animals because animals when they are aged have the decency to retire and let another young, strong, male become leader of the pack and suitor of the ladies. These stinky human sickos are just fucked up in the head thinking they deserve young ladies! Narcissistic pieces of shit!
JungleFeversome (6 months ago)
And in case you didn’t get that: you’re too old and ugly, morons! The stuff nightmares are made of. Once someone has sex with you the memory of it can’t be undone! The person is scarred for life. I’d rather be tortured to death by beating!
JungleFeversome (6 months ago)
Ew! The old American bat is on drugs! Why would any girl want to root a super aged, ugly guy? Puke! My dad looks younger than these farts! The man (or should I say men) with the white hair! Even if you’re on cocaine you couldn’t sleep with that thing! Sorry but these old dickheads are DISGUSTING! VOMIT,
JungleFeversome (6 months ago)
That old bag with the white hair, green shirt touching up on the young girl he was dancing with, I really feel sick. All of the dinosaurs are so gross.
JungleFeversome (6 months ago)
45? He looks 55!
Carla venero (14 days ago)
Full Grey hair-he could be 45.Kind of cute
Joseph Green (1 year ago)
Lol balchy shielas xD
Eve Evelin (1 year ago)
Ukrainian look for your money.
paul cooper (1 year ago)
I dont trust many women.
Carla venero (14 days ago)
I am a woman and neither do I
Larkfeast (1 year ago)
The dancing part was so fuckign awkward to watch
TheSeer101 (2 years ago)
hahaha these women are prostitutes and paid employees of the dating service. These girls are not close to being victims it is these men!
Carla venero (14 days ago)
Maybe but maybe not. They could be getting into the 'too old' for their jobs era even if young -28 is an old hooker in the Eastern block. As well strippers, massage girls and hostesses for drinks and chat also exist in E/ Europe.
334286 (3 years ago)
Sickening to hear, as it's completely false. Go to Australia to find your old-fashioned wife,. If it's too far of if you can't get the visa, the best countries are probably in the far east . Russia and Ukraine are full of modern, career-oriented women looking for a sound investment. They prefer Russians and Ukranians, or even men from other Russian-speaking countries.
Pocky Trader (4 years ago)
@5:45- dam!!!
leafs121688 (5 years ago)
The guy at 5:24 seems boring as hell so maybe the problem isn't Western girls it's him...

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