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Magic The Gathering: Commanders #2 | Empty Hands and Lots of Lands

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Thanks to Wizards of the Coast for making this possible! Check out the Core Set 2019 here: https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/core-2019 Want some MTG shirts? Go here: https://bit.ly/2O3WjaN The fight continues in the second episode of the Magic The Gathering Commanders match! Watch our Super Tutorial 5000 if you're confused: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtUvFRcKIwg& ♥ And you can watch us live on Twitch.tv every night! http://www.twitch.tv/yogscast/ ♥ Check out our more Games Night videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsaJRK56Yo8FcUqvrMvM7l6a674ki1tYx The Yogscast: https://www.youtube.com/user/BlueXephos Like the table we use? Get your own from https://www.geeknson.com and use 'yogs-01' at the checkout and you'll get exclusive Yogscast inlay and accessories for free. Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound Powered by Doghouse Systems in the US: http://www.doghousesystems.com/v/yogscast.asp Use the code YOGSCAST to get a free 240GB SSD and a groovy Honeydew graphic applied to any case! Powered by Chillblast in the UK: http://www.chillblast.com/yogscast.html Mailbox: The Yogscast, PO Box 3125 Bristol BS2 2DG Business enquiries: [email protected]
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Text Comments (149)
mason mandrell (6 months ago)
All my friends just try to throw as many creatures out as they can and I feel like Lewis barely has ANY creatures out. I’m not sure how to feel about that
Paulthored (6 months ago)
1:20 Lewis you Fool! Let the damage be dealt, then remove the counters to create the new flyer's! Rules stop you from Sacrificing a Lethally damaged creature. Not activating abilities that don't require a sacrifice for payment. ... though it might end up being a way to get that Enchantment of Tom's off the battlefield. 1:50 Lewis... Faceplam.
Clark Fahringer (7 months ago)
Stop putting out creatures when you wipe the board to get rid of gravecalling!!!! He did it twice before the end of the first half of the video
daxture (8 months ago)
Do they not know world fire is band in commander
The thing i always disliked about tcgs, is how many decks are focused on denying other players fun.
matthew roberts (8 months ago)
First off, where the fuck is your sleeves!?
Jonathanno7 _ (8 months ago)
Play Call of Cthulhu
John Wallace (8 months ago)
Why did Lewis kill the Noxious Ghoul???? Now Tom is just going to get it back when Living End goes off and just kill everything.
Lee Duan (8 months ago)
DelPlays (8 months ago)
Umm didn't lewis have another solem simulacrum? You can only have one of each creature with same name in commander.. Also the art on the first of them was the guy who won a magic tournament and got to design his own card, which is the Solem Simulacrum itself.
Don M (8 months ago)
The ad before this vid was great. Day9 playing magic with Danny Trejo telling him how to play. Shoulda f-ing listened to Danny!
Sir Gwan (8 months ago)
Toms little zombie reminds me of Skelly bob from the other Mtg mini series with Harry
Grand-Pappy Nurgle (8 months ago)
21:40 couldn't Sjin have just taken the damage instead of losing his creature? You don't attack other creatures, you attack the player and they can choose to block it.
Whirlwind Sky (8 months ago)
Its damage from the enchantment. When Duncan gets a creature the enchantment let's him deal damage to any one target equal to the power of the creature. It wasn't combat. However Sjin couldve paid 2 because of the ring to regenerate his creature, and keep it alive (:
No Notion (8 months ago)
Tom didn’t forget the flesh at trigger. Tom just sac a different creature. These videos are edited down.
Eonwulf (8 months ago)
Duncan better activate his hand destroyer the moment his turn starts.
Pottasium Dichromate (8 months ago)
Kind of expecting for Sjin to have a raging goblin or smtn to snipe directly after using world fire lmao.
Ernie Spratt (8 months ago)
The gobbo, along with everything else from the field and hands, would be exiled right before the life totals are set to 1, so it wouldn't work. The trolliest thing about the Worldfire is that it turns the game into a giant "Who's going to topdeck a land and a threat first" shitfest when you play it.
Dtheraider (8 months ago)
Silly yogscast as of recent mana burn was removed
basjeparnefliet (8 months ago)
Why didn't call to the grave get sacrificed when the entire board was whiped?
Ernie Spratt (8 months ago)
Because the sacrifice happens specifically if there are no creatures _when the turn ends_ . Both times Lulu unwittingly put some boi on the field right after he'd cast his boardwipes.
Ricardo Marez (8 months ago)
I'm going to design a Commander deck based on abilities that make your opponent shuffle their deck, and win by finger exhaustion.
Stacey Meikle (8 months ago)
Giving the opponent RSI is actually the current MTG competitive meta
ManMadeOfIdiot (8 months ago)
1000st like. Woop Woop!
Artistic Twist (8 months ago)
Why a re they plating as if they're teaching someone I don't like that
TheInsanePickle (8 months ago)
THIS IS A SPONSORED VIDEO... Just to let you know
Ray Summers (8 months ago)
Lewis should have split his robot into 5 different robots before playing blasphamous act to reduce the cost to 1
Ernie Spratt (8 months ago)
Splitting the robot up costs 1 mana per boi, so he would not have saved any mana on that :p
Steven (8 months ago)
Episode 2: Worldfire is still banned. Great show! Love it!
coolking468 (8 months ago)
They are playing sealed technically(with the exception of Tom because praetor is too strong and not enjoyable), not constructed. Therefore worldfire is not banned.
Maou (8 months ago)
at 20:24 you can see sjin just staring at Worldfire
DrVinylScratch (8 months ago)
Did Lewis have 2 solems?
Nathan Yeary (8 months ago)
Mana burn was taken removed, and the stack would've allowed pentavus to split into tokens without the insects dying
Brandon Richard (8 months ago)
No, it's first in, last out, not top to bottom. Regardless of whatever he did with the Pentavites, at the end of it all, the board wipe happens, meaning that they all die anyways.
slimek0 (8 months ago)
Then how do you avoid board wipes with that? because if you trigger him in response to a wipe then 1/1s appear and get wiped. You would need an instant speed wipe in response to him being triggered.
Nathan Yeary (8 months ago)
+slimek0 the stack triggers top to bottom so you could order it to have the pantavites survive
Ernie Spratt (8 months ago)
Splitting the Pentavus to have it's bois survive would only work if you'd activate Pentavus 5 times, then in response right after that somehow cast a boardwipe, which is not possible in this case.
slimek0 (8 months ago)
I don't think thats how The Stack works. If you are doing something in response then it resolves before the thing you are responding to.
Iruka Pendragon (8 months ago)
I feel like I'm watching an episode of Dora. "Fleshbag Marauder!"
Jonathan Thompson (8 months ago)
Would love some Yugioh
ChaoticEvil_ (8 months ago)
Wait what sjin actually has worldfire. WTF
Ernie Spratt (8 months ago)
Why are you surprised? It's a perfect Sjin card!
João Giorgini (8 months ago)
Bogardan Hellkite should've died since Death Baron gives all zombies deathtouch
EntPrince (8 months ago)
i saw that too, i hope they figure it out
Josh Phillips (8 months ago)
hate to be that guy, but mana burn no longer exists in MTG
Josh Phillips (8 months ago)
maybe,maybe not, i didnt realize it till i played in a local ad hoc tournament a few months ago :) and ifyou pay attention lewis does make sure to use all his mana
The Ultimate Gamer (8 months ago)
They know, it was a joke.
ANDGE1944 (8 months ago)
I now know what the 40k video are like for non wargamers, no fuck clue what going on.
James Book (8 months ago)
sjin wiggling his holo card in the light @ 20:25 😅
stefanlouter (8 months ago)
the compression on this video is really weird. Makes the colours blocky and odd
lecram86 (8 months ago)
Right in the end, 3 creatures died so Sjin's Vampire should have gotten 3 counters +1/+1 no?
Jac 2012 (8 months ago)
*Fleshbag Marauder*
Ali Khan (8 months ago)
play moooooore!!
Paladin Lost (8 months ago)
There was more than one end step where Call to the Grave was alone and should have been sacrificed.
Nick619 (8 months ago)
lewis with 2 solemn simulacrum hmmmmm
Corrupted Wheatley (8 months ago)
All the episodes they make of this will be made pointless when Sjin uses that world ending
Ernie Spratt (8 months ago)
Perfect way to end the game!
RealBenda (8 months ago)
*Fliiishbeeeg maroooodurrrr*
CRAFTCAKE SAM (8 months ago)
Do you think this will get taken down and reuploaded with Tom's can censored again?
RaversAnthem (8 months ago)
Mana burn was taken out in 2010
FrostedCreations (8 months ago)
That's the joke
Andrew White (8 months ago)
Sour Lewis....
Ajax Kingstone (8 months ago)
god toms deck is pure taxation...and i love it
Brandon Richard (8 months ago)
I have a similar zombie deck so this is very fun to watch.
Smurfing (8 months ago)
Tom's deck just seems so overpowered compared to everyone elses. I know it is his own deck and really old before they attempted to balance the game.
Ernie Spratt (8 months ago)
It's already quite a balanced game. besides, there is no real "before it was balanced" here, because almost all of the cards ever printed can be used to build your commander deck. This kind of cardpool is somewhat impossible to truly balance. And that leads to there being _SO MUCH MORE_ seemingly broken stuff in the format. Which is part of the allure. Use any cards and do crazy-bonkers things with your deck while three of your opponents do crazy-bonkers things with theirs.
Steven (8 months ago)
He also cheats a lot. Or doesn't know the rules very well.
Andrew Galati (8 months ago)
Tom's deck is simply built better, it doesn't have much to do with how old it is. There isnt really a "before they attempted to balance the game" unless your talking alpha/beta cards which isnt the case here.
Balthor (8 months ago)
This is getting really interesting! I hope the 3rd (and possibly last!) episode comes out soon!
Novaseer (8 months ago)
I'm expecting Sjin to choose to use his Worldfire the moment the Living End kicks in.
Connor (8 months ago)
+Hinzerhaus "Should" But you're forgetting the Yogscast Guarantee ;)
Hinzerhaus (8 months ago)
That is unlikely, as Duncan should be having everyone discard their hand now
deathtoallturkeys (8 months ago)
This is such a classic THG game. One player not drawing any land and being carried by their teammate, whilst on the other team one player just tries to play magic and their teammate fucks them up at every turn. Love it.
Cosmic Hell channel (8 months ago)
Editor, fix Lewis and Duncan life counter It should be 33
Ian Alvord (8 months ago)
This game is too complicated. Is it possible to play this on computer, so that all the rules and abilities are followed?
Deaf Irishman (8 months ago)
MTG Arena is in beta currently. Although it pales in comparison to playing the actual physical version, its a good substitute. Was bothered that all of them forgot their triggers off their cards.
oykegnam (8 months ago)
There is an online game that is in closed beta right now which gets open beta the 27th called Magic the gathering arena that is pretty great!
Christopher Bacon (8 months ago)
Yes, also less freedom to create your own deck, and the targeting as well as the turn timer
Ian Alvord (8 months ago)
How so? Fewer cards?
Christopher Bacon (8 months ago)
Yes it's also got a couple games on console, good place to start if you wanna learn the rules but trust me when I say the video games suck compared to the real deal
GLObot (8 months ago)
When fleshbag marauder enters the battlefield, it says EVERY player has to sacrifice a creature, which surely includes fleshbag marauder himself, if he is the only one of Tom's creatures.
GLObot (8 months ago)
+Paladin Lost Didn't see that if he did lmao. Thanks anyway.
Paladin Lost (8 months ago)
Tom sacked a Gravecrawler.
Daniel K (8 months ago)
Lewis shouldnt have 2 solemn simulacrum cards in his deck
John Wallace (8 months ago)
He used the Myr Retriever to return the sad robot to his hand.
DelPlays (8 months ago)
I think he thought it was different card because of artwork. But the rules specify name of the card being what makes them unique. Also few more mistakes were made during this part like fleshback marauder not sacrificing itself (which gave Tom 2 zombies he shouldn't have gotten that turn), and sjin not getting +1/1 tokens when other creatures died but that was him missing his own trigger so that was technically within the rules, but lost him some power on board.
Daniel K (8 months ago)
+pintpullinggeek the planeswalker puts artifacts on the battlefield from the graveyard, not his hand
pintpullinggeek (8 months ago)
Didn't he bring it back to his hand with his planeswalker? I think the editors just used a different art version from last episode.
Gobe_ man (8 months ago)
When tom is the only one with sleeves. Why u do this to us :c Is that Tom's own deck?
Ocean Man (8 months ago)
Yes it is
SomePoorSap (8 months ago)
Why didn't Sjin regenerate the creature with the ring on it?
[ blank ] (8 months ago)
flershberg mererrderr!
Raktus (8 months ago)
Hate to be *that guy* but the Hellkite blocked a deathtouch creature and should be dead right? Also, doesn't the fleshbag maruader sacrifice itself when its the only creature you have in play?
Clark Fahringer (7 months ago)
The one that gave zombies death touch died when the hell kite came out, so before it blocked
Bethorien (8 months ago)
Really its just two-headed commander. The maths for such regarding life totals (which they got wrong with their guess) is that of 1v1 commander (or duel commander both are 2 player commander formats and both use the same life totals) in which both players have 30 life. two headed giant always has the total life of both players being less than the sum of the parts if seperated by a fraction of 3/4 per player so they should each giant should have 45 life.
Slyphorever (8 months ago)
I feel we are all overlooking the biggest issue, in that Worldfire is banned in commander because it is a broken card :P but ye this isn't commander it's a kitchen table highlander two-headed giant using the commander rule. and ye never really expect rules to be followed with the yogs :D Still great videos
Lochlan Tabone (8 months ago)
He flashed in the hellkite before combat damage and killed the creature that gave it deathtouch
Bethorien (8 months ago)
the hellkite did 2 damage to the 2 health creature blocked the bigger creature and killed the zombie that buffed the other zombies so it should have died however seeing as the fleshbag should have killed itself when it entered lewis should have had only one creature attacking the walker as the fleshbag would have been gone. That means really everything evened out to sorta how it should have been as he could have killed the little thing and the zombie that buffs stuff without having to block if the fleshbag was correctly killed beforehand.
gavin patterson (8 months ago)
When lewis could have gotten rid of call to the grave by not playing a 6/1. Rip
Ernie Spratt (8 months ago)
feelsbadman Not only are Dunc and Lulu up against some homebrew decks with their precons, but they also punt it up a notch! ooh, It does not look good for out heroes! Are they going to crash and burn? (probably) Tune in next time to find out!
Ryomaru (8 months ago)
Twice! He board wiped twice and then played a creature before the end step aghbasgda
MrRoanRocks (8 months ago)
Or in Duncan's case, "Big Hands and Four Lands"
Jamie Holloway (8 months ago)
FleshBag Marauder
SomePoorSap (8 months ago)
Did Lewis have two Solemn Simulacrums in his deck??
Dikembe Metumbo (7 months ago)
Assassinbatosai (8 months ago)
Yeah I was thinking that too. I think he used another one with different art, maybe that is one of their house rules? Seeing as how they are playing worldfire, I’m guessing they aren’t going by official rules.
Fancy Bros Gaming (8 months ago)
also the new Rat Colony.. bring on the black plague
Stacey Meikle (8 months ago)
Fancy Bros Gaming (8 months ago)
in Commander you can only have one of any card that isn't a basic land, so Lewis should not have had a second Solemn Simulacrum, because he never returned it from his graveyard.. there are SOME cards that exist that say you can have as many as you want in the deck, but the card has to specifically say that
Alex Pugh (8 months ago)
Hey guys, been a massive fan since the days of Israphel, and I’ve really been enjoying your Magic videos, especially now you’re playing my favourite format. I hope you keep doing well as the years go on, Dave! Yognaught
Ben Pickett (8 months ago)
what's an isabel
Ryan T (8 months ago)
+Frog nibbler Absolutely not. Not my Cavern Of Souls.
Frog nibbler (8 months ago)
but do you have the balls?
Ryan T (8 months ago)
Same here! Just wish that they would sleeve their cards, there's so much value there. Real world value.
Nicholas Morgan (8 months ago)
I feel the same way! been here since israphel!
ZXZ Demon (8 months ago)
sgradone (8 months ago)
Are the yogs in major debt. They seem to have been taking on A LOT of sponsored jobs.
Hextech Art & Gaming (8 months ago)
They make more money doing a single sponsored video than some videos had made in their lifetime on youtube. Why does it bother you that they are being sponsored? This is a sponsored video of content they actually enjoy playing.
Captain Anxiety (8 months ago)
uhh, wut
S1lm4r1l (8 months ago)
ChestOfDoom  I've always thought that older people's view of younger people as entitled was unjustified. Way to make me change my mind.
Captain Anxiety (8 months ago)
An example of a sellout is, im afraid, our lord and savior angory tom making a whole vid for a mobile game, now thats selling out
pintpullinggeek (8 months ago)
+sgradone A sellout would be someone saying a thing *just* for the money, these guys play and enjoy M:TG in their spare time. Lots of online creators accept sponsors and brand deals but the Yogs are one of the few who shout it out at the start of their video, just to let you know.
Peter Batchelor (8 months ago)
Is anyone else's audio out of sync?
Sam Ferdinand (8 months ago)
Audio is fine, but the video is slightly delayed. No seriously, but if you look closer, Lewis is really out of sync but Duncan is not. Notice that?
Peter Batchelor (8 months ago)
+Sub to Pewdiepie I just checked my phone, its there too. Really subtle, but once you see it you can't unsee it!
Sub to Pewdiepie (8 months ago)
mine is fine. try refreshing

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