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Revealing the unseen scenes Black bars because I originally posted this on insta Sources : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuBETyA_yxc https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=379606 Twitter : https://twitter.com/vividhealing #u #got #that #pantsushot #meme #original #gachimuchi #ricardoflick #healing #ricardo #milos
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healing (19 days ago)
hey, sorry to totally edit this comment but just letting you all know the video won't be taken down by the site anymore!
Drayenlol (1 day ago)
It's been shadowbanned though. It never shows up when i search "u got that", I have to go to my liked playlist to find it.
432 528 (4 days ago)
Ace0823 (6 days ago)
Thats it I'm getting me mallet!
Susana Matus (7 days ago)
Liz Ulloa (14 days ago)
I love you <3
Fiji (2 hours ago)
boys came for the anime girls real men came for ricardo
SANS THANOS (5 hours ago)
Me:"watches" Also me:Is this 2019 hentai
Cade Skelly (5 hours ago)
Ricardo is bae
Yuri Gabrieç (8 hours ago)
Mas que poha é essa?cade os br,bando de punheteiro quem fez esse videos
fusky y (10 hours ago)
Ricardo Milos, go fuck????😏🤣
Nikki panda_lover (12 hours ago)
I must watch this every night before I sleep 👌fine as hell Like if u agree
Ketchup Hotstuff (16 hours ago)
Ricardo male stripper?
Hitsu&Nanooe (20 hours ago)
Ricardo is all
pedrosoandrew (21 hours ago)
MMV - Milos Music Video.
Spirit Mahadi (1 day ago)
My friend : Which one do you prefer? Nobody :
Billie Eyelash (1 day ago)
Ricardo is best girl
LoTrash (1 day ago)
Toku (1 day ago)
Please music video
Anime _LOVE _Anime (1 day ago)
Anime girls...sexy
Naiza 2 K- (1 day ago)
What is the name of the anime ?
Anna Aira Hála (1 day ago)
I don't know who everyone is, but everyone I do know is from Kantai Collection, so that's probably what they all are from.
Snowyy Darkrai (2 days ago)
Gamer Killer (2 days ago)
What anime or manga??
Gamer Killer (1 day ago)
Anna Aira Hála alright thanks
Anna Aira Hála (1 day ago)
I don't know who everyone is, but everyone I do know is from Kantai Collection, so that's probably what they all are from.
PEKKA Café (2 days ago)
Eita diabo
DotaMaster1994 (2 days ago)
Won't gonna lie, I got a half chub going on while watching this.
zipherike (2 days ago)
Ekber Huseynov (2 days ago)
İ'm came for anime girls
Ekber Huseynov (2 days ago)
İ'm came for anime girls
Memestiff (3 days ago)
What's the anime at the start? It's for research purposes..
Anna Aira Hála (1 day ago)
I don't know who everyone is, but everyone I do know is from Kantai Collection, so that's probably what they all are from.
Ricardo Milos (3 days ago)
Yo im still THICC
Yolo Right125 (3 days ago)
Btw the anime girls are from Boku No Pico
MakoX8 (3 days ago)
*True version
Yassir Namankani (3 days ago)
Hes the most perfect man in the whole world
Players da Zueira (3 days ago)
Hi brazil
They all crazy but ricardo is the craziest Sexiest plus the most beautiful of them all lols
Upper Crust (4 days ago)
Chida la canción lo que lo hace mierda son los dibujitos pendejos de animierda
Roller Blade π (4 days ago)
Lionel? Messi Cristiano? Ronaldo Ricardo?.. Milos Hotel? Trivago
Alaska Flyer & gaming (4 days ago)
Mini Ladd?
Javier Barra (4 days ago)
o yeah bro
432 528 (4 days ago)
ping pong Boi (4 days ago)
Objective: go on a date Difficulty: *Shrek and Ricardo*
Did u credit Pantsu Shot?
Jorge Muñoz (4 days ago)
Que es éste poder
Flakes Power (4 days ago)
Flakes Power (4 days ago)
GoW Inácio (4 days ago)
Name hentai ? ;'-;
ツSandwich (4 days ago)
Lemme see what that neck do
Bacun Puncayks (4 days ago)
gerMan_ gamer (4 days ago)
Man please remove the hastags because so I could prank my classmates in thinking there is hot anime girls lol
gerMan_ gamer (1 day ago)
+healing oh my thank you
healing (1 day ago)
got you fam
Carlos García (5 days ago)
Smash or Pass?
Carlos García (5 days ago)
I like the part where the man in a American thong and red bandana starts dancing and it questions my sexuality...
Ramon Gonzalez (5 days ago)
We've all been waiting for it lady's and yettomen team fortress 3!!!!!!
cc1e4me (5 days ago)
I’m gonna dance like Ricardo Milos on the last day of school
Jung Nam :3 (5 days ago)
Amo a mi Waifu UwU #BestWaifuRicarloMilos OwO
Splooshles 3ß (5 days ago)
SupremeTM Get rek-t (5 days ago)
Blue Bomber (5 days ago)
N u t
julio hendrick (5 days ago)
Man I swear I'm straight, but this time I couldn't close youtube without listening to this song at least 3 times. *No homo.*
julio hendrick (5 days ago)
Doctor: I must sadly say that you only have 3 and half minutes left alive. What are you gonna do? Me: *Grabs phone as fast af and puts this video* 0:01
Ralsei M1l Gr4u (5 days ago)
Han Solo (6 days ago)
Why doesn’t this pop up when I search it? It’s not gay if it’s Ricardo but it’s gay if you’re blocking me from Ricardo
healing (1 day ago)
really upsetting to see other people gain views with my content since i don't show up for anyone
healing (1 day ago)
i even went out and contacted them for the shadowban. no answer till this day - been 3 - 4 months. "what if they forgot you?" no, i tested this by sending 4 more mails. 3 about general youtube issues and one more about the shadowban. general issue mails were answered after a week but the shadowban mail.. you guessed it
Han Solo (1 day ago)
healing what a bunch of pathetic losers they are, I’m sorry that they did that to ya
healing (1 day ago)
youtube has shadowbanned this, and my other ricardo vid. bunch of soyboys working for youtube corp. ridiculous
Fidel Sanches (6 days ago)
Idk how you call this gay Except the anime girls of course
Celzax (6 days ago)
I made a fortnite ricardo milos compilation (video is on my channel)
Stefano Dalbesio (6 days ago)
Best music video edited ever
VEX (6 days ago)
0:17 U Got That button
ッImLorihBR (6 days ago)
1.25 speed
Grzegorz Jarosz (6 days ago)
Mmmm nice
Akira (6 days ago)
Anime/Manga? P. S. Ricardo best waifu
Boo Twoo (7 days ago)
O único meme que dominou o mundo, e que ia dura bastante tempo SAUDADES MILOS
DOOM Bryson (7 days ago)
Play it at 0.75 speed
just that michael (7 days ago)
Man, that opening is SO smooth ha ha
agenor canuto (7 days ago)
?? (7 days ago)
Woaaaaaa i love anime so fucking much and ricardo milos ;O;
TheWhiteFox9 Cruz (7 days ago)
Smash or pass Like for smash Reply for pass
what’s up with all these anime girls man I just want some naked dancing men with red bandanas on their heads
Adri 99 (8 days ago)
Like and Ricardo is going to protect you from the Ayuwoki
Muffyn Time :v (8 days ago)
Alv :v
Drunk Sayori (8 days ago)
im so hard rn
crazymexicandope (8 days ago)
This is intoxicating
Viva el dios ricardo
No mames que asco
Ellen Aparecida (8 days ago)
Passa contato????????!!!!!?
hectorhr2 zarate (8 days ago)
Pause in 0:04
harold alonso (8 days ago)
Ahhhhhh Ricardo Milos mi dioss XdxDxDxXDXDXd
My fragile heterosexuality is destroyed.
trollface 1919 (8 days ago)
GOD RAJDEN (8 days ago)
Luke Southern (8 days ago)
I refuse to let this meme die
healing (1 day ago)
oppressed kekistani (8 days ago)
Ricardo is my favorite anime girl
Acceleratnic (9 days ago)
All those girls are laughing at you because they know you're about to lose your heterosexuality.
Akslop P (9 days ago)
0:18: most thiccc anime ever!
DION (9 days ago)
Brazilian Striper wow
Jacob Stallcup (9 days ago)
Cuz you that cancer
Felipeb22 (9 days ago)
coloquem na velocidade 0.75
SnugglePuffin Music (9 days ago)
comes mis nalgas papi guey
Depressed Bart (9 days ago)
Quartex Games (9 days ago)
Ricardo is James Charles Final Boss
Amira YouTube (9 days ago)
Oh no it's anime Ricardo milos
Ste men te hace dudar tu sexualidad :v
Zer0w (10 days ago)
really hot brazillian stripper
itsfern 09 Dxoz (10 days ago)
This weapon can make people turn gay easier than James charles
Zen Zen (10 days ago)
Adrian Bogarin (10 days ago)
AU Got That ricardo milos good

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