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Text Comments (39278)
-_Slxy Qxeen_- (3 hours ago)
Roomie also did the congratulations music
Alexandre Lavanchy (14 hours ago)
M (1 day ago)
3:25 lmfao
Grimm 822 (1 day ago)
7:17 *about 6 months later* Tseries: *heyyyyy*
Hardy TheGamer (2 days ago)
Miss those game montages
HAHAHEHU (2 days ago)
I think it's amazing how he's able to laugh alongside his past self
Yea. That's how you react to yourself... But remember this! This is where it all started.....
some guy (3 days ago)
Please DO NOT like this comment. Or be spiteful🤨
chronic pain (4 days ago)
You just had 95 million yesterday.
Laughing Man (4 days ago)
Jolie StClair (4 days ago)
Lina A.D (4 days ago)
is felix the new bran?
No Name (5 days ago)
No one gonna talk about 3:25? Alright
ARIEL BOT (5 days ago)
10:00 guess i'll just see it for myself
Hritik Singh (5 days ago)
Felix 2016 :- I don't want so much attention Felix 2019 :- Papa needs some watch time
Joe Locke (5 days ago)
Enough dabbing
mobile gamer (5 days ago)
Pewdiepie ad on a pewdiepie video
IJ22tis 66 (5 days ago)
Now: bitch lasagna and congratulations
Da Tammy (5 days ago)
It’s like watching two different men XD
JPZ THABEAST (5 days ago)
Are we just going to gloss over the fact that pewds just ejaculates orally at 3:25 ?
Christina Marie (6 days ago)
this makes me sad
Axes Musical (6 days ago)
95 million almost 100m what's the 100million sub plaque
Lily Storme (6 days ago)
it’s so cute seeing him like enjoy his whole past moments hahahahaha cringey but sweet shows he’s still the same pewds always awesome af brofist bro
Meow Meow (6 days ago)
3:25 might be one of my favorite pewdiepie moments
OOF OOF (6 days ago)
Eww energy drinks xD
Athanasia St. Eugene (7 days ago)
Brad is coming to copyright you!.!
Athanasia St. Eugene (7 days ago)
Brad is coming to copyright you!.!
SmGi (7 days ago)
why not drink water mate?
_Jeon Jungkook_ (7 days ago)
Optional Game - Drink whenever Pewds says " Genuinely"
remember that little mexican kid that hated on pewds in the early days
Maddie Taylor (7 days ago)
Pewds killing cry with the crowbar will always be funny
Ng Bertilla (7 days ago)
Pewds:I didn't like being the biggest channel. Also Pewds:HELP ME DEFEAT TSERIES !
RandomTV I (7 days ago)
Most popular video in August 2018 : A Funny Montage Now: Bitch Lasagna
Zappin Apple (7 days ago)
I love how he went thru every YouTube arc ever in his time on the platform 😂
John Rey (7 days ago)
5:38 sOmEbOdY OnCe ToLd mE
Sugoi San (7 days ago)
Why doesn’t he play with cry anymore?
Edalesia Perez (7 days ago)
Unconventional Gaming (7 days ago)
GOD DAMN!!! He is SO tan!!
3:24 is a moment
LOL!! WUT! (7 days ago)
Indian pewdiepie
Raajjyoti Deb (8 days ago)
I miss the silly pewds.
Lancer but gay (8 days ago)
3:24 <3
Clashy Boiii (8 days ago)
7:15.. That’s what she said [like if ur watching in 2019
Nor Ke (8 days ago)
i still cant get over his merch in which the first letter is actually from russian alphabet and his merch is called SHAK DONALDS
Nino Xerxes Brian (8 days ago)
3:25 Pewdiepie has Rabies 🐶
Potato Duck (8 days ago)
Damn he is so tan
earthworm sally (8 days ago)
Am person (8 days ago)
A funny montage got 87 million views this video got 8.7 million views
nikko Naquila (9 days ago)
ghad. 3:25
Steven Hollow (9 days ago)
me laughing at Pewdiepie laughing at Pewdiepie epic crossover
Steven Hollow (9 days ago)
me laughing at Pewdiepie laughing at Pewdiepie epic
HisingenWolf (9 days ago)
new pewds is so much better.. don't believe the kids that say old is better.. they just want anyone to be loud like that. the new shit is much more real
Eoghan (9 days ago)
This quality is so se goooooooood
Countrythedude (9 days ago)
Pewdiepie and Cry reunion
LSA Leon (10 days ago)
This video is not sponsord by Mønster
Shelby Taulbee (11 days ago)
Pewdiepies laugh has changed so many times through the years
Gamer/Artists-Sadako (3 days ago)
69th like
PETA sucks Gaming (11 days ago)
New kid?
Rj Castre (12 days ago)
No more brofist in the end?
1 like this comment 3 like this comment 10 like this comment
KingofTerror (12 days ago)
Then do a funny montage. DO IT you won't!
Hispanic! at the Disco (12 days ago)
Svampbob Fyrkant (12 days ago)
Felix, for the love of god and your youthful face, please use sun screen
luke sicam (12 days ago)
What a Fokin N @#__% You need a N-Pass to say it
Floof (13 days ago)
have you reacted to your oldest videos yet? 😂
Floof (13 days ago)
felix, those fucking montages were my childhood. good memories 😂 I still go back to watch them every now and then
Gabriel Salvatore (13 days ago)
You are the Sweden Rodsquare!
Troy Herman (13 days ago)
When he spit I lost my shit
chas thompson (13 days ago)
3:24 *GAHD-* At this moment...Felix realized...that he fucked up..
S. S. (13 days ago)
Please, please do another one of these. 😂
Mr. Johnson (14 days ago)
Don’t worry pewds that montage is still a classic and has genuine funny moments don’t be deterred from it
Ugly Duckling (14 days ago)
7:16 "I dOn'T LikE BeInG tHe bIgGeSt cHaNel" NOW : 90MIL CLUB GUYS WHOOP!
skinny penis (15 days ago)
Lorgee lord (15 days ago)
Why you are so very popular ??????
Yue Yagami (15 days ago)
I'm still watching that video qhen ypu killed Cry! that's hilarious
Mr Chickenn (15 days ago)
Where is Bitch Lasagna and Celebrations
Salameche Salami (15 days ago)
Kier Dayrit (16 days ago)
Peter Versluis (16 days ago)
I miss cry😭😭
Mikayla Stewart (16 days ago)
Whatever happened to Cry?
Seashore Gaming (17 days ago)
0:57 hahahahahahaha
Im J (17 days ago)
Bitch lasagna and Congratulations joined the group
59 Animation (18 days ago)
NoodlesGaming (19 days ago)
Someone make a video that is this one but everytime he says genually it gets 2x faster
lotte Backelandt (20 days ago)
Hete you go a replay button 3:25
Pangkou Lee (21 days ago)
I'm telling y'all: I was eating spicy ramen noodles and had snorted it out through my nose watching this. Moral of the story: You can eat spicy ramen noodles while watching this.
WTF is that at 3:25??? Is that Cum??
Dean Ackles (21 days ago)
Did u do plastic surgery on your nose?
Gaming with Q&A (21 days ago)
WakDonalds a place to be
Trovous (21 days ago)
0:00 glug glug glug glug
Rizky Syah (21 days ago)
Ayjayy Svntana (21 days ago)
I was 9 years old when he started , #original9y/oarmy!
When u realise pewds been here for 8 years 😐😳😳
PewDiePie has officially gone into famous depression
LittleFinger (22 days ago)
Why do I feel like they are not the same person
Matt Geuy (22 days ago)
Where’s cry now?
Brittney Burton (23 days ago)
Why did pewds stop playing games with Cry??
Styling Shadow (24 days ago)
Herti Rezniqi (24 days ago)
Pewds plase start playing horror games and fridays with pewdiepie i loved them also the brofist in the end video 😆
This video is just 12 minutes of felix complementing himself and laughing at himself

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