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27 Styles of Rapping

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Mac Lethal (11 months ago)
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Malakai Mc (10 hours ago)
So increadible
you should get drunk more often bequise its a great video
i love your empreson of drake
Shnorpel (3 days ago)
Koala bear?
Pikanu P (3 days ago)
I dig the uk grime impression, you got a brit's approval
Get trolled by the Best (19 minutes ago)
this video becomes so much better when you put on 1.25% speed
Mann Chaturvedi (1 hour ago)
Learn Guitar Easily😊 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyqMIGEbFP5xG7swiiZ0PnQ
om's vlog (1 hour ago)
bro uou kill it man Love from india
Steak Sauce (1 hour ago)
somebody give him more drinks
TECH BY M.A (2 hours ago)
Aku Päivinen (2 hours ago)
FUCK WHERES DA SHADOWRAP? ghostemane, suicideboys and guys like these
Dark Cast (2 hours ago)
who else likes the eminem on drugs part
Long dragonkill (2 hours ago)
how about MIke shinoda rap style
Broadychill (3 hours ago)
Just discover Horrorcore! Luv it!! Brotha Lynch Hung is dope!
Beto Sánchez (6 hours ago)
That boom bap beat... Damn
Ichigoh Art Studio (8 hours ago)
K C (9 hours ago)
Incredible work. Haters couldnt emulate
Gloriaius (9 hours ago)
I miss old Kanye
BBL MC (11 hours ago)
Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️
3:35 pure fire
Jazisday (11 hours ago)
*Your words are lie, without any proof, people will forget you.we just fuck ur **mom.you** talk about racism.fucking dog, mom's pussy, remember how Disney broke ties with you. masterbating idiot who just keeps on giving lecture on games, begging for a follow back from Taylor Swift. Swedish fellow we'll bust your balls. first shitting video was a sell out. Felix you idiot, publicly watching porn with lot of games that's how you get fame*
joshua Chang (14 hours ago)
Damn that mumble rap in this video is too truuuuee
James Littlefield (14 hours ago)
What about emo rap
Jullian fabi (14 hours ago)
Can you do shanti dope's style? HAHAHAHAHAHA
cyber slave (15 hours ago)
Por que pusiste la mierda de reggaeton :(
Exotic Fortnite Vids (15 hours ago)
That is exactly what mumble rap sounds like.
Explosive Hurricane (16 hours ago)
He was so right about Eminem though
GalaxyStar (17 hours ago)
thanks youtube algorithm
Lawsxn (17 hours ago)
You can really tell the difference between all of these
toyboy toyota (17 hours ago)
6:14 $uicideboy$
The Abstract (18 hours ago)
He didnt do one of them so its actully 26
owna Keeper (19 hours ago)
27 is my type
William Engman (19 hours ago)
Where is emo rap? ;_; Lil peep, xxxtentacion, lil xan and so on
Josh Sanpher (19 hours ago)
Is it just me or does Mac Lethal look like Jeremy Dooley?
Nathan Sauzede (19 hours ago)
Incredible 😂☺
AkiiZ 4545 (20 hours ago)
number 11. iz da best
Bilal Hicha (21 hours ago)
0:54 Eminem 2018 (itsonlyajokeandirealylikehim)
Cyrian Gheysens (21 hours ago)
1:57 name song ?
David Duran (21 hours ago)
"Take a bloody axe and walk thru a haunted house, smoke a dead body til I get cotton mouth" Best lyric of all time 😂😂
Kjell Broeske (21 hours ago)
Nailed it.
cmFeather (21 hours ago)
what abt lofi
El Toro (21 hours ago)
Big like man
Jimmy (23 hours ago)
Eminem verse lmao dope!!
Drogon Ball (1 day ago)
What is the name of boombap beat?
The Ghetto Otaku (1 day ago)
Should've done underground Memphis Phonk instead and should've drew pentagrams
rohith rajeev (1 day ago)
dopie rotes (1 day ago)
3:29 bad bitches😂😂 Lil pump style
Yurmawsgotbaws (1 day ago)
Boom bap goes hard
Emil Bayramov (1 day ago)
Скриптонит 3:26
Sss S (1 day ago)
eminem replay😂
Iron Tiger (1 day ago)
screaming one love <3
I see I click (1 day ago)
Damn, he nailed it at eminem
Vincent A (1 day ago)
You see, I'm French, and I can tell you that the majority of the French rap, is unfortunately the 14 and 15 ones, most of it. But obviously the real rap more looks like 26, 27, 21 or maybe also 1 but there's not really an equivalent in US rap...
Sam D TV (1 day ago)
Mumble rap 😂😂😂
RobertW (1 day ago)
Eminem one was so expressive!
Leon Dekeyser (1 day ago)
12 is zn8tion
บีทไวเกินท่าน. ไรม์ก็ไว. ไม่คราสสิกท่าน
cj junho (1 day ago)
You’re too 💪🏽💪🏽🔥🔥
JustFans VR (1 day ago)
Ohhh yeeaaaaa boiiii
Thor & Company (1 day ago)
I keep coming back for that Houston slab music part god damn wish it was longer
Priscilla Gonzalez (1 day ago)
Fuck Donald trump
ferdy aji satrio (1 day ago)
3:27 😂😂😂😂
Ollie Painter (1 day ago)
The Manifest Mage (1 day ago)
Houston Slab you literally sound like a different person
Lisanti _ (1 day ago)
6:07 You sounded Exactly like Action Bronson wtf
Lisanti _ (1 day ago)
6:07 You sounded Exactly like action Bronson wtf
Coke YT (1 day ago)
Rap Rock Or Nu Metal(linkin park)
Coke YT (1 day ago)
Daniel Guayaquil (1 day ago)
De Ecuador Papi bueno este vídeo
mike cocón (1 day ago)
No,no hay nadie v:
New Kanye Should Have Just Bin *HIM PLAYING ROBLOX*
PeepTacion (1 day ago)
i dont like mumble rap much but that siren sound of mumble rap at 3:25 is so soooothing to my ears wtf. I hear that in all mumble raps probably!
ChickenOUTTT (1 day ago)
11. Eminem ( on drugs) ❤️🔥🔥
Reggae backsong?
Orkun Akkol (1 day ago)
5:56 👍👍i hate too 🤢🤮🤮
Jackson Buist (1 day ago)
the old school hip off went hard
Asa Pearce (1 day ago)
Yo, why were the Eminem lyrics actually on point with the ship he’d actually say?
Kiki Kiki (1 day ago)
Дерьмо собачье
Kyle Gallagher (1 day ago)
What about the Scottish mc
Francesco Scarda (1 day ago)
Joe bastianich
Ofbreak 56 (1 day ago)
Where is Snoop Dogg
Shaz 18 (1 day ago)
3. G-Funk is like Snoop Dogg :)
Low Standards (1 day ago)
Only Snoop Dogg can do Snoop Dogg’s voice.
Hans Hemann (1 day ago)
3:26  Kanye West when he's getting a blow job
Hans Hemann (1 day ago)
Number 14: 3:26
chris (1 day ago)
best youtube video ever!
15 milion!
Marshall Mathers (1 day ago)
Jhon Sins rapping
Ashley Mintz (1 day ago)
@2:32 let me see ya titties...lmao
JUST TOPS (1 day ago)
Playlist Rap (1 day ago)
C'est pas drôle, le rap évolue ça sert a rien de critiquer le mumble rap
Rainface Atriarch (1 day ago)
An example of how a little booze and the right foods, both in intentional and disciplined moderation can be a proper drug for a brilliant mind like ML's here. I can't drink anymore since I abused the shit out of myself with it more than 18 years ago, so watch out for that shit. Addiction is a massive shit to add to your life, but discipline, and inebriatae can be a good mix if one has the time and safety and nearby nutritions to recover well. Cheers yall. lol o shit good job on skipping the jamaican accent. wow you're awesome bro. :D
freeskierforlive (1 day ago)
You rocked the midwest chopper 👌🏻
Burak Akyüz (2 days ago)
old school and g-funk best, mumble rap just like nowadays.
Jazisday (2 days ago)
*Why u hate pitbull...?*
Jazisday (2 days ago)
*14 are most funny...😁😂😂 NYC dude*
NickTube r (2 days ago)
How does 6ix9ine rap
vikrant kumar (2 days ago)
Love from India bro
Gossdog dmz (2 days ago)
i need them Jay Z and NYC jazz rap instrumentals plzzzz
trompie trompie (2 days ago)
how is none of the comments about how black he sounds with 20??
Jon Startop (2 days ago)
Morgan Beckley (2 days ago)
He done grime wrong im from uk.thats not how we sound , I like mac hes funny ahha
POKPAK (2 days ago)
Hi jayne
Young and wild (2 days ago)
Let’s be real, 15 was just calling out rick ross😂
adam adam (2 days ago)
Muhamad Nur Hidayat (2 days ago)
DBlack (2 days ago)
What micro used?

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